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Telco Cloud What? Why? When?
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    World's First All Virtualized Mobile Network on OpenStack Including vRAN
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    Virtualized Mobile Networks Using OpenStack
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    Leveraging OpenStack IaaS to run a Cloud CI/CD pipeline
  • Over the last year, the SUSE Cloud CI/CD strategy has undergone a series of major improvements designed to meet the challenges of simultaneously maintaining two OpenStack Lifecycle Management pro.....
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    Reinventing Access Control: Access Rules in OpenStack Keystone
  • One of the core tenets of The Cloud is application-driven, self-service infrastructure management. Until now, OpenStack's system for managing access control has fundamentally hindered a true self.....
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    New generation of multi-cloud management platform - EMS and new features of ECS
  • We will demonstrate some of the new and enhanced features that have been introduced into evolvable ECS with the smooth upgrade recently. In addition, a new generation of application centric multi.....
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    Community Contributor Awards
  • The community contributor awards have a long history of celebrating the unsung heroes of our community. Now, as the OpenStack Foundation grows, so does our list of heroes to celebrate. This round.....
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    Enable GPU-accelerated On-Prem Edge AI Computing with OpenStack Zun
  • More and more enterprises demand powerful edge computing capabilities to process their oceans of raw data to make real-time AI-enhanced decisions. GPU is widely used as an accelerated computing t.....
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    Build your own OpenStack with this simple knowledge
  • View a rack configured with OpenStack and walk through the OpenStack projects (software) that makes up the OpenStack environment. This is a very high level actual configuration of an OpenStack...
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    Software Defined Security for Cloud Data Centers – Reloaded
  • Security offloads are becoming critical for multi-tenant cloud environments in the Cloud Service Provider and Web Scale data centers. Although software defined networking has already benefited th.....
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    Kube-OVN:Bring OpenStack Network Infra into Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes networking include many concepts and they are implemented separately in different projects. It’s hard for SREs and Developers to maintains and troubleshooting all these projects in pro.....
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    Transitioning your Cloud Monitoring from Ceilometer to Monasca
  • There has recently been an increase in interest in Monasca as a monitoring service for OpenStack Clouds. Some interest is from new users looking for a scalable service to monitor their cloud. B.....
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    OpenStack on Kubernetes or Kubernetes on OpenStack?
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    Canonical - OpenStack for Everybody
  • See the state of the art in action, making OpenStack cost-effective, reliable, and easy to operate, while preserving choice of SDN, storage, and hardware vendors. Always a highlight of the summit.....
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    How to Use the Features of OpenStack to Create Your Own Private Cloud
  • In this Red Hat Consulting whiteboard video, Homero Pawlowski and Nando Ellis briefly go over some of the various services Openstack offers, and how each work together for your various business d.....
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    Getting Started With OpenStack
  • RSVP required. OpenStack continues to grow as the de facto standard for open source Cloud platforms and private clouds in general. But how can someone quickly get started with learning this techn.....
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    OpenStack Tutorial For Beginners | Download and Install on Ubuntu Server 18 04
  • OpenStack Tutorial For Beginners | Download and Install on Ubuntu Server 18 04 This video will cover how to download Install OpenStack on Ubuntu Sever 18.04. We will start from installing Ubuntu .....
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    Why OpenStack
  • There are different viewpoints on why IT departments would deploy OpenStack for an IaaS solution. Some perceive a cost savings through the use of open source infrastructure under the framework. .....
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    Why OpenStack?
  • Learn how OpenStack can provide the scalability, efficiency, and agility your IT cloud infrastructure needs. Learn more: www.redhat.com/openstack
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    An Edge Framework Helping Object Recognition
  • The presentation introduces an infrastructure framework of Akraino with hardware accelerators support AI applications running on edge, including accelerator management in Kubernetes and OpenStack.....
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    OSF Project Update - OpenStack
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    OpenStack Momentum: What's Happening and Why It Matters
  • OpenStack started life in 2010, driven by a small community of developers and users who saw opportunity in an open source cloud computing infrastructure project. The goal was simple: give everyon.....
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    What is OpenStack? The Basics - Part One
  • www.rackspace.com/cloud/private OpenStack. In an increasingly cloud-obsessed world, you’ve probably heard of it. Maybe you’ve read it’s “one of the fastest growing open source communities in the.....
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    OpenStack Basics - Overview
  • High-level whiteboard session discussing the difference between existing Iaas / PaaS Cloud Computing models and OpenStack.
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    What Is OpenStack | OpenStack Tutorial For Beginners | OpenStack Training | Edureka
  • This Edureka 'What Is OpenStack' tutorial will help you in understanding how to use different OpenStack services and how its architecture is built. You will also learn about each of the services .....
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    Living without sudo
  • With regulations like General Data Protection(GDPR) made mandatory in EU, there is a lot of focus within enterprise organizations, to adopt centralized Privileged Access Management (PAM) Solution.....
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    基于OpenStack & StarlingX的电信网络云化和边云协同研究与实践
  • Research and practice in Telecommunication Network Cloudification and Collaboration between Edge and Cloud based on OpenStack & StarlingX
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    OpenStack Basics - An overview for the Absolute Beginner
  • For the uninitiated, OpenStack's role in cloud infrastructure can be a little hard to understand unless you know it's capabilities and how it operates. Furthermore if someone is new to infrastruc.....
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    Deploying Openstack with Juju and MAAS
  • Greetings mere mortal! In today’s snippet I'll be building a 6 node Openstack cluster using Juju Charms and Metal as a Service. I share some tweaks and hacks you can do with scaling Nova Compute.....
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    How to Wire an OpenStack Node (1 of 4)
  • https://alta3.com/courses/openstack Links to other videos in this series: How to Wire an OpenStack Node (1 of 4): (This Video) OpenStack Network Function Virtualization (2 of 4): https://youtu.b.....
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    OpenStack: Was ist OpenStack? (Webinar vom 20. Februar 2019)
  • OpenStack ist seit vielen Jahren in der IT-Branche ein Begriff und wird auf nahezu allen Konferenzen, welche sich mit Automatisierung, Hosting, Rechenzentren usw. beschäftigen beworben und vorges.....
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    Why Red Hat for OpenStack?
  • Find out why Red Hat is your best vendor choice when it comes to building a private cloud infrastructure with OpenStack. Learn more: www.redhat.com/openstack-platform
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    Airship resiliency framework using k8s Argo workflows
  • Post deployment of OpenStack via Airship there is no mechanism to validate the resiliency of the deployed services. This is even bigger challenge in a more complex deployments which are bound by .....
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    Deploying OpenStack - what options do we have?
  • OpenStack is a complex product with wide range of configurations. Over the years multiple deployment methods were developed. All of those methods have their own specifics with advantages and disa.....
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    OpenStack Summit Primer, The Who, What, Why and How of OpenStack
  • New to OpenStack? First time at the Open Infrastructure Summit? Want a review of OpenStack before heading into more complex sessions? All valid reasons to get a solid review before heading into s.....
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    Introduction to OpenStack Neutron
  • An introduction to OpenStack Neutron covering the high level concepts for networking in OpenStack. links: me - https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidmahler References: OpenStack documentation - http.....
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    Kubernetes - The New OpenStack? 2019-09
  • Kubernetes has started to cannibalize Cloud Foundry but it doesn’t stop there. With K8s on bare metal, it seems that there is a desire for a technology that provides what OpenStack has promised. .....
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    OpenStack and Kubernetes in a Hybrid Cloud World
  • OpenStack has given organizations more choice in an infrastructure market once threatened by domination of a few hyperscale providers. Kubernetes lowered switching costs for organizations looking.....
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    ¿Qué es Openstack? VMware vs Openstack
  • Openstack es la plataforma de Cloud Computing de Código Libre más importante. En este video te explico su funcionamiento, sus principales diferencias con Vmware vSphere y sus características Vi.....
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    What is Whitebox / Bare Metal switching? Open Compute Project? OpenStack?
  • Chuck's Python course: (Discounted at $10): https://bit.ly/2lsDZeo Chuck's SDN book: https://amzn.to/2lCp6WN Chuck's SDN Startup: http://www.tallac.com Connect with Chuck on LinkedIn here: https.....
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    OpenStack: Keystone Deep Dive Presentation
  • OpenStack: Keystone Deep Dive Presentation
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    ¿Qué es OpenStack?: Plataforma cloud privada y GRATIS
  • En mi canal hablo de AWS, kubernetes, DevOps y otras cosas relacionadas con cloud computing. Curso de kubernetes en Udemy: https://www.udemy.com/course/kubernetes-y-docker-en-aws-desde-cero/?ref.....
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    Palestra: Do zero ao Openstack
  • Essa palestra irá discorrer sobre o IaaS OpenStack e como ter um primeiro contato para testes ou até mesmo para produção Palestrante: Joubert Guimarães de Assis http://www.semanadolinux.com.br/.....
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    OpenStack, Neutron, and OVS in the Brave New SDN World
  • This is part three of a multi-part educational series presented by SUSE. Part one, presented at the Vancouver summit, guided the audience through the transition from physical data center to the s.....
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    (HINDI)OpenStack Cloud: What is OpenStack & Why we use Cloud in the World
  • Hello YouTube Today I am going to teach you something new from this video " What is OpenStack & Why we use OpenStack in the world " about this how to do this and in this video, I am using Red Hat.....
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    Time Sensitive Networking Powered Video Streaming in StarlingX
  • This video shows how one can ensure that time-sensitive data has a bounded transmission latency while also allowing non-time-sensitive traffic to be carried through the same network when using vi.....
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    Hotel OpenStack: A New Analogy for Explaining OpenStack
  • This talk will cover the core network requirements for 5G transport as well as the DC/micro DC fabric requirements and architecture. It will cover how to build fully automated small MEC L2 fabric.....
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    The Little Bag O'Tricks 10 things you might not know you can do with OpenStack
  • OpenStack is a well-established Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform and is used in many public and private clouds for a large array of purposes. And yet, OpenStack is often underrated i.....
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    Visualize OpenStack Placement resource view
  • In the last development cycles OpenStack Placement grew many capabilities to model the complex resource views of OpenStack. Nova, Neutron and Cyborg have already been utilizing this to model GPUs.....
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    Kata Containers a Cornerstone for Financial Grade Cloud Native Infrastructure
  • In late 2017, Intel Clear Containers team and us announced the Kata Containers project. One year and a half later, Kata Containers was confirmed as a top level OpenInfra project of the foundation.....
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    Manage Kubernetes Cluster inside Kubernetes Cluster Using OpenStack Magnum
  • Today, Kubernetes is the natural choice for running software in the Cloud and Magnum is an OpenStack project which offers to manage Kubernetes clusters on top of OpenStack. The current VM based .....
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    Openstack Networking Overview
  • Openstack continues to grow in enterprise and service provider environments, but the complexity of Openstack networking hasn't changed. In this talk, we will provide an overview of how Openstack .....
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    Treat Your Infrastructure like Cloud Native Apps SKT's Journey with OpenStack and Airship
  • With the launch of 5G, the evolution of technologies such as MEC, Media Cloud, AI (ML) have strongly emerged along with a rapid evolution in 5G network infrastructure. Infrastructure itself must .....
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  • OpenStack Manila is a shared file system as a service, and it’s deployed in public and private clouds of different scales. It supports a variety of network file system protocols such as NFS, C.....
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    Adopt a share today! How to bring your existing shared filesystem under Manila’s management
  • OpenStack Manila is a shared file system as a service, and it’s deployed in public and private clouds of different scales. It supports a variety of network file system protocols such as NFS, C.....
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    How to run a public cloud on OpenStack
  • China Mobile's public cloud is building on OpenStack. We start the work in early 2015, until now, we have totally build three regions, nearly more than 100,000 instances running on it. In the gro.....
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    Setting up an edge cloud in six commands
  • Join the Canonical team to explore MicroStack. See how you can set up an edge cloud in six commands! The edge computing paradigm is becoming more and more popular, as the number of cloud workloa.....
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    Airship 2 0 the Sequel Public
  • Airship is a collection of loosely coupled but interoperable open source tools that declaratively automate cloud provisioning. Airship makes operating open infrastructure simple, repeatable and r.....
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    Por que os Consumidores de TI adoram o OpenStack?
  • Existem diferentes pontos de vista sobre o motivo pelo qual os departamentos de TI implementam o OpenStack. Alguns acreditam que há uma economia de custos que poderia ser alcançada por meio do us.....
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    Full OpenStack Installation and Configuration
  • openstack tutorial for beginners Step 1: http://www.linuxtopic.com/2017/04/steps-to-install-openstack-on-centos7.html Step 2: http://www.linuxtopic.com/2017/04/steps-to-configure-network-on-op.....
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