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mongodb 2012 conference

MongoDB - Step by Step Basics of Query Insert Update Delete CRUD Operations
  • BASICS 1) Create the Database a. use SoccerLeague 2) Create a Table (Collections) a. db.createCollection("Teams") or just save an item into DB 3) List the Collections (tables) within a DB a. sho.....
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    GopherCon 2014 Painless Data Storage with MongoDB and Go by Gustavo Niemeyer and Steve Francia
  • Find out why some people claim Go and MongoDB are a "pair made in heaven" and "the best database driver they've ever used" in this talk by Gustavo Niemeyer, the author of the mgo driver, and Stev.....
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    Using MongoDB GridFS on Cloud Foundry in a Node.js App
  • Using MongoDB in Node.js apps is extremely popular these days. One of the popular features of MongoDB is GridFS--MongoDB's filesystem interface that allows us to store and retrive files. This vid.....
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    t408 Making Mongo Cry Attacking NoSQL for Pen Testers Russell Butturini
  • These are the videos from DerbyCon 4: http://www.irongeek.com/i.php?page=videos/derbycon4/mainlist
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    Geospatial Queries In MongoDB - Working With Location Based Data - Danny Lane
  • "Location based data is an integral part of modern applications. The ubiquity of mobile apps in addition to browser based geolocation means that access to information about a user’s position is e.....
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    Connecting Tableau to MongoDB: a How-to
  • In this brief how-to video, Simba Technologies engineer Kyle Porter walks through how to connect a MongoDB data source to Tableau in just a few easy steps.
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    Mike Friedman (‎friedo‎) - Building Your First App with MongoDB and Perl
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    Hello from MongoDB
  • Want to join our amazing team? Learn more about careers at MongoDB https://www.mongodb.com/careers.
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    MongoDB + Tableau FAA Demo - MongoDB World 2015
  • Thierry D'hers présentes a live Tableau demo against FAA data in JSON format on MongoDB in front of 2,000 attendees at MongoDB's worldwide conference.
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    Scaling the NoSQL way with MongoDB - Michael Kennedy
  • Breakout session from DevWeek 2015 http://devweek.com/ DevWeek is the UK’s leading conference for professional software developers, architects and analysts. With insights on the latest technolog.....
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    ToroDB a new NoSQL database that replaces mongoDB by ÁLVARO HERNÁNDEZ at Big Data Spain 2014
  • http://www.bigdataspain.org/ Abstract: http://www.bigdataspain.org/2014/conference/torodb-a-new-nosql-database-that-replaces-mongodb In the recent years, NoSQL databases have been gaining a lot o.....
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    Azure Cosmos DB: API for MongoDB
  • Azure Cosmos DB (formerly known as Azure DocumentDB) natively supports multiple APIs; one of which is the API for MongoDB. Use existing code, applications, drivers, and tools to work with Azure Cosmos
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    Modeling Data for NoSQL Document Databases
  • Application developers must support unprecedented rates of change – functionality must rapidly evolve to meet customer needs and respond to competitive pressures. To address these realities, deve.....
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    GOTO 2013 • Elasticsearch - Beyond Full-text Search • Alex Reelsen
  • This presentation was recorded at GOTO Aarhus 2013 http://gotocon.com Alex Reelsen - Software Engineer at Elasticsearch ABSTRACT Elasticsearch is the leading real-time, distributed, open source.....
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    MongoDB webinar: Replication and Replica Sets
  • Webinar sobre replicação e replica sets realizado no dia 20/06/2013
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    MongoDB Sharding Tutorial 01 (Setup and Configuration)
  • MongoDB Sharding Tutorial (Setup and Configuration) Master Node with Ubuntu 13.10 and Slave node on mini.iso Within Windows 8 on Dell PowerEdge C6100 48GB RAM, 24 Cores. ** Special thanks to Ma.....
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    You're invited to MongoDB World 2017
  • MongoDB makes it possible to bring your data anywhere - in the cloud or your data center. So bring your biggest data questions to Chicago, the host city for MongoDB World 2017! We’re excited to h.....
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    MongoDB Europe 2016: Highlights from the largest MongoDB event in Europe
  • Register for MongoDB Europe '17: https://www.mongodb.com/europe17 MongoDB Europe, the conference for giant ideas, is an opportunity to learn database best practices, network with peers and indus.....
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    Applied NoSQL with MongoDB and Python - Michael Kennedy
  • Breakout session from Software Architect 2014 http://software-architect.co.uk/ 'Software Architect' is an annual technical conference for software architects and software developers. Featuring b.....
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    DEF CON 21 - Ming Chow - Abusing NoSQL Databases
  • Abusing NoSQL Databases Ming Chow Lecturer, Tufts University Department of Computer Science The days of selecting from a few SQL database options for an application are over. There is now a ple.....
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    MongoDB + PhpMoAdmin installation (lire en HD)
  • Installation de MongoDB (NoSQL) et PhpMoAdmin sur un Linux (Ubuntu 12.04) Les commandes tapées sont facilement lisibles en HD.
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    SymfonyLive Portland 2013 - Jeremy Mikola - Real-time Data Aggregation with MongoDB
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    Building a Scalable News Feed/Inbox System with MongoDB and Java
  • Many user-facing applications present some kind of news feed/inbox system. You can think of Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail as different types of inboxes where the user can see data of interest, sort.....
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    MongoDB vs. Couchbase
  • Thinking of implementing a NoSQL big data project? Pythian's CTO @alexgorbachev compares MongoDB and Couchbase. For more information on our NoSQL services visit: http://www.pythian.com/services/.....
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    How we use Go and MongoDB at MongoDB by Sam Helman Hosted at MongoDB
  • Video Intro Animation provided by http://animoto.com/ More info and slides here: http://www.hakkalabs.co/articles/10gen-how-we-use-go-and-mongodb-by-sam-helman/
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    MongoDB - Add New Document
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    Transactional Semantics of MongoDB
  • Zardosht Kasheff from Tokutek will talk about the transactional semantics of MongoDB and how they impact application development. Then he will discuss how the TokuMX product has changed those sem.....
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    Why we left MongoDB? - Antonio Chávez #ConFoo Montreal 2017
  • This is the talk that I gave on the third day of ConFoo Montreal 2017 here's the description: Around 2012 and 2013 MongoDB was the database of choice for many developers to start new projects, .....
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    What's Coming in MongoDB 2.2
  • 10gen's Eliot Horowitz discusses new features in MongoDB 2.2, out today. http://bit.ly/RXXl8V
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    GOTO 2012 • NoSQL Distilled • Pramod Sadalage
  • This presentation was recorded at a GOTO Night 2012 http://gotocon.com Pramod Sadalage - Principal Consultant at ThoughtWorks ABSTRACT The world of data is changing and becoming yet more import.....
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    2012 BCN NoSQL matters Pablo Enfedaque From Oracle to MongoDB a real use case at Telefonica R YouT
  • https://plus.google.com/+charlyprudent/ nosql-database.org www.couchbase.com http://www.network-engineer.usa.cc http://www.crunchbase.com/person/charly-prudent https://github.com/charlyprudent
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    GOTO 2014 • HTML5, Angular.js, Groovy, Java & MongoDB - what could possibly go wrong? • Trisha Gee
  • This presentation was recorded at GOTO Chicago 2014 http://gotochgo.com Trisha Gee - Developer at MongoDB ABSTRACT It seems to have been a common theme amongst startups to create the MVP (Minim.....
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    Mongodb and Python 2
  • [EuroPython 2012] R Lawley - 4 JULY 2012 in "Track Pizza Napoli"
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    Introduction to MongoDB - O'Reilly Webcast
  • MongoDB -- from "humongous" -- is an open source, non-relational, document-oriented database. The goal of the MongoDB project is to bridge the gap between ke...
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    MongoDB: обзор основных возможностей
  • Материалы со встречи: http://getdev.net/Event/mongodb Краткий обзор возможностей MongoDB. CRUD операции. Aggregation framework. Репликация. Шардинг. Докладчи...
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    Using MongoDB for Geo Searches for Healthcare Pricing Data
  • MongoDB was deployed at Castlight in late 2012 to solve a significant scaling problem involving the retrieval of large sets of healthcare prices from a very ...
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    33rd Degree 2014 - MongoDB Schema Design - Tugdual Grall
  • MongoDB's basic unit of storage is a document. Documents can represent rich, schema-free data structures, meaning that we have several viable alternatives to...
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    A Billion Person Family Tree with MongoDB by Randall Wilson
  • NoSQL matters Conference in Cologne, Germany 2013 -- A Billion Person Family Tree with MongoDB by Randall Wilson - http://2013.nosql-matters.org/cgn/ FamilyS...
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    2012 BCN NoSQL matters Christian Kvalheim MongoDB 2 2 and Big Data
  • NoSQL matters Conference in Barcelona, Spain 2012. http://2012.nosql-matters.org/bcn/speakers/
  • #22384 youtube 00:42:18

    2012 BCN NoSQL matters Pablo Enfedaque From Oracle to MongoDB a real use case at Telefonica R
  • NoSQL matters Conference in Barcelona, Spain 2012. http://2012.nosql-matters.org/bcn/speakers/
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    Austin NoSQL - Learn about GridFS in MongoDB
  • For our next meeting, we'll be hosting Ben Beecher, an engineer from 10gen. He'll be talking about GridFS, the mechanism used to store large files in MongoDB...
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    Sviluppare una Restful web API con Python fask e MongoDB
  • [EuroPython 2012] Nicola Tarocci - 3 JULY 2012 in "Track Big Mac"
  • #18585 youtube 01:21:59

    Primary Key in MongoDB: ObjectId
  • http://technotip.com/2992/objectid-_id-as-primary-key-mongodb/ In this video tutorial we shall learn more about ObjectId( _id ) of MongoDB document. navigating between records or documents....
  • #17420 youtube 00:05:33

    Kenny Gorman & Chris Lalonde - MongoDB Days 2013 - theCUBE
  • Kenny Gorman and Chris Lalonde, founders of ObjectRocket which has since been acquired by Rackspace, discussed offering MongoDB database-as-a-service (DBaaS)...
  • #16096 youtube 00:18:39

    Introduction to NoSQL by Martin Fowler
  • Check out the 2013 program for GOTO Aarhus http://gotocon.com/aarhus-2013/ Martin Fowler's talk from the GOTO Aarhus Conference 2012: ABSTRACT: Martin gives ...
  • #15686 youtube 00:54:52

    33rd Degree 2012 - MongoDB: Scaling Web Application - Ken Sipe
  • Google "MongoDB is Web Scale" and prepare to laugh your tail off. With such satire, it easy to pass off MongoDB as a passing joke... but that would be a mist...
  • #12539 youtube 01:00:37

    O'Reilly Webcast: MongoDB Schema Design: How to Think Non-Relational
  • One of the challenges that comes with moving to MongoDB is figuring how to best model your data. While most developers have internalized the rules of thumb f...
  • #11546 youtube 00:57:45

    deSymfony 2012 - Sistema de monitorización con Symfony2, RabbitMQ, MongoDB y ExtJS4
  • En Ofertix desarrollamos de forma que continuamente estamos deployando código. Así, en cuanto cualquier programador tiene la necesidad, se sube código a prod...
  • #11281 youtube 00:48:49

    Sviluppare una Restful web API con Python- fask e MongoDB - 2
  • [EuroPython 2012] Nicola Iarocci - 6 JULY 2012 in "Track Pizza Big Mac"
  • #10870 youtube 00:54:21

    MongoDB 2.2 Delivers Improved Analytics and Faster Performance
  • 10gen's Eliot Horowitz MongoUK Presentation on MongoDB 2.2.
  • #10869 youtube 00:09:56

    Google I/O 2012 - SQL vs NoSQL: Battle of the Backends
  • Ken Ashcraft, Alfred Fuller Google App Engine now offers both SQL and NoSQL data storage -- but which is right for your application? Advocates of each try to...
  • #9617 youtube 00:43:09

    Big Data, MongoDB vs Hadoop
  • Your big data use cases drive the technology required to implement big data projects successfully. Hear Pythian's CTO Alex Gorbachev share his insights on wh...
  • #9278 youtube 00:03:01

    Multi-document consistency with MongoDB
  • [EuroPython 2012] Anders Hammarquist - 4 JULY 2012 in "Track Lasagne"
  • #8935 youtube 00:43:26

    MongoDB London 2013 Recap
  • On April 9, 10gen hosted the 5th MongoDB conference in London, with over 500 developers and IT professionals in attendance.
  • #8896 youtube 00:01:30

    Mongodb and Python
  • [EuroPython 2012] R Lawley - 4 JULY 2012 in "Track Pizza Napoli"
  • #8558 youtube 01:34:22

    Developing Restful web apis with python-flask and mongodb
  • [EuroPython 2012] N Iarocci - 4 JULY 2012 in "Track Tagliatelle"
  • #8554 youtube 01:28:19

    SymfonyLive Paris 2012 - Jeremy Mikola - Using MongoDB responsibly
  • #8552 youtube 00:54:11

    MemPy - MongoDB - Douglas Starnes.mp4
  • Coverage of the MemPy meeting. Thanks to Douglas Starnes and Brad Montgomery and Memphis Chess for having us.
  • #8313 youtube 00:28:26

    Steve Francia discusses the future of MongoDB
  • Steve Francia, Chief Evangelist at 10gen, talks about alternatives to Hadoop, and what we can expect to see from MongoDB in the future.
  • #8304 youtube 00:08:57

    PHP UK Conference 2012 - MongoDB with PHP - Derick Rethans
  • An introduction to using MongoDB with PHP. Introducing MongoDB and why it's a good match for PHP and instructing on basic schema design in MongoDB. Demonstra...
  • #8303 youtube 00:46:24

    Closing Remarks and Q&A
  • Online Conference - What's new in MongoDB 2.2
  • #6874 youtube 00:16:00

    MongoDB native to web development - London Framework - Thiago Avelino - PyConAr 2012
  • PyCon Argentina 2012: ar.pycon.org A Python web framework aiming to work well with HTML5, NoSQL, asynchronous services and Python3.
  • #6503 youtube 00:35:48

    TTL Collections
  • Online Conference - What's new in MongoDB 2.2
  • #6493 youtube 00:08:53

    Data Center Awareness
  • Interested in learning more about MongoDB? Sign up for MongoSV, the largest annual user conference dedicated to MongoDB. Learn more at MongoSV.com
  • #6490 youtube 00:12:50

  • Interested in learning more about MongoDB? Sign up for MongoSV, the largest annual user conference dedicated to MongoDB. Learn more at MongoSV.com
  • #6489 youtube 00:17:40

    The Aggregation Framework
  • Interested in learning more about MongoDB? Sign up for MongoSV, the largest annual user conference dedicated to MongoDB. Learn more at MongoSV.com
  • #6487 youtube 00:13:02

    The People vs. NoSQL Databases: Panel Discussion
  • Panel Discussion with Chris Anderson - Couchbase, Matt Dennis - DataStax, Jim Webber - Neo Technology, Martin Fowler, - ThoughtWorks, Alvin Richards - 10Gen/MongoDB, and Matt Heitzenroder - Basho.....
  • #6486 youtube 00:51:26

    The promise and peril of abundance by BRENDAN MCADAMS at Big Data Spain 2012
  • Session presented at Big Data Spain 2012 Conference 16th Nov 2012 ETSI Telecomunicacion UPM Madrid www.bigdataspain.org Event promoted by http Abstract: www.bigdataspain.org Slides available at s.....
  • #6484 youtube 00:32:03

    Erlang Factory Lite Vancouver 2012: riak_mongo: making Riak look like MongoDB
  • Pavlo Baron will explain the purpose of the project, show the roadmap, mapping difficulties and open black holes. No slides, just walking through the source code. Video services graciously provid.....
  • #5670 youtube 00:30:30

    Building your first app with python and MongoDB
  • [EuroPython 2012] Ross Lawley - 5 JULY 2012 in "Track Spaghetti"
  • #5654 youtube 00:51:30

    Sourav Sachin - Scaling with Unconventional Tech Stack nodejs + redis + mongodb
  • Sourav shares glimpses of challenges in writing a webscale chat server and describes how to scale with unconventional tech-stack (nodejs + redis + mongodb). This talk was recorded at JSFoo 2012, .....
  • #5584 youtube 00:22:22

    Living with SQL and NoSQL at craigslist, a Pragmatic Approach
  • Presented at the 2012 Percona Live: MySQL Conference & Expo by Jeremy Zawodny of Craigslist Slides are at form.percona.com From the official conference description at www.percona.com Craigslist u.....
  • #5583 youtube 00:59:02

    Building Applications with MongoDB - An Introduction
  • At OSCon data 2011, 10gen's Roger Bodamer presents "Building Applications with MongoDB - An Introduction" Slides, ratings and comments are available on the official conference page at www.oscon.c.....
  • #5582 youtube 00:51:37

    Yuriy Chulovskyy - Create web app with AngularJS, Grails and MongoDB in 1 hour!
  • Pacemaker:LAMP conference 2012 pacemaker.softserve.ua This is story about desire to see world outside of Enterprise, with desire to free your mind, avoiding heavy frameworks and trying to make th.....
  • #5581 youtube 01:00:45

    O'Reilly Webcast: MongoDB and PHP
  • What would happen if you optimized a data store for the operations application developers to actually use? You'd arrive at MongoDB, the reliable document-oriented database. In this webcast presen.....
  • #5580 youtube 01:26:16

    Raster Processing and Storage with MongoDB - FOSS4G-NA 2012
  • Raster Processing and Storage with MongoDB A Presentation by Scooter Wadsworth, Sanborn Map Co. on Tuesday, April 10 at the FOSS4G North America 2012 Conference in Washington, DC Link to Abstract.....
  • #5578 youtube 00:17:24

    Why We Chose MongoDB to Put Big Data 'On the Map' - FOSS4G-NA 2012
  • Why We Chose MongoDB to Put Big Data 'On the Map' Presentation by Nicholas Knize, Thermopylae Sciences + Technology on Tuesday, April 10 at the FOSS4G North America 2012 conference in Washington .....
  • #5577 youtube 00:24:08

    A Facets Trilogy : The Tool Framework, Animation System and MongoDB OML - David C. Morrill
  • A Facets Trilogy : The Tool Framework, Animation System and MongoDB OML - David C. Morrill PyCon Asia Pacific 2012 Conference Singapore
  • #5576 youtube 00:57:54

    MongoDB with Python - Mathias Stearn
  • MongoDB with Python - Mathias Stearn PyCon Asia Pacific 2012 Conference Singapore
  • #5575 youtube 00:43:21

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