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vagrant 2015

Vagrant walk through with Virtual Box and OpenStack
  • In this video we walk through setting up vagrant to creating VM's from openstack and virtual box for development environments. Video website https://sites.google.com/site/openstackinthebasement.....
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    Feint - Vagrant ft. Veela (Amyte Piano Cover)
  • When I heard this song I immediately thought of two games, Halo and Final Fantasy X. Decided to make an intro with themes of those games into the cover. Enjoy! Want the sheet music for this? Che.....
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    DevOpsLibrary Episode 12: What is Vagrant?
  • Hello, this is Samantha with the DevOps Library, and today we’re going to begin our short course on Vagrant. If you’ve already seen our previous video on vagrant feel free to skip ahead to the m.....
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    Installing VVV (Varying Vagrant Vagrants) for WordPress development
  • In this video tutorial I will go through how to setup VVV (Varying Vagrant Vagrants) on your local machine for use in WordPress development. This video is part of an article I wrote that is avail.....
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    Jeff French - Awesomify Your Dev Environment with Docker + Vagrant [ Thunder Plains 2014 ]
  • But it works on my machine!” Oh, that terrible feeling when the code that runs like a champ in your dev environment falls flat on its face in production. And you don’t know why. A missing depend.....
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    How to add,install and run CentOS 7 Vagrant box to Virtualbox using Vagrant
  • How to install and run CentOS 7 box with vagrant using Virtualbox provider running on Linux . This is the easiest way to have Centos 7 running on Virtualbox and using SSH to control the VM with.....
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    Mac Web Development Environment with Virtualbox, Vagrant and Puppet
  • How to quickly set up a web development environment on Mac OS X using Virtualbox, Vagrant and Puppet / Puphpet.
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    Ruby on Rails - Railscasts #292 Virtual Machines With Vagrant
  • Vagrant allows you to run your Rails application and all of its dependencies in a portable, sharable environment. Use for development, set it up as a staging server, or experiment with a producti.....
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    Entornos de desarrollo profesionales con Vagrant #programadorIO
  • El próximo martes tenemos un #programadorIO que estamos seguros va a cambiar la manera con la que muchos de nosotros configuramos nuestros entornos de desarrollo, para hacerlos mucho más profesio.....
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    How to Build a Vagrant Box from scratch
  • This video tutorial shows you how to build a vagrant box from scratch. The example will guide you through a Ubuntu LAMP installation, from Virtual Machine to Vagrantfile.
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    รวม intro Vagrant Gamer 2015 - 2016
  • ีรวม intro 2015 - 2016 รักจาก วินดี้ :-) 💜💜💜 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ กด subscribe เพื่อติดตามคลิปใหม่ๆ 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCgyEOOwGM8srFxIHLRT25fw? ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ กรุณากด 3 ปุ่ม.....
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    Vagrant Basics
  • Shows the basic usage of Vagrant, how to spin up a single machine, and then how to spin up multiple machines using specific configurations such as IP Address, Network, hostname, and provisioning .....
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    Vagrant Emperor - Anax ephippiger - Zadellibel / Altea - Spain / 24-3-2015
  • Beschrijving
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    Vagrant and Puppet - How to automate provisioning and configuration on your guest machine
  • In this Vagrant tutorial you will learn a basic configuration of Puppet in a Vagrant virtual machine. We will see how to set up an automatic update for the guest machine, install, activate and re.....
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    DevOpsLibrary Episode 15: Vagrant Provisioning
  • Welcome to the fourth episode in our Vagrant course! Today we’ll talk about Vagrant Provisioning, which will allow us to run “vagrant up”, and have the entire environment all the way down to the.....
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    All Things Open 2015 | Seth Vargo - HashiCorp | Vagrant 101: Development Environments
  • All Things Open 2014 All Things Open 2015, October 19th and 20th, Raleigh NC. All Things Open 2015, October 19th and 20th, Raleigh NC.
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    Vagrant: Advanced Shell Provisioning with Nginx Load Balancer use case
  • Advanced Shell Provisioning with Vagrant In this video we look into the more advanced features of shell provisioning in Vagrant You can find the basic shell provisioning video here: https://www......
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    Vagrant e Docker
  • Neste vídeo vamos ver como usar o Vagrant e o Docker para gerenciar as tecnologias dos projetos Links comentados no vídeo: https://www.vagrantup.com https://www.docker.com https://hub.docker.co.....
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    Vagrant: Basic Shell Provisioning
  • Basic Shell Provisioning with Vagrant When setting up a new Vagrant machine for solo or team development, you may have a list of dependencies or prerequisites that you need to be running on the .....
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    Vagrant live 2015
  • Vagrant performing at Gordons Music and Sound, 2015.
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    Ondas/The Vagrant Mind - Live Theater 99 - 06-20-2015
  • original music by Pascal Fricke guitar: Pascal Fricke dancer: Irina Kozlova recorded live at "Nacht der Poesie und des Tanzes", Theater99, Aachen. filmed by Rebekka Krause-Paulus
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    Local Development With Vagrant - Part 01 - Setup, Scotch Box, Drupal, Database
  • In this episode of Local Development With Vagrant I'm going to show you how to install Scotch Box for Vagrant and then setup Drupal 8 site on it. Vagrant is an app for creating development envir.....
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    Harry Vagrant Santur Hijaz Esfahan European Rainbow Gathering 2015 Lithuania Hammered Dulcimer
  • On a rainy day at the Annual European Rainbow Gathering 2015. Video shot by my beautiful russian brother - Arseny Kodama
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    Simplify and run your development environments with Vagrant on OpenStack
  • Vagrant by HashiCorp is a powerful open source tool to maintain and build reproducible development environments by integrating configuration management software like Ansible, Puppet, or Full sess.....
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    DevOps Tools - Vagrant and Packer
  • From {code} by Dell EMC: This video covers Hashicorp's tools, Vagrant and Packer. Produced by Jonas Rosland and Matt Cowger
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    Git Vagrant Puppet PHP - Seminario 21 Gennaio 2015
  • Slides: http://slidesha.re/1xXsRlN
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    JavaOne 2015 - Java Developer Intro to Environment Management with Vagrant, Puppet, Docker - Demo 2
  • Second demo that hows how images can be pulled from the public Docker registry, linked together, injected with parameters and run. Wordpress and MySQL images are used to run containers.
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    LUG Meeting (PXE, Vagrant) 02-02-2015
  • UIUC ACM Linux User Group meeting video on 02-02-2015. Talks: PXE Boot, Vagrant Full Meeting Notes: https://github.com/ACMLug/meetings/blob/master/02-02-2015/notes.yml
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    Local Development With Vagrant - Part 03 - Virtual Hosts Setup
  • In this episode of Local Development With Vagrant we are going to make virtual hosts for the sites we made last time. In the last episode (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTSY2sjyYSE) we created.....
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    JavaOne 2015 - Java Developer Intro to Environment Management with Vagrant, Puppet, Docker - Demo 3
  • Building Docker Containers using Puppet for declarative, automated environment management
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    EBR (69): The Vagrant by Peter Newman
  • Eagle Book Reviews: The Vagrant by Peter Newman. (2015) The Vagrant: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23559647-the-vagrant?from_search=true&search_version=service Peter Newman: https://www.g.....
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    Vagrant vs Docker?
  • In this clip from Tim Sabat's interview (CodePen's server master), I ask him to tell us the difference between Vagrant and Docker. I've briefly used Docker in the past to experiment with other t.....
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    「Nightcore」~♫ Vagrant
  • Hope you like it .Enjoy:) ➞Please Subscribe If You Want More Nightcore Music And Support Us . Thanks More Information In Below -------------------- ♫ Artist: Feint, Veela ♫ Track: Vagrant .....
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    Modern Vagrant Whiz Jar 2015
  • Live on the Gratiot cruise
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    Vagrant: Networking Configuration
  • Networking with Vagrant Networking in Vagrant is simple, powerful and easy! In this video I will talk you through setting up three different network configurations running in Ubuntu 14.04 (Trus.....
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    Vagrant performing at O'Rileys in Dallas Tx. on Oct. 10th 2015
  • This performance was part of a memorial for Scott Arndt.
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    Afternoon In The Park: Vagrant | TransWorld SKATEboarding
  • The Vagrant team came through and got down and dirty in our park. You might recognize Shea Cooper and Frank Shaw from their recent Video Check Outs, and Danny Scher is a NS Krue OG! Video / HOLLA.....
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    Vagrant - Blue
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    An Introduction to Vagrant and Atlas
  • This video covers the basics of Vagrant, and how you can use the brand new Atlas service from Hashicorp to optimize your developer virtualization.
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  • Indie 2D action game THE VAGRANT Now on Kickstarter! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/607591819/the-vagrant
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    Using Vagrant, Docker, & Terraform to streamline your development & demo environments
  • Are developers and QA who are globally distributed on the same page in your organization? Are you spending too much time troubleshooting configuration issues instead of product issues? Do you hav.....
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    CS:GO - DreamHack Cluj-Napoca (Highlight/Fragmovie)
  • Some of the best actions from DH Cluj-Napoca! Hope you enjoyed! Want to see more in the future? Go subscribe! http://tinyurl.com/lm9spqf Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/virrecsgo I hope you li.....
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    Dutch Docker Day 2015 - Pipeline automation using Vagrant, Ansible, Docker, Swarm and Consul
  • Michiel Sens, Xebia, during his talk "Pipeline automation using Vagrant, Ansible, Docker, Swarm, Consul and Jenkins" at Dutch Docker Day 2015
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    Chibi's Smash Tournament 11/1/2015 Sensei vs Vagrant and Franknbean vs Vagrant
  • Capga Super Smash Bros. event held in Chibi's Boba on November 1, 2015 Sensei vs Vagrant Franknbean vs Vagrant Check out our sites: www.chibisboba.com capga.toybountyhunters.com www.toybountyh.....
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    [Goggles Off] Vagrant Story
  • Vagrant Story takes place in the world of Ivalice (maybe not), where you play as a human (maybe not), who must stop two dedicated groups from attaining "The Dark" (maybe not), while using every a.....
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    DevOpsLibrary Episode 1: Vagrant Tutorial
  • What is Vagrant you ask? If you’re on the operations side of the fence, Vagrant gives you a disposable testing environment, making it extremely easy to test new scripts or build a lab. If you’r.....
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    LORE - Vagrant Story Lore in a Minute!
  • MrRayHonda is here with your Vagrant Story Lore! Subscribe for more Lore: http://bit.ly/MoarLore See what's next on Maker.TV ► http://mker.tv/Lore Follow Lore on Twitter: https://twitter.com/lore.....
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    Learie Joseph ~ The Vagrant And The Police ( comedy )
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    JavaOne 2015 - Java Developer Intro to Environment Management with Vagrant, Puppet, Docker - Demo 1
  • This demo shows how Vagrant is used to make VirtualBox run a Linux Virtual Machine with Docker support and create a container in it based on the NGINX image, with special port forwarding. Subsequ.....
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    Vagrant: How to set up multiple boxes
  • How to set up multiple machines with Vagrant (also know as "Multi-Machine") Setting up multiple machines / boxes in vagrant is easy! In this video I will talk you through setting up three new b.....
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    Vagrant para Principiantes : Vagrant Package, Init, Package, Up.
  • El video intenta ser una demo de como empaquetar una maquina virtual Virtual box que estemos utilizando y queremos reutilizar en otro momento. Vagrant nos permite empaquetarla en una BOX y despu.....
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    Vagrant in 5 minutes
  • In this short video, Daniel Farrell tells us about Vagrant, a tool for working with Virtual Machines (VMs). A modular framework, even. Farrell tells us that it starts with a Vagrant file, simple .....
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    PHP development box using Vagrant and PuPHPet
  • Learn to create and manage your PHP environment using Vagrant and PuPHPet. Configure Apache and Mysql to start developing with PHPixie.
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    Vüzera Vagrant feat Ronas - İkamet (2015)
  • Produced By Aydın Baş Bydın Sound Photo By Esperanza HR-Beatz Yeni Vüzera Ronas ortaklığından bir eser sizlerle Keyifli Dinlemeler... Sözler (Lyrics) : Vüzera Vagrant Verse : biter.....
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    Chibi's Smash Tournament 11 1 2015 Final Match Vagrant vs Sensei
  • Capga Super Smash Bros. event held in Chibi's Boba on November 1, 2015 FINAL MATCH! Sensei vs Vagrant Check out our sites: www.chibisboba.com capga.toybountyhunters.com www.toybountyhunters.co.....
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    GTAC 2015: Unified Infra and CI Integration Testing (Docker/Vagrant)
  • http://g.co/gtac Slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1fRZUWG4ER2Z2MVnVZ7UmAHeC_NqqqFwlhyZKm2iLWbQ/pub Maxim Guenis (Supersonic) Developers struggle every day to have a working local .....
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    JavaOne 2015 - Java Developer Intro to Environment Management with Vagrant, Puppet, Docker - Demo 1
  • This demo shows how Vagrant is used to make VirtualBox run a Linux Virtual Machine with Docker support and create a container in it based on the NGINX image, with special port forwarding. Subsequ.....
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    FSOSS 2015 - Justin Flowers - Vagrant
  • FSOSS 2015 - Justin Flowers - Vagrant
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    connection timeout retrying vagrant
  • vagrant connection timeout retrying error boot up he vagrant box vagrant up View the ssh configuration vagrant ssh-config Try login to the with ssh identity file Vagrant stuck connectio.....
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    vagrant tutorial getting started vagrant boxes
  • How to work with vagrant Vagrant tutorial vagrant init vagrant box add hashicorp/precise32 add teh box in the Vagrant file boot your first Vagrant environment. vagrant up you can SSH into the ma.....
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    VVV Vagrant - Genesis Camp
  • Short Dev talk on using VVV Vagrant as a local WordPress workflow
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    Vagrant feat Veela
  • LIKE Y SUB TWIITER:https://twitter.com/ByRodrigomusic
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    Drupal 8 Build Process with Docker and Vagrant
  • Now that the release of Drupal 8 is finally here, it is time to adapt our Drupal 7 build process to Drupal 8, while utilizing Docker. This post will take you through how we construct sites on Dru.....
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    عرض سريع لتصميم المتشردة - Speed Art for Vagrant Design 2015
  • عرض سريع لتصميم المتشردة - Speed Art for Vagrant Design 2015 from Iraq Photoshop designer team من فريق عراق فوتوشوب المصمم أحمد المبرمج
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    The Vagrant Kickstarter Trailer HD 2015
  • Thank you for watching) Subscribe, Like, Share in social media!
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    Short Intorduction to Hashicorp's Otto (a successor to Vagrant)
  • Short Introduction to Hashicorp's Otto Hashicorp has recently released the successor to vagrant (read the press release here: https://hashicorp.com/blog/otto.html). Here is a great quote from th.....
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    Feint - Vagrant (ft. Veela)
  • ♫ Artist: Feint, Veela Track: Vagrant Genre: Drum & Bass ♫ Purchase ● http://liquicity.lnk.to/Alchemy ● https://liquicity.databeats.com/cd/liquicitycomp006 ★ Feint Soundcloud → https://soundclo.....
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    【MIXIN】2015 Vagrant Fashion Project (Trailer)
  • / 沁司娛樂全新打造MIXIN時尚企劃,將與知名設計師Clavis Reekan聯手合作 Vagrant Fashion Project 2015 Spring Coming Soon. / 【MIXIN官方粉絲頁】 https://www.facebook.com/Mixinoffical ::本專頁發表內容均為國立雲林科技大學數位媒體設計系活動「Yuntech第三屆跨­­­.....
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    【Drum&Bass】Feint ft. Veela - Vagrant
  • Taken from the new upcoming Liquicity album "Alchemy"! ♫ Pre-order CD (incl. album + snapback deals): http://smarturl.it/AlchemyCD ♫ Pre-order on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/AlchemyDL ►Feint: h.....
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    The Vagrant
  • VT realizado para o artista americano Darren Bader ( NY ) para sua exposição de arte em Stuttgart - Alemanha. HGN Produções - janeiro de 2015 Video produced for the NY artist Darren Bader for hi.....
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    Vagrant Story | NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV (2015) | ePSXe Emulator [1080p] | Sony PS1
  • Tegra X1! Vagrant Story running on the NVIDIA SHIELD Console Android TV Sony PSX using ePSXe Emulator http://www.freeemulator.com/epsxe-emulator/ View all of our NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV emulat.....
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    Vagrant in south 2015!
  • Ah swear jouvert. Come Early 🎅
  • #70228 youtube

    WordCamp Norrköping 2015: Boost Your Development with Vagrant
  • WordPress development can be quite cumbersome, especially if you deal with different clients and everybody has own server configurations or special needs. Using Services like MAMP are great for a.....
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    Feint - Vagrant (feat. Veela)
  • Pre-order CD (incl. album + snapback deals): http://smarturl.it/AlchemyCD Pre-order iTunes: http://smarturl.it/AlchemyDL [Me]: ~ https://twitter.com/feintmusic ~ http://www.facebook.com/feintDnB.....
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    ESL ESEA Dubai Invitational 2015: shroud vs. NiP
  • News link: http://www.hltv.org/news/15916-video-shroud-vs-nip Song: Feint - Vagrant (feat. Veela)
  • #69895 youtube

    Creating Virtual Machines using Vagrant
  • Learn how to create and deploy virtual machines inside virtualbox using vagrant boxes. Vagrant is a amazing tool to deploy virtual machines to be used in test environment or otherwise. A very sim.....
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  • ► Watch more GTA HERE: http://bit.ly/SarkGTA ◄ Sometimes it seems like the entire world has been overrun by vagrants. My Twitter: http://twitter.com/mr_sark My Facebook: http://www.facebook.co.....
  • #108245 youtube

    Vagrant Emperor - Anax ephippiger - Zadellibel / Zeebrugge - Belgium / 1-11-2015
  • #71897 youtube

    LinuxDays 2015 - Vagrant a Ansible - nerozbíjejte servery - Věroš Kaplan
  • Sál 105, 4. přednáška - sobota Záznam z živého streamu 10.10.2015
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    Draugu orķestris - Bungas ( Reinis Jaunais, Artūrs Veinbergs, Harry Vagrant ) @ KKC, 2015
  • No albuma ''Draugu orķestris'' prezentācijas koncerta Pilns albums šeit: www.reinisjaunais.com
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    Feint - Vagrant (ft. Veela)
  • Let us take you on our journey to find the Elixir of Life. Forged out of noble metals we bring you our new album "Alchemy". Pre-order CD (incl. album + snapback deals): http://smarturl.it/Alchemy.....
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    Liquicity Yearmix 2015 (Mixed by Maduk)
  • Merry Christmas! Free download: http://liquicity.com/yearmix Follow Maduk: Twitch Livestream: http://twitch.tv/madukmusic Instagram: http://instagram.com/madukdnb Facebook: http://facebook.com/ma.....
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    The Scope: The Vagrant
  • Free 30 Day Trial - www.eveonline.com/trial The Scope Galactic News Network reports on the destruction of an extremely rare Revenant-class supercarrier in the nullsec system of 6E-MOW, Impass.
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    Vagrant | 2015 | Gray Films
  • *WINNER OF THE BEST FILM, BEST DIRECTION, BEST SCREENPLAY, AND BEST EDITING IN THE WYOMING HIGH SCHOOL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL 2015* When 12 year old homeless boy Mitchell finds himself in the stree.....
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    【MIXIN】2015 Vagrant Fashion Project
  • 【 MIXIN x Clavis Reekan 】 服裝界鬼才與沁司娛樂攜手合作全新企劃 ::2015 Vagrant Fashion Project:: 2015.02.10 MIXIN 開創世界的全新視野 【MIXIN官方粉絲頁】 https://www.facebook.com/Mixinoffical ::本專頁發表內容均為國立雲林科技大學數位媒體設計系活.....
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    Claim Your Throne - Vagrant (live Metalpoint 2015)
  • Claim Your Throne (PT) performing "Vagrant" live at Metalpoint (Porto-PT). In Your Face and powerfull Portuguese Hardcore! Video captured on the 23rd of May 2015 at "Everything Ends" CD release .....
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    【Modern Web 2015】用 Vagrant 與 Docker 拯救世界 - 林嘉軒(GSLin)
  • 用 Vagrant 與 Docker 拯救世界 林嘉軒(GSLin) at 【Modern Web 2015】( http://modernweb.tw ) Vagrant 用以管理虛擬開發環境,而 Docker 提供了輕量容器。在這次的議程裡將會介紹如何用 Vagrant 管理多個 Docker 容器開發與測試。
  • #69153 youtube

    Vagrant: Virtualisierungs Wrapper (Webinar vom 30.04.2015)
  • Vagrant ist eine Open Source basierte Ruby-Anwendung und erlaubt die sehr einfache Verwaltung von virtuellen Maschinen. Dabei dient Vagrant als Wrapper für bspw. VirtualBox und Hyper-V, wodurch s.....
  • #69152 youtube

    Dev-Jam 2015 Demos: Vagrant and Docker
  • Ronny Trommer discusses running OpenNMS in Vagrant and Docker containers.
  • #69174 youtube

    Vagrant - Phoenix (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)
  • Dreambound https://www.facebook.com/dreamboundmusic http://vk.com/dreamboundmusic https://twitter.com/dream_bound http://dreambound.storenvy.com __________________________ Artist: Vagrant Song: .....
  • #69173 youtube

    Reinis Jaunais, Artūrs Veinbergs, Harry Vagrant - Bungas @KKC 2.04.2015
  • Reinis Jaunais un Artūrs Veinbergs albuma "Draugu orķestris" prezentācijā Kaņepes Kultūras centrā. Reinis Jaunais - ģitāra Artūrs Veinbergs - sitaminstrumenti Harijs Vagrants - santurs
  • #69172 youtube

    Classics: John Cardiel's "Cash Money Vagrant" part
  • Eman introduces one of OUR own personal favorites. Cardiel destroys like no other. All Hail! Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here: http://www.thrashermagazine.com http://www.facebook.com/thrasher.....
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