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Mercedes Benz ML320 ML430 ML500 W163 Transmission not shifting? Doesnt Shift? I have a fix!
  • Is your car slow to shift out of first gear on cold mornings like mine? If so check out this video to learn what I did to fix this issue. If this video helped you save a few bucks and you’d like.....
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    Chevy Truck Posi-Lok Differential & Rear-End-How To Calculate For The Right Setup
  • It's all in the Spline Count! http://www.swrnc.com or 972-420-1293
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    Field Trip! Misc. Client Work
  • In this video, I take you along on a few random client visits that I had to do - trying to get these done as quickly as possible. Amazon Affiliate links: Drive Cloner: http://geni.us/HQFh4o Cr.....
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    Crosstalk Interlock Solution
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    GNS3 Talks: How to connect GNS3 to a physical network (Part 1).
  • In this video I show you the recommended way of connecting GNS3 to a physical network using the cloud device in GNS3. Get $200 worth of network software for free here: https://goo.gl/613TUF
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    VIP Quickstart Fail
  • An example of VIP Failstart I mean VIP Quickstart failing to start. This is the reason for the VIP extension for Chassis. While the video doesn't show the end result because I got bored waiting .....
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    Service Discovery/Reverse Proxy with Traefik
  • Service discovery and reverse proxying with Traefik in Docker.
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    Easy Fleece Hat Tutorial (Free Pattern)
  • Angel Walks you through step by step with her Easy Fleece Hat Tutorial (Free Pattern). This easy fleece hat has a free pdf pattern that comes in sizes baby to adult! You'll be able to make seve.....
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    Dibe Taa'di'geesh. Part 1.
  • Sheep Shearing Demonstration by the Teachers for the Students and Families at Tse Ho Tso Dine Bi'Olta Family Literacy Night in Fort Defiance, Arizona.
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    Tank rack light controlled with Amazon Echo and Sonoff Wifi Switch
  • Controlling the lights with Amazon Echo via Sonoff Wifi switches.
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    Interstellar - Docking Scene 1080p IMAX HD
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    Load Balancing and HTTP Routing Mesh [English]
  • Learn more about Docker networking and how Docker Enterprise Edition provides built in L4 and L7 load balancing with TCP and HTTP routing mesh.
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    Deploying Swarms on Microsoft Azure with Docker Cloud
  • This video demonstrates the Microsoft Azure integration in Docker Cloud Swarm Mode, including step-by-step instructions on how to link your Azure account to Docker Cloud, provision a new Docker s.....
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    HTTP Load Balancing With Docker and nginx
  • nginx can be used as both: as a HTTP server and as a load balancer. In this screencast I used nginx to balance the load between two TomEE instances. The Docker images in this screencast were bor.....
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    Dr. Angel Diaz, IBM - IBM Interconnect 2017 - #ibminterconnect - #theCUBE
  • Dr. Angel Diaz (@angelluisdiaz), VP, Cloud Technology & Architecture at IBM talks with John Furrier & Dave Vellante at IBM Interconnect 2017 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Ne.....
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    Docker Swarm: Setting up HA
  • See how to set up your Swarm in a high availability configuration for your masters. Try Docker Swarm https://hub.docker.com/r/_/swarm/ -- Docker is an open platform for developers and system ad.....
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    Docker Swarm: Set up TLS
  • Set up secure communications between the Docker hosts in your Swarm cluster. Try Docker Swarm https://hub.docker.com/r/_/swarm/ -- Docker is an open platform for developers and system administr.....
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    WLD PH1 wall assembly movie.wmv
  • Unilock Retaining wall construction by Ro-Buck Contracting Limited in London, Ontario, Canada in the fall of 2007. Watch the 30 foot tall and 1,000 foot long wall rise from nothing.
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    Synergy 17 - Create Shapes with Text in CorelDraw
  • In this video, I show how to use a few tools to create an envelope to make text take the shape of a container.
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    [#SwarmWeek Edition] Docker Online Meetup #35: Docker Swarm
  • This Docker Online Meetup is all about Docker Swarm! Docker Swarm is native clustering for Docker. It turns a pool of Docker hosts into a single, virtual Docker host. Because Docker Swarm serves.....
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    Sarah Novotny - NGINX 101: Now with more Docker! - SCALE 13x
  • NGINX is used by more than 140 million websites as a lightweight way to serve web content. Use it to decrease costs, improve performance and open up bottlenecks in web and application server envi.....
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    Evolution of interlock (Gource Visualization)
  • Gource visualization of interlock (https://github.com/ehazlett/interlock). Docker Event Driven Plugin System
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