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GPU Compute Example: SGEMM
  • This video discussed an implementation of matrix multiplication on Mali GPUs. It focuses on understanding the performance characteristics, describing some potential optimizations, and talking abo.....
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    Holistic profiling of CPU and GPU for optimal vision applications on ARM Mali platforms
  • Developers of sophisticated vision applications need all the processing power they can lay their hands on, and using OpenCL™ on a GPU can be a vital additional compute resource. But spreading th.....
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    Gamers BEWARE of GPU Mali T720 (Chinese smartphones) Advise from TechUtopia aka MuslimGamer
  • Again phones with Mali T720 are not bad phones, its just they do not give good gaming experience.... Beware I talk in this video about MTK chip with 1core gpu t720 My TOP Budget gaming tablets f.....
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    ARM Mali™-T604 GPU -- Bringing Visual Computing To Life
  • Mali-T604 GPU
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    Adreno 530 vs 510 vs Mali T880 vs T860 Gaming comparison/Speed test/Gameplay/Games(GPU battle)Review
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    SHOCKING!!!! Mali GPU beats Adreno in Dolphin Emulator??? How is this Possible?
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    ARM® big.LITTLE™ Processing with ARM® Mali GPUs Demonstrating GPU Compute
  • This demo shows how ARM® big.LITTLE™ multiprocessing (MP) can work alongside GPU Compute on ARM lead partner silicon. This application makes full use of Rend...
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    ARM Mali-T604 GPU (test silicone) - SIGGRAPH 2012
  • ARM Mali-T604 GPU is the next generation GPU from ARM. Look forward to Mali-T604 GPU equipped mobile devices in the future! More SIGGRAPH coverage and tech n...
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    ARM Cortex A73 & Mali G71 Explained | Performance without Heating
  • Namaskaar Dosto, is video mein maine aapko ARM ke latest design Cortex A73 ke baare mein bataya hai, saath hi mein maine aapko ARM ke latest GPU Mali G71 ke baare mein bhi bataya hai. Yeh dono hi.....
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    Mali GPU Mining on Tinkerboard SBC
  • Lets dive deeper and having more fun with mining by utilizing our GPUs on the SBC to mine crypto currency. If you missed my last video about mining please go check it out. This is not much differ.....
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    ARM Mali-450 demo with 4K Resolutions (CES 2014)
  • Phill Smith demos the ARM Mali-450 demo rendering at 4K resolutions at CES 2014. It contains the AMlogic development set-top-box with AMlogic A8726-M8 SoC wi...
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    Adreno 506 vs Mali T880MP2 Comparison/Which GPU is better for gaming? Helio P20 vs Snapdragon 625
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    ARM Mali GPU demonstration with OpenGL ES 3.1
  • A demonstration of Mali from ARM, showing the new OpenGL ES 3.1 features such as compute shaders for increased performance and power efficiency. Check out th...
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    Open-Source Wayland Window System Running on ARM Mali GPUs
  • Collabora demonstrates how next-generation Open-Source graphics technologies will provide power efficiency and great multimedia performance simultaneously. T...
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    Samsung Exynos (Mali GPU technology) -- ARM TechCon '13
  • Samsung talks about their Exynos-based products on display at ARM TechCon 2013 as well as the new HardKernel and InSignal community boards for developers.
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    Technical presentation about ARM Mali-T600 GPU and ARM Mali-T700 GPU Compute
  • This presentation will look at the current landscape of GPU compute on mobile; some of the use cases and the available APIs. It will then focus on the detail...
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    ARM Cortex A-75, A-55, Mali G-72 GPU, DynamIQ Explained
  • Namaskaar Dosto, is video mein maine aapse ARM ke latest CPU aur GPU designs ke baare mein baat ki hai, ARM Cortex A-75, ARM Cortex A-55 CPU designs ke alawa Mali G-72 GPU ARM ki latest offerings.....
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    [Hindi/Urdu] GPU Explained in Detail | Everything you need to know about Smartphone GPU
  • Namaskaar Dosto, is video mein aapko GPU ke baare mein bataya hai, mobile phones mein kaunse kaunse GPU hote hai, aur yeh kis kaam aate hai. Share, Support, Subscribe!!! Subscribe: http://bit.ly.....
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    Vulkan demo running on ARM Mali GPU
  • Demo to show ARM’s implementation of Vulkan, the new graphics API from Khronos, running on a Mali GPU. You can read how we did it here https://community.arm.com/groups/arm-mali-graphics/blog/2016.....
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    ARM Mali GPU Architecture Overview
  • By Ploutarchos Galatsopoulos, Product Specialist - Graphics, An introduction to the unique features of ARM Mali GPUs for developers looking to understand the...
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    What is the ARM Mali-G72? - Gary explains
  • Read the post: https://goo.gl/StTUqI ARM's new Mali-G72 GPU boasts improved energy efficiency and a large number of micro-architectural changes to improve mobile graphics. Download the AndroidAu.....
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    ARM Mali-T604, the next generation GPU for ARM Powered devices
  • Interview with Jem Davies and Ian Smythe on the ARM Mali-T604, the next generation graphics processor. Look forward to some insanely powerful graphics proces...
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    Why the Cortex-A76 and Mali-G76 are important for 2019 - Gary explains
  • Arm recently announced three new designs: a new CPU core, the Cortex-A76; a new GPU, the Mali-G76; and a new video processor, the Mali-V76. All three components will play important roles in devic.....
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    ARM Mali GPU Evolution
  • The ARM Mali-55 GPU is now in the new LG Renoir which is the next evolutionary step in the ARM Graphics Processor story.
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    Galaxy S8 to have Exynos 8895 SoC with ARM Mali-G71 GPU
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    ARM Mali-T760 GPU (16 Cores, OpenGL 3.0, Direct 3D 11.1, 400% Faster & More!)
  • ARM T-720 was built to work well specifically with the Android OS and includes OpenGL ES 3.0 But ARM MALI T-760 runs as fast as 600MHz with 533MTriangles per...
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    ARM Cortex-A76, Mali-G76, Mali-V76
  • ARM Cortex-A76 is a new microarchitecture based on DynamIQ technology, delivers 35% faster 7nm laptop-class performance (Intel Core-i3, Core-i5 comparable performance) with 40% improved efficienc.....
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    Mali-400 GPU accelerated graphics
  • A selection of graphics, UI and games demonstrations shown on ARM Mali-400 MP GPU devices from low-end to the latest tier-1 phones and tablets. Experience th...
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    ARM Mali-T658 launch
  • ARM Media Processing Division's Jem Davies and Ian Smythe talk about the launch of their new mali-T658 GPU design with a huge new graphics and GPU computing ...
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    ARM®Cortex™ Processor and ARM Mali™ GPU -- Samsung Galaxy Camera
  • The Samsung Camera GC100 contains a Quad-core ARM Mali-400 GPU and a Quad-core ARM Cortex™-A9 processor @1.4GHz. The Samsung Camera demonstrates the capabili...
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    What is the ARM Cortex-A75? - Gary explains
  • Read the post: https://goo.gl/Kh1CPv ARM latest Cortex-A75 CPU core boasts a number of micro-architecture changes to improve performance, here's what you need to know. Download the AndroidAutho.....
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    Why are Apple’s chips faster than Qualcomm’s? – Gary explains
  • Read the full post: https://goo.gl/KYdaXp | The benchmark scores for the new Apple A11 Bionic SoC are very impressive. But why is Apple so far ahead of the competition? Download the Android Au.....
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    ARM Cortex-A73, ARM Mali-G71
  • ARM Cortex-A73 is the fastest ARM processor yet (30% faster than ARM Cortex-A72), ARM Mali-G71 is the fastest ARM GPU ever (50% faster than ARM Mali-T880). Sampling on 10nm before the end of thi.....
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    ARM at Computex 2018 | Solution for laptops and mobile gaming Cortex A76 Mali-G76 Mali-V76
  • Press Conference ARM at Computex 2018: ARM Cortex A76 core, ARM Mali G76 GPU and ARM Mali V76 VPU Segui Notebook Italia per essere informato in anteprima su fiere ed eventi e sugli ultimi tablet.....
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    Adreno vs Mali | Which one is Better?
  • In this video, I have shown you the differences between Adreno and Mali GPU's and find out which one is better.
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    Mali 400 GPU Accelerated Graphics
  • A selection of graphics, UI and games demonstrations shown on ARM Mali-400 MP GPU devices from low-end to the latest tier-1 phones and tablets. Experience the performance benefits of Mali 400 MP .....
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    ARM Mali Graphics Debugger Tutorial 1 – Installation and overview
  • The ARM Mali Graphics Debugger allows developers to identify possible issues by tracing OpenGL ES and OpenCL API calls in their application and their effects on the application using a frame-by-f.....
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    Shadowgun legends Gamplay on Arm Mali T830mp2 GPU
  • Device:- Huawei Honor 6x 3gb Ram With Kirrin 655 processor. All the graphics a set on low
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    The next generation of ARM Mali GPUs enters the market
  • On 29th October 2013, the ARM® Mali™-T760 GPU and ARM Mali-T720 GPU entered the graphics market. Both GPUs are based on the Midgard Architecture and offer fu...
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    Amlogic S912, Octa-core 64bit ARM Cortex-A53 with Mali-T830 GPU, 4K HDR, VP9
  • Amlogic S912 is their high end CPU with 64bit Octa-core ARM Cortex-A53 with High performance OpenGL 3.1 3D GPU on ARM Mali-T830 GPU for higher performance gaming. Amlogic S912 supports 4K HDR inc.....
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    Lima GPU Driver | Open Source Driver for Mali 400 and 450 GPU | Part-1
  • lima: https://github.com/yuq/mesa-lima twitter: @sahajsarup Instagram: @ric_96 My Vlog Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyFaUPchXHY9UcdMn9swf5Q blog: geektillithertz.com/wordpress
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