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Running OpenCL™ on Intel® FPGAs
  • This course will cover the Intel® FPGA tools available to compile OpenCL™ C code into FPGA hardware. We will discuss the requirements of compiling OpenCL code, types of hardware generated with th.....
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    Day 2 - 4. GPU, CUDA, OpenCL Programming - PARLAB 2011
  • GPU, CUDA, OpenCL Programming (Bryan Catanzaro, NVIDIA Research) GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) have evolved into programmable manycore parallel processors. We will discuss the CUDA and OpenCL .....
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    OpenCL Examples (I)
  • Lectures on OpenCL Examples (I)
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    Speed Up Fluid Simulation Using OpenCL - Houdini 16
  • In this video we have three fluid tank (FLIP Tank) tests and we will compare between the simulation speed using CPU only simulation and using OpenCL acceleration with the CPU for the simulation i.....
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    Webinar: An Introduction to OpenCL for Altera FPGAs
  • Join Chris Mason as he presents an informative 25 minute introduction on how to program Altera FPGAs with OpenCL. The webinar begins with an overview of the ...
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    Simulating Massive Ecosystems On The GPU With OpenCL
  • This simulation is a project I created in order to learn how to write code for the GPU. I used OpenCL to leverage the general purpose computing power of my GTX 660 TI. Compared to the CPU version.....
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    利用OpenCL在Altera FPGA上实现卷积神经网络(CNN)
  • CNN的全称是Convolution Neural Network,就是卷积神经网络。它是机器学习的一个分支,通常用在图像的识别和分类里面。 卷集在图像处理时通常是用不同的滤波器来获得相应的特征值。 Follow Intel FPGA to see how we’re programmed for success and can help you tackle your FPGA pro.....
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    OpenCL+OpenGL Integration Demo: Conway Game of Life 2048x2048 60 fps
  • We see a demonstration of OpenCL and OpenGL integration. A Conway Game Of Life Simulation is run in real-time at 2048x2048 at 60 fps (turns per second) on an AMD Tahiti GPU with OpenCL and rende.....
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    OpenCL Demo, NVIDIA GPU
  • Both AMD and NVIDIA presented live OpenCL examples, both shared 75 minutes explaining the amazing world of OpenCL, Justin Hensley (AMD), Neil Trevett and Mark Harris (NVIDIA) held the ...
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    Episode 3 - Building an OpenCL Project
  • n this episode we cover some questions that were asked on the forums about double-precision arithmetic, object oriented programming, clarification on global ...
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    Лекция 1. История видеокарт, введение в OpenCL (Вычисления на видеокартах)
  • Лекция №1 в курсе "Вычисления на видеокартах" (осень 2018). Преподаватель курса: Николай Вадимович Полярный Страница лекции на сайте CS центра: https://bit.ly/2CK3IdP
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    Episode 1 - Introduction to OpenCL
  • In this first episode, the Open Computing Language (OpenCL) will be introduced. Background information on what it is, why it's needed and how you can use it ...
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    OpenCL vs Metal for Adobe Rendering on a Mac
  • What's the best choice for GPU Accelerated Rendering in Adobe Premiere, After Effects, and Media Encoder on a Mac, OpenCL or Metal? Find out here. Also see how an Intel i7 6700k Skylake proces.....
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    OpenCL 2.1 Technical Overview Session
  • Overview of OpenCL 2.1, SPIR-V and direct interaction with working group members: OpenCL homepage: https://www.khronos.org/opencl OpenCL Press Release: http:...
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    OpenCL vs Metal for Adobe Rendering on a Mac, September 2018
  • Is OpenCL still the best choice for GPU Accelerated Rendering in Adobe Premiere and Media Encoder on a Mac in September 2018? Let's find out
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    OpenCL Vs. Metal: Which Should you Use?
  • When exporting or rendering videos on a Mac, you may notice that there are two options for graphics acceleration: OpenCL and Metal. Which one is better and will yield a faster export? We check th.....
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    OpenCL visual studio 2015 project creation tutorial
  • Here I am using Intel OpenCL SDK. You should have the SDK and the visual studios 2015 installed on your PC. If you have them then you are ready to go.
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    Over 32000 planks ;-) Blender / Bullet Physics / SmallLuxGPU OpenCL
  • Testing Blender physics bake to disk cache for large scale rigid body simulations (instead of baking to f-curve keyframes); partly in anticipation of the massive power of the OpenCL accelerated B.....
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    Episode 5: Programming with OpenCL™ C
  • In this video, you learn about the OpenCL™ C kernel language. Topics include work items and work groups, data types, vector operations, address spaces, type ...
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    An Introduction to GPU, CUDA, and OpenCL - Bryan Catanzaro
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    Webinar: An Introduction to OpenCL™ using AMD GPUs
  • Chris Mason, Product Manager at Acceleware, presents An Introduction to OpenCL™ using AMD GPUs. The webinar tutorial begins with a brief overview of OpenCL™ ...
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    IWOCL 2018: Keynote | OpenCL: State of the Nation
  • Presented at IWOCL 2018 The 6th International Workshop on OpenCL Presented by: Neil Trevett President The Khronos Group NVIDIA VP Developer Ecosystem OpenCL Working Group Chair Additional Info.....
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    GPGPU Cloth simulation using GLSL, OpenCL and CUDA
  • Visual comparison of the computing performance between three different GPGPU platforms. The related paper and source code have been published in the book Game Engine Gems 2: ...
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    How to use OpenCL for GPU work
  • We use OpenCL to run workloads on GPU and try a simple blur filter. Git repository https://github.com/kalaspuffar/opencl Please follow me on twitter http://twitter.com/kalaspuffar Outro music:.....
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    Writing OpenCL™ Programs for Intel® FPGAs
  • This course will cover the constructs of the OpenCL™ standard. You will learn about the platform, execution, memory, and programming models that define the OpenCL specification. Syntax of the Ope.....
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    OpenCL 1.2: High-Level Overview
  • This is my first YouTube lecture. It provides a high-level overview of OpenCL 1.2, the standard, and the models within it. This lecture provides you with a s...
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    What is OpenCL Good for? (2)
  • Overview of the kind of problems OpenCL is good at accelerating: computational intensity, parallelism.
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    OpenCL GPU Architecture
  • This lecture demonstrates GPU architecture in a way that should be easily understood by developers. Once you tackle this lecture, you are well on your way to...
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    Introduction to Parallel Computing with OpenCL™ on FPGAs
  • OpenCL™ is a standard for writing parallel programs for heterogeneous systems. In the FPGA environment, OpenCL constructs are synthesized into custom logic. This course introduces to the students.....
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    OpenCL Hello World (8)
  • Writing a simple Hello World parallel program in OpenCL for GPUs: device setup, kernel compilation, copying data.
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    Episode 2 - OpenCL Fundamentals
  • In this episode, we'll go over the fundamentals of OpenCL. Discussing concepts that once understood, will make implementing and using OpenCL much easier. Thi...
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    Episode 1: What is OpenCL™?
  • In this video, you learn what OpenCL™ is and why it was designed the way it is. We go through design goals and the execution model of OpenCL™. Topics covered...
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    CUDA VS OpenCL - What's BEST For Premiere Pro?
  • After testing the CPU side of things in the 4K MP4 workspace for Adobe Premiere Pro, I decided to also test all the graphics cards I have here (for upcoming builds) and do a showdown to see who w.....
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    Apple abandons OpenGL/OpenCL
  • Apple is depreciating OpenGL/OpenCL in favor of Metal in MacOS Mojave.
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