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[PuppetConf 2014][Software Defined Infrastructure] Fully Automate Application Delivery ...
  • [PuppetConf 2014][Software Defined Infrastructure] Fully Automate Application Delivery with Puppet and F5 - Colin Walker, F5 (Vimeo repost) Presenter: Colin Walker Company: F5 https://puppetl.....
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    Systems hardening and automation using puppet
  • Holt Sorenson We’ll have a hands-on workshop for systems hardening and using automation to manage multiple systems in an enterprise.
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    [PuppetConf 2014][IT Automation] Auditing+Security with Puppet - Robert Maury, Puppet L...
  • [PuppetConf 2014][IT Automation] Auditing+Security with Puppet - Robert Maury, Puppet Labs (Vimeo repost) Recent high-profile data breaches have put security at the top of almost every architect.....
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    Automate Azure resources with Ansible | Azure Friday
  • Kylie Liang joins Lara Rubbelke to demo how to use Ansible, an open-source, simple IT automation engine for automating cloud provisioning, configuration management and application deployments on .....
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    [PuppetConf 2014][IT Automation] Puppet for Everybody! - Federated and Hierarchical Pup...
  • [PuppetConf 2014][IT Automation] Puppet for Everybody! - Federated and Hierarchical Puppet Enterprise - Chris Bowles, University of Texas at Austin (Vimeo repost) A brief overview of how Puppet .....
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    Modern Software Management on Windows with Chocolatey and Puppet- Rob Reynolds, Chocolatey
  • Traditional approaches to software management on Windows can be manual or inefficient. Chocolatey was designed as a common sense, flexible approach to managing software on Windows, both internal .....
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    Network Automation with Puppet and Arista - Puppet Camp Boston 2014
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    [PuppetConf 2014][IT Automation] Getting Started with Puppet - Michael Stahnke, Puppet ...
  • [PuppetConf 2014][IT Automation] Getting Started with Puppet - Michael Stahnke, Puppet Labs (Vimeo repost) When beginning a Puppet deployment, you'll need to...
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    Cisco and Arista Network Automation- Kris Amundson, Puppet
  • Join us to get your bare metal on! We tackle data center automation and configuration management on two big players in switching. We will talk about installing the agent on your hardware, basic s.....
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    [PuppetConf 2014][IT Automation] An In-Depth Introduction to the Puppet Enterprise Cons...
  • [PuppetConf 2014][IT Automation] An In-Depth Introduction to the Puppet Enterprise Console - Ruth Linehan, Puppet Labs (Vimeo repost) You've heard about the ...
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    Configuration Management Tools Comparison | Chef vs Puppet vs Ansible vs SaltStack | Edureka
  • This DevOps Tutorial takes you through what is Configuration Management all about and basic concepts of Infrastructure as code. It also compares the four most widely used Configuration Management.....
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    Virtual Puppet User Group: Introduction to Tasks
  • Tasks complements Puppet’s model-driven approach to automation by adding the ability to simply automate ad-hoc tasks across your infrastructure and applications. With Puppet Tasks, it’s easy to a.....
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    Demo of Puppet Enterprise
  • A walkthrough of some of the main features of Puppet Enterprise.
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    Automate With the Human Value
  • In the past few years, the Linux Engineering team of de Volksbank has been struggling to coop with the fast-changing Linux landscape. How to keep up with growing demand of servers, more diversity.....
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    Automating AWS with Puppet
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    Puppet + Windows + VM manager + DCIM = Works Great!
  • Daniel Pijanowski, Allegro Group Adam Młynarczyk, Allegro Group Are you thinking about automation and DevOps for your Windows environments or looking for alternative for System Center Configurat.....
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    Puppet Installation Tutorial | Puppet Installation - Tomcat Deployment | DevOps Tools | Edureka
  • This Edureka DevOps Tutorial ( Puppet Installation Tutorial Blog: https://goo.gl/z0Tk7v ) will help you to learn how to install Puppet Master and Puppet Agent on a CentOS operating system. Puppet.....
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    Puppetize Live Amsterdam - Puppet Networking: To Agentless and Beyond!
  • Puppet has brought the full power of model-driven, declarative intent to the network... without the need for on-box agents. In this session, you will learn about Puppet's ongoing efforts to bring.....
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    Puppet, the Automation Journey: Configuration Management, Automation and the Cloud
  • Monash University has a large number of servers with a wide range of complex requirements. We currently use Puppet extensively across our Linux fleet and are in the process of rolling it out to o.....
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    Notacon 8 - Being a Puppet Master: Automating Amazon EC2 with Puppet Friends
  • This video is part of the Infosec Video Collection at SecurityTube.net: http://www.securitytube.net Notacon 8 - Being a Puppet Master: Automating Amazon EC2 ...
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    Automating secure server baselines with Puppet - Andrew Hay - PuppetConf '12
  • "Automating secure server baselines with Puppet" at PuppetConf '12, by Andrew Hay, Chief Evangelist at CloudPassage, Inc. Learn more about Puppet: http://bit...
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    E2EVC NetScaler automation with Puppet Enterprise
  • Short demonstration on how you can automate your Citrix NetScaler with Puppet Enterprise
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    [PuppetConf 2014][IT Automation] The Puppet Debugging Kit: Building Blocks for Explorat...
  • [PuppetConf 2014][IT Automation] The Puppet Debugging Kit: Building Blocks for Exploration and Problem Solving - Charlie Sharpsteen, Puppet Labs (Vimeo repost) Virtual machines provide excellent.....
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    Introduction to Puppet, How Puppet Works - Puppet Tutorials for Beginners
  • This video explains you about Introduction to Puppet, What is Puppet, How Puppet Works - Puppet Tutorials for Beginners. Subscribe our channel "LearnITGuide Tutorials for more updates and stay co.....
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    The Journey to Pervasive Automation and DevOps with Puppet
  • The foundation of automation is DevOps. How would you rate your enterprise team's level of automation? How do you know if you are doing Devops correctly? Zachary Law from Puppet Enterprises addre.....
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    Video: Puppet Labs Datacenter Automation
  • In this video, Luke Kanies of Puppet Labs describes the company's open source datacenter automation and configuration management software. Puppet Labs' IT au...
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    Automating Community Code Contributions to Puppet with Ruby, GitHub, Heroku, Trello & Travis
  • Attend this talk and learn how Puppet Labs handles community contributions and the FOSS tools we've published to automate much of the process. Puppet Labs ha...
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    Chef vs Puppet vs Ansible vs Saltstack | Configuration Management Tools | DevOps Tools | Simplilearn
  • This "Chef vs Puppet vs Ansible vs Saltstack" comparison video will compare the DevOps configuration management tools Chef, Puppet, Ansible and Saltstack in terms of their capabilities, architect.....
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    Managing Windows with Puppet - PuppetConf 2013
  • Since Puppet grew up in the *nix world, there is a common misconception that it can't be used to effectively manage Windows. This talk hopes to dispel confus...
  • #55486 youtube 00:37:24

    How we can automate better Node.js environments and Puppet
  • After the GirlsOnPuppet project in Brazil, I decided to build a case in Node.js to show how efficient and simple it can be to configure and maintain environments in these environments, applying c.....
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    Network Automation with Puppet Enterprise
  • Use Puppet Enterprise to automate your network devices just like your servers. Puppet Enterprise automates Day 1 to Day 100 tasks for the entire data center; unifying teams, processes, tooling, a.....
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    A Year in Open Source Automated Compliance With Puppet – Trevor Vaughan at PuppetConf 2016
  • Trevor Vaughan of Onyx Point, Inc presents "A Year in Open Source Automated Compliance With Puppet" at PuppetConf 2016.
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    Jenkins Beginner Tutorial 11 - How to do Automated Deployment (Step by Step)
  • Today we will learn : How to do Automated Deployments with Jenkins ? Step 1 Start Jenkins Step 2 Install Plugin (Deploy Plugin) https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Deploy+Plugin You c.....
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    Automating Bro’s Installation Using Puppet by Michael Pananen
  • This talk isn't going to explain why Bro is awesome, or why you should use it. This talk is going to be about automation. Bro's problem isn't finding bad guys. Its problem is that it...
  • #65408 youtube 00:35:00

    Introducing Puppet Bolt
  • Simply automate ad hoc tasks and eliminate manual work across your infrastructure and apps.
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    What is Puppet? | How Puppet Works? | Puppet Tutorial For Beginners | DevOps Tools | Simplilearn
  • This Puppet tutorial will help you understand what is Puppet, why we need Puppet, components of Puppet, working with Puppet, companies adopting Puppet along with Puppet manifest. Puppet is basica.....
  • #137384 youtube

    Hello Puppet: An Introduction to Puppet and the Learning VM
  • Learn how to automate with Puppet, how to install an agent on a new system, and how to use the Puppet resource tool to explore the state of that system. This video provides lessons and demos of t.....
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    Ansible Automation | Operating System Patching for Multiple Linux Servers using Ansible
  • Operating System patching is one of the critical tasks for the systems engineers. When to patch multiple servers to fix bugs or for regular updates , doing the manual way (In absence of Satelli.....
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    Brief Introduction to Puppet Deployment
  • Introduction to Puppet system management and installation of an agent on AWS. Final project for CSCI E90 Cloud Computing Harvard University Extension School
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    OS Installation Automation with cobbler and puppet
  • I have used cobbler to automate basic OS installation. I have installed CentOS and Fedora in this setup. However it is possible to automate the installation for other operating systems as well....
  • #61754 youtube 00:17:04

    How ServiceChannel Automated Their AWS Environment with Puppet
  • Learn more at http://amzn.to/2gWEo9B. ServiceChannel, a facilities management software company, provides a cloud-based automation and reporting platform that helps more than 450 brands manage the.....
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    Automate and Discover with Puppet and MCollective!
  • Penn State MacAdmins Conference 2012 Speaker: Ryan Coleman Wouldn't it be great to fight a particular fire only once, solve a tough problem one time and let ...
  • #24090 youtube 01:10:23

    Puppet Tutorial | Puppet Tutorial For Beginners | Puppet Configuration Management Tool | Simplilearn
  • This Puppet tutorial will help you understand why Puppet is needed, what is Puppet, Puppet architecture, working of Puppet and a demo on installing Apache. Puppet is basically a configuration man.....
  • #138952 youtube

    Drupal development, deployment, and automation with Puppet
  • David Porter talks about "Drupal development, deployment, and automation with Puppet" at Puppet Camp Austin Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/PuppetLabs/drup...
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    Karakuri puppet - からくり人形 - 4K Ultra HD
  • Karakuri puppets, or in Japanese Karakuri Ningyō (からくり人形) are traditional Japanese mechanized automate wonders made originally from the 17th and up to 19th century. Where the word Karakuri stands.....
  • #127013 youtube

    PuppetDB: New Adventures in Higher-Order Automation - PuppetConf 2013
  • PuppetDB gives users fast, robust, centralized storage for Puppet-produced data. The 1.0 version landed at Puppetconf 2012, and now we're one year older and ...
  • #50200 youtube 00:55:53

    Chef Tutorial For Beginners - Part 1 | DevOps Chef Tutorial | DevOps Tools | Edureka
  • This DevOps tutorial explains the basics of Chef, Chef framework, how Chef works and hands on with Chef. This DevOps and Chef introduction video is specially designed for beginners to learn. To a.....
  • #88374 youtube

    Automating Docker Containers with Puppet Enterprise
  • #69597 youtube

    AWS re:Invent 2017: Automate and Scale Configuration Management with AWS OpsWorks (DEV331)
  • Using the DevOps model to treat your infrastructure environments as code enables you to automate and scale your development and production environments. Companies such as Puppet and Chef have bui.....
  • #125985 youtube

    WebLogic 12cR2 Configuration Management with Chef and Puppet
  • Now you - as a WebLogic expert - need to keep up with software stack versioning and configuration management whether it is on premise, public or hybrid cloud! Edwin Biemond from Oracle shares w.....
  • #79336 youtube

    OSDC 2018: Puppet and the Road to Pervasive Automation by Walter Gildersleeve
  • How automated is your enterprise? The benefits of increased automation are many, it promising faster release cycles, stable IT environments and reduced failures caused by human error. And while m.....
  • #138243 youtube

    Boxen: Automate All the Things - PuppetConf 2013
  • If software is eating the world, automation is keeping it from falling to piece. Automation shouldn't stop with servers. Boxen helps your organization elimin...
  • #24289 youtube 00:21:59

    Server Configuration with Puppet
  • http://castix.wordpress.com/2009/02/28/server-configuration-with-puppet/
  • #25710 youtube 00:08:52

    Automate IT: Getting Started with Puppet Enterprise
  • Are you new to Puppet Enterprise or know somebody that is? In this webinar, you'll learn why thousands of companies and users rely on Puppet to automate their systems and get an in-depth product.....
  • #70809 youtube

    Vagrant and Puppet - How to automate provisioning and configuration on your guest machine
  • In this Vagrant tutorial you will learn a basic configuration of Puppet in a Vagrant virtual machine. We will see how to set up an automatic update for the guest machine, install, activate and re.....
  • #70892 youtube

    Puppet Tutorial For Beginners | DevOps Puppet Tutorial | DevOps Tutorial For Beginners | Simplilearn
  • This Puppet tutorial will help you understand: 1. What is Puppet? ( 0:26 ) 2. Why Puppet? ( 2:37 ) 3. Puppet pricing. ( 3:34 ) 4. Puppet architecture. ( 4:06 ) 5. Puppet community. ( 6:08 ) 6. Pu.....
  • #122613 youtube

    What is Puppet | Puppet Tutorial for Beginners | Puppet Configuration Management Tutorial | Edureka
  • This DevOps Puppet Tutorial on what is Puppet ( Puppet Tutorial Blog Series: https://goo.gl/ezpJag ) will help you understand what is Configuration management and why it was introduced. This tuto.....
  • #99418 youtube

    How Puppet works
  • What is Puppet and how does it work? We'll show you how you can use Puppet to automate your infrastructure — from the operating system layer all the way up to applications — and get more time bac.....
  • #99129 youtube

    Automate SSH configuration in 5 minutes with Puppet Enterprise
  • Kelsey Hightower shows how you can automate your SSH configuration in less than 5 minutes with Puppet Enterprise.
  • #24091 youtube 00:05:16

    How Puppet Works
  • Not a subscriber? Start your free week now: http://cbt.gg/1YG004P Puppet is a configuration management system that can be used for a wide variety of applications from automation to update instal.....
  • #91180 youtube

    IT Automation at Getty Images with Puppet Enterprise
  • Dan Spurling explains how Puppet helps drive the cultural change that's the foundation for DevOps practices and for running Getty Images' agile cloud infrastructure — both Linux and Windows, & co.....
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    Automated Deployment With SeedBank And Puppet - Jasper Poppe - PuppetConf 2011
  • Jasper Poppe - PuppetConf '11 - http://www.puppetlabs.com Slides Available: http://www.slideshare.net/PuppetLabs/puppetconf2011-small In this talk I will sho...
  • #24286 youtube 00:29:13

    Intro to Chef
  • Chef is an automation platform that transforms infrastructure into code. Stop thinking in terms of physical and virtual servers. With Chef, your real asset is the code that brings those servers a.....
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    [PuppetConf 2014][IT Automation] Getting Started with Puppet on Windows - Josh Cooper, ...
  • [PuppetConf 2014][IT Automation] Getting Started with Puppet on Windows - Josh Cooper, Puppet Labs (Vimeo repost) Unix sysadmins have had the benefit of usin...
  • #54431 youtube 00:42:09

    Automated VM provisioning using Foreman and Puppet
  • Check out my automated provisioning and deployment of VM with basic node configuration - (bash_profile, authorized_keys) Using Foreman and Puppet. music: https://soundcloud.com/jeff-kaale
  • #104162 youtube

    Automating Monitoring with Puppet (2012-05-23)
  • Video from the http://www.meetup.com/San-Francisco-Infrastrcture-Talk/events/63463252/ Abstract: How to automate monitoring setups with Puppet and Icinga/Nag...
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