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ProAm USA 7" SD LCD On-Camera Video Monitor Kit Overview
  • The most affordable and reliable LCD video monitor kit. http://www.proamusa.com/ProAm-7-On-Camera-Crane-LCD-Monitor-Kit-p/7lcd.htm
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    Ikan VX7i 3G SDI LCD Monitor con IPS Panel
  • Tutorial sobre Ikan VX7i 3G SDI LCD Monitor con IPS Panel
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    Capturing Audio on the Atomos Shogun Pt1
  • The Atomos Shogun is a prores recorder and monitor that captures up to 8 channels of audio digitally embedded into the HDMI signal and as many as 12 into the SDI. The Shogun boasts the addition o.....
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    Atomos SAMURAI BLADE Recorder/Monitor/WFM & Deck
  • http://www.markertek.com Super Sharp, Super Bright, Super Blacks Right down to the last Atom! 5" 325DPI 1280x720 At 325DPI and 1Million Pixels (1280x720 @ 5") the SuperAtom IPS Panel is world-l.....
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    Gama de monitores HDMI/SDI de Ikan en NAB 2013
  • Ikan nos presenta su gama de monitores HDMI/SDI en NAB 2013
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    E2WORK SOLUTION 2.8" SDI 2.8" Portable Monitor
  • E2WORK SOLUTION 2.8" SDI 2.8" Portable Monitor
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    Atomos Ronin Portable Recorder/Player/Monitor
  • http://www.markertek.com/Video-Equipment/Digital-Video-Recorders/Atomos/RONIN.xhtml The Ronin portable Recorder/Player/Monitor is a smart solution for both fixed-facility and on-location video p.....
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    Atomos Samurai Blade set up with Canon 5D Mark III -Part 2
  • Part 1 here: http://youtu.be/k62B8T5Na3I Menu settings for Canon 5D Mark III to work with the Atomos Samurai Blade using firmware1.2.1. Charl the Topic Camera Lens Rentals technical ninja demon.....
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    Samurai Record Trigger
  • How to use the Samurai with timecode and embedded tags in the HD-SDI stream
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    Atomos Shogun 4K Monitor & Recorder
  • http://www.markertek.com The new Atomos Shogun is the world's first 12G SDI & 4K HDMI I/O monitor, recorder, deck and features a stunning 1920x1080 SuperAtom IPS 7" touchscreen 325 PPI 179-degre.....
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    Atomos Fieldrekorder - Shogun, Ninja, Samurai und PowerStation (Digitalschnittmesse 2015)
  • Atomos Distributor Wolfgang Seidel stellt in seinem Vortrag zur Atomos-Produktpalette das gesamte Spektrum der Fieldrecorder vom Ninja Star (ohne Monitor) über Ninja 2 (kleinerer TFT-Monitor), Ni.....
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    StudioTech 28: BVE 2012 - Atomos Samurai and Ninja
  • Recorded at Broadcast Video Expo 2012 in London, 15 February 2012. A look at the Atomos Samurai and Ninja.
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    Introducing Atomos Inferno - 4K 60P HDMI/Quad 3G-SDI Monitor
  • **This video is from www.atomos.com** PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS -1920 x1200 Touchscreen Display -10-Bit FRC Monitor Processing -4K HDMI and 12G-SDI Inputs/Outputs -1500 cd/m² Brightness -HDR Mode with.....
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    Atomos Connect Converters
  • For more info on Connect converters check out: http://www.atomos.com/converters/ The two Connect converters are the latest additions to the Atomos family of Smart Production Tools. Aside from co.....
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    #NAB 09 Ikan shows us it new SDI Monitor
  • At NAB Ikan showed me their new SDI monitor. Its colors were vivid and its price,,,LOW! http://www.filmmakingcentral.com Distributed by Tubemogul.
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    Atomos Samurai Blade Recorder Rental Monitor Overview
  • AValive Rents http://bit.ly/1eXPALj and Sells http://bit.ly/159JAKZ The new Samurai Blade offers a stunning 1280 x 720 SuperAtom IPS touchscreen, at 325ppi 179-degree viewing, 400nit brightness a.....
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    Atomos Shogun Inferno Review!
  • Should you buy a $1300 video recorder/monitor? Today we try to figure that out and look into the beastly Atomos Shogun Inferno video recorder! If you're looking for a solid 4K recorder/monitor wi.....
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    Atomos Samurai - Complete unboxing
  • See everything included with the Atomos Samurai 10bit uncompressed to ProRes field recorder, monitor and playback/playout device as Jeff Pulera walks you through the entire kit, as it ships, prov.....
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    Atomos Shogun Introduction
  • Now shipping the NEW Atomos Shogun 4K Recorder / Monitor http://www.3dbroadcastsales.com/atomos-shogun-all-in-one-4k-hdmi-apple-prores-12g-sdi-7-inch-1920-x-1200-recorder
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    IBC 2011: ATOMOS Samurai - 1145€ HD-SDI recorder also does Avid DNX!
  • See the related article on cinema5D: http://www.cinema5d.com/news/?p=7941
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    Atomos Samurai - Pro K Solutions protective cover
  • Cam Op Bryan Law provides instruction to applying the Pro K Solutions Optical Clarity Protective line of covers to an Atomos Samurai HD SDI external recorder
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    ATOMOS Shogun Flame HDMI/SDI 4K Recorder
  • A look at the ATOMOS Shogun Flame HDMI/SDI 4K Recorder.
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    Atomos Sumo and Shogun Studio create cost-effective workflow for the European Youth Olympic Festival
  • The latest Atomos Sumo 19 combined monitor and recorder got its first trial by fire in a broadcast environment at the European Youth Olympic Festival in Hungary last month. Young athletes from 50.....
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    Atomos Samurai Blade VS C300 Internal Recording Test
  • Camera Test: C300 internally recorded footage vs Samurai Blade ProRes 4:2:2 Footage. The footage from the C300 and Samurai Blade have both had an identical grade. For more information and hi-re.....
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    StudioTech 95 - Atomos Samurai Blade, the field recorder that does so much more.
  • We take a look at the Samurai Blade from Atomos, an SDI field recorder that offers more than just recording capabilities: it is also a great monitor with comprehensive wave form monitoring, Monit.....
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    ATEM Television Studio Rack with three monitors, XR18 digital mixer, laptop, Atomos Samurai
  • purpose: video recording in small-to-medium churches. rack should fit in car seat. dimensions: 22" wide, 33" high, 12" deep. components: Blackmagickdesign ATEM Television Studio (video mixer),.....
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    Atomos Samurai - RED workflow benefits
  • DP/Cinematographer Chris T.K. Coyne describes the benefits of using an Atomos Samurai 10bit uncompressed to ProRes field recorder, monitor and playback/playout device in his RED camera workflow. .....
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    Atomos Samurai Blade Review
  • Produced by Jamie Bender at www.J65Productions.com Thank you to Atomos for sending me the unit for review and thanks to Martin Whittier at Brumar Films for use of the Red Scarlet.
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    HDMI vs SDI
  • All PTZOptics cameras include a HDMI video output. This output is ideal for a variety of uses including: confidences monitors, wireless transmitters and HDMI frame grabbers. While HDMI provides h.....
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    Using Atomos Ninja 2 with Blackmagic Cinema Camera and Mitra 3D Mic Pro
  • Why I do use Atomos Ninja-2 with Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera? l have explained it all in this video. Enjoy some Atomos Ninja-2 recording footage from Santa Cruz with Mitra 3D Mic surround sou.....
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    Atomos Samurai Blade Unboxing
  • A look at what you get when you purchase the Atomos Samurai Blade.
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    Atomos Samurai Unboxing
  • Our Atomos Samurai finally arrived and I just had to take a video of the unboxing of it. I saw this first at NAB 2011 where it was announced, I believe. This is a HD-SDI video recorder and play.....
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    Atomos Samurai - User interface demo
  • Learn all about the Atomos Samurai 10bit uncompressed to ProRes field recorder, monitor and playback/playout device as Jeff Pulera walks you through the user interface and functionality. For mor.....
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    Atomos Samurai Blade
  • Shop at B&H: http://bit.ly/AtomosRecorders The Atomos Samurai Blade features a 1280 x 720 resolution screen for monitoring your recording. The ability to record 1080/30p/60i resolution directly .....
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    NAB 2011: Atomos Ninja and Samurai, 10bit uncompressed field recorder and monitor
  • For more news and training, visit: http://nextwavedv.com We stop by the Atomos booth and get a full walkthrough of the features of the Atomos Ninja HDMI field recorder and Atomos Samurai HD-SDI .....
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    Atomos Samurai 10-Bit HD/SD-SDI Field Recorder Monitor and Playback & Playout Device
  • http://www.markertek.com The revolutionary Samurai is a portable touchscreen Professional 10-Bit HD Recorder, Monitor, & Playback device that captures pristine video and audio direct from any cam.....
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    Atomos Samurai - Overview & Setup - Magnanimous Media
  • Jonah discusses the uses and setup of the Atomos Samurai HD-SDI recorder. The Samurai is a 10-bit 4:2:2 HD SDI recorder. It records Apple ProRes files at three different data rates to a 2.5-inch.....
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    Atomos Samurai Blade 5-Inch SDI Monitor & Recorder Unboxing - Newsmakers Studio
  • In this unboxing, we show you the Samurai Blade 5-Inch 1280 x 720 Hi-Resolution SDI Monitor & Recorder made by Atomos for use in the Newsmakers Studio! This camera monitor features support for S.....
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    Atomos Samurai Blade Hi-Res SDI Monitor & Recorder
  • De Atomos Samurai Blade is in staat om video's direct vanaf de sensor van uw HD-camera op te nemen op een 2,5” harde schijf. Met de meegeleverde bracket plaats u de harde schijf eenvoudig in de S.....
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    Atomos Field Recorder Review - Ninja, Samurai, Blade
  • This video shows the difference between 3 of Atomos' on-camera field recorders: the Ninja II, The original Samurai, and the Samurai Blade. The Samurai Blade is the latest in the series and you c.....
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    Atomos Shogun Studio Recorder / Monitor / Playback Deck
  • http://www.markertek.com Introducing the Atomos Shogun Studio - The World's First All-In-One 4K/HD, 2 Channel, Dual 7 Inch 3RU Recorder, Monitor & Playback Deck! Pro AV With play list functiona.....
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    Atomos Ninja Inferno and GH5 - 10-bit 4:2:2 4K at 60p - Worth it?
  • Unleash the full cinematic potential of your camera with the Ninja Inferno – the HDR / daylight-viewable 4K recorder and monitor that’s easy and intuitive to use yet brings the broadcast-standard.....
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    The Atomos Ninja & Samurai - shown by Robbie Fleming
  • Robbie Fleming from Atomos talks about the Ninja, Samurai & Connect products. Recorded at one of the IOV VideoSkills "Shooting Better Interviews" training workshops, this one at Gilwell Park in S.....
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    Atomos Connect H2S S2H HD-SDI 3G HDMI Converters
  • Sandy Audio Visual LLC unboxing and first look review of the Atomos Connect Smart Portable Digital Video Converter. This marvel of a device, introduced at NAB 2012 is finally shipping and we cou.....
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    NAB 2013: Atomos Samurai Blade
  • I stopped by the Atomos booth to take a look at their newest camera-mounted recorder, the Samurai Blade. It features a 5" 1280x720 IPS panel, as well as built-in waveform and vectorscope tools. T.....
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    Samurai Blade HD SDI delay
  • Approximately a 3 frame delay between camera and Samurai
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    Canon xha1s to atomos
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    Phabrix TAG Handheld HD/SD-SDI Analyzer/Monitor
  • http://www.markertek.com The TAG has been developed within the same rugged form factor as the Sx range and in addition to SDI and AES generation and analysis brings composite I/O with additional.....
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    Samurai hard drive recorder
  • 10 bit 4.2.2 Hard drive recorder overview monitor built in, 3 levels of proRes up to 220mbps HQ
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    MR7 | 7" HD-SDI LCD Monitor w/ Built-in H.264 Rec.
  • Introducing the M series from ikan! The MR7 a diverse and rugged 7" 1024 X 600 field monitor, includes a built in H.264 recorder with 4GB of internal memory. This storage feature is complimented .....
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  • http://www.adorama.com Daniel Norton shows us the much anticipated Atomos Shogun recorder. With a beautiful 1920x1200 touch screen, exposure and focusing aids, and the ability to record up to UH.....
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