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Who's Using Ubuntu
  • A look at who's using Ubuntu and their hardware. For more: https://blog.ubuntu.com/2018/06/22/a-first-look-at-desktop-metrics Please be sure to give EzeeLinux a 'Like' on Facebook! Thanks! htt.....
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    Ubuntu Budgie 18.04 Review - Linux Distro Review
  • So it's finally time to check out the Budgie respin of the the LTS release of Ubuntu. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on Ubuntu Budgie 18.04 vs Budgie on Solus as I really love the direction of.....
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    10 Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu Linux
  • How To Install Google Chrome in Ubuntu --- http://youtu.be/x01yVzlm8xI How to install Package build-essential on Ubuntu Linux --- http://youtu.be/h-AAT72G_ps Installing Eclipse IDE with C/C++ plu.....
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    Taking a look at Ubuntu MATE 18.04 beta 1 - Linux distro review
  • Release notes: https://ubuntu-mate.org/blog/ubuntu-mate-bionic-beta1 Mastodon: https://linuxrocks.online/@ChrisWere Neocities: https://ChrisWere.neocities.org Patreon: https://patreon.com/ChrisWe.....
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    Ubuntu Studio: Creative Linux Distro
  • Ubuntu Studio combines the Ubuntu Linux operating system with a wide range of free creative applications. In this video I install the software and demonstrate the Audacity audio editor, Yoshimi s.....
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    Review - Ubuntu 15.04
  • In this video I review Ubuntu 15.04, released on April 23rd, 2015. Also includes a brief overview of systemd, the new init system.
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    How to Setup a Dedicated Home File Server Using Ubuntu Linux
  • In this video I'm going to show you how to setup a dedicated home file server using Ubuntu Linux and Samba. This server will allow the whole family to store and share files and access them from W.....
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    3 Ubuntu Tips You Didn't Know About // Linux Tips & Tricks
  • Linux is great, but there are always neat little things that you still haven't learned yet. Here are 3 that I've recently discovered. Check out our sponsor: http://eposvox.com/s76 Show hidden f.....
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    Linux Terminal Tutorial - Basic Terminal Commands (Ubuntu , Linux Mint , Debian ..)
  • Searches related to basic linux commands basic linux commands for beginners basic linux commands pdf basic linux interview questions basic linux commands che...
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    Richard Stallman Talks About Ubuntu
  • Richard Stallman Talks About Ubuntu & its privacy invasing (according to EFF and FSF) Features. In order to access the video (watch or download) usining free software. Please read the article on.....
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    Ubuntu 18.10 is missing one important feature
  • Ubuntu 18.10 codename Cosmic Cuttlefish is here and it brings a lot of good changes with it, even if they're mostly subtle ones. I really hope they get Android syncing set up by 19.04! ★ DOWNLOA.....
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    Ubuntu 18.10: What's New?
  • See what's new in Ubuntu 18.10 'Cosmic Cuttlefish', the latest stable release of Ubuntu. With a new look and improved performance, we consider if it's worth upgrading to Ubuntu 18.10 from the 18.....
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    LINUX - Customize Ubuntu (Beautify the Desktop Environment) 2017
  • ..........:::::::::: Welcome to TheByteBit ::::::::::.......... Please Like and Subscribe! TITLE: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.....
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    Ubuntu 17.10 Linux OS Review: Gnome Shell Awesome!
  • Join me in my Ubuntu 17.10 Review. Unity is gone, and Gnome shell is the default desktop! But how does it function? What about the Linux software and how does it stack up against competing Lin.....
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    Ubuntu 18.10 Cosmic Cuttlefish : See What's New
  • Ubuntu 18.10 Cosmic Cuttlefish the new release of Ubuntu linux Distribution, this release ships with latest GNOME 3.30 as default desktop enviroment and Powered by a Linux kernel 4.18 series. A.....
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    Dicas para usar o Ubuntu Linux
  • Neste vídeo eu vou dar algumas dicas muito úteis pra você aproveitar melhor o sistema Ubuntu Linux. Vamos começar com a área de trabalho para você dividir a tela e visualizar várias funcionalida.....
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    How to Easily Install Ubuntu Linux on Any PC
  • http://www.pcworld.com/videos.html?tk=Ytub: In this walkthrough, Senior Editor Robert Strohmeyer walks you through the steps needed to install Ubuntu--a popular Linux distribution and Windows com.....
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    Ubuntu 14.04 Review - Linux Distro Reviews
  • How many are still running 12.04? How many of you will upgrade?== I review the new LTS release of Ubuntu, Ubuntu 14.04 the Trusty Tahr. This release is eve...
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    Setup Linux Ubuntu For Web Development
  • In this video I will show you how I setup my Linux Ubuntu machine for web development. It includes installation for... Chrome Terminator Atom.io Node.js LAMP Stack Curl Filezilla Gimp *One impo.....
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    Ubuntu 17.10: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  • In this review of Ubuntu 17.10, I will show you what, in my opinion, is good, bad and ugly about Ubuntu Artful Aardvark. I have installed it on my hardware last Thursday when it was released. I .....
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    How To Install Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • In this tutorial video, I show step-by-step how to install Ubuntu using a USB drive or How To Install Ubuntu 16.04 - using USB drive using same processes you can install any version of Ubuntu. l.....
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    Ubuntu: The End of an Era?
  • Today we will look at Ubuntu 19.04 daily build and ask this question: Is the era of Ubuntu over? This will be an interesting discussion talking about the pros and cons of the next releases rollo.....
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    Huawei MateBook X Pro with Ubuntu 18.04 Linux
  • https://liliputing.com/2018/06/first-look-huawei-matebook-x-pro-with-ubuntu-18-04-linux.html
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    Linux Mint 19 versus Ubuntu 18.04
  • Side-by-Side Comparison. Each are the respective latest versions of their kind.
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    Ubuntu 18.04 Vs Linux Mint 19 | Which is the Best Linux Distro?
  • In this video, I will be comparing Ubuntu 18.04 and Linux Mint 19 side by Side and in depth, and as you know, I'll keep it short and on point. Ubuntu and Linux Mint are the top 2 Linux distributi.....
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    How to Game on Linux
  • Is Linux a viable alternative to using Windows for gaming? Freshbooks message: Head over to http://freshbooks.com/techquickie and don’t forget to enter Tech Quickie in the “How Did You Hear Abou.....
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    Linux Gaming FINALLY Doesn't SUCK!
  • Check out the Thermaltake Level 20 series cases on Amazon at http://geni.us/RKaBH4V Use offer code LINUS to save 40% on Madrinas Coffee at https://www.madrinascoffee.com/linus Buy desktop compo.....
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    Ubuntu vs Arch Linux
  • Comparing Ubuntu to Arch Linux. Focus is entirely on the underlying system, as Arch don’t offer a specific interface to compare with Ubuntu’s Unity desktop. 2:59 Ease of Installation 4:00 Help 4.....
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    Linux Mint vs Ubuntu
  • Comparing Linux Mint Cinnamon with Ubuntu Unity. 0:38 Varients 2:12 Release Cycle 3:08 Resource Usage 3:34 Hardware Compatibility 3:46 Stability 4:31 Privacy 5:09 Customisation 6:18 Parental Con.....
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    How to use Ubuntu - Ubuntu Tutorial for Beginners
  • Searches related to Ubuntu Tutorial for Beginners ubuntu tutorial for beginners pdf ubuntu tutorial for beginners pdf free download ubuntu mysql tutorial beginners ubuntu terminal tutorial for be.....
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    Ubuntu causes girl to drop out of college -- h3h3 reaction video
  • Two brain dead idiots can't figure out how to install the internet. Watch the Reaction Video Playlist --�м https://goo.gl/w0VCKy �мFacebook ---------------- �мhttp://goo.gl/WlOVVo �мTwitter ---.....
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    Top 5 Things to Do After Installing Ubuntu
  • So you've finished your Ubuntu install. Now what? You probably want to feel more at home with your new operating system, so here are a few tips on what you c...
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    Como instalar o Linux (Ubuntu 17.04)
  • Neste vídeo mostro como efetuar o download e a instalação do Ubuntu Linux versão 17.04 em PCs e máquinas virtuais de forma rápida e prática. O objetivo deste vídeo é instalar unicamente o Ubuntu.....
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    Устанавливаем UBUNTU! Плюсы и минусы Linux
  • Как установить Linux на компьютер? В этом видео я покажу как установить последнюю версию Ubuntu на компьютер, а так же как добавить репозитории, установить кодеки, шрифты, архиваторы и драйвера н.....
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    Ubuntu 18.04: What's New?
  • We review Ubuntu 18.04, the latest Ubuntu release. It features a huge set of changes, including the GNOME Shell desktop by default. In this video we cover the most notable changes you'll find i.....
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    Ubuntu 18.04 LTS - See What's New
  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Bionic Beaver is the latest release of Ubuntu Linux Distribution, This release come with the latest GNOME desktop 3.28 as default desktop environment, powered by the latest linux.....
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    Why Linus Torvalds doesn't use Ubuntu or Debian
  • Linus gives the practical reasons why he doesn't use Ubuntu or Debian.
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    The Complete Linux Course: Beginner to Power User!
  • Get The Complete Linux Administration Course Bundle! https://josephdelgadillo.com/product/linux-course-bundle/ Donations are always appreciated :) 1As4nVhmNVUkRTXY7wHatkAH6cP34z3nFG Enroll in e.....
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    Is Linux Better Than Windows? 🤔
  • COULD IT BE TRUE? More Tech Discussions ➤ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFr3c472Vstwe0Yk43UDnpqib5ReTwaJ- Subscribe Here ➤ https://www.youtube.com/user/ThioJoe?sub_confirmation=1 We al.....
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    Ubuntu 16.04 LTS - See What's New
  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Xenial Xerus officially released by canonical. This release brings many changes and improvements. Powered by long-term supported Linux kernel 4.4, Unity as default desktop update.....
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    Introduction to Linux and Basic Linux Commands for Beginners
  • In this tutorial we will give you a quick introduction to linux and linux commands for aspiring linux students. Contents of this Course: 1 - Introduction to ...
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  • In this video, I will be comparing Ubuntu 16.04 "Xenial Xerus" and Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon "Sarah", the two currently most popular and downloaded Linux distributions in the world. UBUNTU 14.04 VS.....
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    What is Linux?
  • Linux can be found on everything from servers to smartphones to desktop PCs - but what makes it different from Windows, and should you give it a try? Dollar Shave Club link: http://dollarshavecl.....
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    The End of Ubuntu As We Know It
  • Mark Shuttleworth dropped a bomb on the Linux World! Big changes coming to Ubuntu. Please be sure to give EzeeLinux a 'Like' on Facebook! Thanks! https://www.facebook.com/EzeeLinux Check out htt.....
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    Linux Ubuntu Tutorials for Beginners Created Feburary 2016: Start Using Ubuntu Linux Today!
  • Use this free 2 hour Ubuntu Linux screen capture tutorial showing how to install Linux Ubuntu on any Windows or Apple computer using VirtualBox. Learn the Linux command line basics and get answe.....
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    See What's New in Ubuntu 18.04 Beta Preview. Is it Worth the Hype?
  • Ubuntu 18.04 Beta has been released ahead of the final release on 26th April. I took it for a test ride and created a video of the main new features in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. To summarize, Ubuntu 18......
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    30 Things to do After Installing Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (all-in-one video)
  • This is a list of 30 things to do after installing Ubuntu Bionic Beaver to make your Ubuntu Linux experience great. 1:15 Configure the update manager. 5:03 Install Drivers 5:45 Install Synaptic .....
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    How to Use Ubuntu (Beginners Guide)
  • This tutorial will show you how to get started using the Ubuntu Linux operating system. If you’ve never used a Linux based operating system, Ubuntu is a great entry level Linux distribution that’.....
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    A look at Ubuntu Budgie 18.04 - Linux distro review
  • Mastodon: https://linuxrocks.online/@ChrisWere Twitter: https://twitter.com/itsChrisWere Patreon: https://patreon.com/ChrisWere Twitch: https://twitch.tv/ChrisWere Liberapay: https://liberapay.c.....
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    Ubuntu 18.10 vs Fedora 29 - a different focus.
  • Specifically, snap vs flatpak, PPAs vs RPMFusion, and Ubuntu's target desktop audience vs Fedora's target desktop audience. Buckle up. Curated picks of best Linux-ready laptops: https://kit.com/.....
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    Gnome vs Pantheon (elementary OS 5.0 vs Ubuntu 18.04)
  • A battle between Gnome & Pantheon! Also, it's basically elementary OS 5.0 vs Ubuntu 18.04. As I said a few times in the video, some people will be unhappy with this comparison. Sure, I could hav.....
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    Ubuntu Linux Install
  • This video demonstrates the installation and features of Ubuntu Linux 12.10. In doing so it also completes the budget PC build I started in my last video. Ub...
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    UBUNTU 18.04 LTS - TOP 8 Things to do After Installing Ubuntu Bionic Beaver - First Steps w/ Ubuntu
  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver) is HERE! Here's my top 8 things to do after installing Ubuntu. These are the best steps to get you up and running with the 18.04 release (release date April 26 20.....
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    Ubuntu 17.10: What's New?
  • We review Ubuntu 17.10, the latest release of Ubuntu. It brings a huge set of changes, including the latest GNOME Shell desktop by default. We cover this, and the many other changes you'll find.....
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    How to restore any old computer with Linux (Ubuntu, Linuxmint)
  • STOP!!! You dont' have to buy a new computer!!! If your computer used to work but is starting to become a slug. Try Linux. I find it works better on all my older computers (10 years old). Think.....
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    Linux Gaming (Ubuntu) vs Windows 10 on VMware Benchmarks
  • How does gaming on Windows 10 in VMware Workstation measure up to gaming on Linux native? Before anything else - this is NOT PCI/GPU passthrough. VMware Workstation is a type 2 hypervisor and th.....
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