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Introduction to Mesos
  • Introduction to Mesos
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    Running Kubernetes at Scale with Mesos and the Mesosphere DCOS by Benjamin Hindman
  • On January 21, 2015, Mesos Co-Creator Benjamin Hindman (who is also Co-Founder and Chief Architect at Mesosphere) joined Brendan Burns (Kubernetes Co-Creator) at the Seattle Mesos Meetup to talk .....
  • #130945 youtube

    Datacenter Management with Mesos - Presented by Benjamin Hindman - UC Berkeley AmpLab 2013
  • AMP Camp Three -- Analytics and Machine Learning at Scale was held in Berkeley California and live streamed online, August 29-30, 2013 by http://argushd.com/services (for booking inquires) A.....
  • #132400 youtube

    Managing a large scale compute platform (Apache Aurora/Mesos)
  • David Robinson, site reliability engineer on Compute, talks about how they leverage Audubon, Wilson, and other tooling to manage (configuration, deployment, and other operational procedures) acro.....
  • #101083 youtube

    What is DC/OS and Mesos?
  • This video is a short introduction to DC/OS and Mesos. It explains the basic concepts and shows a quick Demo. In the Demo I setup a 5 node cluster on AWS and install DC/OS on it. Then I install .....
  • #101082 youtube

    Developing Distributed Systems with Apache Mesos - ​Yaniv Rodenski
  • Apache Mesos allow developers to build distributed systems with ease, run them and have fine-grain control over resource consumption in large scale commodity hardware clusters. Such systems are k.....
  • #112677 youtube

    Mesosphere Co-Founder Ben Hindman on the State of Apache Mesos
  • The Linux Foundation’s MesosCon North America in Los Angeles opens on September 14, 2017, with a keynote addressing the state of the Mesos. Ben Hindman, co-creator of Apache Mesos and co-founder .....
  • #116783 youtube

    Configure and deploy Mesosphere Cluster on Ubuntu 14.04
  • 1- Installing Mesos Cluster 2- deploy your app on Mesos and docker
  • #111967 youtube

    Spark on Apache Mesos: The State of the Art by Tim Chen, Mesosphere
  • Spark on Apache Mesos: The State of the Art - Tim Chen, Mesosphere Multi region global Data centers can be setup by using Mesos as the Kernel for all resource management. This presentation will .....
  • #111966 youtube

    SMACK Stack: Mesos architecture, resource sharing and frameworks
  • This talk from Stockholm Spark Meetup covers Mesos architecture and the concept of framework, different ways of running applications and schedule Spark jobs on top of it. We'll take a look at pop.....
  • #111965 youtube

    Apache Mesos Ecosystem at Allegro - First Year of Production Use
  • Apache Mesos Ecosystem at Allegro - First Year of Production Use - Tomasz Ziarko and Wojciech Lesicki, Allegro We would like to show what we are doing with mesos at Allegro. Allegro is the large.....
  • #111964 youtube

    Running Cassandra on Apache Mesos Across Multiple Datacenters at Uber
  • Running Cassandra on Apache Mesos Across Multiple Datacenters at Uber - Abhishek Verma & Matthias Eichstaedt & Teng Xu, Uber Traditionally, machines were statically partitioned across the differ.....
  • #89146 youtube

    Mesos vs Kubernetes vs Swarm: Fight! by Christophe Furmaniak
  • Nowadays, the best strategy to put your containerized applications in production is to rely on a container orchestrator. But which one should you use? This talk will demystify the notion of conta.....
  • #119961 youtube

    Autoscaling Microservices with Apache Mesos and Marathon - David Arnold, Tendril
  • Autoscaling Microservices with Apache Mesos and Marathon - David Arnold, Tendril Mesos provides the ability to harness the resources of a compute cluster, and provides detailed insights into tho.....
  • #93204 youtube

    Docker Container Orchestration with Apache Mesos and Mesosphere DC/OS
  • Mesosphere DC/OS and the Apache Mesos platform it is built on together power more containers in production than any other software solution. DC/OS has emerged as the premier platform for building.....
  • #131516 youtube

    What is Apache Mesos and Mesosphere | Training
  • This is a 24 lesson course that teaches you all of the open source components that are used in the Mesosphere DCOS. The course is designed to take you from no knowledge of systems management usin.....
  • #126971 youtube

    Distributed Computing with Apache Mesos and DCOS - inovex Meetups
  • https://www.inovex.de - https://blog.inovex.de - Alex von Mesosphere stellt auf unserem Meetup das Data Center Operating Systems (DCOS) vor. Weitere Videos dieses Meetups: * Software Defined Dat.....
  • #105190 youtube

    Apache Mesos - Taking the I out of PaaS - Ken Sipe
  • This talk is part of Cerner's Tech Talk series. Check us out at http://engineering.cerner.com/ and @CernerEng Taking the I out of PaaS with Apache Mesos The drive to continuous delivery, micro.....
  • #80236 youtube

    Kafka Streams + Mesos for Highly Scalable Microservices
  • Microservices establish many benefits like agile, flexible development and deployment of business logic. However, a Microservice architecture also creates many new challenges like increased commu.....
  • #122153 youtube

    Hadoop on Mesos at Airbnb
  • Apache Mesos (http://mesos.apache.org) is a cluster manager that provides efficient resource isolation and sharing across distributed applications, or framew...
  • #20230 youtube 00:21:40

    Apache Mesos 1.0
  • Apache Mesos 1.0 - Vinod Kone & Anand Mazumdar, Mesosphere Mesos will soon reach the 1.0 milestone. In addition to new features, this would mean a more stable user-facing API and stricter suppor.....
  • #85703 youtube

    Apache Mesos and Security: The Joy of Mesos with Calico
  • Apache Mesos and Security: The Joy of Mesos with Calico - Diego Oliveira & Acácio Alves dos Santos, PagSeguro Taking care of security is key point, even more when working with someone else's mon.....
  • #115580 youtube

    Fully Fault tolerant Streaming workflows at Scale using Apache Mesos & Spark Streaming
  • AkhilDas, Sigmoid
  • #77028 youtube

    Docker Clustering on Mesos with Marathon
  • This video is a demonstration of how to launch and scale Docker containers into an Apache Mesos cluster using Marathon. It shows how it is possible today to ...
  • #62101 youtube 00:30:40

    Apache Mesos - An SDK for Distributed Systems Developers Part 1
  • Mesosphere's Connor Doyle, Niklas Nielsen and Adam Bordelon hosted a tutorial at OSCON 2014, in which they explained the core concepts behind writing frameworks for Apache Mesos. The video sequen.....
  • #69140 youtube

    Breaking Down Apache Mesos with David Greenberg
  • From OSCON 2015 in Portland, an interview with Two Sigma's Chief Architect. About David Greenberg: David Greenberg loves learning. He currently works at Two Sigma, where he leads several efforts.....
  • #69139 youtube

    Run your data center like Google's with Apache Mesos
  • This is my talk at Cloud Expo Asia 2013 (Day 2) This is about Apache Mesos
  • #69138 youtube

    Joe Stein - Building & Deploying Applications to Apache Mesos
  • Joe Stein shares how to build and deploy applications to Apache Mesos. Slides can be found here: http://www.slideshare.net/charmalloc/buildingdeployingapplicationsmesos Title: Building & Deploy.....
  • #69137 youtube

    How Twitter Uses Apache Mesos to Power their Datacenter - Produced by Mesosphere
  • Watch Ben Hindman explain how Mesos is used at Twitter to enhance data center efficiency.
  • #69136 youtube

    Improving Resource Efficiency with Apache Mesos
  • Cloud computing promises flexibility and high performance for users and lower costs for operators. Despite a shift from dedicated to shared clusters, most datacenters still operate at low utiliza.....
  • #68858 youtube

    "Mesos: The Operating System for your Cluster" by David Greenberg
  • #68857 youtube

    An Introduction to Mesos
  • Paco Nathan presents an introduction to Mesos. This presentation was given on November 6th at Sears Headquarters in Hoffman Estates, IL. To view the accompanying slides on slideshare: http://www.....
  • #68856 youtube

    Run Any App on Mesos on Any Infrastructure Using Docker
  • The title says it all! See http://docker.io for more on Docker and http://mesos.apache.org to get going with Mesos.
  • #68855 youtube

    Apache Mesos vs Hadoop YARN #WhiteboardWalkthrough
  • In this week's Whiteboard Walkthrough, Jim Scott, Director of Enterprise Strategy and Architecture at MapR, walks you through the basics of Mesos, how the sc...
  • #61895 youtube 00:08:11

    Building and Running Distributed Systems using Apache Mesos - Benjamin Hindman
  • ApacheCon North America 2014
  • #68854 youtube

    Container Networking for Micro-Services: An Apache Mesos and DC/OS Networking Deep Dive
  • Container Networking for Micro-Services: An Apache Mesos and DC/OS Networking Deep Dive - Deepak Goel & Jörg Schad, Mesosphere Container Networking for Micro-Services: An Apache Mesos and DC/OS .....
  • #120662 youtube

    Apache Mesos on OpenStack at Time Warner Cable
  • Please check back here for further details. Attend the OpenStack Summit Boston, May 8-11, 2017, to learn about the mix of open technologies building the modern infrastructure stack. Visit https:/.....
  • #96859 youtube

    Vinod Kone from Twitter — Apache Mesos Deep Dive
  • Hello, and welcome to the Mesosphere's Mesos community webcast series... Today we will have Vinod Kone, who is the technical lead for Mesos at Twitter and was on the original Mesos team with Ben.....
  • #96858 youtube

    Introduction to Container Management and Mesos
  • From {code} by Dell EMC: This training covers the basics of Mesos: what it is, how it works, and some demonstrations. emccode.github.io
  • #96857 youtube

    What is DC/OS and Mesos?
  • Modern apps include containers of microservices and stateful big-data applications. DC/OS is an open source platform enabling enterprises to easily build and run modern apps in production. Built .....
  • #96856 youtube

    Getting Started with Apache Mesos
  • Mesos is a cluster resource manager that allows you to treat many servers as a single entity. Mesos is commonly associated with rapid, repeatable deployment of containerized applications and impr.....
  • #103437 youtube

    An introduction to Apache Mesos
  • A short introduction to Apache Mesos, how does it help with cluster sharing and utilisation. What are its aims and who is using it ?
  • #31789 youtube 00:01:41

    Cluster Management and Containerization by Benjamin Hindman From Twitter
  • Benjamin Hindman, co-founder of Apache Mesos talks about Cluster Management and Containerization at Twitter. There is a revolution afoot in distributed computing, and it's being powered by two.....
  • #70925 youtube

    Run Apache Spark on Apache Mesos
  • Screencast of the "Run Apache Spark on Apache Mesos" tutorial http://mesosphere.io/learn/run-spark-on-mesos/ based on https://elastic.mesosphere.io/
  • #21104 youtube 00:39:36

    How Airbnb Simplifies with Mesos
  • Brenden Matthews discusses how Airbnb manages its Mesos installation on AWS, covering resource contention, isolation, service discovery, and application deployment.
  • #108448 youtube

    Docker Swarm or Kubernetes or Mesos - pick your framework! by Arun Gupta
  • Docker Swarm, Kubernetes and Mesos are very competent, and one of the most heavily used, container orchestration frameworks. This code-driven session will compare and contrast Docker Swarm and Ku.....
  • #111064 youtube

    CI and CD at Scale: Scaling Jenkins with Docker and Apache Mesos
  • CI and CD at Scale: Scaling Jenkins with Docker and Apache Mesos - Carlos Sanchez, CloudBees In this presentation Carlos Sanchez will share his experience running Jenkins at scale, using Docker .....
  • #96341 youtube

    Operating Apache Aurora and Mesos at Twitter
  • Aurora and Mesos SRE Joe Smith will describe the setup and operation of Twitter's clusters, and reveal best practices for keeping your cluster running smoothly. http://aurora.apache.org/
  • #70439 youtube

    Simplifying with Mesos and Marathon
  • In this talk, Connor Doyle presents Marathon, an Apache Mesos framework that provides a simple self-serve interface for developers to launch their apps on a shared cluster in a scalable and fault.....
  • #78282 youtube

    Keynote: State of the Mesos - Ben Hindman, Co-Creator, Apache Mesos and Founder, Mesosphere
  • Keynote: State of the Mesos - Ben Hindman, Co-Creator, Apache Mesos and Founder, Mesosphere
  • #133759 youtube

    Getting Started Running Apache Spark on Apache Mesos - O'Reilly Webcast
  • Apache Spark is a fast and general-purpose cluster computing system which makes parallel jobs easy to write. Apache Mesos is a cluster manager that provides efficient resource isolation and shari.....
  • #71833 youtube

    Developing Frameworks for Apache Mesos
  • Joe Stein, Big Data Open Source Security
  • #71832 youtube

    QuickDemo - Apache Mesos + Marathon Framework + CentOS
  • This is a quick glance at apache mesos. No audio
  • #69617 youtube

    Apache Kafka + Apache Mesos = Highly Scalable Streaming Microservices - Kai Waehner, Confluent
  • Apache Kafka + Apache Mesos = Highly Scalable Streaming Microservices - Kai Waehner, Confluent This session discusses how to build a highly scalable, performant, mission-critical microservice in.....
  • #125680 youtube

    Spark on Mesos
  • From #Mesoscon 2014, Paco Nathan from Databricks talks about handling big bata in a distributed, multi-tenant environment with Spark on Mesos.
  • #102800 youtube

    AWS re:Invent 2014 | (APP310) Scheduling Using Apache Mesos in the Cloud
  • How can you reliably schedule tasks in an unreliable, autoscaling cloud environment? This presentation talks about the design of our Fenzo scheduler, built on Apache Mesos, that serves as the cor.....
  • #69347 youtube

    Delivering eBay's CI solution with Apache Mesos & Docker - Dockercon
  • The eBay PaaS team is innovating constantly by performing R&D on the next generation cloud technologies and actively contributing back to the open source community. One such exciting endeavor exp.....
  • #69346 youtube

    Containers in Apache Mesos: Present and Future
  • Containers in Apache Mesos: Present and Future - Jie Yu & Tim Chen, Mesosphere Mesos currently supports two types of container runtimes: one is Mesos’ own pluggable runtime which uses OS primiti.....
  • #90252 youtube

    Multi-Tenancy in Apache Mesos
  • Multi-Tenancy in Apache Mesos - Ben Mahler, Mesosphere & Jay Guo, IBM This talk will provide an overview of multi-tenancy in Apache Mesos, including recent work that was done to enable multi-ten.....
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