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Books for Learning FPGA Design
  • Here are a few books that would be a starting point for someone interested in FPGA / CPLD / ASIC design.
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    Hands On With The FPGA'd Arduino at Maker Faire
  • Arduino just announced their FPGA board on Friday. The Arduino MKR Vidor 4000 is on display at their Maker Faire Bay Area Booth and Hackaday's Brian Benchoff had the chance to interview the engin.....
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    FPGA Design and Implementation of Electric Guitar Audio Effects Xilinx XOHW17 XIL-84082 - WINNER
  • This is our video entry to the Xilinx Open Hardware 2017 University Design Contest. We designed a Multi-Effects system for the electric guitar in FPGA, based on the Zedboard. Our project was anno.....
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    Fim da Mineração por GPU, FPGA VCU1525 ?
  • Fpga vcu1525 um monstro na mineração, temos alguns dados, segui os algoritmos... Keccak 17 Gh/s Tribus 2.1 Gh/s Phi1612 650 Mh/s Skunhash 1.3 Gh/s Dando de 20~57 Usd/Dia, cada Fpga. Segui os L.....
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    Эксклюзивное интервью: FPGA-департамент Intel
  • https://goo.gl/whAZQC Подбор комплектующих для ПК с проверкой совместимости Что такое FPGA (ПЛИС)? Рады ли бывшие сотрудники Altera, что Intel купила их компанию? Почему партнеры Intel закупают F.....
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    34C3 - Reverse engineering FPGAs
  • https://media.ccc.de/c/34c3/34c3-9237-reverse_engineering_fpgas Dissecting FPGAs from bottom up, extracting schematics and documenting bitstream formats In this talk I describe the basic makeup.....
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    Analogue Super NT Review - FPGA SNES Clone Console - System, Menus, Compatibility, MSU and more!
  • The Super NT is the latest "reference quality" retro console from Analogue. This device uses an FPGA chip to accurately simulate the SNES / Super Famicom and output high quality images with littl.....
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    FPGA Project: Controlling a Gear DC motor with FPGA
  • FPGA Project: Controlling a Geared DC motor with FPGA In this Project, a geared DC motor will be controlled using FPGA. the programming language is VHDL . The code control both the motor speed .....
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    The Go Board - The First FPGA Development Board You Should Buy
  • ORDER YOUR GO BOARD TODAY AT https://www.nandland.com Here's the link to the Kickstarter Campaign, now live: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/... The Nandland Go Board is an inexpensive eas.....
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    Lec-39 introduction to fpga
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    FPGA Tempest & Major Havoc Arcade PCB and Free Play Bar & Arcade Rhode Island Tour!
  • Free Play Arcade & Bar https://freeplayri.com In this "On the Road" video we are going to take a ride to Providence, Rhode Island and take a tour of my buddy Jay's new arcade, Free Play Bar Arca.....
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    Boost Your GPU Mining Speeds with Acorn FPGA Accelerators?
  • FPGA's Accelerating GPU's for mining? In todays video i show you the possible performance increase with the use of FPGA's. As a company called Squirrels Research Labs has developed a smart M2 Dev.....
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    Intel Reveals First FPGA with HBM2 Or, Is It? | Intel 72 Core Xeon Unveiled
  • Extreme multi-tasking with GTX 1080 Ti, 32GB RAM & A ThreadRipper 1950X - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZ7_P8jtZw8 Intel have released the first FPGA with integrated HBM2, or do they? xilinx .....
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    [FPGA Series] Ep.1 Basic Overview - Crypto Mining's Next "Big Thing"?
  • ⛏Charity Mining this week—See below! ⛏Our Discord: Discord.TheTechnicals.io ⛏Our Pool: TheTechnicalsPool.com ⛏Vlog: https://bit.ly/2sm0CF6 (Adult Language) ⛏Sign up for Binance w/ my link, I’d .....
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    ✅ Que es un FPGA ? Es el final de Arduino?
  • Que son los FPGA ( Field Programmable Gate Array ), para que sirven los FPGA, como se programan, son mejor que Arduino? Canal de Obijuan: https://www.youtube.com/user/obijuancube Patrocinar mi Ca.....
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    Using Simulink to Deploy a MATLAB Algorithm on an FPGA or ASIC
  • Get a Free Trial: https://goo.gl/C2Y9A5 Learn more about MATLAB: http://goo.gl/YKadxi Learn more about Simulink: http://goo.gl/XQGMsx MATLAB® is a powerful language for manipulating large data s.....
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    Open-Source Tools for FPGA Development
  • Open-Source Tools for FPGA Development - Marek Vašut, DENX Software Engineering Programmable hardware is becoming increasingly popular in the recent years, yet the software tools for working wit.....
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    VGA + SDRAM + FPGA = SPI Accessible Graphics card
  • Using nearly every available pin on my Altera Cyclone IV development board, I've developed an SPI addressable VGA controller (connected to my STM32F0 discovery board). Full information can be fou.....
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    A Look Inside: SoC FPGAs Introduction (Part 1 of 5)
  • Join embedded processor expert Jim Turley from Silicon Insider as he examines the key design considerations for working with SoC FPGAs. Watch this five-part video series to learn about SoC FPGAs,.....
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    Introduction to Parallel Computing with OpenCL™ on FPGAs
  • OpenCL™ is a standard for writing parallel programs for heterogeneous systems. In the FPGA environment, OpenCL constructs are synthesized into custom logic. This course introduces to the students.....
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    FPGA Miner Update: HURRY UP & WAIT!!! (BCU1525 NEWS) SQRL, FPGA.Land, Mineority
  • Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/sethestradaofficial You. Sub. Now. Please. http://bit.ly/get_SethEstradaYT | http://bit.tube/mineyourbiz | http://bit.ly/MYB-discord | http://bit.ly/Tip.....
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    Equihash A9 ZMaster and Cryptonight/Lyra2z FPGA Announced
  • I talk about two other mining products that have been announced over the last few days. One can do 50,000 equihash sols. The other can do 14Kh/s for Cryptonight and 20.5Mh/s for Lyra2z. Refere.....
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    1900 mh/s на Ethereum с одной "видеокарты" FPGA VCU1525
  • Форум про майнинг http://miningclub.info Блог http://miningcamp.info/posts FWQLMJR - промокод на скидку https://www.computeruniverse.ru Видеокарты покупаю тут. РЕФ https://goo.gl/aFPNF7 ОнлайнТр.....
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    FPGA VCU1525 Не все так хорошо! и Блокчеин конференция в Грузии
  • Билеты можно приобрести тут: https://goo.gl/2A5hzU Промокод - 20% : partner О конференции можно узнать тут: https://goo.gl/okGeQY Деньги вывожу через: https://cex.io/r/0/up109659036/0/ Комплект.....
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    LEAKED 1.9Gh/s Ethereum Mining FPGA Cards Footage.
  • Today i show you what i know so far about FPGA's and their possible mining capabilities. As shown in the video, their hashrates on Ethereum for example could be enormous! ASIC's are nothing compa.....
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    ETHlargement Creator SPILLS The Beans on FPGA Mining! OhGodAGirl Interview Part 01
  • You. Sub. Now. Please. http://bit.ly/get_SethEstradaYT XILINX FPGAs available (tell them I sent you!): http://bit.ly/moddedFPGAs Take The Survey: http://bit.ly/AcornGPUaccelerator Staking + Mini.....
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    How to Begin a Simple FPGA Design
  • This training is for engineers who have never designed an FPGA before. You will learn about the basic benefits of designing with FPGAs and how to create a simple FPGA design using the Intel® Quar.....
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    Basic Logic Gates - Road to FPGAs #101
  • Only $2 PCB Fabrication & First Order Free Shipping: https://jlcpcb.com Before we go AND program outr FPGA OR work with Verilog, we first have to understand how logic gates work. In this video .....
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    Low Cost FPGA Kits Available Now
  • Learn more and buy now: http://bit.ly/17r9YL7 3 hidden features of the Cyclone V GX Starter Kit: http://youtu.be/J2k0Jbfyx4U The Cyclone V GX Starter kit fro...
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    Spartan-6 SP601 FPGA - Basic I/O Interfacing
  • This is a brief tutorial on how to setup a new project file on the Xilinx ISE 14.7 Design Suite, creating a Verilog file, constraints file, and achieve a basic input/output interface with the Xil.....
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    Basics of Programmable Logic: FPGA Architecture
  • This training will give you a basic introduction to the architecture of a modern FPGA. We will discuss the common components that make up the FPGA as well as the advantages of using an FPGA for d.....
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    ASIC Miners DESTROY GPU Mining? NEW Monero XMR FPGA ASIC & Electroneum ETN Miner
  • Will ASIC/FPGA Miners destroy Cryptocurrency / GPU Mining? 2018 has been a wild year for crypto mining and GPU miners are now faced with a new enemy the Baikalminer Giant N Cryptonight "ASIC" min.....
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    Program Your Own FPGA Video Game
  • Learn how to make a retro-style table tennis game with an FPGA. Take a look at the DE0-Nano development board, along with Altera's Quartus II design software. We also learn about the Verilog lang.....
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    FPGA Enhancers The FUTURE Of GPU Mining? | 200% MORE Profitable?!
  • ★☆★BUILD YOUR OWN MINING RIG★☆★ ► Graphic Cards: XFX Radeon RX 580 8GB►https://amzn.to/2JrsjDc ASUS Radeon RX 580 4GB►https://amzn.to/2JhHGlj ASUS Radeon RX Vega 64 8GB►https://amzn.to/2Lxy4Ql EV.....
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    VHDL vs. Verilog - Which Language Is Better for FPGA
  • Finally an answer to the age-old question! VHDL vs. Verilog for FPGA. Who will be the champion in the most heated battle between the Hardware Description Languages. Find out now. Support this.....
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    Introduction to the VeriSNES (FPGA-based SNES) (w/ first ever graphics output!)
  • 1) Link to FPGA-based Affine Transformation and Perspective Projection (SNES Mode 7) Demo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6UhJ3qV2aI 2) Link to Timelapse of MDMA Verilog Implementation for FPGA-.....
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    What is the MIST FPGA computer?
  • The Mist FPGA computer, lets you replicate, in hardware, classic home computers and consoles. In this video I will demonstrate how the Mist works and explain what hardware programming means and w.....
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    [FPGA Series] Ep4 - How To Mine 0xBitcoin (ERC20) with FPGA
  • All credit to Zetheron. His YT: https://bit.ly/2Aw2rpM Thanks for making this guide! ⛏Mining Pool: www.SubscriberPool.com Use -p c=TECH as your password so I get credit for sending you! ⛏Charity .....
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    Will FPGAs Work As Expected?
  • OneSpin Solutions’ Muhammed Haque Khan, product specialist for synthesis verification, talks with Semiconductor Engineering about equivalence checking in FPGA designs and what can go wrong with F.....
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    #1 -- Introduction to FPGA and Verilog
  • http://people.ece.cornell.edu/land/courses/ece5760/
  • #101337 youtube

    Unboxing the Xilinx VCU1525 FPGA
  • Unboxing the Xilinx VCU1525 FPGA. This massive FPGA is going to be used for cryptocurrency mining. I will be posting more on this card and getting it mining. Sorry, there is no audio. oh, don't .....
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    FPGAs and VHDL- Part 1: What is an FPGA? + Programming the board - Ec-Projects
  • In this video we take a look at what FPGAs are and start writing some code. We also upload the code to the FPGA to see very expensive 4 bit counter in action! Link to EEVblog's What is an FPGA: .....
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    [FPGA Series] Ep.3 Received My FPGA - Requesting Support
  • Received my Xilinx VCU1525 - I'm hopeful a community member or members can partner with me to create useful content with it! Bounties available, let's talk! Hit me up via email or Discord! ⛏Mini.....
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    FPGA based CPU designs from the 90s, PART I
  • This series of videos show some of my own CPU designs based on FPGAs from the 1990s. If you like old PCs and wire wrapping, this video is for you.
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    Xilinx Virtex XCV600e 676 ball BGA FPGA development board
  • This video accompanies my blog article (http://andybrown.me.uk) that documents my experience with the Xilinx XCV600e FPGA. I'll investigate the difficult BGA package, design a development board .....
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    Rubik cube solver on FPGA
  • http://people.ece.cornell.edu/land/courses/ece5760/FinalProjects/s2015/akw62_rq35_sp2283/akw62_rq35_sp2283/index.html
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    Complete PCB Hand Assembly (FPGA in BGA Package + reflow)
  • This is a complete assembly run. I've sped up a number of sections 8x, but interesting times: Stencil Alignment- 2:10 Pasting- 5:20 Vacuum Tool- 9:50 TQFP Placement- 15:15 TQFP View- 16:04 BGA Pl.....
  • #90248 youtube

    FPGA: The Future of CPUs
  • FPGAs are Field Programmable Gate Arrays and consist of gates that can be reconfigured to give any output! Will they bring in the age of reconfigurable hardware? And are they the future of CPU's?.....
  • #101530 youtube

    Machine Learning on FPGAs: Neural Networks
  • Machine learning is one of the fastest growing application model that crosses every vertical market from the data center, to embedded vision applications in the IoT space, to medical and industri.....
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    CPU vs FPGA vs ASIC
  • Differences between CPU and FPGA, also ASIC.
  • #83609 youtube

    FPGA Implementation Tutorial - EEVblog #193
  • Dave recently implemented an Actel Ignoo Nano and Xilinx Spartan 3 FPGA into a design, so decided to share some rather random notes on how to implement the F...
  • #21348 youtube 01:00:44

    FPGA ATARI vs Real ATARI head to head
  • In this video you can see a Atari 600XL upgraded with the Ultimate 1MB next to the EclaireXL FPGA Atari playing the same demo
  • #114828 youtube

    BitCoin Mining FPGA Card
  • I picked up a few PCI FPGA Cards on eBay for 99p which, apparently, can mine BitCoins at a speed of 21 Ghash/s (once they're correctly configured!)
  • #21474 youtube 00:04:06

    What is an FPGA?
  • Thanks for checkout out or first video tutorial! This video explains the basics of what FPGAs are and some examples of how they are used. Digital Logic Tutor...
  • #34347 youtube 00:05:27

    EEVblog #635 - FPGA's Vs Microcontrollers
  • How easy are FPGA's to hook up and use use compared to traditional microcontrollers? A brief explanation of why FPGA are a lot more complicated to setup and get working than microcontrollers....
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    FPGA Mining Is Back! Crushes GPU Mining with $20-57 a Day per Card
  • I want to give a shoutout to NotSoFast for tweeting about the FPGA's and also want to mention that my preorder is not like the preorder days of 2014 (i.e. Titans, ButterflyLabs, etc.). These FPG.....
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    The Outlook on Cryptocurrency Mining - GPU vs ASIC vs FPGA
  • VoskCoin livestream on the Outlook on Cryptocurrency Mining - GPU vs ASIC vs FPGA with Q&A. Text version of todays video - http://bit.ly/2LaZA5R -- The landscape of cryptocurrency mining changes .....
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    What is an FPGA?
  • This video describes the architecture of the FPGA. Also consists the internal block diagram of an FPGA with describing each blocks such as CLB, IOB, PSM. Please Subscribe to my YouTube Channel. .....
  • #121408 youtube

    First Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGA Demonstration
  • Watch demonstration of the second device in the Xilinx 28nm FPGA family -- the high performance Virtex-7 XV485T.
  • #34101 youtube 00:03:52

    Please electronic hobbyists... start using FPGA's!
  • This video will explain why FPGA's are great to build your projects on! Link to the EBook http://forum.gadgetfactory.net/index.php?/page/articles.html/_/papi...
  • #59147 youtube 00:02:57

    Building a CPU on an FPGA, part 1
  • Building a CPU on an FPGA that can play Zork. The Z-Machine specification: http://inform-fiction.org/zmachine/standards/z1point1/index.html
  • #95866 youtube

    FPGA Basics
  • Vineet describes what FPGAs are and how they are useful.
  • #21345 youtube 00:04:12

    FPGAs; Lesson 1: Concept Guide and Step by Step Tutorial to Flash LEDs
  • This video goes over the FPGA concepts, intended for viewers that only have an "Arduino and up" understanding. This is a video created by hobbyist of FPGAs, and is intended for other hobbyists th.....
  • #70680 youtube

    Ben Heck's FPGA Dev Board Tutorial
  • In this episode of the Ben Heck Show we will learn more about FPGA's or Field Programmable Gate Arrays with Verilog. When is it appropriate to use an FPGA? What types of FPGA's are out there? Ho.....
  • #76436 youtube

    What is an FPGA? Intro for Beginners
  • Learn the basics of what is an FPGA. This video discusses the history of FPGAs and how they have advanced over time. It discusses some applications that are ...
  • #64457 youtube 00:13:23

    EEVblog #496 - What Is An FPGA?
  • What is an FPGA, and how does it compare to a microcontroller? A basic introduction to what Field Programmable Gate Arrays are and how they work, and the adv...
  • #21343 youtube 00:37:44

    FPGAs vs. GPGPUs
  • Watch this short video to learn how FPGAs provide power efficient acceleration with far less restrictions and far more flexibility than GPGPUs. We will compare and contrast the approach to solvi.....
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    1900 мегахешей с Xilinx FPGA VCU 1525?! Собираем самый дорогой майнинг РИГ
  • Сегодня говорим о видеокарте FPGA VCU 1525 , собираем на её базе РИГ и сравниваем его обычным ригом по доходности и окупаемости. полезные ссылки: http://plis.ru/docum/sredstva_otladki__otladoch.....
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    Ускоритель для видеокарты ... FPGA M2 Acorn CLE 215+
  • Форум про майнинг http://miningclub.info Блог http://miningcamp.info/posts FWQLMJR - промокод на скидку https://www.computeruniverse.ru Видеокарты покупаю тут. РЕФ https://goo.gl/aFPNF7 ОнлайнТр.....
  • #134098 youtube

    Why mine with an FPGA 2018
  • For more details see our companion article: https://www.freelearner.how/2018/01/23/fpga-will-rule-cryptomining-2018/
  • #123902 youtube

    EEVblog #636 - FPGA Demo Boards - DE0 Nano
  • Dave checks out several FPGA demo boards, and tries out the DE0 Nano and Altera Quartus II software. http://www.terasic.com.tw/cgi-bin/page/archive.pl?Language=English&No=593 Digilent Basys2:...
  • #38870 youtube 00:24:35

    8 x Xilinx VCU1525 FPGA Crypto-Mining Rig Demo
  • This short video by Whitefire990 demonstrates an FPGA mining rig consisting of 8 Xilinx VCU1525 FPGA cards. The cards are running freely available software and bitstreams downloaded from the Zet.....
  • #133940 youtube

  • ERRATA: As GPUs GTX1080TI tem 11GB de memória e não 11MB como eu disse no vídeo. LINKS PARA OBTER MAIS INFORMAÇÕES SOBRE AS FPGAs: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3459858.0;all http://ze.....
  • #133939 youtube

    FPGA Audio Synthesizer final project
  • This is our final project for ECE 385 Digital Systems Laboratory at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (SP 2017) Code can be found here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-D1wauUru4de.....
  • #121125 youtube

    ETH/XMR/ZEC FPGA (ASIC) Miner + Alternative GPU Mining & Giveaway!
  • A lot of rumors go that Bitmain once again released an ASIC Miner for Ethereum Mining. Recently one of my Moderators on the Discord chat named Unchained, went to a conference where a swiss compan.....
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    Control XBox 360, 3D Printers and MORE with FPGA's and CPLD's
  • WHAT are FPGA and CPLD devices, anyway?? Ben demonstrates how to get started with these devices that let you program logic. 00:57 What ARE They?? Ben describ...
  • #21344 youtube 00:18:33

    [FPGA Series] Ep.2 Interview with Xilinx's Oliver Tremois
  • ⛏Charity Mining this week—See below! ⛏Our Discord: Discord.TheTechnicals.io ⛏Our Pool: TheTechnicalsPool.com ⛏Vlog: https://bit.ly/2sm0CF6 (Adult Language) ⛏Sign up for Binance w/ my link, I’d .....
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    FPGAs desde cero (1).: Introducción
  • Hola a tod@s. Aquí os dejo la primera entrega de esta nueva serie de videos que pretendo hacer y que van a tratar de como programar desde cero cualquier FPGA que actualmente hay en el mercado emp.....
  • #120853 youtube

    [013-2] Open Source FPGA Synthesis with the icoBoard - part 2
  • Review and experiments with the IcoBoard which features the Lattice iCE40 FPGA, and firmware synthesis with the Open Source "IceStorm" tool-chain. Show Notes: https://opentechlab.org.uk/videos:01.....
  • #120852 youtube

    Guest Video: OpenTechLab - IcoBoard FPGA Experiments
  • In this guest video, Joel from OpenTechLab reviews and experiments with the IcoBoard, which features the Lattice iCE40 FPGA, and firmware synthesis with the Open Source "IceStorm" tool-chain. ico.....
  • #120851 youtube

    What Is an FPGA? // FPGA Week Day 1
  • Day 1 of FPGA Week! We do a quick intro to field-programmable gate arrays, and look at a couple including the Snickerdoodle (http://krtkl.com/) and the Basys 3 board from Digilent (with a Xilinx .....
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