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Cloud, NFV and SDN_Cloud introduction
  • This is the first chapter from our recorded 2 days "Cloud, NFV and SDN" course. For more information about the course please visit our website: http://apistraining.com/training-catalogue/cloud-sd.....
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  • Contact Best Phd Projects Visit us: http://www.phdprojects.org/ http://www.phdprojects.org/cloud-computing-project-topics/
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    Securing Your Next Generation Data Center and Cloud with SDN Security
  • This brief whiteboard video illustrates three key benefits of taking a software-defined approach to securing the data center with Fortinet's SDN Security (SDNS) Framework
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    Overlay SDN Introduction: Nuage Networks VSP Lab Topology with GNS3
  • Learn about Overlay SDN Solutions, also called Virtual Networks with GNS3 and Nuage Networks. Multiple Hypervisor - ESXi and KVM demos with hardware VTEPs. Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Pl.....
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    How Nokia Cloud Packet Core benefits carriers, 5G – NFV/SDN Reality Check Ep. 86
  • On this week’s NFV/SDN Reality Check, brought to you by Nokia, we speak with Nick Cadwgan, director of IP mobile networking at Nokia, to discuss the operator benefits of the company’s Cloud Packe.....
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    Open Integration For Hybrid Cloud: Why Cisco SDN
  • Considering SDN for hybrid cloud? This whiteboard shows how Cisco ACI integrates heterogeneous infrastructure with your hybrid cloud management platform of choice. Learn more: http://cs.co/9009Bs.....
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    What is software-defined networking (SDN)?
  • A graphical look at the technology behind software-defined networking. Follow Network for the latest wireless updates! ------------------------------­---- SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/subs.....
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    Nokia Network Services Platform - Nokia NFV/SDN solution for open networks in the cloud era
  • Find out how the Nokia Network Services Platform and all the components of the broader Nokia NFV / SDN solution work together with agility and efficiency to provide value-added services across bo.....
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    Editorial Webinar: NFV, SDN and cloud – How deep and where?
  • Network virtualization technologies using SDN and NFV platforms have slowly begun to creep across networks. This webinar garners insight from telecom operators, industry analysts and vendors to l.....
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    Cloud SDN and NFV Apis IP-Solutions Training
  • FOLLOW US on: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/apis-ip-solutions Twitter: https://twitter.com/apisipsolutions Go to our website: www.apistraining.com Apis IP-Solutions Training is.....
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    SDN, NFV and the Cloud: Huawei's vision of an open future
  • Originally Published on TelecomTV.com 4 Nov 2013 http://www.telecomtv.com/articles/sdn/sdn-nfv-and-the-cloud-huaweis-vision-of-an-open-future-11180/ --- Vendor lock-in has resulted in variou.....
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    ECI at SDN NFV World Congress 2017: "SPs Need to "Go (Cloud) Native"
  • Watch Presentation by ECI's Jonathan Homa "SPs Need to "Go (Cloud) Native" to Revolutionize Telecom Services" from SDN NFV WORLD CONGRESS 2017, The Hague, Netherlands
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    Introduction to Telco Cloud Basics – NFV , SDN . Architecture & Benefits of Cloud Network for Telcos
  • Introduction to Telco Cloud Basics – NFV , SDN . Architecture & Benefits of Cloud Network for Telecom Operators http://telecomtutorial.info   Covering Introduction & Tutorial for Telco Cloud Netw.....
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    Advanced Cloud Network Services with SDN and BGP
  • Speakers: Florin Balus, Nuage Networks Florin Balus is currently Director of Product Line Management at Nuage Networks responsible for the specification and implementation of cloud networking so.....
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    EVRY: SDN-based multitenant cloud data center
  • The video elaborates on the corporation of EVRY and Huawei, introduces the challenge of EVRY. Huawei provides SDN-Based network solution and CloudEngine series data center switches, Agile Control.....
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    Evolving storage needs for cloud infrastructure – NFV/SDN Reality Check Episode 57
  • Verizon this week claimed it recently completed the industry’s largest known network functions virtualization OpenStack cloud deployment across five of its U.S. data centers. The telecom giant sa.....
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    Among the Cloud Open Source NFV + SDN deployment
  • Panel discussion Moderator: Neela Jacques Panelists: Chris Price (OPNFV); Colin Dixon (ODL); Margaret Chiosi (AT&T); Alex Zhang (China Mobile) Seven years after the launch of SDN and the developm.....
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    NTT Communications' SDN-Driven Enterprise Cloud
  • Nayan Naik discusses NTT Communications' SDN-Driven Enterprise Cloud, which was first announced in June 2012. Primary drivers for using SDN have included automation and faster time to market for .....
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    Among the Cloud Open Source NFV + SDN deployment
  • Panel discussion Moderator: Neela Jacques Panelists: Chris Price (OPNFV); Colin Dixon (ODL); Margaret Chiosi (AT&T); Alex Zhang (China Mobile) Seven years after the launch of SDN and the developm.....
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    OpenStack & Beyond - Episode 1 NFV & SDN in the Cloud
  • OpenStack & Beyond Podcast Returns With Hosts Shlomo Swidler and Nati Shalom | May 4, 2015 The OpenStack & Beyond podcast is back in a new incarnation, having rebranded from the OpenStack Israel.....
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    Real Life SDN Use Cases: 9. OpenStack Networking
  • OpenStack cloud management platform implements network virtualization with third-party plugins. OpenFlow controllers like ProgrammableFlow are a perfect fit, as they can implement all the network.....
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    HUAWEI SDN Demo Cloud Fabric and Openstack Cooperation Solution
  • The SDN demo introduces OpenStack and Huawei's data center networking solution.
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    Deploy Contrail SDN on OpenStack
  • In this video, we’re going to show you just how quick and easy it is to deploy Ubuntu OpenStack and Juniper Networks Contrail Networking using Canonical’s cloud services modeling tool, Juju.
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    Attacking SDN Infrastructure: Are We Ready for the Next-Gen Networking?
  • by Changhoon Yoon & Seungsoo Lee Software-Defined Networking (SDN), by decoupling the control logic from the closed and proprietary implementations of traditional network devices, allows resea.....
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    Nokia NSP and Deepfield: Insight-driven SDN optimizations for OTT, carrier, cloud, CDN
  • Hamid Ould-Brahim, Product Manager – Network Services Platform (NSP), demonstrates a use case for traffic flow optimization during peering links congestion situations. Nokia NSP carrier SDN contr.....
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    SDN-based dynamic point selection for Cloud-RAN (demo)
  • Our proposed framework provides an SDN base on which RAN control algorithms can be implemented in a modular fashion within a Cloud-RAN environment. This framework provides an effective representa.....
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    KubeCon CloudNativeCon: Scott Sneddon, Senior Director Cloud and SDN
  • KubeCon CloudNativeCon Europe: Scott Sneddon, Senior Director and SDN, Global Solutions and Business transformation at Juniper Networks
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    Securing Your NFV and SDN Integrated OpenStack Cloud: Challenges, Use-Cases and Solutions
  • Securing Your NFV and SDN Integrated OpenStack Cloud: Challenges, Use-Cases and Solutions - Sridhar Pothuganti, NXP; Trinath Somanchi, NXP
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    Plenary Session: SDN and NFV – Stepping Stones to the Telco Cloud
  • Prodip Sen, HPE Get the latest on SDN & NFV. Access more than 175 recorded sessions from Open Networking Summit 2016: http://bit.ly/21Dx79V ***** When NFV was initiated as a major industry init.....
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    SDN For The Cloud | Albert Greenberg, Microsoft Azure
  • Albert Greenberg, Distinguished Engineer and Director of Development for Microsoft Azure Networking, leading software and hardware development and engineering for Microsoft’s networks, for all Mi.....
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    Sponsor Demo Theater - Cloudwatt: Scalable SDN in Public Cloud with Cloudwatt
  • Full session details here: http://awe.sm/t7gR6
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    iPOP2016 Showcase Demo. "Remote Control of Industrial Robot by SDN and Cloud/Edge Computing"
  • The interoperability demonstration "Remote Control of Industrial Robot by Employing SDN-based Optical Network and Cloud/Edge Computing Technology" had been performed at iPOP2016 Showcase on 15-17.....
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    MEF Carrier Ethernet Cloud SDN Brief by Margaret Chiosi
  • MEF Carrier Ethernet Cloud SDN Brief by Margaret Chiosi, Technical Strategist at AT&T.
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    HP SDN innovations enabling Levi's cloud
  • What if you could provision, configure and manage your network on the fly? Or move virtual workloads or access applications from the cloud? Well, you can tod...
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    Alcatel-Lucent Cloud: NFV Mashup Series #3 - NFV+SDN: The New Way to Operate a Network
  • NFV and SDN promise orders-of-magnitude improvements in operational efficiency and simplicity. But what does it take to realize this promise? The focus of th...
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    2014 Network World Challenge: SDN – Liberating the Cloud
  • 2014 Network World Challenge: SDN – Liberating the Cloud.
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    Network Control, Cloud, and SDN: What Role Will the PCRF Play?
  • For more webinars, go to: http://www.infonetics.com/infonetics-events/ OVERVIEW As the emerging standards are fleshed out, it's becoming clear that software-...
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    Understanding SDN and the Coriant Dynamic Optical Cloud™
  • SDN is poised to dramatically change the way network operators interact with their transport networks, enabling more dynamic and more customizable networking...
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    HP Cloud OS Whiteboard Demo - Software Defined Networking (SDN)
  • Mark Perreira, Chief Architect of HP Cloud OS, whiteboards the software defined networking (SDN) capabilities in HP Cloud OS.
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    1401-1- Cloud Automation ServerFarm on SDN, How the RT-OSS can interact with the Orchestrator
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    SDN and OpenStack: Shaping the Future of Cloud Networking Innovation
  • Speakers: Sam Greenblatt (Dell), Mike Cohen (Big Switch Networks), Dan Mihai Dumitriu (Midokura), Nnamdi Orakwue (Dell) Software Defined Networking (SDN) is ...
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    Tallac Networks - SDN Wi-Fi Cloud platform
  • Bill and Paul's Excellent Venture: Tallac Network's Next Generation WiFi. We would appreciate your support through your vote @ http://www.velocityvc.com/cont...
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    [OpenFlow Korea] Controlling Secure SDN for Cloud Infrastructure : TANGO- NAIM Networks
  • Open & Virtual Networking Conference 2013 @Seoul - NAIM Networks Speaker - Ian Choi.
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    #vBrownBag 2014 OpenStack Paris - Tina Tsou – NFV/SDN Pioneer Series: Cloud Wo Case Study
  • vBrownBag 2014 OpenStack Paris - Tina Tsou – NFV/SDN Pioneer Series: Cloud Wo Case Study.
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    Cloud Computing Through SDN Communications
  • www.sdncommunications.com If your business is looking to unify all of your communications to help drive productivity, improve performance and security, and r...
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    Open Networking and SDN for OpenStack Cloud
  • Open Networking and SDN for OpenStack Cloud features Dell's Adnan Bhutta. This session will discuss how todays software defined enterprises need agile networ...
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    Managing Networks in the Age of Cloud, SDN, and Big Data: Network Management Megatrends 2014
  • Enterprise Management Associates™ (EMA) has conducted a major research study to assess and better understand the current and emerging influences affecting th...
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    TechDays 2015 - La Sécurité du CLOUD et du SDN par Intel Security
  • Toujours plus de mobilité ! Nos laptops et tablettes ont subi une cure de minceur aussi bien au niveau du poids que de l'épaisseur, mais ce n'est pas fini. D...
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    PLNOG12: Jak łatwo stworzyć swój własny private Cloud z SDN. - Przemysław Grygiel (Mirantis)
  • W trakcie prezentacji chciałbym pokazać jak na przykładzie rozwiązań Mirantis można w łatwy i bezbolesny sposób uruchamiać własny prywatny Cloud na bazie Ope...
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    SDN, Cloud, Big Data: A Conversation with Lew Tucker
  • SDN, Cloud, Big Data and the Internet of Everything -- learn more about the latest tech trends in this interview with Lew Tucker, Vice President and CTO of C...
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    Martin Lipka from cloud provider Pulsant talks SDN architecture with Nathan Pearce
  • Pulsant has built its SDN architecture on Cisco and F5; Martin Lipka, responsible for Pulsant's network strategy, explains his views on SDN and why Cisco and...
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    Question: How Do I Implement the SDN and Cloud Security
  • need your candid advice. I am currently doing my MSc. in Computer and Network Security. I chose two topics for my Theses/Disseration: Software Defined Networ...
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    SDN Cloud Fabrics Using Big Virtual Switch, Big Network Controller, and Switch Light
  • Guido Appenzeller, CEO and Co-Founder of Big Switch Networks, introduces SDN cloud fabrics and Rob Sherwood, CTO, demonstrates these using Big Virtual Switch...
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    NEC and Microsoft: Delivering Open, Standards-based SDN for Cloud Agility
  • NEC has teamed with Microsoft to deliver next generation networks that are programmable, flexible, open and standards-based for Windows Server and Microsoft ...
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    Cloud/SDN in Service Provider Networks, Dr. Marcus Brunner (Open Cloud Day 2013)
  • Cloud/SDN in Service Provider Networks Dr. Marcus Brunner, Head of Standardization, Swisscom The cloud paradigm is so far applied to IT as a Service type mod...
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    Nuage Networks: Realizing your Cloud's Full Potential Nuage SDN
  • Please join Dave Twinam for an overview of the Nuage product offering and a walk through of some of the most common use cases for real world customer deploym...
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    Ericsson CTO on Cloud Solutions, Service Provider SDN #TMForumLive
  • Ulf Ewaldsson, Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer of Ericsson, elaborates on a topioc from his keynote presentation: how end-to-end, device-to-...
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    OpenDaylight: An Open Source SDN for Your OpenStack Cloud
  • OpenDaylight is an exciting new community-led, open source project focused on accelerating adoption of software-defined networking (SDN) by providing a robus...
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    Opening Up Your Network to Cloud Innovation with SDN: Guido Appenzeller, Big Switch Networks
  • Open Networking Summit 2012 (http://www.opennetsummit.org/) Opening up your network to cloud innovation with SDN by Guido Appenzeller, Big Switch Networks.
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    Open Networking in Action- SDN and NFV + OpenStack and Cloud
  • SDN and NFV are fast becoming de facto industry standards as networks become more virtualized and agile among a rapidly evolving ecosystem. In this panel discussion, networking experts from acros.....
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    Fundamentals of Cisco Software-Defined Networking
  • Learn more about ACI: http://cs.co/9008BSCea. SDN and network virtualization only offer temporary fixes and more complexity for your data center network. Real solutions must address root causes......
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    SDN OpenStack Integration: Virtual Enterprise and Residential Gateway Use Cases
  • SDN OpenStack Integration: Virtual Enterprise and Residential Gateway Use Cases Featuring Alan Kavanagh, Ericsson Inc. and Francois Lemarchand, Ericsson Inc Openstack is growing immensely and no.....
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    Sdn cloud computing
  • Contact Best Phd Projects Visit us: http://www.phdprojects.org/ http://www.phdprojects.org/phd-research-topic-in-neural-networks/
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    How the Cloud and SDN Killed the Traditional LAN
  • SD-LAN
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    Carrier NFV and SDN Lessons from Virtual CPE Deployments
  • For more webinars, go to: https://www.infonetics.com/infonetics-events/ OVERVIEW Service providers around the world are investing time and energy into using NFV (network functions virtualization.....
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    Big Switch Networks Big Cloud Fabric 3.5: Ideal SDN Fabric for OpenStack and VMware
  • Rob Sherwood, CTO, introduces the latest updates in Big Cloud Fabric 3.5 and discusses use cases around OpenStack and VMware. Also discussed is the free online lab program offered by Big Switch N.....
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    eBay Classifieds Group Blends Cloud & SDN to Accelerate New Services
  • eBay Classifieds supports multiple internal clients and all of their requirements in more than 1,000 cities around the world. The company adopts cloud and virtualization services to get to market.....
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    Keynote: Cloud Native Networking- Amin Vahdat, Fellow & Technical Lead For Networking, Google
  • Keynote: Cloud Native Networking- Amin Vahdat, Fellow & Technical Lead For Networking, Google About Amin Vahdat Google Fellow & Technical Lead for Networking Amin Vahdat is a Google Fellow and T.....
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    PPT Berlin - Sodrek (Cloud) Vs. SdN (Kirby) - Pools Wave A - Smash 4 Singles
  • PPT Berlin Berlin, Germany October 27-29 2017 Follow and subscribe us: www.Geekygoonsquad.com www.twitch.tv/geekygoonsquad www.twitter.com/geekygoonsquad www.facebook.com/geekygoonsquad Visit a.....
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    GOOGLE ANDROMEDA|Virtual Network|Cloud sdn|GOOGLE FUTURE plan
  • Two independent and reliable sources have confirmed to us that Google is planning a new Pixel laptop to be released in Q3 2017. The project, known internally as 'Bison' and by the informal nickna.....
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    O futuro do Openstack, NFV, SDN e Cloud Computing - FISL 15
  • O futuro do Openstack, NFV, SDN e Cloud Computing Palestrante: Marcelo Dieder.
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    Building hybrid cloud agility with Software Defined Networks (SDN)
  • Watch this lecture to learn how SDN answers the need for a more dynamic, flexible network infrastructure and the network transformation roadmap to get you there. For more information: www.ibm.co...
  • #67572 youtube 01:00:55

    Evolution of SDN in Google’s Network Infrastructure- Vijoy Pandey
  • Evolution of Software Defined Networking in Google’s Network Infrastructure - Vijoy Pandey, Google http://sched.co/7j8X Google has long been a pioneer in distributed computing and data processin.....
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    Day 1, Cloud Native SDN for Kubernetes; KubeCon EU 2016
  • Juergen Brendel is Director of Engineering and co-founder at Pani Networks where he runs development of the Romana project. Prior to Pani Networks, Juergen was at Cisco working on OpenStack Neu.....
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    SDN Fundamentals
  • In this Nugget, Anthony Sequeira describes software defined networking in a way that everyone can understand. This is a small slice of his Cisco Cloud Fundamentals course at CBT Nuggets. This cou.....
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    Broadband Forum Embraces Business End Of NFV SDN And Cloud NFV SDN Reality Check Ep 85
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    Integration of an Open-Source SDN Router in a Cloud Infrastructure
  • In collaboration with TELUS and Noviflow, CENGN presents its first technical webinar. Next generation networks expert Moshiur Rahman explores the integration of an open-source SDN router. For i.....
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    The Convergence of Carrier Ethernet, Cloud and SDN: Challenges, Opportunities and the Work Ahead
  • A presentation delivered on 10th December 2013 at the Carrier Network Virtualization conference in Palo Alto by Shazia Hasnie, Senior Director of Network Architecture and Strategy at Megapath, US.....
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    ENEI Dia 3 | Cloud, SDN e NFV
  • Já todos ouvimos falar na Cloud e, no geral, já entendemos as suas vantagens e desvantagens. Mas o que realmente acontece atrás das cortinas? Mais recentemente, o conceito de Software-Defined Ne.....
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    What is a Software Defined Network
  • This video explains what a Software Defined Network (SDN) is as well as the control and data components and how they work with one another. Animation is used to illustrate how connections are ma.....
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    Introduction to SDN (Software-defined Networking)
  • Introduction to SDN (Software-defined Networking). Twitter: @davidmahler LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidmahler Links: Introduction to OpenFlow: http://youtu.be/l25Ukkmk6Sk Open Netwo.....
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    Broadband Forum embraces business end of NFV, SDN and cloud – NFV/SDN Reality Check Ep. 85
  • On this week’s NFV/SDN Reality Check we speak with Robin Mersh, CEO at the Broadband Forum, on how it expects its recently introduced focus the business end of network functions virtualization, s.....
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    Traditional Networking to Cloud / SDN Book Suggestion
  • This video is only for your guidance, to get the proper knowledge. The Books suggested in this video is "Designing Networks and Services for the Cloud"
  • #130666 youtube

    How to move from Traditional Networking field to SDN & Cloud Computing
  • This video will help you to understand how to move on in your career from Traditional Networking field to SDN & Cloud Computing
  • #130665 youtube

    Software Defined Networking in an Open-Source Compute Cloud SDN
  • Software-defined networking (SDN) is an approach to computer networking that allows network administrators to manage network services through abstraction of lower-level functionality. This is don.....
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    Case Studies: Private Cloud using SDN with Nuage Networks VSP and Avi Networks CADP
  • Case Studies: Private Cloud using SDN. Webinar Tuesday, March 24, 2015. Speakers: Amir Sharif, Business Development at Nuage Networks and Ashish Shah, Product Marketing and Technology ...
  • #65822 youtube 00:45:33

    The impact of cloud and SDN on enterprise network vendor business models
  • With hardware commoditization driven by cloud and software-defined networking (SDN) threatening to upend the networking industry, enterprise network vendors are transforming their business...
  • #65821 youtube 00:43:48

    Cloud computing with Virtualization NFv SDN and OpenFlow clip1
  • Cloud Computing with Virtualization, NFv, SDN and Openflow -Cloud Computing -Open Computing -Server Virtualization Technologiy -NFv(Network Function Virtualiszation) -SDN(Software Defined Network.....
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    ONS2014 Keynote: Albert Greenberg, Microsoft / Azure
  • Topic: Albert will present SDN solutions that are at the core of Microsoft's massive Azure infrastructure and how SDN enabled Microsoft to deliver networking features to customers faster. Albert.....
  • #101977 youtube

    Kubernetes v1.2 Multi-tenant Networking with Romana Cloud Native SDN
  • Re-recording of the Romana Lightening talk at the Kubernetes Meetup. The original had poor audio and some problems with the slides. More info at romana.io
  • #78260 youtube

    Microsoft's SDN and cloud strategy - and joint initiatives with F5
  • Microsoft experts Arnaud Lheureux and Stanislas Quastana presenting F5 and Microsoft joint initiatives during a visit to F5's London International Technology...
  • #65113 youtube 00:02:58

    Managing the Telco Cloud: Preparing for NFV and SDN
  • NFV and SDN are critical technologies to fully realize the benefits of Cloud Computing. Cloud based services is dependent not only on virtualization technolo...
  • #65112 youtube 00:13:11

    NFV and SDN: Architecture and optimizations for the LTE and 5G Wireless network
  • The Presentation will outline the KPIs and key optimizations at the platform, NFVi and Stack level in implementing wireless base station stack and Telco Edge cloud on Intel Architecture. The pre.....
  • #138607 youtube

    Carrier SDN: On-demand networks for the cloud era
  • Alcatel-Lucent's IPRT CTO Steve Vogelang’s keynote address at the LightReading Carrier SDN event in Denver CO, May 2015. To thrive and quickly deliver high-quality network services in today’s clo.....
  • #69483 youtube

    TM Forum Catalyst: Multi-Cloud SDN-NFV Service Orchestration
  • This Catalyst demonstrates how to reduce the time and cost of delivering complex multi-cloud services and handle lifecycle management for underlying virtualized infrastructures. Participating com.....
  • #69482 youtube

    Alibabas Private Infrastructure Cloud and SDN Practice
  • We are building our infrastructure-aas based on openstack from 2011. Relative to Public Cloud, Private Cloud has more especially requirements, such as the special network architecture,the special.....
  • #133541 youtube

    Nokia - Nokia SDN & NFV Bringing Dynamic Service Chaining to th
  • NFV and SDN bring together a promise for service agility and OPEX reduction through extreme automation of IT and networking processes in a Service Provider environment. Nokia's CloudBand NFV port.....
  • #113039 youtube

    Editorial Webinar: Diameter signaling impact/benefits/challenges in a NFV, SDN, cloud world
  • The move towards all-IP networks has allowed telecom operators to more finely parse out value from their service offerings due to more detailed insight into what is traveling across those network.....
  • #107956 youtube

    How Nokia Cloud Packet Core benefits carriers, 5G – NFV/SDN Reality Check Ep. 86
  • On this week’s NFV/SDN Reality Check, brought to you by Nokia, we speak with Nick Cadwgan, director of IP mobile networking at Nokia, to discuss the operator benefits of the company’s Cloud Packe.....
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