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Behind the Live Sound of Coldplay
  • Watch FOH/studio engineer and producer Daniel Green as he shares his approach to mixing Coldplay live at the Hollywood Bowl and discusses his favorite plugins for live sound. C6: http://www.waves.....
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    Linkin Park "The Hunting Party" Tour 2014 • System Tech Vic Wagner about the Sound and JBL VTX
  • Linkin Park have been in business for almost twenty years - one of the best-selling bands of the decade. Ken "Pooch" Van Druten at the Front of House and Vic Wagner as Systech create the Wall of .....
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    Ringing Out Your Venue PA | Tuning Your Sound System Graphic Equalizers
  • Join Scott and Chad as we Ring Out a venue PA using a Graphic Equalizers. Gear used in this video: Midas M32R (Mixing Board) Shure SM58 (Mic) Crown Amps and EAW Cabs (Sound System) American Voc.....
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    Sound Reinforcement (1 of 6): The Room
  • MSW engineer Rob Moore discusses how a room’s overall sound is determined by its size and shape, the qualities of its reflective surfaces, and other factors. Related issues such as speaker placem.....
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    Stage Left Audio - Event Video 12
  • Overview of the sound system setup for a Latin festival in Durham, North Carolina. Sound system configured for this event: ~11,000 watts main PA ~19 inputs Wireless and wired mics FOH mid/high c.....
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    Live Sound 101: Sound Reinforcement Systems
  • http://LiveSound101.com - Welcome to the fifth video in my Live Sound 101 video series. In this video I'll talk about sound reinforcements systems (aka live ...
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    Setting up a basic P.A. system | Crutchfield video
  • Live sound gear at Crutchfield: https://goo.gl/Yqrz9C We always set up a P.A. for a live band to play during our company picnic, and this time we tagged along with our live sound expert so we ca.....
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    A brief history of live sound reinforcement
  • A presentation that I put together recently for a group of university students in Singapore. We normally don't go into this type of detail when training new sound engineers but I made an exceptio.....
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    A Live Sound Training Template
  • How does one train a live sound engineer? Over the past twelve years and several hundred students I have developed a step by step method that I feel can function as a template for any company, cl.....
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    Dave Rat - How to EQ a Live Sound Reinforcement System - Some Tricks
  • Dave Rat describes how to EQ a live sound system and describes a simple method of achieving consist sound. What to EQ with the channel strips? What do you eq...
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    Live Sound with Jon Lemon: From the Studio to the Stage
  • Jon Lemon (Sia, Nine Inch Nails, Beck, Depeche Mode) explains how he goes from the stage to the studio and back with his favorite plugins and mixing techniques. Learn more: http://www.waves.com/l.....
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    Live Sound 101: Introduction
  • http://LiveSound101.com - Welcome to the first video in my Live Sound 101 video series. This is a great place to start if you're new to live sound. 00:25 How...
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    1/6 Yamaha Live Sound Clinic - Mixing a Live Band w/ Emke
  • John Schauer from Yamaha shows us how to use a mixer to setup a live band Emke helps out on stage http://www.myspace.com/emke4ever.
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    My #1 piece of professional advice for live-sound engineers
  • Episode #1. After nearly ten years mixing at one of America's most beloved and well respected live music venues this is what I've found to create more gratitude and goodwill from performers than .....
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    Live Sound - Small Event Requirements and PA Setup
  • BASICS FOR PEOPLE WANTING TO DO IT THEMSELVES! My first of a few small informative videos about technical requirements and layout for your own event. Hopefully it will be enough for people who do.....
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    How to Incorporate a Digital Mixer into Your Live Sound System
  • Mitch Gallagher shares expert advice on integrating a digital mixer into your live sound system. For this video Mitch is using a Behringer X Air X18 digital mixer, connected to a pair of QSC K12 .....
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    How to setup a Pro Audio Sound Reinforcement System
  • This video will get you started on how to setup a Pro Audio Sound Reinforcement System. It covers the components and how each one works in a basic Pro Audio Sound Reinforcement System . Visit.....
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