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Strata Conference in London 2013: Felienne Hermans
  • "Spreadsheets: The Ununderstood Dark Matter Of IT" http://strataconf.com/strataeu2013/public/schedule/detail/31755 Spreadsheets are used extensively in indus...
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    Strata Conference + Hadoop World 2013
  • http://strataconf.com/stratany2013 Strata + Hadoop World is where big data's most influential decision makers, architects, developers, and analysts gather to...
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    Strata Rx Conference 2013
  • http://strataconf.com/rx2013 Strata Rx focuses on using big data to drive innovations in analytics for healthcare—including advances in personalized and predictive medicine; significant cost sav.....
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    Strata Rx Conference Boston 2013: Complete Video Compilation
  • http://oreilly.com/go/strata-rx13-video This complete video compilation provides an up-close view of every keynote, session, and workshop at O'Reilly's Strata Rx 2013 Conference in Boston. You'l.....
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    Strata Conference Santa Clara 2013: Complete Video Compilation
  • Didn't make it to Strata Santa Clara 2013? No problem. This complete video compilation puts you front and center at every keynote, session, and tutorial from...
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    O'Reilly Strata Conference 2013
  • strataconf.com O'Reilly Strata: Making Data Work The O'Reilly Strata Conference in Santa Clara sells out every year because we bring together the best minds in data to explore the complex issues .....
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    Strata Conference 2013 -- Real-World Machine Learning on Big Data: Which Methods Should You Use?
  • Skytree's CTO and Co-Founder, Alexander Gray, PhD, was selected to present on the Data Science track at O'Reilly Strata Conference—a leading industry confere...
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    Tim Moreton | Strata Data Conference 2013
  • Tim Moreton is the Chief Technology Officer of Acunu Analytics. Moreton was in attendance at the Strata Conference 2013 and joined SiliconAngle's John Furrier to talk about his Acunu Analytcs, hi.....
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    Strata Conference in London 2013: Tim Kelsey "Demonstrating The Actual Economic Value of Data"
  • http://strataconf.com/strataeu2013/public/schedule/detail/32752 National Health Service Tim Kelsey, National Director for Patients and Information joined NHS...
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    Strata Conference in London 2013: Doug Cutting "The Future of Data"
  • http://strataconf.com/strataeu2013/public/schedule/detail/32994 As technology further pervades enterprises, each generates more data. Once harnessed, this da...
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    Strata 2013: Jeanne Harris, "Getting Big Benefits from Big Data"
  • http://strataconf.com/ How must big companies evolve in order to realize big value from big data? Investing in data, technology and data scientists is just a first step. In this topic, Jeanne Har.....
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    Strata 2013: Cecilia Bouras, "Big Data. in a Really Big World!"
  • http://strataconf.com/ The complexity of decision sciences in a global marketplace is a daunting challenge multi-national brands and organizations have to grapple with. The much talked about info.....
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    Michael Manoochehri, Google | O'Reilly Strata Conference 2013
  • “I am a big fan of data as a living, breathing thing,” said Michael Manoochehri, Developer Programs Engineer at Google, talking about the concept of data as code with theCube show hosts John Furr.....
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    Prime Time Hour, Day 2 | Strata Data Conference 2013
  • Prime Time Hour, Day 2, at Strata 2013 with Jeff Kelly
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    Open Date...ah - Strata Ignite 2013
  • Mick Thompson's Ignite talk, "Open Date...ah", at the 2013 Strata Conference in Santa Clara, California.
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    Philanthropy - Strata Ignite 2013
  • Jason Payne's Ignite talk, "Philanthropy", at the 2013 Strata Conference in Santa Clara, California.
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    Peter Wang | Strata Data Conference 2013
  • Co-Founder and President of Continuum Analytics, Peter Wang, joined SiliconAngle's John Furrier and Wikibon's Dave Vellante inside theCUBE at Strata Conference 2013. The days where you can vie.....
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    Josh Klahr | Strata Data Conference 2013
  • John Klahr is the Vice President of Product Management for Greenplum. Klahr sits down inside theCUBE with SiliconAngle's John Furrier and Wikibon's Dave Vellante at Strata Conference 2013. Josh.....
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    Tim Stevens and Sanjay Marimahdaiah | Strata Data Conference 2013
  • Tim Stevens, Cloudera, and Sanjay Marimadaiah, HP, at Strata 2013 with Jeff Kelly
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    Bill Schmarzo | Strata Data Conference 2013
  • EMC Greenplum announced at Strata 2013 a new ditribution of Apache Hadoop: Pivotal HD. Greenplum’s announcement has definitely ruffled some feathers in the Hadoop space (see our interview with Ch.....
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    Kevin Hanson, Google | Strata Data Conference 2013
  • Kevin Hanson joins SiliconAngle's John Furrier and Wikibon's Dave Vellante inside theCUBE at Strata Conference 2013. Hanson is a Solutions Architect at 10gen. Easy to start. Easy to build. Mong.....
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    Rishi Yadav | Strata Data Conference 2013
  • Rishi Yadav of InfoObjects sits down with SiliconAngle founder John Furrier and Wikibon Analyst Dave Vellante inside theCUBE at Strata Conference 2013. There are few better individuals to talk .....
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    Doug Cutting "The Future of Hadoop: What Happened & What's Possible?"
  • http://strataconf.com/stratany2013/public/schedule/detail/31591 Hadoop started as a storage and batch processing architecture, modeled on the pioneering work...
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    Simon St. Laurent, O'Reilly Media | Strata Data Conference 2013
  • Yesterday, the O'Reilly Fluent Startup Showcase had 11 different startups demonstrate their products in front of 4 judges-- Chris Wilson (Google), Simon St. Laurent (O'Reilly Media), Peter Cooper.....
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    Strata 2013: Rajat Taneja, "Video Games: The Biggest Big Data Challenge"
  • http://strataconf.com/ Some of the most complex challenges in data management exist where you may least suspect: inside video games. In the past decade the audience for games has exploded from 20.....
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    Strata Worldwide Conference Video
  • Looking for a conference or tradeshow video like this? Email us at info@launchsparkvideo.com.
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    Jim Kelly | Strata Data Conference 2013
  • Quantcast's Jim Kelly joins Wikibon's Dave Vellante and SiliconAngle's John Furrier, inside theCUBE at Strata Conference 2013. Quantcast has has Big Data in its sights for years. Jim Kelly is the.....
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    ...and the new name is, Strata Data Conference.
  • Subscribe to O'Reilly on YouTube: http://goo.gl/n3QSYi Follow O'Reilly on Twitter: http://twitter.com/oreillymedia Facebook: http://facebook.com/OReilly Google: http://plus.google.com/+oreillymedia
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    Jeff Denworth - Strata 2013 - TheCUBE
  • SiliconAngle's John Furrier and Wikibon Analyst Dave Vellante, invite DataDirect Networks VP of Marketing, Jeff Denworth into theCUBE at Strata Conference 20...
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    Strata Conference in London 2013: Duncan Ross "The Analytical Imperative"
  • http://strataconf.com/strataeu2013/public/schedule/detail/33000 Big data has proved it's worth in a number of industries, but it's not the size or the storag...
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    Boyd Davis - Strata 2013 - theCUBE
  • Boyd Davis, VP of Marketing at Intel, at Strata 2013 with John Furrier and Dave Vellante Intel announced their Apache Hadoop distribution and the discussion ...
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    Keynote, Day 2 - Strata 2013 - theCUBE
  • The Strata Conference 2013 will kick off on February 26- 28, 2013 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California. Given our love for Big Data, Strata is ...
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    Strata 2013: Eric Colson, "Committing to Recommendation Algorithms"
  • http://strataconf.com/ Recommendation algorithms have long been a valuable component of ecommerce. They drive incremental revenue by helping customers find w...
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    Brian Bulkowski | Strata Data Conference 2013
  • Brian Bulkowski is the founder and CEO of Aerospike. Bulkowski joins Wikibon's Dave Vellante and SiliconAngle's John Furrier inside theCUBE at Strata Conference 2013. One of the more interestin.....
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    Strata Conference in London 2013: Gavin Starks Keynote
  • http://strataconf.com/strataeu2013/public/schedule/speaker/2504 With a unique background in business, technology, science and media, Gavin has broad and deep...
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    Google's Julia Ferraioli | Strata Conference 2013
  • Alex Williams talks with Julia Ferraioli of Google at the Strata Conference. Subscribe to TechCrunch TV: http://goo.gl/eg167.
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    Todd Papaioannou | Strata Data Conference 2013
  • Todd Papaioannou, CEO of Continuuity, joined SiliconAngle's John Furrier and Wikibon's Dave Vellante at Strata Conference 2013 inside theCUBE. Big money players are entering the Big Data Had.....
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    Shaun Connolly | Strata Data Conference 2013
  • Shaun Connolly is the Chief Strategy Officer of Hortonworks. He is in attendance at the 2013 Strata Conference and stops by theCUBE to enjoy a live interview with SiliconAngle's John Furrier and.....
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    Strata Conference in London 2013: Julie Steele "Storytelling in the Age of Big Data"
  • http://strataconf.com/strataeu2013/public/schedule/detail/32998 Julie Steele is the Content Editor for Strata at O'Reilly Media. She is co-author of Beautifu...
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    Tim O'Reilly - Strata 2013 - theCUBE
  • Tim O'Reilly, O'Reilly Media, at Strata 2013 with John Furrier and Dave Vellante. Tim O'Reilly, founder of O'Reilly Media and the organizer of the Strata con...
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