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GMO Labeling is Changing–Kind of...
  • You'll want our free email newsletter! http://www.ihealthtube.com/content/newsletter GMO labeling laws continue to struggle getting passed in this country, yet many food producers are touting t.....
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    Take Action Now -- Demand for GMO Labeling
  • http://articles.mercola.com/sites/current.aspx?x_cid=youtube This video presented by Mercola.com discusses GMO labeling, and why big companies are opposed to labeling your food. To learn more abo.....
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    Why a Federal GMO Labeling Law Could Be Worthless
  • (Truthstream Media.com) Prop 37 -- which aimed to mandate GMO food labels in California-- was a big showdown battle where mounting public concern was ultimat...
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    GMO controversies - science vs. public fear: Borut Bohanec at TEDxLjubljana
  • As Chair of the Department of Agronomy, head of the Department of Genetics and Biotechnology at the Biotechnical faculty, University of Ljubljana, Borut Bohanec possesses a broad overview of clas.....
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    Washington state votes on GMO-labeling initiative
  • Election Day in Washington state focuses on a ballot initiative that would require labels on genetically modified foods, or GMOs. If Initiative 522 passes, W...
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    GMO Labels Explained
  • GMOs or Genetically Modified Organisms are the subject of great debate in grocery stores, at the table and even in Congress. But what are GMOs? And what will GMO labels tell consumers about foo.....
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    If You See THIS Label On the Fruit Do Not Buy It at Any Cost!! This Is Why:
  • Most of us don’t know that the stickers attached to the fruits and vegetables, are there for more than just scanning the price. The PLU code, or the Price Lookup Number on the sticker, can help y.....
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  • OFF GRID with DOUG and STACY are talking to the 14 year old who destroyed Kevin Oleary and his side kick in a interview. Subscribe to OFF GRID with DOUG and STACY:http://bit.ly/2nrYf24 Rachel .....
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    Monsanto Launches Massive Campaign Against GMO Labeling
  • We've gone on at great lengths discussing the dangers of genetic modification. Monsanto's GMO corn has been linked to weight gain and organ function disruption, while GMO crops and pesticides des.....
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    Whole Foods joins with Monsanto to DENY you honest GMO labeling
  • Whole Foods' CEO Walter Robb is captured on video professing his enthusiastic support for a Monsanto-engineered GMO "fake labeling" law that would outlaw existing GMO labeling laws nationwide. W.....
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    Why Genetically Engineered Foods Should be Labeled: Gary Hirshberg at TEDxManhattan 2013
  • Gary Hirshberg is Chairman of Stonyfield Farm, the world's leading organic yogurt producer, and Managing Director of Stonyfield Europe, with organic brands i...
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    Congress passes loose GMO labeling laws
  • Congress recently passed a bill requiring electronic labeling of genetically modified food. Is this a win for consumer protection? Alexis Baden-Mayer, political director for the Organic Consumers.....
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    Just The Facts - On questions About GMO foods & labeling
  • Have questions about GMO foods and labeling? Learn why we need a uniform, national standard for food labeling that will protect consumers from misinformation and help keep food prices low. Learn .....
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    Why aren’t Americans more concerned about GMO labeling?
  • Congress is looking to push through a bill that would make it nearly impossible to require agricultural giants like Monsanto and food makers to label their food if it contains genetically modifie.....
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    Use your Voice to Stand Up for Mandatory GMO Labeling
  • Sara and I just called the Capital to encourage Senator Dianne Feinstein and Senator Barbara Boxer to support mandatory GMO Labeling. We've attached this video to show you how easy it is. --- We .....
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    Bill Maher: Don't Complain About Horse Meat
  • Bill Maher: Can't Complain About Horse Meat If You Voted No On GMO Labeling. Only a dumbass would believe the Monsanto propaganda and vote yes on no GMO labe...
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    gmo labeling persuasive speech
  • kilipaki gouveias speech on gmo labeling. enjoy
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    More Food Fights Expected Over GMO Labeling
  • Pending in the Senate is a contentious House bill that bans state labeling of genetically modified foods. Delaying the debate is a Republican plan to introduce a Senate bill only once a Democrati.....
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    GMO Labeling on Foods
  • Dr. Weil discusses GMO labeling on foods and why having the information and insight as to what foods contain GMOs is an important option. While studies of GM...
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    GMO Foods? How To Tell, Truth About Genetically Modified Foods & Label GMO Psychetruth Nutrition
  • Circle Us On Google Plus @ https://plus.google.com/+psychetruth GMO Food, How To Tell, Truth About Genetically Modified Foods & Label GMO Psychetruth Nutriti...
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    States' voters weigh GMO labeling, marijuana tax measure
  • Gwen Ifill gets an update on two states putting critical initiatives on the ballot Tuesday. Enrique Cerna of KCTS in Seattle offers insight on a Washington m...
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  • A music video urging the labeling of GMOs in food. A LIGHT TAKE ON A VERY IMPORTANT ISSUE!!! Links to the song: CD Baby: http://cdbaby.com/cd/luizsimas7 iTunes: TBA website: http://www.luizsimas.....
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    The REAL Reason GMO Labeling Isn't Law
  • http://www.ihealthtube.com http://www.facebook.com/ihealthtube A vote to require labeling of genetically modified foods failed in California in 2012. Why? GM...
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    GMO Labeling....What's The Big Deal?
  • I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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    Food Labeling: How to Identify Conventional, Organic and GMO Produce
  • The price look-up (PLU) code system used by most produce distributors has the side benefit of allowing consumers to identify conventional and organic produce...
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    Obama signs ‘Dark Act’ GMO labeling bill into law
  • A new law requiring proper labeling of GMO products allows companies to use QR codes or 1-800 numbers as a form of GMO labeling, forcing consumers to scan the code or make a call to get more info.....
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    Monsanto CEO on debate over GMO and food labeling
  • Genetically modified organisms have been part of our diet for years. The Grocery Manufacturers Association says up to 80 percent of processed food sold in the U.S. is genetically modified and mos.....
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    5 Reasons Why GMOs Should Be Labeled
  • http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2015/09/22/glyphosate-pesticide-food-safety.aspx?x_cid=youtube In this video, Mercola.com discusses why labeling genetically modified organisms .....
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    The Libertarian Case AGAINST Mandatory GMO Labeling
  • Libertarians should be opposed to government mandates forcing food companies to label genetically modified foods. We should support the free market and getting the government out of the food indu.....
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    GMO Labeling Bill Signed Into Law Is A Huge Scam
  • President Obama finalized S.764 by signing the GMO labeling bill into law. On the surface it appears that this is positive for everyone who has been pushing for GMO labeling. However, the fine pr.....
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    Proof The U.S. Can Have GMO Labeling
  • Quick shot of cozy cabin kitchen which contains food that is labeled as non GMO. Proof we could have the same thing in the U.S. Related: THE TRUTH BEHIND THE USDA’S ‘NON-GMO LABEL’ REVEALED - (.....
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    Monsanto: We support GMO labeling
  • Dr. Robert Fraley says Monsanto supports national labeling of GMOs.
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    Meet the top politicians being paid to make GMO labeling illegal
  • New documents from OpenSecrets claim that House of Representatives lawmakers who voted for the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015, a law which would stop any labeling of GMO foods, were .....
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  • *** Like what you see? Support Know Ideas Media through Patreon! We could use the help! https://www.patreon.com/knowideasmedia*** Anti-GMO consumers finally got what they asked for, as the Unite.....
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    The Future of GMO Labeling
  • Don't forget our free email newsletter! http://www.ihealthtube.com/content/newsletter Are we getting closer to people deciding on GMO products by their purchases? What about labeling? Prof. M.....
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    Consumer Choice: The a Look at the Pros and Cons of Mandatory GMO Labeling
  • Pros and Cons of GMO Labeling
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    GMO Labeling -- Facts you Need to Know!
  • Patrick Gentempo, DC, Nancy Weiser, Private Health Coach and Beth Beisel, the mom that successfully lobbied for Connecticut to require GMO labeling share som...
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    The Truth About GMO Labeling
  • When Vermont passed their law requiring all food manufacturers that use genetically modified (GMO) ingredients in their products to print it on the label, it sparked a national debate.
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    GMO Labeling
  • This has so much complexity to it but unfortunately, with the current laws, I believe the GMO labeling only adds chaos and fear. Hopefully it will improve in future but I think it is important th.....
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    Push for GMO Food Labeling in the U.S.
  • To discuss efforts to make it mandatory for genetically modified (GM) foods to be labeled in the U.S., anchor Mike Walter is joined by Zack Kaldveer, a supporter of GMO food labeling and former a.....
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    Mystery food: US Senators fight Vermont GMO labeling law
  • Senators from both side of the aisle are trying to defeat Vermont’s new genetically modified organism labeling law, which recently went into effect. RT America’s Anya Parampil reports that large.....
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    GMO foods up for debate: To label or not to label
  • This month both the Maryland and New York legislatures are holding hearings on the issue of labeling GMO foods. Similar measures already failed in Washington...
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    90% of Americans want GMO labeling as congress looks to ban
  • A hefty majority of Americans support the labeling of genetically modified food. Why then are our elected officials working to make labeling illegal? Senate Agriculture chairman Pat Roberts unvei.....
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    GMO foods: Why it's 'meaningless' to label genetically-modified organisms
  • Name a food preference and you can likely find items in the supermarket aisles to accommodate your wants and needs: low-fat, zero fat, low carb, gluten-free, organic, vegetarian-friendly, vegan, .....
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    Sneak Attack on GMO Labeling
  • URGENT! Call 202-224-3121 to be patched through to your Senators and tell them to protect your right to know about genetically engineered ingredients in your food! Attention Senators: Don't block.....
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    How Will You Be Impacted by the GMO Labeling Beginning in 2020?
  • On December 21st the USDA set the labeling requirements for gene-edited, GMO, or otherwise bioengineered foods. Directed by a Congregational act from 2016 the USDA has finalized the requirements .....
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    Monstanto's Position on GMO Labeling
  • Agricultural Innovation as an Economic Game Changer As the world continues to grow, there are more mouths to feed. With emerging markets, biotechnology in th...
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    Whole Foods Bails On GMO Labeling - #NewWorldNextWeek
  • Welcome back to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week: Sto.....
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    GMO Labeling Ripples Through Food Industry
  • As the conscious uncoupling between Britain and the E-U plays out, the world economy has tried to move on and see other countries. The Dow Jones regained much of last week’s losses and flirted w.....
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  • Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Campbell Soup Company (NYSE: CPB) today announced its support for the enactment of federal legislation to establish a single mandatory labeling standar.....
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    GMO Labeling
  • Vermont Public Interest Research Group held a rally in front of the State House Thursday to unveil approximately 30000 signatures in support of genetically ...
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    Just Label It - the GMO labeling song by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
  • This is the song about GMO labeling, with lyrics by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, editor of NaturalNews.com. Music by Dan Gautreau from Shockwave-Sound.com Here are the lyrics: I don't wanna eat.....
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    Dr. Mercola discusses GMO Labeling
  • articles.mercola.com Internationally renowned natural health physician and Mercola.com founder Dr. Joseph Mercola discusses GMO labeling.
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    Panel Discussion about GMO Labeling
  • articles.mercola.com Internationally renowned natural health physician and Mercola.com founder Dr. Joseph Mercola together with Pam Larry, Northern California Director of LabelGMOs.org, Dave Murp.....
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    GMOs and GMO Labeling
  • This is a recording of a Prezi I made. If you want to access the Prezi directly and navigate the presentation yourself, here is the link: http://prezi.com/a-b36adc8ywo/?utm_campaign=share&utm_me.....
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    On GMO Labeling, Oregon and Colorado Learn from California Ballot Defeat
  • After initiatives to label genetically engineered foods failed to pass in California and Washington state, activists have changed their strategy as they prepare for votes in Oregon and Colorado i.....
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    GMOs in Your Food: What You Don't Know | Consumer Reports
  • Even foods with the "natural" label may contain genetically engineered ingredients - known as GMOs. Consumer Reports tested dozens of products from cereals to infant formula, and tells you which .....
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    Connecticut passes first ever GMO labeling legislation
  • In Connecticut, consumers are now closer to knowing exactly what is in their food. The state legislature passed a bill requiring special labeling on foods th...
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    Genetically Modified Foods: Truth about Labeling
  • There is significant misinformation and confusion about genetically modified foods (or GMOs), which now make up a major part of the American diet. Anti-GMO activists are seeking to combat GMOs by.....
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    GMO Labeling Banned In USA! Monsanto's DARK Act
  • Monsanto's dream bill passes the US House of Reps, a bill which will keep people ignorant by preventing states efforts to mandate GMO labelling on foods. Given that 90% of Americans favor GMO foo.....
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    GMO Labeling Bill Becomes Law
  • The DARK Act has passed the House and Senate. America has been shafted. See how the new food labels will incorporate a QR Code onto their packaging.
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    Consumer groups call for stricter GMO labeling rules
  • GMO 완전표시제 소비자 기본권, 소비자 단체들 한 목소리 Korea's imports of genetically modified agricultural products or GMOs is on the rise, Naturally the demands for stricter GMO labeling rules on processed foods ar.....
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    Organic, All-Natural, non-GMO | What Do The Labels Actually Mean
  • What labels to trust more than others. All natural vs organic vs grass fed vs free range and cage free. What do the labels actually mean and how are they regulated. Let me know if you liked this .....
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    GMO Labeling in the USA
  • Click here for more Information https://www.audioeducator.com/food-safety/gmo-labeling-in-the-usa.html GMO Labeling in the USA Presented By: Norma Skolnik This session by expert speaker Norma.....
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    WTFographics: GMO Labeling
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    Bernie Sanders: Monsanto and the FDA (6/17/1994)
  • Rep. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) discusses on the House floor the use of hormones and chemicals by agribusiness corporations, like Monsanto, and the inaction of the FDA to provide adequate consumer reg.....
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    Why are GMOs Bad?
  • Why are GMOs bad? They aren’t. They just aren’t, not intrinsically, and certainly not for your health. We’ve been eating them for decades with no ill effects, which makes sense, because a genetic.....
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    I Was Wrong About GMO Labeling
  • ------------------- *References* Does GMO Labeling Actually Increase Support for GMOs? https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2018/06/gmo-labeling-study/563699/ http://advances.sciencemag.o.....
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    GMO labeling
  • Consumer Reports found that most Americans believe "natural" foods do not contain GMOs. But in fact, many such foods do contain GMOs.
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    Corporate money behind ‘GMO labeling’ Dark Act – organic advocate
  • The Senate Committee on Agriculture approved a bill, dubbed the 'Dark Act,' seeking to prohibit states from issuing their own mandatory labeling laws for food containing genetically modified ingr.....
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    Ben Swann: Federal Ban On GMO Labeling?
  • National Lobbying firm wants a federal ban on GMO labeling on a state level.
  • #24841 youtube 00:02:05

    GMO labeling bills face opposition from manufacturers
  • Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin is expected to sign a bill mandating labeling of genetically modified foods, making it the first state in the nation to do so. Dr....
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    Monsanto: We support GMO labeling
  • Dr. Robert Fraley says Monsanto supports national labeling of GMOs.
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    The Dark Act and GMO food Labeling
  • Nikki Jeannine Stewart, Esq. exposes the truth behind the Dark act and what we can do to fight it. This bill will dramatically effect GMO food labeling and make it much more difficult to know if.....
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    Colorado rejects voluntary GMO labeling
  • It's been a mixed shopping bag for food-labelling proponents recently. On Thursday Colorado lawmakers rejected a voluntary measure that would give food produ...
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    Because Monsanto? The US GMO label fail
  • If you're looking to buy natural food in the US, one thing you might want to avoid is actually the label 'natural'. RT's Marina Porntaya reports. RT LIVE http://rt.com/on-air Subscribe to...
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    What are GMOs? A Primer for FDA and USDA Labeling
  • The United States Department of Agriculture proposed new guidelines for labeling foods that contain genetically modified ingredients, a step that has been highly anticipated since the law took ef.....
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    China increases regulation of GMO labeling on foods
  • China's government is strengthening supervision of labeling genetically modified food, otherwise known as GMOs. The debate over the safety of genetically modified crops has been going on for deca.....
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    Consumer groups call for stricter GMO labeling rules
  • GMO 완전표시제 소비자 기본권, 소비자 단체들 한 목소리 Korea's imports of genetically modified agricultural products is on the rise, a demand for stricter rules on GMO labeling on processed foods is also gaining m.....
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    Why General Mills opposes GMO labeling
  • General Mills CEO Kendall Powell says that genetically-modified food is safe and does not need a special label.
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