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Treeline: The easy way to build custom Node.js apps | @mikermcneil at PlatziConf Mexico 2015
  • Sails.js creator and Treeline founder Mike McNeil tells the history of frameworks. He also details Treeline's ability of turning ideas into algorithms: developers only have to list a collection o.....
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    Introduction to Testing Node.js
  • Jordan Kasper Testing is challenging. Testing JavaScript is downright painful. That said, the benefits of testing your code cannot be overlooked. If you want to sleep easy at night knowing that.....
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    Modules in Node.js
  • ► Get the complete course: http://bit.ly/2n7hLzE Subscribe for more videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWv7vMbMWH4-V0ZXdmDpPBA?sub_confirmation=1 Want to learn more from me? Check out my.....
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    Tim Messerschmidt - Node JS Authentication and Data Security - JSConf.Asia 2015
  • The arena of proper authentication and data security standards is often some of the most misunderstood, confusing, and tricky aspects of building any Node site, app, or service, and the fear of d.....
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    Building a Web Site with Node.js into Visual Studio 2015
  • Agenda. Starting a new project using Visual Studio 2015 (check) Express (check) View Engines (check) Controllers (check) Services (check) Static Resources (check) Client Side Dependencies (check.....
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    Node.js / io.js Stream Primer
  • Get primed on Node.js / io.js Readable, Writable, and Transform Streams Getting started with Node.js / io.js: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ads1A7pn2LI JavaScript Prototypal Inheritance: http.....
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    NodeJS MongoDB Tutorial
  • Get the Code Here : http://goo.gl/7nZF3m Support me on Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/derekbanas Best NodeJS Book : http://amzn.to/23a2LPJ NodeJS Tutorial : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=.....
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    Node js Tutorial for Beginners - 8 - fs module
  • Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/codevolutionweb Github - https://github.com/gopinav File System Module in NodeJS NodeJS | NodeJS Tutorial for Beginners | NodeJS fs module Node.js | Node.js .....
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    NodeJS - Express & Morgan - Tutorial 3
  • 3rd tutorial in our NodeJS Tutorial series. Introduction to ExpressJS framework, Morgan middleware logging, and setting up our OAuth project! Tutorial Source can be found @ https://github.com/Br.....
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    How to read a file line by line in Node.JS in 2015
  • --------- THIS VIDEO IS SPONSORED BY -------------- The Tech Academy http://ow.ly/RAMO30fE7Oc HipsterCode (my website) https://www.hipstercode.com/ JOIN MY SLACK CHANNEL https://www.patreon.c.....
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    Creating a Node.js CLI
  • How to build and publish a Node.js / io.js CLI script. From making a script executable to publishing and installing global / local binary scripts with npm on Windows, Linux, and OSX. Getting sta.....
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    Node.js Process & Child Process
  • Learn all about Node.js process and child processes. Also how to communicate between parent and child processes. Getting started with Node.js / io.js: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ads1A7pn2LI.....
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    The Paved PaaS To NodeJS MICROSERVICES (JavaScript @ Netflix)
  • Traditionally, a tug of war has existed between service reliability (availability, consistency, and fault tolerance), and engineering velocity. Increasing speed to fuel product innovation has mea.....
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  • Lately TypeScript has been popping up in developer surveys, language rankings, and news outlets as a powerful tool that all JS devs should consider, but what does TypeScript bring to the table fo.....
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    GOTO 2013 • Why Code in Node.js often gets Rejected by SoundCloud • Phil Calcado
  • Check out our upcoming conferences at http://gotocon.com Subscribe to GOTO Conference's YouTube Channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/GOTOConferences?sub_confirmation=1 Phil Calçado - Director .....
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    Node.js While Crafting - Make Textile to Compute!
  • Mariko Kosaka, Scripto From a textile loom to a desktop computer; the stitches in your garment and the letters on your screen are both the result of operations executed on data. As a web enginee.....
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    Node.js Tutorial for Beginners - 7 - Prototype
  • Go to https://www.thenewboston.com/videos.php for all of my videos and tutorials! Have any questions? Check out the forum at https://www.thenewboston.com/forum/category.php?id=187 Source code...
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    Content Management and Node.js
  • Jed Watson In 2015, Node.js is leading the way with modularity, flexibility, npm and everyone's favorite build tools. CMS platforms are an important part of the web development ecosystem, but .....
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    10 Things I Regret About Node.js - Ryan Dahl - JSConf EU 2018
  • See also https://github.com/ry/deno JSConf EU is coming back in 2019 https://2019.jsconf.eu/
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    How to develop TCP Server (Network) application using NodeJs
  • -How to develop a simple TCP/IP (Network) Server from the scratch using NodeJs -How to use "net" module (package) in NodeJs -How to use "colors" module (package) in NodeJs -How to work create TCP.....
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    Node js Tutorial for Beginners - 4 - Callback Function
  • Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/codevolutionweb Github - https://github.com/gopinav Callback Functions in NodeJS NodeJS | NodeJS Tutorial for Beginners | NodeJS Callback Functions Node js |.....
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    Node.js at PayPal
  • Matt Edelman, PayPal
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    David Neal - Intro to Node.js For .NET Developers - Code on the Beach 2015
  • David Neal's talk "Intro to Node.js For .NET Developers" from Code on the Beach 2015 at One Ocean Resort & Spa, Atlantic Beach, Florida. Saturday, August 8, 2015. Learn more about our future even.....
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    Objects in Javascript and Node.js | Node.js Tutorial Video for Beginners - Part 1 | Edureka
  • ( Node.js Training: https://www.edureka.co/mastering-node-js ) This Node.js tutorial will help you understand OOP in Javascript, basics and concepts of Node.js and how to install and work with No.....
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    Mastering Node.js Modules by Jeremy Foster at Silicon Valley Code Camp
  • Node.js package management is awesome and that's one of the biggest reasons to choose Node.js as a platform and also one of the biggest reasons that the Node.js community is so strong. You'll fin.....
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    Comparing Nodejs Frameworks Express, hapi, LoopBack, Sailsjs and Meteor
  • Learn more about LoopBack and other open source solutions at: www.strongloop.com
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    Node.js Tutorial for Beginners - 3 - Basic Concepts
  • Go to https://www.thenewboston.com/videos.php for all of my videos and tutorials! Have any questions? Check out the forum at https://www.thenewboston.com/forum/category.php?id=187 Source code...
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    Matt Edelman: Nemo. The natural nodejs automation solution | JSConf US 2015
  • Introducing NemoJS (http://nemo.js.org, https://github.com/paypal/nemo), a test and task runner agnostic selenium wrapper - with confit (https://github.com/krakenjs/confit) for configuration and .....
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    Specializing in Node.js/Full Stack Development
  • FREE COURSE - 7 Reasons You're Underpaid as a Software Developer http://vid.io/xoue SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL: vid.io/xokz Specialization & Niching Down Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlis.....
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    NodeJS, Express and Handlebars
  • In this video, I will show you how to create a simple Express server and setup Handlebars as your template engine
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    Home Automation with Node.js and MQTT
  • Michael Dawson, IBM
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    Make Printers Great Again
  • Thomas Watson, Opbeat
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    New and Useful ES2015 Syntax - Node.js Basics Part 2
  • The new ECMAScript standard is far more advanced than what you see in the browser. Hope you enjoy what it has to offer! Check out this code here: https://github.com/engineer-man/youtube-code/tre.....
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    Creating and persisting a Login session - Node.js Tutorial 18
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    ES2015 / ES2017 with Babel + Node.js Tutorial - 2017
  • Node.js Tutorial [Shout to LearnCode.academy] - https://youtu.be/pU9Q6oiQNd0 Express.js Tutorial - https://youtu.be/xDCKcNBFsuI In preparation for the Reddit clone, we will be exploring how to se.....
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    NodeJS & React Tutorial - Video 1
  • This video is sponsored by DevMountain Coding Bootcamp https://goo.gl/P4vgKS https://www.patreon.com/chrishawkes This video is sponsored by DevMountain Coding Bootcamp https://goo.gl/P4vgKS ht.....
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    15.1: What is Node.js? - Twitter Bot Tutorial
  • This video covers the basics of node.js. What is node.js? What is server-side programming? What might you use it for and how do you get started? Basic unix commands and working with terminal.....
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    Making the Switch Ruby on Rails to Node js + Express by Kendrick Coleman at #fsotconf15
  • Have you been building applications in Ruby on Rails? Been wanting to take that leap in Node.js? Wait no longer! In this talk, the audience will learn about the differences between ruby and Node......
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    Getting Started With Node.Js - Part 1 - Node.Js + SQL Server + Visual Studio Code
  • This video takes you through the very basics of developing a web application using Node.Js and shows you how to build Node.Js applications using a free cross platform IDE - Microsoft Visual Studi.....
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    Difference Between AngularJS & Node.js | Learn AngularJS | Learn Node.js
  • Watch Sample Class recording: http://www.edureka.co/angular-js?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=techbu-angularjs-tr-2 AngularJS is an open-source web application framework mai.....
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    Node.js Performance Optimization Case Study
  • Bryce Baril, NodeSource There are great tools available for performance optimization of Node.js code, but it's not always clear when or how to use them. In this session, Bryce Baril will presen.....
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    Nordic.js 2015 • Bert Belder - There are no promises in node.js
  • #73189 youtube

    6.148 - NodeJS/Express I 2015
  • #69345 youtube

    Running a Node.js Server Forever
  • Learn how to create a server in Node.js and run it forever online. Code example from this video: https://github.com/shama/letswritecode/tree/master/nodejs-server
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    Node.js at Uber
  • Tom Croucher, Uber
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    Tim Oxley: The Structure of Node.JS Applications - JSConf.Asia 2015
  • The Node.JS & npm ecosystem is oft praised for it's "culture of extreme modularity", which has led to the proliferation of hundreds of thousands packages on npm. How do modular patterns translate.....
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    Debugging Node.js in Production
  • Yunong Xiao, Netflix
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    NodeJS + MySQL Database Connection Tutorial
  • Learn how to do NodeJS + ExpressJS + MySQL database connection using XAMPP as MySQL database and querying data from database.
  • #94355 youtube

    How to connect to Microsoft SQL Server database using NodeJs
  • -A quick overview on SQL Server configuration, in order to get connected through Node.Js -Using "mssql" npm package to connect to SQL Server using Node.Js -How to use "Connection" object to conne.....
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    Netflix JavaScript Talks - Debugging Node.js in Production
  • Yunong Xiao shares the tools and methodologies Netflix uses in production to diagnose and fix performance issues, bugs and memory leaks -- all without having to restart or change the Node applica.....
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    Node.js and npm by Numbers
  • Ashley Williams, npm
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    Why I'm Choosing Django Over Node.JS
  • Node is a great piece of technology, but in this video it's just not right for the type of project I'm trying to build. When it comes to basic CRUD websites, Django has Node.JS beat hands down. .....
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    Node.js Tutorial for Beginners - 4 - Handling Multiple Requests
  • Go to https://www.thenewboston.com/videos.php for all of my videos and tutorials! Have any questions? Check out the forum at https://www.thenewboston.com/forum/category.php?id=187 Source code...
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    Conociendo Node.js
  • ¿Cómo surge Node.js y cómo funciona? Nos introducimos al real time utilizando JavaScript desde el lado del servidor con Node.js ¿Deseas aprender más? Ingresa ahora a https://devcode.la/cursos/nod.....
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    Nodejs with Visual Studio
  • you can read the steps of how to integrate node-js/angularjs with visual studio here : http://angularts.com/angularjs-visual-studio-nodejs/ Video shows whats written in this blog in action...
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    Node.js Tutorial for Beginners - 8 - Modules
  • Go to https://www.thenewboston.com/videos.php for all of my videos and tutorials! Have any questions? Check out the forum at https://www.thenewboston.com/forum/category.php?id=187 Source code...
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    How to Develop Web Application using pure Node.js (HTTP GET and POST, HTTP Server)
  • -How to create HTTP Server using Node.js -How to do HTTP GET using pure Node.js -How to do HTTP POST using pure Node.js -How to develop web applications using pure Node.js -How to use StringBuild.....
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    Moving from Node.js to Dart (Dart Developer Summit 2015)
  • Faisal Abid explores how to take a production API built in Node.js and port it over to Dart. You will learn about the differences between each platform for server-side APIs, and the challenges yo.....
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    Node.js at Netflix
  • Kim Trott, Netflix
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    NodeJS Tools, herramientas para desarrollar aplicaciones Node desde Visual Studio.
  • Aprende a desarrollar aplicaciones Node.JS y Express con toda la potencialidad y funcionalidades que ofrece Visual Studio. Videotutorial sobre la instalación y uso de NodeJS Tools, herramientas p.....
  • #136651 youtube

    Step by Step Node.js with Visual Studio
  • Step by Step To Work with node.js using visual studio. For more: http://manojmahato.com.np
  • #92559 youtube

    Node.js Tools for Visual Studio: Feature Walkthrough
  • With IntelliSense, advanced debugging and profiling, npm Integration, unit testing, source control, cloud deployment, and more... Visual Studio is now a full-fledged Node.js IDE. This video will .....
  • #74457 youtube

    Quick (15 min) introduction to Node.js tools for Visual Studio (NTVS)
  • How to install Node.js tools for Visual Studio (NTVS). How to work with node packages in various ways. How to test/debug a Node.js application using Visual Studio
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    Node.js Tutorial for Beginners - 13 - Creating a Basic Server
  • Go to https://www.thenewboston.com/videos.php for all of my videos and tutorials! Have any questions? Check out the forum at https://www.thenewboston.com/forum/category.php?id=187 Source code...
  • #66775 youtube 00:11:26

    HTTP2 In NodeJS Core
  • HTTP/2 in Node.js is finally here. This talk will discuss how it works and how to use it. Included will be lessons learned, best practices, things to try, and things to avoid. Now that the code i.....
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    How to Connect to MySQL Database from Node.Js
  • Welcome to this code cast in which I'll teach you how to work with a MySQL database in Node. I'll teach you how to insert data, query data, and how to defend against malicious SQL injection attac.....
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    Rapid Development of Data Mining Applications in Node.js
  • Blaz Fortuna, AI Lab, Jozef Stefan Institute
  • #169316 youtube

    Connect.JS 2015: Scaling Node.js with Docker and Kubernetes
  • Writing the code for your applications is loads of fun, but often deploying your application and then scaling it to match your load can be hard and frustrating. The new world of software contain.....
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