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Spatial Timing Analysis With Exact Propagation of Delay and Application to FPGA Performance
  • Talk by: David Lewis Slides available at: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WQDVp7txw1nwAia0-QwdCGujiBGL9QRU Abstract: This talk shows how to improve performance of VLSI circuits by accurately.....
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    Julius Smith: Invited Talk
  • 1st International Faust Conference IFC 2018 @ JGU Mainz http://www.ifc18.uni-mainz.de/ Julius Smith and Pat Scandalis: Invited Talk - Faust on the Analog Devices SHARC Audio Module NOTE: Due to.....
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    P-47 Airplane
  • Accession: C07.13174 Title: P-47 Airplane Title 2: P-47 Green Airplane Title 3: P-47 Red Airplane Creator: Charles A. Csuri, Computer Graphics Research Group (CGRG) Date: 1970 Type: Real-tim.....
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    DPI protected Verilog instead of encryption - Todd Strader - ORConf 2019
  • Encrypted Verilog is unusable to open source tools like Verilator. Beyond that, the Verilog encryption scheme is basically worthless. See https://acmccs.github.io/papers/p1533-chhotarayA.pdf for .....
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    Improving VPR I/O - Fahrican Koşar - ORConf 2019
  • verilog-to-routing's P&R tool VPR, which is used in SymbiFlow's Artix 7 flow, can accept FPGA architecture and routing resources as file inputs. I have worked on the speed and correctness of this.....
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    VPR device models generation from Verilog with V2X - Karol Gugala - ORConf 2019
  • VPR, an open source Place&Route tool developed primarily by the University of Toronto, describes the FPGA devices architecture using model and pb_type XML files. The XML files can be really compl.....
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    Băm xung kích cơ 1 vế
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    Even new Nutube based headphone amplifier based on AK4490
  • Here is a even new Nutube headphone amplifier! AK4490 requires initialization code and which is generated by ATMega88,, indeed it is a tiny Arduino! Have fun!
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    Fesion - Digital Signal Processor DSP + Active Subwoofer + 2 Inch Full Range Speaker - Chinese
  • Fesion Car Audio System upgrade - Fully Plug and Play FE-500DSP - Digital Signal Processor Amplifier DSP with Bluetooth 4.2 FE-1000 Dual Active Subwoofer (6inch x 2) (fix in Cargo on top of Tyre.....
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    Unix watch
  • Simple watch project. ATmega168 and ssd1306 based. Info: http://zz-indigo.mavipet.sk/?page_id=90
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    R Type (X68000)
  • -Video del gameplay MESS emulator + SweetFX + Hauppauge HD VPR Rocket
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    SpeechBill Matrix Eternity SMDR SETTINGS
  • Showing the settings of SMDR in Matrix Eternity Interface
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    Stereo Tool 7.50 (Real time audio processor - 2014)
  • A short demo of powerfull realtime audio processor. If you like please support Buy it or Donate it Stereo Tool is the best audio processing software on the world. www.stereotool.com
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    Broadcast Titler 2 Character Generator app for Amiga
  • This software was Super Excellent for its time, and still is for 4:3 or NTSC output......I used this on ocasion when not satisfied with SCALA as far as rolling credits after a video. It works on .....
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  • クロマキー合成がしたいんだぁぁぁーーー!!! と言うことで、ただの無地の壁でクロマキー合成ができるのか検証してみました。 そうまとことちゃんがジャングルに行ったり、ディスコで踊りまくったり…できるのでしょうか?? 結果をご覧ください。 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNPJrxxJqdo
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    Emvoice One - Lucy - Better Things
  • All vocal parts generated by Emvoice One. Original song: Better Things by Massive Attack
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    Bryatz Master Tape & Ampex ATR102 1/2"
  • Welcome to the best audio facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/604929829654776/
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    Nutube Headphone Amplifier NEX/type D
  • It's an all new Nutube headphone amplifier with USB audio DAC. DAC is PCM2704 and buffer is MUSES8920. Power supply is also just by USB bus power (5V) and 24 V is generated by voltage booster and.....
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    Can This Video Get Me In VpR Team? #VpRRC @Vitt0X
  • https://streamlabs.com/rcteamfortnite SHAREfactory™ https://store.playstation.com/#!/it-it/tid=CUSA00572_00
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    How to change the function keys on a Plura® PBM Monitor
  • Video tutorial: How to change the function keys on a Plura® PBM Monitor Q -- How do I change the function keys to a different function? A -- Go to: Menu - Setup - Function Key - Select the funct.....
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    Visually Programmable Audio Effect Processor
  • The objective of this project is to design and build a graphically programmable audio effects processing platform that will consist of a software interface and a physical effect pedal for use by .....
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    Ampex Videotape Cruiser 1959
  • This is a little video on the Ampex Videotape Cruiser from 1959 which was an innovation in technology in which the cruiser had a camera, a 2 inch quad videotape recorder and support equipment and.....
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    DoomTracer demo 1
  • Ray-traced version of iD Software's classic first-person shooter, Doom. Currently using the Chocolate Doom (a completely separate project) port to send events to our rendering engine. This is .....
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    PRIMEIRO VIDEOTAPE - Vision Electronic Recording Apparatus " VERA" de 1958
  • VERA (1958) - VERA (Vision Electronic Recording Apparatus). O projeto VERA foi iniciado em 1952 por Peter Axon na Inglaterra, quando desenvolveu-se ao mesmo tempo a máquina Quad da Ampex (Quadrup.....
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    How to Factory Reset a Plura PBM Monitor
  • Video Tutorial on how to Factory Reset a Plura PBM Monitor Q: How do I reset the unit? A: Go to: Menu -Setup - Setup Load - and select Factory. For other questions regarding Plura® Monitors, s.....
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    High-quality real-time radiosity global illumination
  • This video shows the results of my Master's thesis, which focuses on real-time high-quality global illumination using radiosity. The video was captured in real-time on an AMD Radeon HD 5770. More.....
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    Ampex TBC-80 Problem
  • A strange, intermittent issue with my Ampex TBC-80, which is the time base corrector originally sold with the Ampex VPR-80 1" type C videotape recorder. The problem is present in both EE mode an.....
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    Amiga 600 vampire v2 nuovi sviluppi
  • Quake, lightwave, real3d, serenity/elyde
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    Area-Efficient FPGA Logic Elements: Architecture and Sythesis
  • Area-Efficient FPGA Logic Elements: Architecture and Sythesis We consider architecture and synthesis techniques for FPGA logic elements (function generators) and show that the LUT-based logic .....
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  • Nec Univerge SV9300, Sheraton Da Nang Resort SMDR via NEC TOOL Export data string from Pabx Sv9300 to SMDR Tool OK Note: Hyper Terminal Tool can not receive string via LAN but it can in RS232 C.....
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    LightWave 3D: Seeing Limited Region Handles in VPR mode.
  • This is just a quick look at how to enable the Limited Region handles with the viewport in VPR mode. The handles do work even if you cannot see them. Turning on either of the OpenGL overlays will.....
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  • This is a Terminal Utility Application program from SpeechLogix for testing the CDR data from PBX through TCP /IP or through RS232. This utility can be used for checking the CDR data prior to ins.....
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    Vampire Gold 2.7 and LightWave 3.5 - Point of no Return!
  • We've reached the point of no return! New FPU generation in core integration (HW). This is not even optimized yet. "x10, FPU latency, no pipelining. There's much room for improvement. No worrie.....
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    NTSC system test 2007
  • (EN): NTSC system test 2007 (ES): prueba del sistema NTSC 2007 (FR): test du système NTSC 2007
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    FPGA overlay generation and application circuit synthesis
  • Explanations comming soon... The simulation video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwIwGAp7BVs This work was done during my PhD at Institute of Research and Technology bcom (https://b-com.com) .....
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    Simulating an FPGA overlay executing an application circuit
  • This simulation was carried out by: - generating an FPGA like reconfigurable architecture - generating the VHDL description of this architecture Then writing an application circuit (a 16x16-32.....
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    TSG95 Color Bar Generator Teardown - scanlime:020
  • Little teardown and exploration of an old bit of NTSC / PAL television test equipment, the Tektronix TSG 95. We’ll poke around with the oscilloscope and analog TV, and we even stumble on some hel.....
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    pdp11 FPGA demo
  • My pdp11 SOC running "Hello World" program. More info here: https://github.com/scottlbaker/PDP11-SOC
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    Preamp Shootout - Vintech, API, CAPI, Antelope
  • Vintech 473 Vintage API Clone CAPI VP26 CAPI VP26 (Litz) CAPI VP28 (Red Dot / Litz) Antelope Zen Tour
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    Audio Processor
  • Vverevvolf Grehv
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    Real-time GPU path tracing in Full HD! (1080p)
  • This video was a request by Radiant. 500k triangle scene path traced in real-time with Brigade at 1920x1080 resolution (full HD) on 2 GTX 580 GPUs. More info at http://raytracey.blogspot.com
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    BVH-1000 Color Check
  • Checking color playback on the BVH-1000 1" VTR & BVT-2000 Time Base Corrector. A Grass Valley Sync Generator provides composite sync to the recorder and the TBC.
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    Panel Discussion on Exascale Computing
  • In this video from the 2016 HPC Advisory Council Switzerland Conference, Addison Snell from Intersect360 Research moderates a panel discussion on Exascale computing. Panelists: DK Panda, Ohio St.....
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    PDP 11/23 m8186 Cpu
  • Also with an mmu apparently.
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    RCA TCR-100 2 inch Quad Cart Machine Magazine Operation.
  • Getting a TCR-100a back to running condition again. Testing out the functionality of the TCR-100a cart magazine. Pretty good for a machine that has been sitting since 1994. It roared back to life.....
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    Ampex ACE Micro and VPR-80 Slo-mo/Auto-Assemble Test
  • Edited with a DEC PDP-11 based Ampex ACE Micro editor, using an Ampex VPR-80 as the source deck (video shot with a Panasonic 300CLE at 1/1000 sec.), a Sony BVU-950 as the editing recorder, and a .....
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  • From "the americans"
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    Knightmare (MSX)
  • -Video del gameplay MESS emulator + SweetFX CRT curved monitor emulated captured by Hauppauge HD VPR Rocket 720p 60fps
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    Auphonic Leveler Batch Audio Processor: Review
  • My review for Leveler, the desktop version (Windows or Mac) of the batch audio processor Auphonic. Version: 1.3 Price: $89 Product Page: https://auphonic.com/leveler Thanks to Auphonic for ma.....
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    Kodi Tutorials - Setting Up Live TV with IPTV Simple Client and M3U URL - Links Updated Daily!
  • This video shows you how to set up Live TV PVR Functionality with M3U lists, and IPTV Simple Client on the Kodi Entertainment Center. This will give you access to over 1,500 Live channels and st.....
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    Synopsys ARC EM DSP Processors for Low-Power Embedded Systems
  • Learn about Synopsys' DesignWare ARC EM DSP Family, consisting of the ARC EM5D, EM7D, EM9D, and EM11D processors that are specifically designed for ultra-low power embedded DSP applications. The .....
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    Lightwave 5.0 Modeler FPU running on Vampire 2 600 using 68080 FPU
  • Here is a video of the 68080 software FPU implementation running Lightwave Modeler 5.0 and making some simple geometry. Using a Software FPU coded by team member Jarp and Apollo Gold FPGA core 2.5.
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    Hybrid LUT Multiplexer FPGA Logic Architectures
  • Hybrid configurable logic block architectures forfield-programmable gate arrays that contain a mixture of lookuptables and hardened multiplexers are evaluated toward the goalof higher logic densi.....
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    kray edge corner detection
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    Kit audio processor dua belas chanal sudah pake sub
  • Sound sistem
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    Scope Shield CNC machining. www.ForwardTactical.com
  • CNC machining of the Scope Shield riser ring. A product of www.ForwardTactical.com
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    PDP 11/40 XXDP CKBB
  • PDP 11/40 XXDP CKBB
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    네트워크 분석기로 밀리미터 웨이브, 테라헤르츠 어플리케이션 및 측정법
  • 밀리미터 웨이브, 테라헤르츠 어플리케이션이라는 말을 들어보셨습니까. 조금 생소하실 수도 있지만, 이러한 어플리케이션은 이미 우리 생활 속에 있습니다. 흔히 군사용 어플리케이션에서 많이 쓰이고 있지만, 우리의 실생활을 조금만 더 깊이 들여다보면 많은 적용 사례들을 볼 수 있습니다. 스마트 자동차에 들어가 있는 액티브 크루즈 시스템에는 mmWave대역.....
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    F5 VIPRION | F5-VPR-LTM-B4340N | Viprion LTM NEBS Blade
  • Your organization’s growing infrastructure puts more pressure on the network—from rising numbers of users and data center consolidation to cloud migrations and more feature-rich applications. Sca.....
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    Microprocessor Robot
  • Actual working Robot
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    PDP-11 soviet clone. Стойка 2м43-55 . МС 1201.02
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    PDP-11: The Brazilian Multiplexer Drop
  • Wallpaper: http://i.imgur.com/Qo8C2jB.jpg But what is it? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PDP-11 One of the heralding machines of UNIX, a tiny titan of long gone days.
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    Tektronix 1720+1730 PAL / NTSC Vectorscope+Waveform monitor 動作確認
  • このべクトロスコープと波形モニタにビデオ信号(PAL)を加えて、パネルの切替SWによりモニタの画面が変化することを確認しました。 http://ecomaru.cart.fc2.com/
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    Khabe setareh
  • Be yade hamidreza ke in ahango kheyli doost dash
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  • Testing colours with BBC VDU driver for PDP-11 Unix.
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    Somos la Inventoteca
  • Si quieres más información o cotizaciones manda un correo a info@inventoteca.com o marca al (222) 232 32 70 www.inventoteca.com Síguenos en Facebook
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    MP8d 8-channel Mic Preamp and A/D | Antelope Audio
  • MP8d is a flexible 8-channel Class-A Mic Preamp from Antelope Audio. Its expanded connectivity make it a top companion for your favorite Antelope Audio interfaces. MP8d is not your regular micro.....
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    Additional Tricks with DP Filters
  • What the title says... Adaptive Sampling vs Bruteforce AA and a trick to make something to work with Adaptive Sampling even if it isn't supposed to... ;)
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    3 Chip LED Tester.wmv
  • 통합된 PXI 시스템과 고정밀 SMU를 이용하여 여러 개 LED의 전기적 특성과 광학적 특성을 측정하는 데모입니다. 특히, 모듈 형태의 SMU를 이용하면 RGB LED나 조명용 LED와 같이 여러 개의 LED chip이 동시에 패키징된 LED의 특성을 한 번에 측정할 수 있습니다.
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    AmigaWave - Programa #08. HxC Floppy Emulator , Tutorial Lightwave 3D, ....
  • Programa #08 de Amiga Wave. Mostraremos nuevos equipos retro por redescubir, como el Amstrad CPC y algunos de sus periféricos más curiosos, de la mano de Ron en la Retrocrypta; noticas sobre el m.....
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    quality test mov h264 1mbps premiere
  • quality test mov h264 1mbps premiere
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    Scalable Analytic Placement for FPGAs on GPGPUs
  • Streamed live on Nov 19, 2015 Speakers: Ryan Pattison and Gary Grewal University of Guelph Abstract: The growth in FPGA capacity has outpaced improvements in serial processor speeds for the las.....
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    amba ahb 2
  • first generation AMBA-BUS-ASB .About AMBA-APB .About AMBA-AHB .Components of AMBA-AHB-master ,slave,arbiter,decoder
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    CUDA Path Tracer Demo
  • This is a sample video of the CUDA path tracer that I implemented for CIS565 at University of Pennsylvania. Please visit https://github.com/mchen15/Project2-Pathtracer for more information.
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    Default live
    Scalable Analytic Placement for FPGAs on GPGPUs
  • Speakers: Ryan Pattison and Gary Grewal University of Guelph Abstract: The growth in FPGA capacity has outpaced improvements in serial processor speeds for the last decade and will continue for .....
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    Sfera Path-Tracing Update #1: 800 x 450 @ 15FPS
  • Original sfera located here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dh9uWYaiP3s Updated sfera build running on: Windows 7 64-bit nVidia 2 x GTX680 SLI-mode CUDA 6.5 Recorded with FRAPS. sfera is a pa.....
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  • #69722 youtube

    Path tracing of Dynamic Scenes in Unity
  • If you have any questions then email me at mgs-Schiefer@web.de
  • #69569 youtube

    CUDA Path Tracer - Basic
  • This video shows our progress on a path tracer written with CUDA.
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    네트워크 분석기를 바탕으로 한 밀리미터 웨이브, 테라헤르츠 어플리케이션 및 측정법
  • 관련 무료 웹 세미나 바로가기: http://eewebinar.co.kr/webinar_detail.asp?idx=113 밀리미터 웨이브, 테라헤르츠 어플리케이션이라는 말을 들어보셨습니까. 조금 생소하실 수도 있지만, 이러한 어플리케이션은 이미 우리 생활 속에 있습니다. 흔히 군사용 어플리케이션에서 많이 쓰이고 있지만, 우리의 실생활을 조금만 더.....
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    Test trackmania 2 ray tracing based render
  • Replay render
  • #69566 youtube

    dim3 Ray Trace Demonstration
  • This is a small play through of a demonstration level of the ray tracing version of the dim3 engine. Every single view pixel is ray traced except for the overlays which are OpenGL. This ray tra.....
  • #69565 youtube

    Real-time GPU path tracing: color bleeding test
  • An attempt to recreate the Mirror's Edge "look" in real-time. Color bleeding test with max 7 diffuse bounces (max depth 8). Rendered in real-time with the Brigade 2 path tracer on 2 GTX 580s. The.....
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    Brigade 3.0 preview - Real-time path tracing
  • For more information : http://brigade3.com Using 2 GTX TITANs (Would be better if it was 780 Ti though ;) )
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    How to correct closed caption problems on Plura PBM Monitor
  • Video tutorial: How to correct closed caption problems on a Plura PBM Monitor Q -- My 708 Closed caption is not functioning properly A- Try setting Closed Caption to 608 Transcoded. For other.....
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    PWM AM Kurzwellensender mit Audio auf 6144 Khz - Fortsetzung - eflose #294
  • Mitlerweilen habe ich alles etwas ordendlicher auf eine Kupferplatine aufgebaut. Ich habe noch ein Problem richtig "Leistung" zu machen, das Audio ist auch nicht sehr linear, glaube ich muss mir .....
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    Massively Parallel Placement
  • Placement and routing run-times continue to dominate the automated FPGA design flow. As the size of FPGA architectures continue to grow exponentially, it remains critical to develop parallel tool.....
  • #69457 youtube

    October FPGA Seminar - Titan: Large and Complex Benchmarks in Academic CAD
  • Kevin E. Murray, Scott Whitty, Suya Liu, Jason Luu, Vaughn Betz University of Toronto Abstract: Benchmarks play a key role in FPGA architecture and CAD research, enabling the quantitative compa.....
  • #69456 youtube

    Speeding Up FPGA Placement: Parallel Algorithms and Methods
  • Matthew An and Vaughn Betz Placement of a large FPGA design now commonly requires several hours, significantly hindering designer productivity. Furthermore, FPGA capacity is growing faster than .....
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