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Let's Talk Containers – Kubernetes, OpenStack, Kata Containers, & MORE
  • Join Linux Academy CEO Anthony James as he sits down with Treva Williams, one of Linux Academy’s talented and knowledgeable course authors, to talk about containers and their many uses over a wid.....
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    OpenStack Compute 101
  • OpenStack Compute (Nova), has been a core component of OpenStack since the original Austin release in 2010. In the intervening years development has proceeded at a rapid pace adding support for n.....
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    OpenStack troubleshooting field survival guide
  • Running Openstack in production is not an easy task.Thankfully most openstack components share common principles and logic.This workshop will share basic troubleshooting steps applicable tomajori.....
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    Build Your Own Web Portal with OpenStack APIs and Services
  • Horizon is the default WebUI for OpenStack clouds but sometimes there is a need for customization to include features such as approval workflows, application catalogs for self-service, or simply .....
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    OpenStack Administration - Part 1/12 (Introduction to OpenStack)
  • This video is the tutorial about Introduction to OpenStack in OpenStack Administration Course. This tutorial explains the concepts of Cloud Computing, Cloud Service Models, Hypervisors and OpenSt.....
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    OpenStack Architecture and Deployment at Target
  • Target is one of the largest retailers in the US. OpenStack usage has seen massive growth in support of Target's operations and is rapidly becoming the foundation of Target's compute infrastruct.....
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    Introduction to OpenStack by Rich Bowen, Apache Software Foundation
  • Introduction to OpenStack - Rich Bowen, Apache Software Foundation You've heard about OpenStack for several years now, and you know it has something to do with Cloud, but what is it, and how doe.....
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    Build and operate your first OpenStack application
  • Through the interplay of components like Trove (database), Nova (compute), and Manila (shared filesystem) it is possible to build and operate reusable, portable, and scalable cloud applications w.....
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    OpenStack Basics - An overview for the Absolute Beginner
  • For the uninitiated, OpenStack's role in cloud infrastructure can be a little hard to understand unless you know it's capabilities and how it operates. Furthermore if someone is new to infrastruc.....
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    Palestra: Do zero ao Openstack
  • Essa palestra irá discorrer sobre o IaaS OpenStack e como ter um primeiro contato para testes ou até mesmo para produção Palestrante: Joubert Guimarães de Assis http://www.semanadolinux.com.br/.....
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    Openstack Tutorial for Beginners | Openstack Training | What is Openstack Part 1
  • The Openstack Course at Edureka provides students with a detailed understanding of steps necessary to operate OpenStack environment. Participants will go through architectures, live implementatio.....
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    The Beginning Planning a Production OpenStack Cloud
  • Many times, deploying proof of concept or development OpenStack clouds is fairly straightforward. However,  when considering the deployment of a production cloud, advance planning is paramount. T.....
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    OpenStack, Docker, and Cloud Foundry - How does the leading open source triumvirate come together?
  • OpenStack, Docker, and Cloud Foundry are the three most popular open source projects according to a recent cloud software survey. Docker has taken the cloud world by storm as a revolutionary way .....
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    Understanding Request-Process Flows in OpenStack for Troubleshooting - Glenn West
  • OpenStack provides an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution through a set of interrelated services/projects. Each service offers an application programming interface (API) that facilitates .....
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    Choosing the right storage for your OpenStack cloud
  • Hear from Sadique Puthen Peedikayil, Sr. Cloud Success Architect, Red Hat APAC, and Rahul Vijayan, Sr. Sepcialist Solutions Architect, Red Hat Asia Pacific, Ltd, in this breakout session at Red H.....
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    Certified OpenStack Administrator Exam: What you need to know
  • Learn about the Certified OpenStack Administrator (COA) exam, a vendor-neutral, skills-based exam offered by the OpenStack Foundation that tests your ability to use OpenStack day-to-day. Get a fu.....
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    openstack tutorial 1 Getting to Know OpenStack Cloud | OpenStack on Ubuntu OpenStack Rocky
  • Agenda of the Lecture includes - What is Cloud Computing, What is OpenStack, nderstanding the Components of Cloud, History of OpenStack Project and OpenStack Distribution and Vendors. New release.....
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    Building the Middle East-s largest OpenStack based Public Cloud
  • STC, a $36B USD telecommunications giant based in Saudi Arabia decided to build upon its dominant market position and offer public cloud services to the Government, Enterprise and SMB sectors acr.....
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    OpenStack in 10 minutes
  • Quick example of what OpenStack looks like and how it gets deployed by Crowbar.
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    If OpenStack is So Awesome, Why Doesn't Everybody Use It? - Chris Kemp, Moderator - OpenStackSV 2014
  • Panel discussion at OpenStackSV 2014.
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    Build your own OpenStack with this simple knowledge
  • View a rack configured with OpenStack and walk through the OpenStack projects (software) that makes up the OpenStack environment. This is a very high level actual configuration of an OpenStack...
  • #66017 youtube 00:08:39

    Automated OpenStack Deployment: A Comparison
  • Automated deployment has become an important differentiator for OpenStack based products. This presentation highlights similarities and differences, across several OpenStack vendors. To automate.....
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    What is OpenStack?
  • Everyone's talking about OpenStack - and it's no great surprise. Over 150 key players in open-source technology have come together to create a platform on which the open cloud can be delivered. O.....
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    Introduction to OpenStack Neutron
  • An introduction to OpenStack Neutron covering the high level concepts for networking in OpenStack. links: me - https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidmahler References: OpenStack documentation - http.....
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    Public or Private Cloud, Amazon Web Services or OpenStack
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides an easy on-ramp, simple swipe a credit card and you can start building clouds and cloud applications. OpenStack appears more complex: download, install, config.....
  • #151201 youtube

    Openstack Networking Overview
  • Openstack continues to grow in enterprise and service provider environments, but the complexity of Openstack networking hasn't changed. In this talk, we will provide an overview of how Openstack .....
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    All you need to know about OpenStack Block Storage in less than an hour
  • Whether you are a new or an old OpenStack deployment, there is always this good old problem of making your choice of storage for your openstack workloads. OpenStack itself provides Block and Obje.....
  • #141028 youtube

    Bryan Thompson Interview at OpenStack Summit
  • In this interview (recorded on May 22, 2018) at the OpenStack Summit, Bryan Thompson talks about OpenStack and emerging technologies.
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    Installing Openstack Mitaka on CentOS using RDO
  • EDIT: This is Mitaka, not Liberty. My bad. Who can keep up?! A demonstration on how to develop an all-in-one Openstack deployment on CentOS 7.2 using RDO. https://www.rdoproject.org/install/q.....
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    Why OpenStack
  • There are different viewpoints on why IT departments would deploy OpenStack for an IaaS solution. Some perceive a cost savings through the use of open source infrastructure under the framework. .....
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    OpenStack Pike Demo: 16th release of OpenStack
  • See a demo of how to use the dashboard in OpenStack Pike, the 16th release of OpenStack. Learn more at openstack.org/software/pike.
  • #112325 youtube

    Getting Started With OpenStack
  • RSVP required. OpenStack continues to grow as the de facto standard for open source Cloud platforms and private clouds in general. But how can someone quickly get started with learning this techn.....
  • #81843 youtube

    OpenStack Basics - Overview
  • High-level whiteboard session discussing the difference between existing Iaas / PaaS Cloud Computing models and OpenStack.
  • #58838 youtube 00:07:37

    What Is OpenStack | OpenStack Tutorial For Beginners | OpenStack Training | Edureka
  • This Edureka 'What Is OpenStack' tutorial will help you in understanding how to use different OpenStack services and how its architecture is built. You will also learn about each of the services .....
  • #100243 youtube

    OpenStack 101 - What Is OpenStack?
  • OpenStack is an open source cloud operating system and community founded by Rackspace and NASA in 2010. Here is a brief look at what OpenStack is, how it wor...
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    23777 Canonical Sponsored Keynote
  • Canonical Sponsored Keynote
  • #156044 youtube

    5G built on Open Infrastructure
  • 5G technologies will be at the forefront of the Open Infrastructure Summit. Hear from teams at Ericsson and AT&T on the development behind this use case, including an update on AT&Ts deployment o.....
  • #156043 youtube

    23779 OpenStack Ironic and Bare Metal Infrastructure All Abstractions Start Somewhere
  • The history of cloud computing has rapidly layered abstractions on abstractions to deliver applications faster, more reliably, and easier. Serverless functions on top of containers on top of virt.....
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    VMware Integrated OpenStack - OpenStack Deployment
  • This video describes how to use the VMware integrated OpenStack virtual appliance to deploy a production-ready OpenStack control plane. We will examine the simple wizard-driven process to configu.....
  • #131634 youtube

    Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) with OpenStack
  • Running a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a key enterprise requirement. Can OpenStack provide the needed IaaS capabilities? OpenStack offers a great scalable solutions to deploy desktop o.....
  • #167077 youtube

    OpenStack Infrastructure for Beginners
  • As a new contributor to OpenStack, it can be overwhelming to learn all the moving parts to OpenStack Infrastruture. In this presentation we'll be diving into the heart of infrastructure and expla.....
  • #129509 youtube

    Installing, Configuring, and Managing a 300+ OpenStack Node Netw
  • Deploying and managing a large OpenStack deployment can be daunting, but much easier when you use standard DevOps automation tools, a Linux-based network, and commodity servers and switches. This.....
  • #129508 youtube

    Building an OpenStack Cloud
  • Get to know some of the components that make up the OpenStack Cloud environment.
  • #119835 youtube

    OpenStack and Networking
  • Find out how the Neutron service interacts with physical and virtual networks. Subscribe to Cisco's YouTube channel: http://cs.co/Subscribe.
  • #58842 youtube 00:06:08

    OpenStack Kolla Project - Deploying OpenStack in minutes
  • A quick look at the process by which one can launch an OpenStack environment using the Kolla containerization process. The code that set up the environment is available at https://github.com/rst.....
  • #129190 youtube

    OpenStack Architecture and Stability
  • OpenStack has been getting a bad reputation for being impossible to get stable at scale. Architects can get it working as a PoC, but when it comes time to actually turn it over to the operations.....
  • #97338 youtube

    OpenStack Neutron Packet Walkthrough (DVR)
  • OpenStack Neutron Packet Walkthrough (DVR) Links: Me: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidmahler OpenStack Documentation: http://docs.openstack.org RDO: http://rdoproject.org Assaf Muller's Blog: h.....
  • #84040 youtube

    Building and Operating an OpenStack Cloud with a Small Team
  • ScaleUp has been running a public cloud infrastructure in Germany for a couple of years now. Initially, this cloud was built and operated by a single person. He did spend roughly 10 months on imp.....
  • #166614 youtube

    How to Use the Features of OpenStack to Create Your Own Private Cloud
  • In this Red Hat Consulting whiteboard video, Homero Pawlowski and Nando Ellis briefly go over some of the various services Openstack offers, and how each work together for your various business d.....
  • #140213 youtube

    OpenStack Installation | OpenStack Tutorial For Beginners | OpenStack Training | Edureka
  • This Edureka OpenStack Installation tutorial will help you to install OpenStack Newton step by step on Centos. Check our complete Openstack Tutorial playlist here: https://goo.gl/tEfzTu Subscri.....
  • #104995 youtube

    What the heck is OpenStack? Understanding OpenStack Basics
  • Understanding the basics of OpenStack from an real-world perspective. This brief video explores some of the basics of OpenStack, CloudStack and some of the a...
  • #58896 youtube 00:08:22

    Heat - Project Update
  • Project Updates cover the latest changes in the project. See whats new in the latest OpenStack release, and what you can expect to see from the project in the upcoming release.
  • #157311 youtube

    Heat, Cloud-init & Cloud-config: OpenStack Orchestration Deep Dive, Hands-On Lab
  • OpenStack has excellent workload orchestration support — except the information required to use it is not always wonderfully accessible. This workshop helps you navigate the orchestration m.....
  • #134890 youtube

    Canonical- OpenStack with Containers- Replacing VMs with Fast and Secure Machine Containers
  • This session will connect OpenStack with containers for performance, density and latency sensitive workloads. The excitement around containers has create substantial confusion in the OpenStack co.....
  • #134889 youtube

    OpenStack Provider vs. Tenant Networking (3 of 4)
  • Links to other videos in this series: How to Wire an OpenStack Node (1 of 4): https://youtu.be/8FYgmM3tUCM OpenStack Network Function Virtualization (2 of 4): https://youtu.be/Dufu3pa8Xk4 OpenSta.....
  • #129179 youtube

    Baremetal to Running Openstack on Kubernetes in 2 Minutes
  • There are currently many parallel efforts to deploy and run Openstack as containerized services on top of Kubernetes. Deploying and configuring a Kubernetes Cluster in its own is a challenge, let.....
  • #126271 youtube

    Deploying & Operating your OpenStack Cloud with Ansible
  • Learn how to use the Ansible playbooks for OpenStack. Automation is the key to unlocking your cloud. Rackspace recently contributed our Ansible playbooks back to the OpenStack community which bec.....
  • #126270 youtube

    OpenShift and OpenStack Devlivering Applications Together
  • Many organizations have had success dabbling with with Linux Containers. Once you take a small project and have success, the epiphany happens - and you ask yourself: 1. What else can we container.....
  • #131033 youtube

    Improving resource availability in CERN private Cloud
  • On december last year, the last collisions were recorded on the 4 experiments to close a very successful LHC second running period (Run 2). At this very moment, the collaborations at CERN are wor.....
  • #157202 youtube

    Heat - Project Update
  • Project Updates cover the latest changes in the project. See whats new in the latest OpenStack release, and what you can expect to see from the project in the upcoming release.
  • #157201 youtube

    Machine learning workflows using KubeFlow for the Hybrid Cloud
  • Machine Learning workflows are a complex mesh of processes with a wide range of infrastructure requirements. Different steps in a workflow may be compute or memory intensive, may require GPU acce.....
  • #157200 youtube

    Huawei - OpenStack Enabled Hybrid Cloud
  • Openstack itself can be a hybrid cloud orchestrator. We can manage Openstack/ vCloud/ AWS and other different cloud by using unified Openstack API, and we can also move workload across different .....
  • #128579 youtube

    OpenStack: Bare Metal Clouds & Beyond
  • Mohammed Naser (CEO of VEXXHOST and member of the OpenStack Technical Committee) and Julia Kreger (Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat and Ironic Project Team Lead) provide an OpenStack Projec.....
  • #149620 youtube

    Creating the Textile Factory of the Future Running on OpenStack
  • In our presentation we point out where the difficulties are in redefining the yarn production towards the smart factory of the future. Be it the massive scale or high amount and velocity of data.....
  • #142758 youtube

    ¿Qué es Openstack? VMware vs Openstack
  • Openstack es la plataforma de Cloud Computing de Código Libre más importante. En este video te explico su funcionamiento, sus principales diferencias con Vmware vSphere y sus características Vi.....
  • #115317 youtube

    Ansible + OpenStack 101
  • So you have spent months convincing your leadership to go with OpenStack. Finally the keys of the cloud are turned over to you as the Cloud Operator, you then look over at your co-workers and say.....
  • #170457 youtube

    Designing the Hardware Stack for Your OpenStack Cloud
  • Designing a Private OpenStack cloud is complex. It can take months of design and test effort to optimize the hardware and software components. What hardware configuration works best for your mana.....
  • #149479 youtube

    OpenStack Summit Primer, The Who, What, Why and How of OpenStack
  • New to OpenStack? First time at the Open Infrastructure Summit? Want a review of OpenStack before heading into more complex sessions? All valid reasons to get a solid review before heading into s.....
  • #157096 youtube

    OpenStack and Kubernetes in a Hybrid Cloud World
  • OpenStack has given organizations more choice in an infrastructure market once threatened by domination of a few hyperscale providers. Kubernetes lowered switching costs for organizations looking.....
  • #134503 youtube

    Ironic - Project Update
  • Project Updates cover the latest changes in the project. See whats new in the latest OpenStack release, and what you can expect to see from the project in the upcoming release.
  • #157095 youtube

    Kolla - Project Update
  • Project Updates cover the latest changes in the project. See whats new in the latest OpenStack release, and what you can expect to see from the project in the upcoming release.
  • #157094 youtube

    Deploying OpenStack - what options do we have?
  • OpenStack is a complex product with wide range of configurations. Over the years multiple deployment methods were developed. All of those methods have their own specifics with advantages and disa.....
  • #157093 youtube

    From zero to Kubernetes with OpenStack Ironic
  • A demonstration of deploying Kubernetes onto bare metal nodes provisioned by a standalone installation of OpenStack Ironic (running in containers).
  • #105931 youtube

    Create 1st instance/OS on openstack cloud - tutorial 2
  • How to create image , network and instance/VM in your openstack cloud . And general overview of how to use openstack dashboard.
  • #144653 youtube

    The Dos and Donts for Ceph and OpenStack
  • Ceph is an enormously popular storage backend for OpenStack, and it provides excellent integration with Nova, Glance, and Cinder. However, it is not without its shortcomings, and like any other s.....
  • #121461 youtube

    Lessons Learned running Open Infrastructure on Baremetal Kubernetes Clusters in Production
  • Kubernetes is rapidly becoming the standard orchestration tool for declaratively managing open infrastructure.  Over the last two years, we have been running baremetal Kubernetes clusters in.....
  • #160479 youtube

    openstack tutorial Lab 1 Machines Setup with Networking | OpenStack Rocky on Ubuntu
  • Openstack Rocky Installation on Ubuntu 18.04 openstack on ubuntu - Lab 1 Setting up the Machines with Networking Getting Started with OpenStack Rocky on Ubuntu To Learn or Teach Linux visit www.t.....
  • #150037 youtube

    Using Juju to Deploy OpenStack
  • See how to deploy OpenStack easily on Ubuntu using Juju and the new Juju Charm Browser.
  • #61303 youtube 00:09:33

    What is OpenStack? The Basics - Part One
  • www.rackspace.com/cloud/private OpenStack. In an increasingly cloud-obsessed world, you’ve probably heard of it. Maybe you’ve read it’s “one of the fastest growing open source communities in the.....
  • #101951 youtube

    OpenStack Newton Release Demo
  • #90865 youtube

    OpenStack Tutorial For Beginners | OpenStack Tutorial | OpenStack Training | Edureka
  • This Edureka 'OpenStack Tutorial' explains all the OpenStack services - Compute, Storage, Networking etc. This will also help you to understand the architecture of a OpenStack cloud infrastructur.....
  • #104993 youtube

    AT&T's Cloud Journey with OpenStack
  • OpenStack + AT&T Innovation = AT&T Integrated Cloud. AT&T's network has experienced enormous growth in traffic in the last several years and the trend continues unabated. Our software defined net.....
  • #81844 youtube

    OpenStack 101 What Is OpenStack?
  • OpenStack is an open source cloud operating system and community founded by Rackspace and NASA in 2010. Here is a brief look at what OpenStack is, how . OpenStack Introduction and Technica.....
  • #144336 youtube

    OpenStack Training - Heat Orchestration Templates (HOT)
  • In this video, Alta3 Research breaks down the basic steps involved in launching a virtual server (Virtual Machine) using a Heat Orchestration Template (HOT). Related videos: https://www.youtube......
  • #130738 youtube

    VMware vSphere and OpenStack
  • In this video we describe how OpenStack Compute (Nova) interacts the VMware vSphere product family and enables access to advanced features such as vMotion, High Availability, and Dynamic Resource.....
  • #130737 youtube

    Openstack Fundamentals - Infrastructure
  • Courtesy of http://www.cloudcertification.training/ In this video Michael from Cloud Certification Training explains OpenStack architecture. He describes how OpenStack has a modular architecture.....
  • #126879 youtube

    Why Red Hat for OpenStack?
  • Find out why Red Hat is your best vendor choice when it comes to building a private cloud infrastructure with OpenStack. Learn more: www.redhat.com/openstack-platform
  • #159970 youtube

    OpenStack Tutorial For Beginners | Download and Install on Ubuntu Server 18 04
  • OpenStack Tutorial For Beginners | Download and Install on Ubuntu Server 18 04 This video will cover how to download Install OpenStack on Ubuntu Sever 18.04. We will start from installing Ubuntu .....
  • #141570 youtube

    Full OpenStack Installation and Configuration
  • openstack tutorial for beginners Step 1: http://www.linuxtopic.com/2017/04/steps-to-install-openstack-on-centos7.html Step 2: http://www.linuxtopic.com/2017/04/steps-to-configure-network-on-op.....
  • #121119 youtube

    Why OpenStack?
  • Learn how OpenStack can provide the scalability, efficiency, and agility your IT cloud infrastructure needs. Learn more: www.redhat.com/openstack
  • #112328 youtube

    Simple OpenStack install on Ubuntu 14 04
  • Do not be put off by the amount of machines and resources you may think you need for OpenStack. If you want to learn OpenStack or test simple deployments then we can get this up and running on a .....
  • #82452 youtube

    OpenStack 101
  • OpenStack Introduction and Technical Overview
  • #93515 youtube

    Openstack - Cinder Block Storage Service
  • In this video you will learn about Cinder Block Storage Service. Cinder is a Block Storage service for OpenStack. It's designed to present storage resources to end users that can be consumed by .....
  • #153870 youtube

    Introduction to OpenStack
  • Sandy Walsh OpenStack is a large python application being developed collaboratively with Rackspace, Red Hat, Canonical, Dell, HP, Intel, IBM, Citrix and a ho...
  • #58837 youtube 00:32:38

    OpenStack Network Setup and launching an Instance
  • Setup OpenStack Network
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