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SAP Localization Hub, print forms service
  • SAP Localization Hub, print forms service provides a form printing API for cloud products that allows them to fill and print PDF forms, together with a fully localized template management and leg.....
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    Localization of apps and games in 60+ languages. Continuous localization
  • https://alconost.com/en/services/ios-localization — Learn the right way to organize localization for your app or game. So you’re a developer. You’ve got an app and decided to localize it. The th.....
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    Cloud Computing [ Smart Cloud IBM ]
  • cloud computing,what is cloud computing,cloud backup,iaas,cloud hosting,cloud computing companies,cloud security,cloud server,cloud technology,cloud app,hybrid cloud,cloud computing definition,ne.....
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    SAP Localization Hub, Print Forms Service – Custom Forms in Employee Central
  • This is a software demo of the use of SAP Localization Hub, print forms service in SuccessFactors Employee Central. This demo shows how to create a custom form template and use it to generate a f.....
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    Translation Management System TMS Localization Demo - gvAccess 3.0
  • Preview the latest in Translation Management Systems technology to showcase the integration of translation project management, resource management, online collaboration, translation memory,...
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    USP: pioneering cloud services in research and education
  • As one of the world’s leading research institutions, USP deployed the first and largest private cloud in Latin America with NetApp, Cisco and Citrix
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    LAI's Game Localization Process
  • A short (and fun!) movie that explains LAI's game localization process. For more information, including a no-obligation quote, please contact us at info@lai.com or call +1-650-571-7877.
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    What is DATA LOCALIZATION? What does DATA LOCALIZATION mean? DATA LOCALIZATION meaning & explanation
  • What is DATA LOCALIZATION? What does DATA LOCALIZATION mean? DATA LOCALIZATION meaning - DATA LOCALIZATION definition - DATA LOCALIZATION explanation. Source: Wikipedia.org article, adapted unde.....
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    SAP Localization Hub - Print Forms Service - Release 1608
  • This is a software demo of the SAP Localization Hub, print forms service, release 1608. The print forms service provides a form printing API for cloud products that allows them to fill and print .....
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    Website Translation and Localization Services
  • Grow your business with Website translation & Localization services. Potential clients located throughout the world are searching for new sellers. Shakti Translations offers website translation s.....
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    Salesforce User Localization Settings
  • Salesforce.com Certified Administrator Study Guide Comment and learn more @ http://certifiedondemand.com/salesforce-user-localization-settings/
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    Translation and Localization Project Manager at a Language Service Provider
  • A translation and localization project manager is continually working to optimize resource planning, track the workflow and control all the phases of the current project to make sure the delivere.....
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    Localization Trends: Language Technology, Providers, and Buyers
  • Massimo Ghislandi (SDL) speaks about important language industry trends in this exclusive interview with GALA. Who is buying localization? What changes are occurring in the translation industry? .....
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    Best Translation And Localization Services - A Complete Review
  • http://www.net-translators.com See why Net-Translators, a leading provider of translation, localization, and multilingual testing services, was just ranked No. 1 in Translation Services by TopTen.....
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    Quick Tip: Localization 101 (Route 85)
  • Translating your product -- it's easier than you think! On this episode of Route 85, Rony Rozen shows you how to set up your iOS Swift app so that it can be easily localized and translated later......
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    UTIC -2014. Challenges of building localization for a cloud-based software product.
  • Challenges of building localization from the ground up for a cloud-based software product: through the eyes of a customer and localization service providers. Olexander Pysaryuk. About speaker: h.....
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    Designing For and Responding To Cloud Service Issues
  • http://www.microsoft.eu/ Gain insight into a process to help cloud service providers design cloud services to meet customers' expectations. This video is part of the 3-part "Fundamentals of Clou.....
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    Cloud Insights in 5: “Living in a Multi-Cloud World"
  • Holger Mueller of Constellation Research shares his views on why managing multi clouds is a reality that most companies are challenged with today. Hear how and what you should consider in managin.....
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    C2RO Mobility: Cloud Based SLAM (Mapping, Localization) and Autonomous Navigation
  • Indoor service robots have a challenge navigating complex and unstructured environments. Visual SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) solves this by allowing robots to localize and map ind.....
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    Localization in Unity
  • How to correctly localize a game in Unity. Link to the GitHub project: https://github.com/DFTGames/UnityLocalization Link to translations: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17f0dQawb-s_Fd7D.....
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    Quick Tip: Advanced Localization (Route 85)
  • What's the difference between "Call" and "Call"? It turns out quite a lot. On this episode of Route 85, Rony Rozen shares some advanced tips and tricks for localizing your iOS Swift app for multi.....
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    SAP Business ByDesign Localization 2017: Localization Toolkit and Language Adaption Tool
  • Check out this informative webinar session to learn more about the concept of localization, the SAP Business ByDesign Localization toolkit, and a demo of the Language Adaption tool.
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    Google I/O 2013 - Developing for a Global Audience: Tools for Internationalization & Localization
  • Manish Bhargava So you want to expand to an international audience ... where to start? what does it entail? how do I do it? how to promote in local markets? This talk will address above questio.....
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    Mr. Locale - Easy localization service in cloud
  • Mr. Locale helps you localize and manage your website's or app's language versions centrally in cloud.
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    Outage management and fault localization in the cloud
  • In this interview Bruno Opitsch describes how automation solutions and remote control technology enhances the reliability of distribution grids. He also gives information on the benefits of FLiC .....
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    Fault localization in the cloud - Infographic
  • Fault localization in the cloud is a new, cloud-based service, which makes it possible to send fault information – including the fault location – directly to the maintenance crews. The result is .....
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    Cloud Storage & Data Residency - Legal Implications of Offshore Data Centres
  • Cloud Computing and Online Business blur the traditional boundaries of state & country. Just like travel, where ever the data and servers are, determines which laws and taxes apply. If data is s.....
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    SAP Localization Hub, Tax Service
  • SAP Localization Hub, tax service is your one-source for determining and computing country specific taxes, offering business flexibility in an extended heterogeneous and cross-deployment landscap.....
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  • In this episode we'll continue to talk about Wordpress and Localization. How to choose the best Wordpress plugin if you want to translate your website. There some criteria for this: - By price.....
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    SAP Localization Hub: Recruiting Service Integrated with Social Media
  • Using the SAP Localization Hub, social media integration service for China for SuccessFactors Recruiting, SAP SuccessFactors Recruitment Management customers can integrate with WeChat Official ac.....
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    L10N - Localization & Translation Services
  • http://www.kwintessential.co.uk/localization/localization-services.html - introductory video on the Kwintessential website about our localization L10N and translation services.
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    Localization Demo - Acumatica Cloud ERP
  • Video Title: Localization Demo - Acumatica Cloud ERP www.onechannel.cloud
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    SAP Cloud Platform - SAP Localization Hub, Tax Service
  • This video provides an overview to the SAP Localization Hub, Tax Service which is an independent consumable microservice on the SAP Cloud Platform. The Tax Service is a tax computation engine to .....
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    The Future of ERP is in the Cloud
  • SAP’s longstanding success in the ERP market is based on our ability to provide customers with innovative software solutions that leverage groundbreaking technologies. As we move into the digital.....
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    Connect Your Business to the Cloud
  • Quickly and easily connect your business to the cloud. Find out how by watching this captivating video.
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    TomTom: Demonstrating Lane Level Localization for Autonomous Driving
  • This video features a demo that leverages TomTom’s HD Map and RoadDNA data to provide lane-level localization of a vehicle. This combines content with TomTom correlation software to showcase our.....
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    Managing Server-based Translation/Localization Project
  • Cloud Computing and Collaborative Translation (CAT Tools + Server + Team + PM Management) - Project Manager Tasks - Project on server-based VISIT OUR NEW POST TO WATCH A SPECIAL ...
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    Cross platform localization strategies with Xamarin
  • Lori Lalonde talk at Let’s Dev This Community Roadshow at London Ontario .NET Developers meetup http://www.meetup.com/London-NET-Developers-Group/events/229740528/ Part 1 https://youtu.be/fmfrC.....
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    Tethras Localization Made Easy HD
  • A cloud-based solution that gives you greater control of your localised content. Localize and maintain apps, across multiple platforms in 50+ languages with Tethras. www.tethras.com
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    Cloud-based localization | MSc thesis presentation
  • Rehearsal for the presentation of my master thesis, which is taking place on December 20th 2013 in the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. The topic is cloud-based localization....
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    Moving to Cloud Computing: The Natural Evolution
  • For more information on how TELUS Cloud Computing can transform your business, visit: http://business.telus.com/enterprise/bc/mlb-cloud-services Advanced Canadian enterprises are evolving to clo.....
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