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Build Fast and Reliable Big Data Apps on Azure HDInsight
  • Webinar: How to build fast and reliable big data apps on Azure HDInsight clusters, on premises or in the cloud, using Azure, Spark, Kafka, Hadoop, etc. with transparent performance management pro.....
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    Big Data Monitoring
  • Big or small, you need to monitor your Big Data. Getting the most out of it requires monitoring the system for performance, capacity, and overall health. This video shows how people with real wor.....
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    Unravel Data DataOps Demo
  • Kunal Agarwal, co-founder and CEO of Unravel Data, gives a demo of Unravel's product. Sign up for a live demo at www.unraveldata.com/demo Unravel Data is a DataOps vendor that provides an appli.....
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    Multi-Cloud Portability with Cloudera
  • This demo will walk through spinning up transient Cloudera clusters on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and running the same ETL job on each of them to .....
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    Apache Pig scripts with Lipstick by Jeff Magnusson
  • Video Intro Animation provided by http://animoto.com/ More info and slides here: http://www.hakkalabs.co/articles/pig-with-lipstick/ In this talk Manager of Data Platform Architecture Jeff Mag.....
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    Akshay Rai – Dr. Elephant - Self-Serve Performance Tuning for Hadoop and Spark
  • Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/aksmlore/the-fifth-elephant-2016-selfserve-performance-tuning-for-hadoop-and-spark Hadoop is a framework that facilitates the distributed storage and processing.....
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    Hadoop Clusters in HDInsight
  • Ready to continue your big data deep dive? In this in-depth course, a key part of the analytics portion of the MVA Data Series, explore Hadoop on HDInsight. Hadoop is a Java-based, open source Ap.....
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    The Open Source Era - Unravel the Benefits of Open Source
  • Ever wondered why are organizations shifting to open source? Watch this video to know about the benefits that Open Source software offers and how companies are using it.
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    Menlo at Strata — From Pilot to Production: What Happens When Big Data Projects Grow Up
  • Menlo's panel "From Pilot to Production" discusses the challenges of data discovery, reliability, performance, access control, and life-cycle management with Daniel Sturman of Cloudera, Nick Heud.....
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    Using solr-start.com effectively
  • Introduction to the effective navigation methods through the Solr resource website http://www.solr-start.com/
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    Cloudera Data Science Workbench Quickstart Demo
  • This video demonstrates how to create and run a project on Cloudera Data Science Workbench. For more information on this product, see the CDSW Documentation at https://www.cloudera.com/documenta.....
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    Unravel on Azure HDInsight (Demo)
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    Monitoring and Managing Hadoop with Ambari Web UI
  • Ready to continue your big data deep dive? In this in-depth course, a key part of the analytics portion of the MVA Data Series, explore Hadoop on HDInsight. Hadoop is a Java-based, open source Ap.....
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    How Autodesk uses Intelligent Management to solve their big data operations challenges
  • Learn how Autodesk uses and manages big data applications such as Hadoop, Spark and NoSQL
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    Open Source's Role in Innovation
  • Tom Reilly, CEO, Cloudera, emphasizes the importance of open source in the innovation community and how competitors also liaise as collaborators in this new environment.
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    Apache Tika- Istallation and Demo
  • This is a tutorial on Apache -Tika Parser tool.In this tutorial you will get the full instruction about the installation and running the Tika library from various methods.
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    How to Build and Run Reliable Machine Learning Apps
  • This demo shows (through a suite of different kinds of big data applications) how Unravel provides a single pane of glass for your entire artificial intelligence/machine learning big data applica.....
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    Simplifying DataOps: Unravel demo video with Henry Eckerson
  • Unravel is all about making sure that your Big Data applications are fast and reliable, and your entire Big Data infrastructure and setup is cost-efficient and highly utilized as well. In product.....
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    T.K. Rengarajan - MCEC Grand Opening
  • T.K. Rengarajan, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft, talks grand opening of MCEC in Vancouver on June 17, 2016.
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    Unravel Demo - How Unravel Complements Hortonworks Apache Ambari
  • Watch this demo to see how you can run more big data applications, pipelines and workflows in production, reliably, cost-effectively, and ensure that applications, pipelines and workflows meet bu.....
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    sqoop hadoop Ambari for Big Data Processing projects
  • Contact Best Hadoop Projects Visit us: http://hadoopproject.com/
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    Harnessing the Cloud for your Big Data Strategy: Impetus Webinar
  • Impetus webcast 'Harnessing the Cloud for your Big Data Strategy' available at http://lf1.me/tI/ • 1. Harnessing the Cloud for your Big Data Strategy • 2. OutlineWhat is Big Data?The concern ar.....
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    Real-time Streaming with Apache Spark to solve the Lost in Las Vegas Mystery
  • Part 4 of 4 - Big Data Dudes - The Lost in Las Vegas Mystery After previously making a shocking discovery, the Big Data Dudes use real-time streaming data analysis to solve The Lost in Las Vegas .....
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    #BDAM: Improving App and Cluster perf for Big Data Stacks, by Kunal Agarwal, Unravel Data
  • Speaker: Kunal Agarwal, Unravel Data Big Data Applications Meetup, 03/29/2017 Palo Alto, CA More info here: http://www.meetup.com/BigDataApps/ Link to slides: (coming soon) About the talk: L.....
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    Unravel Data raises 15M Series B for its big data performance monitoring platform
  • Big data systems tend to be large, complex and often hard to troubleshoot. In the world of databases, web and mobile stacks, application performance management services like AppDynamics and New R.....
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    Applying AI to Automate Big Data Application Performance Tuning
  • What's covered in this insightful interview is the historical taxonomy of the application performance management software (APM software) category and vendors. Just recently, Cloudera and Hortonwo.....
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    Kunal Agarwal, Unravel Data | Big Data SV 2018
  • Kunal Agarwal talks with Lisa Martin at Big Data SV 2018 at the Forager Eatery in San Jose, CA.
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    Unravel on HDInsight QuickStart
  • Quick start video of Unravel on Azure HDInsight cluster
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    Bin Yu: How data scientists can team with other disciplines
  • A multidisciplinary team of data scientists, biologists and computer scientists is working to unravel the workings of the genomic network of the fruit fly, an insect that shares a significant amo.....
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    How Unravel Data help Big Data apps work well | Kunal Agarwal
  • In this interview, Swapnil Bhartiya sat down with Kunal Agarwal to talk about Open Source and Big Data.
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    658: Unravel DataApplication Performance Management (APM) for Big Data
  • Currently, there’s only one application performance management (APM) solution for big data that correlates full-stack performance metrics while providing automated insights and recommendations. I.....
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    Blink Improved Runtime for Flink and its Application in Alibaba Search
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    Unravel Data Demo - Big Data Application Performance Management
  • Unravel Data product demo.
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    Unraveling mysteries of the Universe at CERN, with OpenStack and Hadoop by Piotr Turek
  • Piotr talks about the challenges faced, lessons learned and fun he had while reinventing the way offline data analysis is done at one of LHC (Large Hadron Collider) experiments. A journey, which .....
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    The Future of BIG Data - Hadoop 2.0 & Yarn
  • Want to be a Hadoop Developer? - http://skillspeed.com/course/big-data-and-hadoop/ This Hadoop 2.0 and Yarn tutorial will unravel the pro and cons of Hadoop 2.0 & Yarn; covering Fundamentals an.....
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    Building a Repository of Biomedical Ontologies with Neo4j
  • In this lightning talk from GraphConnect Europe 2016, Simon Jupp of the European Bioinformatics Institute discusses the application they built to track ontologies. He also discusses why they cho.....
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    MapReduce vs Pig Latin | HDFS | Hadoop & BIG Data
  • This is a tutorial on MapReduce and Pig Latin – ✓Basics ✓ Difference ✓ Live Case Study ✓ Can Pig replace Mapreduce programs? This session will help you to choose the right language...
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    Hadoop Hive Tutorial | Hive Basics | Big Data Analytics via Apache Hive
  • Want to be a Hadoop Developer? - http://skillspeed.com/course/big-data-and-hadoop/ This Hadoop Hive Tutorial will unravel the complete Hive Architecture, Hive Commands, Hive Fundamentals...
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    Hadoop & Big Data Test Driven Development via Pig-Unit
  • Want to be a Hadoop Developer? - http://skillspeed.com/course/big-data-and-hadoop/ This Test Driven Development via Hadoop tutorial will unravel the usage of Pig in processing TDD progams....
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    Hadoop HDFS Tutorial | Introduction to HDFS
  • Want to be a Hadoop Developer? - http://skillspeed.com/course/big-data-and-hadoop/ This Hadoop HDFS Tutorial will unravel the complete Hadoop Distributed File System including HDFS Internals,...
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    Hadoop Data Loading – Data Loading in Hadoop
  • Want to be a Hadoop Developer? - http://skillspeed.com/course/big-data-and-hadoop/ This Hadoop Data Loading tutorial will unravel various techniques of Data Loading in Hadoop such as Sqoop,...
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    Unravel - A story of Connection and Yarn - Live Part 1
  • Leave a like if you enjoy the stream! Thanks for the support! : D Want more videos like this? Subscribe now! ►►► SUBSCRIBE: ►►► http://goo.gl/KFgqTA Check out Mr eYeCe's channel for more crazy .....
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    Big Data will help enterprises gain advantage over sophisticated hackers
  • http://www.bigdatatraining.in/hadoop-training-chennai/ In machine learning and pattern recognition, a feature is an individual measurable heuristic property ...
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    Jeff Magnusson @ Unravel Big Data MeetUp
  • 03.26.2015 / Unravel Big Data MeetUp Menlo Park, CA www.unraveldata.com.
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    Sean Poulley - IBM Insight 2015 - theCUBE - #ibminsight
  • 01. Sean Poulley, IBM Analytics, Visits #theCUBE. (00:24) 02. Data Is Now Hybrid in Every Way. (00:46) 03. Hadoop's Complexity Is a Barrier to Adoption. (01:39) 04. IBM Investing Heavily in Spark.....
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    Maximize Big Data Application Performance and ROI
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    How StitchFix solves problems with their spark applications
  • Learn about the tools and tricks that StitchFix uses to solve problems with their spark applications such as performance, errors and inefficiencies. Unravel provides full-stack performance inte.....
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    SAS Make Life Easier - Unravel Travel TV
  • SAS's vision is to make life easier for Scandinavia´s frequent traveler. With SAS you are part of of a community experiencing easy, joyful and reliable services, delivered the Scandinavian way. .....
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    How to Quickly Fix Problems while Operationalizing Big Data Apps
  • Dr. Shivnath Babu - Co-founder and CTO of Unravel 55th Bay Area Hadoop User Group (HUG) Meetup www.unraveldata.com
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    Doug and John Talk Latent Semantic Indexing
  • OSC Consultants Doug Turnbull and John Berryman talk about Latent Semantic Indexing and Solr at the DC Hadoop User Group.
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    'India has opportunity to develop products in big data analytics space'
  • http://www.bigdatatraining.in/hadoop-training-chennai/ http://www.hadooptrainingchennai.in/hadoop-training-in-chennai/ Machine learning is the science of getting computers to act without...
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    Just Graduated 2014 Opening Video | IEEE AlexSB
  • Just Graduated is a Three-day extensive series of talks and workshops. The main theme of the event is to increase the students' knowledge about the new environment they are supposed to face...
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    Google I/O 2014 - Big data, the Cloud way: Accelerated and simplified
  • Speaker(s): William Vambenepe Description: Making sense of your Big Data problems doesn't have to require a herculean effort. Deriving meaning from your data...
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    SkydogCON 2013: The Dark Arts of OSINT - Security Phreak & SkyDog
  • Brought straight from DEFCON, catch SkyDog and some other guy unravel the mysteries of OSINT! THE DARK ARTS OF OSINT The proliferation and availability of public information has increased...
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    Introduction: Unraveling Machine and Social Data Analytics On the IBM Big Data Platform
  • Good afternoon ladies and gentleman, welcome to Techgig Webinar series and endeavor to empower techies. We believe that sharing of knowledge is the key to enhance our skills and grow us as...
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    Open Enterprise Hadoop
  • Open Enterprise Hadoop is a new paradigm that scales with the demands of your big data applications. It is supported by a rich and growing partner ecosystem that enables enterprises to meet the .....
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    Setting up Hortonworks Resourcemanager High Availability using Ambari
  • Video doesn't have audio bydefault.
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    2. Cluster Health | Monitoring Kafka in Confluent Control Center
  • Try the demo: https://github.com/confluentinc/cp-demo | Gwen explains how Confluent Control Center monitors your Apache Kafka deployments with key indicators for system health and capacity planni.....
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    Spark in Production and Spark HBase
  • The live stream actually starts at 6:30 PM. This event will be held at Hortonworks SF Office, a 8 min walk from the Hilton Union Square where Spark Summit 2016 is taking place. We have 3 speake.....
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    Gannett Data Debacle Continues to Unravel
  • A data breach at a suburban NYC newspaper is even more disturbing that it seemed -- and raises even more questions about post-breach notification.
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    Hadoop IBM Big Insights Training In Chennai
  • Hadoop IBM Big Insights Training In Chennai http://www.bigdatatraining.in/ http://www.bigdatatraining.in/training-schedule/ bigdatatraining.IN offers a wide ...
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    Advanced Data Visualization - How you can use it to your advantage
  • Data Visualization has been around for centuries with cave paintings having been used to depict and preserve a story. In this webinar, we will unravel the different forms of data visualization...
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    Unraveling the Mobile Web
  • This is a series of three webcasts so please be sure to register for series two and three. In this first series of three, Mobile Web browsing is exploding and with it the importance of Mobile...
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    Copy of An hour with Big Data and Hadoop Architecture
  • http://www.techgig.com/expert-speak/An-hour-with-Big-Data-and-Hadoop-Architecture-565 Data is heart of any domain/industry/application. Now a days it's a buzz in industry how to solve growing...
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    IBM tech talk series for Big Data Analytics - Introducing the new IBM PureSystems for Hadoop
  • IBM Tech Talk Series for Analytics & Big Data- Join the Hadoop Stampede - Introducing the New IBM PureData System for Hadoop Find out how the IBM PureData System for Hadoop can help you and.
  • #66142 youtube 00:38:31

    Using Sentry to Manage Table Access in Hue
  • #126036 youtube

    In a Minute: Unraveling the Complexity of Big Data
  • In this clip, Donald Hinman, Ph.D., the SVP of Data Strategy at Epsilon Targeting, presents an interesting analogy for big data, likening it to potential and kinetic energy. The webinar focused...
  • #66051 youtube 00:01:12

    Unraveling Machine and Social Data Analytics on the IBM Big Data Platform
  • http://www.techgig.com/expert-speak/Unraveling-Machine-and-Social-Data-Analytics-on-the-IBM-Big-Data-Platform-273 An exciting part of the new IBM BigInsights and Streams product release are...
  • #66050 youtube 01:15:25

    Big Data Analytics Webinar: Beyond BI + SQL on Hadoop
  • You CAN go beyond SQL on Hadoop! Turn big data into hard facts that enable you to drive actionable decisions throughout your enterprise. The Platfora Big Data Analytics 3.0 platform lets you...
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    Big SQL Real Time Queries in BigInsights Hadoop
  • #66048 youtube 01:03:06

    Informatica Big Data Edition: Complex File Parsing and Transformation on Hadoop
  • Many types of data such as social, mobile, sensor device, and industry standards have emerged recently containing a wealth of valuable information. Informatica PowerCenter with Hadoop can cost-ef.....
  • #66047 youtube 00:06:12

    InfoSphere Guardium Tech Talk: A holistic approach to data protection for Hadoop
  • Rodrigo Bisbal, InfoSphere Guardium CTP, describes how to use activity monitoring and data encryption to protect data in Hadoop clusters. He also shows how to use the InfoSphere Guardium ...
  • #66046 youtube 00:44:13

    How to monitor and optimize big data pipelines and workflows
  • In this demo, Unravel co-founder and CEO Kunal Agarwal shows how our big data APM monitoring software help you manage applications in production. Unravel's AI and ML-based knowledge base incorpor.....
  • #138869 youtube

    How to Run Spark Reliably and Optimize Spark Performance
  • Many big data applications are built in Spark now. From data transformation and SQL applications to real-time streaming applications and data pipelines powered by AI and machine learning, Spark h.....
  • #138868 youtube

    Architecture and Best Practices to Deploy Hadoop and Spark Clust
  • Using Big Data environments as analytics engines to gain useful insight on massive amounts of data in a manageable and timely manner can be a complex challenge. Using Sahara as the orchestration .....
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    Review of Ambari
  • Connect with me or follow me at https://www.linkedin.com/in/durga0gadiraju https://www.facebook.com/itversity https://github.com/dgadiraju https://www.youtube.com/itversityin https://twitter.com/.....
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    Big SQL V5 Install on HDP, Part 2 (HDP 2.6.1 Install)
  • Try Free Edition of the Big SQL sandbox https://www.ibm.com/us-en/marketplace/big-sql In part 2, I demonstrate how to setup Hortonworks HDP 2.6.1 from start to finish and discuss requirements for.....
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    Advanced Analytics in Hadoop
  • On June 12 Thomas Dinsmore gave a nice outline on tools and technologies that are out there handling analytics in Hadoop. It is a must watch for anyone looking for what advance analytics Hadoop...
  • #65844 youtube 01:12:06

    Unraveling the Mystery of Big Data
  • Curious about the Big Data hype? Want to find out just how big, BIG is? Who's using Big Data for what, and what can you use it for? How about the architecture underpinnings and technology stacks?...
  • #65843 youtube 00:57:03

    SQL on Hadoop: Defining the New Generation of Analytic Databases
  • he analytics and data warehousing industries are in the midst of a major period of transformation. Since the publication of Google?s MapReduce paper, we have witnessed the appearance of Apache...
  • #65842 youtube 00:42:41

    Best of Strata Santa Clara 2013: SQL on Hadoop Defining the New Generation of Analytic Databases
  • In this talk we will discuss the unavoidable cost and performance limitations of the connector-based approach employed by many established vendors and explai...
  • #16685 youtube 00:44:20

    Unraveling Hadoop Meltdown Mysteries (Part 2)
  • #65841 youtube 00:25:23

    Rocket Fuel optimizing Hadoop using Unravel
  • #65840 youtube 00:06:22

    Big Data: Chicago Is Putting Sensors All Over the City
  • Aug. 27 (Bloomberg) -- The city of Chicago is betting big on big data. Mayor Rahm Emanuel has given the green light to a project to install sensors on traffic poles that collect data on air quali.....
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    What is HIVE in Hadoop | Hadoop Hive Introduciton | Hadoop online training
  • For more information call us: +1-9404408084 (Toll Free) or +1- 845-207-3000 (USA) or emails us: info@salvetechs.com and visit us @ https://goo.gl/K8ENRm This Hadoop Hive Tutorial will unravel t.....
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    HUG Meetup Feb 2017: Learn How to Quickly Fix Problems while Operationalizing Big Data Apps
  • Spark and SQL-on-Hadoop have made it easier than ever for enterprises to create or migrate apps to the big data stack. Thousands of apps are being generated every day in the form of ETL and model.....
  • #103031 youtube

    Product demo Case #4
  • Case #4: How to Review Spark Applications and Identify Areas for Performance Improvements
  • #127411 youtube

    Unravel and Cloudera Manager for Big Data APM Demo
  • See how Unravel compliments Cloudera Manager to optimize and troubleshoot Big Data application performance - Big Data APM.
  • #114406 youtube

    Unravel Demo - How to Run Spark in Production Reliably
  • From data transformation and SQL applications to real-time streaming applications and data pipelines powered by AI and machine learning, Spark has made it easier than ever to create big data appl.....
  • #114405 youtube

    Real time Analytics via Apache Spark & Scala
  • Want to be a Spark & Scala Developer? - http://skillspeed.com/course/apache-spark-scala/ This Spark and Scala tutorial will unravel the pro and cons of Spark & Scala; covering Fundamentals and A.....
  • #71891 youtube

    Social Media & Web Analytics via Hadoop | BIG Data Social & Web Analytics
  • Want to be a Hadoop Developer? - http://skillspeed.com/course/big-data-and-hadoop/ This presentation will unravel applications of BIG Data & Hadoop in the realm of Social & Web Analytics. Not o.....
  • #69490 youtube

    Hadoop MapReduce Tutorial | MapReduce - Introduction & Programming
  • Want to be a Hadoop Developer? - http://skillspeed.com/course/big-data-and-hadoop/ This Hadoop MapReduce tutorial will unravel MapReduce Programming, MapReduce Commands, MapReduce Fundamentals,.....
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