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Curso Phonegap - Aula 1 - Meu primeiro aplicativo / Hello World
  • Nessa aula explico como gerar rapidamente um aplicativo de Hello World no seu celular utilizando o Phonegap Build. Esse é o código com o resultado final da aula: https://github.com/Adrian1995/ph.....
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    Tutorial Phonegap Mudah | Step by Step Phonegap | Langkah-langkah Membuat Aplikasi Mobile Phonegap
  • Sebelum melangkah lebih lanjut dalam belajar phonegap, alangkah lebih afdolnya tahu terlebih dahulu step by step membuat aplikasi mobile menggunakan phonegap.. Selamat belajar.. https://www.fac.....
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    Phonegap e Cordova: Aula 28: Phonegap + Ionic: PHP com MySQL + CORS
  • Curso de Phonegap e Cordova completo e gratuito com certificado: http://loiane.training Site: http://loiane.training Blog: http://loiane.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/loianegroner Githu.....
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    Create HTML Web App for iPhone/Android - PhoneGap Desktop
  • Hey everyone! In this video, I go over how to install and use Phonegap Desktop and the Phonegap Developer Application to create a mobile app that you can test on your device. This process is very.....
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    PhoneGap Build: Basic config.xml File
  • This video looks at creating a simple config.xml for your PhoneGap Build app. This file allows us to set settings for the app, such as the name, description, and preferences like orientation. Ph.....
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    Adobe PhoneGap Build Tutorial: Create Mobile Apps
  • In this video, master trainer Mark Lassoff shows you how to use Adobe PhoneGap Build to create an HTML5 app for mobile devices. Adobe PhoneGap Build is a premium program that is well worth the pr.....
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    Phonegap Ejecutando Aplicación
  • Proceso para ejecutar una aplicación desarrollada en PhoneGap en un dispositivo móvil y luego instalarla como si fuera una aplicación nativa. Visita el sitio web de Programación Master https://p.....
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    AppPresser - Submit your iOS app using Phonegap Build: Part 1
  • Build iOS/Android apps using WordPress with AppPresser: http://apppresser.com Part 1 - generating certificates and building your production app. **Part 2 - g...
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    PhoneGap для мобильного разработчика - глубокое погружение без ОЗК
  • Видеозапись встречи https://getdev.net/Event/phonegap Кратко поговорим о том как появился, как развивался, что внутри. Рассмотрим явные косяки и неприкрытые плюсы PhoneGap пути. Обратим внимание.....
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    Styling a PhoneGap App in 30 Seconds with jQuery
  • https://learntoprogram.tv/p/framework-online/?preview=logged_out Become a professional web or mobile developer with the Framework Online Boot Camp from LearnToProgram. Earn 8 certifications as w.....
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    Phonegap/Cordova - How to link to external pages
  • Place code in /Classes/MainViewController.m - (BOOL)webView:(UIWebView *)theWebView shouldStartLoadWithRequest:(NSURLRequest *)request navigationType:(UIWebViewNavigationType)navigationType { .....
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    Build a chat app in 20 minutes with Vue.js, PhoneGap and Framework7
  • In this screencast I will teach you how to create a chat app for iOS and Android with the power of Vue.js, Framework7 and PhoneGap in only 20 minutes. Please Like if this video was helpful to yo.....
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    PhoneGap and React.js | PhoneGap Day US 2016
  • React.js has been changing the way web developers build user interfaces for the web, but what about hybrid mobile apps, where jQuery Mobile and Angular remain the most popular frameworks? In this.....
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    Mobile Development with PhoneGap with Garth Braithwaite
  • Mobile Development with PhoneGap with Garth Braithwaite See how to create mobile apps for multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone etc) using PhoneGap and your current Web stack (HTML+CSS.....
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    Create Hybrid Mobile Application using PhoneGap
  • how to create hybrid mobile application using phonegap cordova_files link https://sites.google.com/site/vetripandiblogspotin/vet/cordova_files.zip?attredirects=0&d=1 click here http://clnk.in/c0FK
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    How to create a mobile app using HTML and JavaScript with Phonegap - My First Mobile App
  • A quick 15 minute guide to creating your own mobile app for Android and Windows Mobile using Phonegap, HTML and JavaScript. It was easier than I could possibly have imagined. - go off to https:.....
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    jQuery Mobile + Phonegap Build - How to make a slick app for FREE
  • Some of you have been waiting for this video a long time, so here it is! Following on from the last app video where we made a free cross-platform app in only 10 minutes, in this lesson we downloa.....
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    Build Native iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PhoneGap
  • Quick overview of how to take a garden variety web app built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and convert it to a native iPhone app using PhoneGap. In this example, I used jQTouch to style and animated.....
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    Phonegap 005 - How to read and list contacts from device's agenda? English HD
  • In this tutorial we are creating a phonegap app that list all the contacts in the device's agenda. Links to documentation: https://github.com/apache/cordova-plugin-contacts https://cordova.apac.....
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    First Hello World App in Phonegap Cordova.
  • Cordovo files - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/duf37zmcrlpbb16/AAAxyrF7QgeCttLVhayZUt98a?dl=0 Hello Everyone, Here is an Hello world application created in Phonegap Cordova. Watch the full tutorial .....
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    Making Your First PhoneGap App
  • Develop Mobile Apps for iOS and Android with HTML5, Javascript and PhoneGap tools. CLICK here for more info and to Save 50% on the full course: http://goo.gl/44xMCJ You can learn to create mob.....
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    UI Design Tutorial - Login, Blog app Phonegap/Cordova- Part 1
  • In this tutorial you will learn to design better login page design, use of custom shapes. Part 2 (Navigation and Collapsible Sidebar) https://youtu.be/GmaNdl_T6cg Part 3 (Home page with carouse.....
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    How to Create an Android & iPhone App using Phonegap Desktop | Phonegap Tutorial
  • In this PhoneGap tutorial, I will show you how to create mobile apps or Android apps using PhoneGap Desktop. PhoneGap is a very easy and fast program to create multiple platforms apps. For this,.....
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    PhoneGap Push Notifications
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    What's New With Apache Cordova & PhoneGap by Simon MacDonald
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    PhoneGap Beginner | PhoneGap Day US 2016 Workshops
  • This workshop will provide an introduction to PhoneGap, the philosophy behind it, and how to get started quickly using a variety of different tools available. You will learn how to create a simpl.....
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    Como crear una aplicacion movil con phonegap
  • Aprende a crear aplicaciones móviles fácilmente con phonegap
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    Tutorial 2 - PhoneGap + PHP - GET & POST Ajax requests to remote server - Tutorials for Beginners
  • This is the second video of my phonegap tutorial series. To know how to install phonegap and deploy app to phonegap build, check out my first video - https://youtu.be/uE0v2GibM4c Video shows ho.....
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    phonegap localstorage & Database
  • phonegap localstorage & Database.
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    Build a Camera App using PhoneGap and Visual Studio 2015
  • With the new Apache Cordova Tools for Visual Studio 2015 (and 2013 Update 4) getting started with PhoneGap development is easier than ever. This video demonstrates making a simple Hello World ca.....
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    Create a PhoneGap Build Account with Authentication Token
  • To test your app on a device or submit to the app stores with AppPresser, you need to create a free PhoneGap Build account and get an authentication token that you copy/paste into your app builder.
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    PhoneGap Development Environment
  • http://www.learntoprogram.tv/p/try-framework?src=YOUTUBEFRAMEWORK Become a professional web or mobile developer with the Framework Online Boot Camp from LearnToProgram. Earn 8 certifications as.....
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    [Curso Phonegap / Cordova] Aula 02: Instalação
  • [Curso Phonegap / Cordova] Aula 02: Instalação Nessa aula vamos ver como instalar o phonegap / apache cordova Lista dos links mencionados no vídeo: http://wp.me/pCF9v-1ZQ Lista de aulas do cu.....
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    Phonegap Desktop - Crie Aplicativos na nova Interface Visual
  • Tekers! Instale e conheça o Phonegap Desktop, um ambiente de criação de APPs visual. Saiba mais: http://bit.ly/TKZPhonegapDesktop Curta, Compartilhe e Assine nosso Canal! Seja um Teker: http://.....
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    Making High Performance PhoneGap Apps | PhoneGap Day EU 2015
  • How we made people think Snowbuddy was a native app Syd Lawrence @sydlawrence
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    PhoneGap App Development Tutorial: Part 1
  • https://learntoprogram.tv/pages/welcome -- Learn more. Receive free tutorials, programming projects and discounts on professional courses and more Learn how to create a complete PhoneGap App. .....
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    Aplicacion Movil en PhoneGap
  • En este tutorial se explicara como realizar una Aplicación móvil android utilizando la plataforma PhoneGap, la cual incorpora Html5, JavaScript y CSS 3. Link de Desacargas: * PhoneGap: http://ph.....
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    Create your first app for free in under 10 minutes: Phonegap Build
  • Follow this video to create your first app for free in under 10 minutes, no prior knowledge required! There's no need to understand coding, just copy and paste from the links and pause the video.....
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    วิธีสร้าง Android App project สำหรับ PhoneGap (Windows)
  • ดูได้บน vimeo: https://vimeo.com/album/2173109/video/54753890 ติดตาม Adobe technology: http://www.thaiadc.com ฝึกอบรม PhoneGap, HTML5, Adobe Edge Animate: ht...
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    PhoneGap/Cordova Camera Plugin Tutorial (with jQuery Mobile interface)
  • The tutorial teaches you how to make use of the Camera plugin provided in PhoneGap to build a simple application, using jQuery Mobile interface components to create a simple Camera-To-Image displ.....
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    02 - Phonegap: Hello World HD English
  • In this session we will create a Hello World using phonegap and you will learn how to run this app in you local browser. If you have not installed Phonegap, please do it now, check our previous...
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    Phonegap 003: Creating a Todo List App HD English
  • This time, we will be creating a Todo List App to work with Phonegap. We will be using: 1. jQuery: http://jquery.com/download/ 2. CSS Reset: http://meyerweb.com/eric/tools/css/reset/ 3. Ripple Em.....
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  • #67707 youtube 00:03:56

    Usando o PhoneGap Build
  • Mais infos: http://www.loiane.com/2013/07/usando-phonegap-build-build-automatico-para-6-plataformas-de-uma-so-vez/
  • #14353 youtube 00:26:00

    Phonegap + Android + NetBeans 7.4 (Español)
  • Instalación y Configuración del entorno de trabajo para desarrollar aplicaciones Android desde NetBeans 7.4, haciendo uso de Phonegap (apache córdova) incorp...
  • #31067 youtube 00:19:01

    Make an Android app with Phonegap
  • Facebook ▶ https://www.facebook.com/mennovanderkrift/ Website ▶ http://mennovanderkrift.com In this video I show how you can create an Android app using Phonegap and Android Studio. You need to .....
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    Create a Mobile App in 30 Minutes! Getting Started with PhoneGap with PhoneGap Build
  • This is a brief overview of how to build mobile applications using the PhoneGap framework. Using a text editor and a web browser and a few images, a Hello LA...
  • #23457 youtube 00:17:47

    Learn PhoneGap Development | Making Business App in 30 Mins
  • Learn how to create a basic Business Application for your website using PhoneGap Mobile Framework. 5 Mobile Development Framework Course is live: - https://www.eduonix.com/courses/Mobile-Develop.....
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    How to convert html to android using Phonegap (part 1) | phonegap tutorial
  • You have built a nice game or app using HTML and javascript. And you now want to convert it to Android and upload it to Google Play. This video (part 1 and part 2) will show you step by step how.....
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    Как просто сделать Приложение на Android зная HTML и CSS, Adobe PhoneGap Build Сборка под Android
  • Adobe PhoneGap Build позволяет сделать Приложение на Android зная HTML и CSS. С помощью PhoneGap Build Сборка под Android становится очень простой и любой желающий может разобраться как сделать п.....
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    Free Phonegap Tutorial for Android & iOS for Beginners Tutorial 1 - Create iPhone App Using Phonegap
  • This video will show you that How we can manage the Phonegap app in Android. Thank You Ravi Bedre.
  • #66837 youtube 00:13:26

    Testing PhoneGap Apps in a Browser
  • http://www.frameworktv.com | LearnToProgram is now Framework. Visit and join for free daily videos teaching digital skills like coding and design. SUBSCRIBE TO THE FRAMEWORK CHANNEL http://www......
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    Getting Started with Android Push Notifications and PhoneGap
  • Recorded February 22, 2013 Holly Schinsky gives a detailed overview of how to use Android Push Notifications with your PhoneGap application Download here: ...
  • #66653 youtube 00:46:02

    Curso: Phonegap, qué es y cómo empezar (Parte 1 de 2)
  • En este video aprenderemos qué es Phonegap y cómo podemos empezar a desarrollar aplicaciones móviles usando HTML5. Si te gustó este video, no olvides suscrib...
  • #37071 youtube 02:01:59

    Phonegap - Aprenda a Criar um Cadastro de Clientes para Android - Vídeo 1
  • Configurando um ambiente de programação, coisas bem básicas e simples.
  • #46348 youtube 00:09:47

    Creating a PhoneGap Project
  • Develop Mobile Apps for iOS and Android with HTML5, Javascript and PhoneGap tools. CLICK here for more info and to Save 50% on the full course: http://goo.gl/44xMCJ You can learn to create mob.....
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    Phonegap or Cordova
  • It's time to get rid of any confusion or misconceptions between what Phonegap is and what Cordova is, before I begin instructing you on how to code. Course: http://cartoonsmart.com/phonegap-hybr.....
  • #103401 youtube

    What is PhoneGap and Cordova?
  • ACCESS the FULL COURSE here: https://academy.zenva.com/product/html5-game-phaser-mini-degree/?zva_src=youtube-html5md Ensure that your games work across all ever-evolving browsers and increase t.....
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    PhoneGap Session 2 - GeoLocation API Tutorial
  • This tutorial is part of a larger course on PhoneGap. http://cartoonsmartcode.com/phonegap_tutorials.php5 Explore how to get the current location of the phone, and look at properties like...
  • #65932 youtube 00:36:03

    PhoneGap, Cordova & Ionic Support
  • IntelliJ IDEA supports for mobile development on PhoneGap, Cordova and Ionic, via the CLI. You will be able to create a PhoneGap skeleton project using the project creation wizard, and preview...
  • #65931 youtube 00:03:45

    Timo Ernst: Building PhoneGap apps with Vue.js and Framework7
  • Vue.js has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. Since January this year it is finally possible to create native-looking apps with the power of Vue.js, PhoneGap and Framework7. This t.....
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    instalar phonegap en windows
  • Requerimientos iniciales: Nodejs http://nodejs.org/ Cuenta de adobe para la utilización de phonegap build Requerimientos de Phonegap: Android SDK: http://dev...
  • #55646 youtube 00:18:11

    How to make android and windows app using phonegap desktop
  • Get the sample project here : https://www.dropbox.com/s/wc174ec0imy6x39/www.zip Apk files :- https://www.dropbox.com/s/dcyyx1io7bxowv4/helloworld.apk Cordova Files :- https://www.dropbox.com/s/.....
  • #70112 youtube

    How to Install PhoneGap or Cordova - Beginner Step By Step Tutorial
  • PhoneGap or Cordova (both are almost identitical except some differences, hence the tutorial covers both of them, almost) is the last resort for web developers who want to develop some...
  • #65250 youtube 00:10:01

    PhoneGap - Crie e Teste seus APPs no Windows
  • Tekers! Voltamos ao PhoneGap! Neste vídeo veja como criar e testar seus APPs no Windows. Mais Informações: http://bit.ly/tekzoom85 Faça parte da nossa Comuni...
  • #62578 youtube 00:13:32

    How to Install PhoneGap Desktop App and Use the Developer App
  • Did you know you can use the PhoneGap Desktop App and Use the Developer App to view the app on your iOS and Android phone without have to compile to a device. What does this mean? Well it mean.....
  • #96156 youtube

    PhoneGap, qué es y cómo empezar.
  • Conferencia de José Jesús Pérez Rivas donde da a conecer que es PhoneGap, sus posibilidades y los lenguajes de programación que se pueden utilizar. El vídeo ...
  • #26047 youtube 03:23:58

    How to publish phonegap app to playstore
  • In this video i show what goes into uploading your app on the play store Icon Creator: http://www.appiconsizes.com/ App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.prantikv.internetspeed.....
  • #107452 youtube

    PhoneGap and PhoneGap Build in 5 Minutes
  • PhoneGap and PhoneGap Build in 5 Minutes
  • #6497 youtube 00:05:37

    Configurar Phonegap en Eclipse para Android.
  • VideoTutorial en el que vemos como configurar Phonegap con Eclipse para Android. Una vez hecho nos permite convertir cualquier proyecto con html5, CSS, javas...
  • #11348 youtube 00:22:02

    Intel® XDK – An IDE for Cordova! | PhoneGap Day US 2014
  • The Intel® XDK HTML5 is a free mobile app development tool utilizing a collection of open-source technologies to simplify the hybrid mobile app development c...
  • #64605 youtube 01:17:49

    Build a Store Locator App in 40 min with HTML5, PhoneGap and API-based backend
  • The final code is available on github: https://github.com/timanglade/targets And see the finished app here: http://timanglade.github.io/targets/www/index.htm...
  • #9842 youtube 01:18:57

    Phonegap 2.9.1 Installation Tutorial
  • A basic Tutorial I made on how to get Phonegap up and running with Eclipse on a Windows Machine.
  • #49602 youtube 00:26:20

    Phonegap a tope! (Curso completo)
  • Phonegap a tope! (Curso completo) http://www.exabyteinformatica.com/tienda/foro http://www.exabyteinformatica.com/tienda http://www.exabyteinformatica.com ht...
  • #62579 youtube 03:23:47

    Phonegap tutorial 4 - How to use bootstrap and request data with ajax
  • Facebook : hrz.vicky Twitter : @hifshan_codeDev Expecation Output : 32:25 This tutorial provides that you can develop a phonegap application with bootstrap o...
  • #59539 youtube 00:36:49

    Installing PhoneGap in Windows
  • Do you want to migrate from PhoneGap V2.9 or below to V3.0 or above? or Do you want to try the latest PhoneGap 3.5 Command Line tools or Do you just want to ...
  • #55199 youtube 00:06:20

    Installing PhoneGap in Windows
  • Do you want to migrate from PhoneGap V2.9 or below to V3.0 or above? or Do you want to try the latest PhoneGap 3.5 Command Line tools or Do you just want to ...
  • #55198 youtube 00:06:20

    HTML5 Tutorial: Using PhoneGap to Create Mobile Contacts
  • HTML5 is the future of mobile apps and knowing how to use HTML5 and PhoneGap to create mobile apps is a necessary skill for 2013 and beyond. In this HTML5 tutorial, master trainer Mark Lassoff sh.....
  • #6496 youtube 00:09:20

    1. Getting Started with Phonegap 3
  • As a mobile app developer it is common for clients to request applications that support all major platforms (Android, Apple, Windows, and Blackberry). There ...
  • #37743 youtube 00:09:58

    Daniel Zen - Using AngularJS to create iPhone & Android applications with PhoneGap - NG-Conf 2014
  • www.ng-conf.org ng-conf is a two day, single track conference focused on delivering the highest quality training in the Angular JavaScript framework. 500 to ...
  • #24182 youtube 00:21:35

    PhoneGap: Building & Testing Mobile Apps with Web Standards
  • Every web developer needs to think about a mobile strategy when it comes to deploying content. In this session from the Create the Web event in San Francisco (September 24th, 2012), Christophe Co.....
  • #5596 youtube 00:30:01

    Intro to Phonegap app creation Part 1
  • Introduction to the tutorial series and a quick overview of what Phonegap is as well as the tools that will be used in this tutorial series. ** Prerequisites...
  • #8546 youtube 00:18:21

    PhoneGap Tutorial
  • An overview getting started with PhoneGap.
  • #59538 youtube 00:25:45

    Beginners intro to PhoneGap and PhoneGap Build
  • Watch a *simple* phone app go from zero to running on a phone in 20 minutes. Uses phonegap.com github.com and build.phonegap.com
  • #7451 youtube 00:20:19

    PhoneGap Android Tutorial
  • Setup Eclipse, Android SDK, ADT plugin and Install PhoneGap 1.5 on Windows. Getting started with your first cross-platform mobile app. If during the SDK installation you get an error saying it ca.....
  • #5586 youtube 00:10:02

    How to install PhoneGap in a Mac computer HD English
  • This video shows how to install PhoneGap in a Mac computer.
  • #63965 youtube 00:07:28

    Como crear aplicaciones para Android muy facilmente gracias a Phonegap en DreamWeaver CS6 - Tutorial
  • En este tutroial enseño como crear aplicaciones para Android de una forma muy sencilla (Basta con saber un poco de html), para ello utilizaremos adobe DreamW...
  • #9128 youtube 00:28:34

    [Curso Phonegap / Cordova] Aula 01: Introdução ao Phonegap
  • Mais infos: http://www.loiane.com/2014/02/curso-phonegap-cordova-aula-01-introducao-ao-phonegap/
  • #30731 youtube 01:02:30

    PhoneGap - Aprenda a Criar APPs e Games para iOS e Android - Vídeo 1
  • Olá Tekers! Para mais informações visite: http://full.sc/15Gbzif Faça parte da nossa Comunidade *************************************************************...
  • #22406 youtube 00:10:16

    PhoneGap - Crie o seu Primeiro APP Android - Vídeo #2
  • Olá Tekers! Para mais informações visite: http://full.sc/16ag8nK Faça parte da nossa Comunidade *************************************************************...
  • #15253 youtube 00:06:05

    PhoneGap + Android Material Design - #1 - Setup
  • This is the first video in a new course, where we'll build a fully functioning app with Android's new material design. In this video, we'll be setting up Pol...
  • #50684 youtube 00:08:47

    PhoneGap - Veja como Criar seu primeiro APP Android - Vídeo 4
  • Olá Tekers! Para saber mais: http://full.sc/16dhIUq Faça parte da nossa Comunidade ******************************************************************* TekZoo...
  • #27927 youtube 00:10:58

    Introduction to PhoneGap - An Open Source Framework
  • Get an intro to PhoneGap and PhoneGap Build. Learn how to easily create apps with the only open source framework that supports 7 platforms. phonegap.com
  • #6495 youtube 00:03:33

    First App on Phonegap
  • This tutorial explain how to install phonegap on your computer and how to build your first app.
  • #26936 youtube 00:10:51

    Ionic: Basically It's Totally Sweet | PhoneGap Day US 2014
  • A deep-dive look into Ionic Framework and how to implement it in your app development. Mike Hartington, developer advocate for Ionic and front end developer ...
  • #58266 youtube 00:21:44

    Phonegap Installation and Develops Android
  • Facebook : hrz.vicky This video provides how to start with phonegap / cordova and develop with android platform. I hope you enjoy.. Assets : Node.js : http:/...
  • #38992 youtube 00:16:21

    AULA 01 - Programação para Dispositivos Móveis com PhoneGap Cordova
  • Fala pessoal!!!! Quer ser um profissional de TI diferenciado? Mais que isso, quer ser um profissional anualizado? Então não deixem de fazer o curso de desenvolvimento Mobile com PhoneGap Cordova,.....
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