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Using PyCharm with GitHub
  • A walk-through of how to checkout a GitHub repository into PyCharm, how to work with the files there, and how to push changes back into GitHub.
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    Github for Windows Tutorial (3 min) - How to fork, clone, change and push a repository
  • Learn the basics of Github for Windows in only 3 min. Pull Request. Get the software here: https://windows.github.com/ Tutorial for Github for Windows Steps to clone a repo (fork), edit and .....
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    GitHub and Xcode
  • Whether you're a seasoned macOS developer or building your first iOS app, you'll learn how to connect two of the most powerful development tools around with Xcode's robust GitHub integration. We'.....
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    GitHub for Unity 1.0 Released
  • Github have just released their plugin for Unity, officially out of beta and available in a 1.0 release. GitHub for Unity extends the Unity UI to bring full GitHub plus LFS support to Unity enab.....
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    Basic operations with GitHub
  • Performing equivalents of Subversion checkout, commit and update on GitHub using Git GUI
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    Github Desktop Tutorial
  • A brief tutorial on how to use Github Desktop for Windows to manage your software development.
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    GitHub for Noobs (3/4) Using the GitHub Desktop App
  • In today's video we start with git using GitHub's Desktop App. It's super easy! - - - This video was sponsored by the DevTips Patron Community - https://www.patreon.com/DevTips Listen to Travi.....
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    How to Install and Configure Git and GitHub on Windows
  • Basic Git command List - http://www.codebind.com/linux-tutorials/basic-git-commands-list/ Set Up Git: git config --global user.name "Your Name" git config --global user.email "youremail@domain.c.....
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    Git and GitHub for Beginners: GitHub basics, and how to use GitHub Desktop
  • Want to use GitHub, but can't really figure it out? In this video, I look at the basics of using GitHub, including using GitHub Desktop. It's a nice application that lets us use GitHub without ne.....
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    Github Tutorial For Beginners - Github Basics for Mac or Windows & Source Control Basics
  • Github Tutorial For Beginners - learn Github for Mac or Github for windows If you've been wanting to learn Github, now's the perfect time! Github is seen as a big requirement by most employers...
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    Git GUI Tutorial
  • Bitbucket - www.bitbucket.org Git - www.git-scm.com
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    GitHub Desktop Quick Intro For Windows
  • Subscribe for more content: http://vid.io/xqZ4 Check out our other videos: http://vid.io/xqZ9 If you don't like working with Git command line, then GitHub Desktop is exactly what you need! Avoid.....
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    General Overview about the Github Web UI
  • A short overview about the TiddlyWiki5 repository using github web ui.
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    GitHub - Step by Step For Beginners using SourceTree GUI
  • GitHub - https://github.com/ SourceTree - https://www.atlassian.com/software/sourcetree/overview
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    GitHub Tutorial for Beginners | The Basics
  • GitHub is a hosting provider for your Git repositories. Getting started can be difficult, so let’s make things easier in this video! ---------- Want to learn something totally different? Check .....
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    GITHUB PULL REQUEST, Branching, Merging & Team Workflow
  • Github Pull Requests are an integral part of Team Workflow. This video covers how to make a new Github feature branch, merge that branch, handle merge conflicts, submit a pull request, discuss t.....
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    Setting up a github webhook URL for Issue & PR notifictions
  • https://github.com/serverless/scope
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    Github Tutorial #1 - intro, account creation, web interface
  • In this first github tutorial we cover the following items: 1. github as a tool for collaboration 2. creating a github account 3. using the github web interface Text editor recommendations: htt.....
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    How to use GitHub Desktop Application
  • This enumerates the step by step procedure of how to synchronize a project to the github.com repository using the GitHub Desktop Application easily without the worries pose by the command line in.....
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    Introduction to Git and GitHub | Mr. Subba Raju
  • Introduction to Git and GitHub
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    Creating Branch in GitHub | Pull Request | Merge
  • Git is created by Linus Torvald Git is a Distributed Version Control System. Git is famous for project collaboration More than 1 person can work on project at the same time In this video we will.....
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