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Using Channels and Pipes with OpenCL™ on Intel® FPGAs
  • This course covers using channels and pipes with OpenCL™ kernels written for Intel® FPGAs. The advantages of this methodology vs the standard host-centric methodology using global memory are disc.....
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    How to use OpenCL for GPU work
  • We use OpenCL to run workloads on GPU and try a simple blur filter. Git repository https://github.com/kalaspuffar/opencl Please follow me on twitter http://twitter.com/kalaspuffar Outro music:.....
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    Convolution Neural Network CNN Implementation on Altera FPGA using OpenCL
  • Watch a short video on an introduction to machine learning and see a demo of the AlexNet CNN topology on Altera FPGAs Follow Intel FPGA to see how we’re programmed for success and can help you ta.....
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    CNN and GZIP implementation on FPGA by OpenCL
  • Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) is a Deep Learning algorithm used for various object classification. This AlexNet demo showcases the performance-per-watt advantage on a discrete Arria 10 FPGA .....
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    [OpenCL 1.2 C++ Tutorials 1/9] - What is OpenCL?
  • The opening to my OpenCL 1.2 C++ tutorial series. Videos are kept short and to the point!
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    OpenCL vs Cuda Rendering (GTX 650 vs 7770, FX 6300)
  • 7770 за свои деньги даёт довольно хорошую производительность в играх. А как обстоят дела с монтажом? Не ошибся...
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    Heat simulation with CUDA, OpenCL and C++ AMP
  • I present a small benchmark of a heat diffusion simulation i implemented with NVIDIA CUDA, OpenCL and C++ AMP.
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    OpenCL Examples (I)
  • Lectures on OpenCL Examples (I)
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    GPU Programming in Java Using OpenCL, Part 3
  • Part 3 of a presentation to the St. Louis Java users group
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    OpenCL Hello World (8)
  • Writing a simple Hello World parallel program in OpenCL for GPUs: device setup, kernel compilation, copying data.
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    Episode 2: What is OpenCL™? (continued)
  • In this video, you continue to learn about OpenCL™. We describe the details about the OpenCL™ platform and memory models. Topics covered include compute devi...
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    Simulating Massive Ecosystems On The GPU With OpenCL
  • This simulation is a project I created in order to learn how to write code for the GPU. I used OpenCL to leverage the general purpose computing power of my GTX 660 TI. Compared to the CPU version.....
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    OpenCL visual studio 2015 project creation tutorial
  • Here I am using Intel OpenCL SDK. You should have the SDK and the visual studios 2015 installed on your PC. If you have them then you are ready to go.
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    OpenCL Performance Tips and Summary (10)
  • OpenCL kernel and runtime performance optimizations, checklist for using OpenCL.
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    Houdini 16.5 Masterclass - OpenCL vs VEX
  • Copyright and with very proud permission to upload and show by SideFx Software! The OpenCL SOP and DOP allow you to take advantage of your GPU to do computations. This Masterclass walks through .....
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    how to install opencl on Window 7-64Bit
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    [OpenCL 1.2 C++ Tutorials 6/9] - Hello World! Full example
  • Create an OpenCL application from start to finish, with a simple Hello World example.
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    利用OpenCL在Altera FPGA上实现卷积神经网络(CNN)
  • CNN的全称是Convolution Neural Network,就是卷积神经网络。它是机器学习的一个分支,通常用在图像的识别和分类里面。 卷集在图像处理时通常是用不同的滤波器来获得相应的特征值。 Follow Intel FPGA to see how we’re programmed for success and can help you tackle your FPGA pro.....
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    OpenCL™ Accelerated Effects in Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC
  • Learn more: http://www.fireprographics.com/ws/mae/adobe/index.asp Also make sure to check out http://www.amd.com/firepro AMD FirePro™ professional graphics c...
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    CUDA VS OpenCL - What's BEST For Premiere Pro?
  • After testing the CPU side of things in the 4K MP4 workspace for Adobe Premiere Pro, I decided to also test all the graphics cards I have here (for upcoming builds) and do a showdown to see who w.....
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    OpenCL face detection
  • GPU-optimized implementation of object detector using WaldBoost classifiers working with LBP features. Classifier being used in this video was trained to det...
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    OpenVX & OpenCL BOF - SIGGRAPH 2016
  • ACCELERATING VISION PROCESSING WITH KHRONOS The latest on using OpenVX and OpenCL to accelerate vision-processing applications ranging from embedded augmented reality to neural-net scene recognit.....
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    OpenCL, SYCL, & SPIR V BOF - SIGGRAPH 2016
  • Slides for all presentations are here: https://www.khronos.org/developers/library/2016-siggraph HETEROGENEOUS COMPUTING WITH KHRONOS An update on the OpenCL ecosystem for parallel computation i.....
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    Введение в OpenCL
  • Лекция, прочитанная в ИТМО по параллельному программированию.
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    OpenCL Memory Architecture
  • OpenCL defines a memory architecture and abstraction model that is common to all computing devices implementing the standard. This means that a programmer only has to learn about 1 memory model, .....
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    OpenCL vs Metal for Adobe Rendering on a Mac
  • What's the best choice for GPU Accelerated Rendering in Adobe Premiere, After Effects, and Media Encoder on a Mac, OpenCL or Metal? Find out here. Also see how an Intel i7 6700k Skylake proces.....
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    Real Time Raytracing with OpenCL
  • This is a basic and not yet efficient implementation of a real time using OpenCL and OpenGL. Source code can be found here: https://github.com/wallashss/RealTimeRayTracing
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    Introduction to OpenCL (1)
  • Introduction to OpenCL: What is it, what is it good for, how does it compare to CUDA.
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    [OpenCL 1.2 C++ Tutorials 2/9] - Setting up OpenCL
  • How to download an OpenCL SDK and set it up inside inside Visual studio
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    OpenCL 2.1 and a Personal Vision for OpenCL on FPGAs
  • Title: OpenCL 2.1 and a Personal Vision for OpenCL on FPGAs Speaker: AJ Guillon Abstract: The Khronos OpenCL specification is a standard for parallel heterogeneous computing that enables sof.....
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    First OpenCL demo on a GPU
  • The first public demonstration of OpenCL running on a GPU was done by NVIDIA on December 12, 2008 at Siggraph Asia. This demo of OpenCL on NVIDIA GPU was based on early non-released OpenCL API/dr.....
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    OpenCL on Altera SoC FPGA (Linux Host) – Part 1 – Tools download and setup
  • Learn how to download, install and configure the tools required to develop OpenCL kernels and host code targeting Altera SoC FPGAs.
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    Real-time Dense Passive Stereo Vision: Optimizing Computer Vision Applications Using OpenCL on ARM
  • Passive stereo vision is a powerful visual sensing technique aimed at inferring depth without using any structured light. Nowadays, as it offers low cost and reliability solutions, it finds appli.....
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    Episode 5: Programming with OpenCL™ C
  • In this video, you learn about the OpenCL™ C kernel language. Topics include work items and work groups, data types, vector operations, address spaces, type ...
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    Writing OpenCL™ Programs for Intel® FPGAs
  • This course will cover the constructs of the OpenCL™ standard. You will learn about the platform, execution, memory, and programming models that define the OpenCL specification. Syntax of the Ope.....
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    OpenCL on Keystone Multicore Processors
  • Programmable acceleration for embedded systems.
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    [Tutorial] OpenCL + CUDA - 6xx Kepler GPUs Mac OS X 10.8.2+ Mountain Lion
  • Download links:- ============= Nvidia Retail 304.00.05f02 Drivers: http://www.nvidia.com/object/macosx-304.00.05f02-driver.html CUDA 5.0.45 Drivers: ...
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    Real-time basic SPH fluid simulation using OpenCL.net For GPU computation
  • I have worked on SPH simulation for months.This video is for basic sph simulation. I use OpenCL.NET for GPU computation. The neighbors creation is time consu...
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    AMD vs Nvidia for Video Rendering - Adobe Premiere and Media Encoder
  • Does CUDA or OpenCL acceleration have any meaningful advantage over the other when it comes to exporting video using current GPUs? Video sponsored by Blue Apron! First 250 people get two free me.....
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    OpenCL and OpenGL demo with ODROID-XU
  • for more information, www.hardkernel.com.
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    OpenCL and OpenGL demo with ODROID-XU
  • for more information, www.hardkernel.com.
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    Blender Bullet Physics + OpenCL - 4K 60FPS
  • Check out the rigid body tutorial: http://bit.ly/1Mr1r2Y Want to make these yourself? This was actually very simple to create. Follow my guide on building your first tower collapse simulation an.....
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    OpenCL Demo, NVIDIA GPU
  • Both AMD and NVIDIA presented live OpenCL examples, both shared 75 minutes explaining the amazing world of OpenCL, Justin Hensley (AMD), Neil Trevett and Mark Harris (NVIDIA) held the ...
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    Accelerating OpenCV on AMD GPUs with OpenCL at AFDS 2012
  • AMD Fusion Developer Summit 2012. For more information, visit: bit.ly OpenCV is a widely used library of programming functions for real time computer vision. OpenCL is an open standard for the pa.....
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    OpenMP 4.0 vs. OpenCL: Performance comparison
  • Sergey Vinogradov, Intel OpenMP Con 2015 - Aachen Germany - September 2015 Slides at http://openmpcon.org/wp-content/uploads/openmpcon2015-sergey-vinogradov-opencl.pdf Abstract: There are many d.....
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    Fractals in Mathematica with OpenCL
  • This is an animation I made using Mathematica and the OpenCL Link library. Parameters: Method: Triplex Type: Mandelbrot SingleFrame: True Multisampling: 4 Each frame scales the exponent and...
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    Blackmagic Davinci Resolve using OpenCL on AMD FirePro at IBC 2013
  • Video describing the AMD FirePro GPU acceleration in Davinci Resolve. From simple color correction to more complex tracking and noise reduction, the multi-GP...
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    CPU vs GPU OpenCL Comparison
  • Small project I made which compares OpenCL to normal coding methods. CPU default version makes use of OpenMP for threading and a SIMD optimised vector class CPU OpenCL was marginally faster, bu.....
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    How Adobe Optimizes its Programs for OpenCL
  • Eric Berdahl, Sr. Engineering Manager, Cloud Video, Adobe joined us at Kaveri Tech Day in Las Vegas to tell us why Adobe is excited for "Kaveri" and Shared Virtual Memory. For more information...
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    GPU Programming in Java Using OpenCL, Part 1
  • General Purpose Computing on Graphics Processing Units (GPGPU) allows you to make use of your video card (GPU) to perform general purpose computing. The typi...
  • #12523 youtube 00:15:55

    ATI Stream OpenCL™ Technical Overview [Part 1] - What is OpenCL™?
  • In this video, you learn what OpenCL™ is and why it was designed the way it is. We go through design goals and the execution model of OpenCL™. Topics covered include basic terminology, data-paral.....
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    BlackMagicDesign Eyeon Fusion 7 overview - GPU OpenCL based acceleration
  • Interview covering BlackMagicDesign Eyeon Fusion 7 compositing and visual effects software. OpenCL is used to parallelize computations for complete interactivity in complex productions.
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    SDAccel Development Environment for OpenCL, C and C++
  • Demonstration of Xilinx's software defined development environment enabling the compilation of OpenCL applications into binaries ready for execution on FPGA ...
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    GPGPU Cloth simulation using GLSL, OpenCL and CUDA
  • Visual comparison of the computing performance between three different GPGPU platforms. The related paper and source code have been published in the book Game Engine Gems 2: ...
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    OpenCL Application Structure
  • The OpenCL standard for heterogenous computing defines a basic programming model for all compute devices implementing the OpenCL standard. This video introduces the host code and kernel elements .....
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    JPEG Encoder and Decoder using OpenCL Demo
  • JPEG encoder and decoder library demo using following devices - CPU - OpenCL on GPU - OpenCL on FPGA.
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    Adobe Premiere Pro CC OpenCL optimizations
  • Description of how Adobe Premiere Pro CC has added OpenCL optimizations including 4K debayering, visual FX, mask tracking, new raw 4k footage codecs and mult...
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    LuxVR: Virtual Reality with LuxRender (and OpenCL)
  • LuxVR is a visionary LuxRender (http://www.luxrender.net) project to introduce the interactive experience as a new kind of media produced by traditional off-line renderers. Up to now the output...
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    OpenCL 2.1 Technical Overview Session
  • Revised Overview of OpenCL 2.1, SPIR-V and direct interaction with working group members: OpenCL homepage: https://www.khronos.org/opencl OpenCL Press Release: http://bit.ly/khronos-opencl-pr Op.....
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    kdbsync.exe AML OpenCL ошибка
  • Алтернативный вариант избавиться от ошибки, для тех у кого не получился этот: http://youtu.be/F2Phtf8Bwo4 Запуск программы невозможен, так как на компьютере ...
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    OpenCL C++ at AFDS 2012
  • AMD Fusion Developer Summit 2012. For more information, visit: http://bit.ly/AFDS_2012 With the success of programming models such as Khronos' OpenCL, heterogeneous computing is going ...
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    Over 32000 planks ;-) Blender / Bullet Physics / SmallLuxGPU OpenCL
  • Testing Blender physics bake to disk cache for large scale rigid body simulations (instead of baking to f-curve keyframes); partly in anticipation of the massive power of the OpenCL accelerated B.....
  • #4062 youtube 00:01:59

    Fast fluid solver in Maya using AMD FirePro and OpenCL
  • This demo from SIGGRAPH 2012 shows an OpenCL-accelerated fluid solver in Maya running on an AMD FirePro workstation graphics card. Frame rates at high resolution jump from 0.1 fps to 10 fps...
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    Teaser ROG Ryzen, Vega Frontier Edition, Vulkan & OpenCL Akan Bergabung | Gaptech News 23-05-2017
  • List Gaptech News 23 Mei 2017 1. Teaser ROG Ryzen 2. Radeon Vega 3. Vulkan API & OpenCL 4. Press Release Corsair T1Race CARA IKUTAN SETUP SHOW OFF ○ Foto setup kalian dari beberapa angle ( detai.....
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    Getting Started with Intel® SDK for OpenCL Applications Developer Tools
  • Watch this short tutorial on how to get started developing an OpenCL application with the SDK and tools. The tutorial includes downloading and installing the...
  • #30473 youtube 00:03:49

    Introduction to Parallel Computing with OpenCL™ on FPGAs
  • OpenCL™ is a standard for writing parallel programs for heterogeneous systems. In the FPGA environment, OpenCL constructs are synthesized into custom logic. This course introduces to the students.....
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    AMD OpenCL Video - Episode 1
  • #56533 youtube 00:07:45

    Car test with Blender 2.5, rendered with SmallLuxGPU v1.5 (OpenCL)
  • Trying something out. Rendered using David Bucciarelli's OpenCL accelerated SmallLuxGPU fast path tracing Luxrays demo. Animation created using Blender 2.5 (...
  • #45437 youtube 00:04:25

    OpenCL SmallLuxGPU Rendered Procedural City Fly Through
  • Rendered using OpenCL accelerated SmallLuxGPU 1.5 (LuxRender / LuxRays) via real-time interface, featuring camera motion blur, sun and sky. Over 1.75 million...
  • #56534 youtube 00:01:47

    An Introduction to GPU, CUDA, and OpenCL - Bryan Catanzaro
  • #65279 youtube 01:02:19

    SmallLuxGPU 3.0 Preview (OpenCL)
  • SmallLuxGPU (www.luxrender.net is a LuxRays (www.luxrender.net demo and a LuxRender (www.luxrender.net) "proof of concept". The video was recorded on a i7 3930k + 2xHD5870. SmallLuxGPU and LuxRay.....
  • #6453 youtube 00:03:28

    Webinar: An Introduction to OpenCL for Altera FPGAs
  • Join Chris Mason as he presents an informative 25 minute introduction on how to program Altera FPGAs with OpenCL. The webinar begins with an overview of the ...
  • #31244 youtube 00:25:20

    Introduction to OpenCL
  • Michael Houston, GPG System Architect Learn about OpenCL, what the transition to OpenCL will be like, what applications are ideal for OpenCL and what impact ...
  • #12522 youtube 00:06:39

    What is OpenCL Good for? (2)
  • Overview of the kind of problems OpenCL is good at accelerating: computational intensity, parallelism.
  • #102936 youtube

    OpenCL Vs Cuda Vs. CPU Only - Sony VegasPro 13 and Premiere Pro CS6
  • Here is a comparison of OpenCL vs CUDA in Sony Vegas 13, I also decided to test Premiere pro since the CPU only won in Vegas 13, and to my surprise CUDA acceleration didn't show much of a ...
  • #53543 youtube 00:04:56

    Optimizing Simple OpenCL Kernels: Modulate Kernel Optimization
  • Robert Ioffe describes a consistent series of optimizations that improve OpenCL kernel performance on Intel® Iris™ Graphics or Intel® Iris™ Pro Graphics usin...
  • #45973 youtube 00:06:13

    OpenCL gpu rigidbody pipeline, 110k bodies in real-time on a Radeon 7970
  • This is our work-in-progress GPU rigid body pipeline. The simulation runs between 15 and 30 FPS on a AMD 7970 GPU. You can download a Windows 7 executable from github.com The simulation is fully .....
  • #4060 youtube 00:03:44

    Episode 2 - OpenCL Fundamentals
  • In this episode, we'll go over the fundamentals of OpenCL. Discussing concepts that once understood, will make implementing and using OpenCL much easier. Thi...
  • #33900 youtube 00:50:05

    OpenCL GPU Architecture
  • This lecture demonstrates GPU architecture in a way that should be easily understood by developers. Once you tackle this lecture, you are well on your way to...
  • #23556 youtube 00:50:14

    GPU-Quicksort in OpenCL 2.0
  • In this short video you can learn how to implement GPU Quicksort in OpenCL 2.0 Learn more here: https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/gpu-quicksort-in-op...
  • #51667 youtube 00:07:30

    Непоследовательные вычисления (2) Cuda и OpenCL
  • Борисенко Олег Дмитриевич. Непоследовательные вычисления. Курс лекций для 3го курса. Весна 2016 года. Спецсеминар отдела Информационных систем. Лекция 2. Cuda и OpenCL. Общая модель вычислений......
  • #133670 youtube

  • OpenCL demo, taken from macresearch.org tutorial. this is the fun part, where a single threaded C program is compared to multithreaded and openCL versions.
  • #4055 youtube 00:04:07

    OpenCL, saving parallel programers pain, today! [linux.conf.au 2014]
  • Companies (such as nCore) are using clusters of DSPs to revolutionise energy efficient High Performance Computing. A programmers view of these platforms may ...
  • #44545 youtube 00:35:35

    Webinar: An Introduction to OpenCL™ using AMD GPUs
  • Chris Mason, Product Manager at Acceleware, presents An Introduction to OpenCL™ using AMD GPUs. The webinar tutorial begins with a brief overview of OpenCL™ ...
  • #49163 youtube 01:01:18

    CUDA vs OpenCl or nVidia vs AMD
  • I'm just geeking out on graphics card acceleration of computer programs. Specifically, I'm describing and comparing Cuda on nVidia cards and OpenCl on AMD ca...
  • #42952 youtube 00:07:56

    OpenCL 2.1 Technical Overview Session
  • Overview of OpenCL 2.1, SPIR-V and direct interaction with working group members: OpenCL homepage: https://www.khronos.org/opencl OpenCL Press Release: http:...
  • #64952 youtube 01:09:54

    Episode 3 - Building an OpenCL Project
  • n this episode we cover some questions that were asked on the forums about double-precision arithmetic, object oriented programming, clarification on global ...
  • #18002 youtube 00:52:41

    OpenCL on FPGAs Accelerating Performance and Design Productivity — Altera
  • FPGAs have amazing capabilities when it comes to accelerating performance-critical algorithms at a tiny fraction of the power it would require to run them in...
  • #31243 youtube 00:17:56

    OpenCL Flocking Demo
  • A demo showing the performance difference between the CPU and GPU in calculating the movement of a flock of boids and predator. The program is multithreaded for up to 32 threads when using the CP.....
  • #4057 youtube 00:01:51

    OpenCL 1.2: OpenCL C
  • This video builds upon the high-level overview of OpenCL that you saw in the first video, and describes OpenCL C. You aren't going to learn everything about ...
  • #25203 youtube 00:47:08

    OpenCL 1.2: High-Level Overview
  • This is my first YouTube lecture. It provides a high-level overview of OpenCL 1.2, the standard, and the models within it. This lecture provides you with a s...
  • #20233 youtube 01:04:11

    Episode 1 - Introduction to OpenCL
  • In this first episode, the Open Computing Language (OpenCL) will be introduced. Background information on what it is, why it's needed and how you can use it ...
  • #45972 youtube 00:42:47

    Episode 1: What is OpenCL™?
  • In this video, you learn what OpenCL™ is and why it was designed the way it is. We go through design goals and the execution model of OpenCL™. Topics covered...
  • #12705 youtube 00:07:45

    OpenCL rendering test
  • This is a trial animation rendered using Mandelbulber with OpenCl engine. I rendered it almost only to test stability of the software. But because the result...
  • #18001 youtube 00:02:17

    OpenCL+OpenGL Integration Demo: Conway Game of Life 2048x2048 60 fps
  • We see a demonstration of OpenCL and OpenGL integration. A Conway Game Of Life Simulation is run in real-time at 2048x2048 at 60 fps (turns per second) on an AMD Tahiti GPU with OpenCL and rende.....
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