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Kubernetes Best Practices with Sandeep Dinesh (Google)
  • Kubernetes and friends are powerful tools that can really simplify your operations. However, there are many gotchas and common pitfalls that can ruin your experience. I’ll share some best practic.....
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    Keynote: Kubernetes Federation - Kelsey Hightower, Google
  • Keynote: Kubernetes Federation - Kelsey Hightower, Google About Kelsey Hightower Kelsey Hightower has worn every hat possible throughout his career in tech, and enjoys leadership roles focused o.....
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    Kubernetes cluster on a set of Raspberry PIs
  • Lets build a Raspberry PI stack to run our own cluster Kubernetes. This video outlines my multi-weekend project to build and setup the cluster. In the end I run a redundant NGinx setup on top of .....
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    Kubernetes Anywhere, 1.5 and Beyond
  • AtCoreOS Tectonic Summit 2016, the premier enterprise Kubernetes event, David Aronchick, Senior Product Manager, Google told us more about Kubernetes 1.5 and beyond.
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    Kubernetes Deconstructed: Understanding Kubernetes by Breaking It Down
  • Understanding Kubernetes as a whole can be daunting. With so many different components working together it can be hard to know how the pieces work together or where new products and features fit .....
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    Load Balancing Kubernetes Services with NGINX and NGINX Plus
  • Michael Pleshakov, Platform Integration Engineer, NGINX, Inc. talks at nginx.conf 2016 on how to use NGINX and NGINX Plus as an external load balancer for Kubernetes services. He starts with a br.....
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    The Illustrated Children's Guide to Kubernetes
  • Written and performed by Matt Butcher Illustrated by Bailey Beougher Follow the adventures of Phippy the Giraffe, Captain Kube, and Goldie the Gopher as they discover Kubernetes pods, replicatio.....
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    Kubernetes for Sysadmins – Kelsey Hightower at PuppetConf 2016
  • Kelsey Hightower of Google presents "Kubernetes for Sysadmins" at PuppetConf 2016.
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    What is Kubernetes?
  • Introduction to Kubernetes with Joe Beda
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    Kubernetes Development in Azure from Visual Studio 2017 - Visual Studio Connected Environment
  • Announced at Connect 2017, Scott Hanselman demos the Visual Studio Connected Environment - Kubernetes Development in Azure from Visual Studio!
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    What is Kubernetes
  • You have a working knowledge of Docker and you're looking to take your container game to the next level. Time to take a look at Kubernetes. In this video, you'll learn about what Kubernetes is an.....
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    Self-Hosted Kubernetes
  • CoreOS Kubernetes team lead Aaron Levy demonstrates self-hosted Kubernetes
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    How to create and manage Kubernetes clusters the easy way with Rancher 2.0
  • Need to set up and run Kubernetes on different cloud providers, import existing clusters, monitor and check the health of your clusters and deploy your applications in production? This training.....
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    Building Small Containers (Kubernetes Best Practices)
  • In this episode of Kubernetes Best Practices, Sandeep Dinesh shows how you can build small containers to make your Kubernetes deployments faster and more secure. See the associated article here .....
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    Deploying Kubernetes, a Container Cluster Manager - Ben Hall
  • Docker in development is very different to Docker in production. When running 100s or 1000s of containers you’re faced with different concerns and problems. Ben will introduce Kubernetes, a Cont.....
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    Powering Microservices with Docker, Kubernetes, Kafka and MongoDB
  • Organisations are building their applications around microservice architectures because of the flexibility, speed of delivery, and maintainability they deliver. This session introduces you to tec.....
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    Developer Bootcamp - Kubernetes | Google Cloud Summit São Paulo
  • Saiba como colocar cargas de trabalho em containers, implementar clusters no Google Container Engine, fazer integração contínua e escalar suas aplicações para gerenciar o aumento de tráfego.Nesse.....
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    Best practices for orchestrating the Cloud with Kubernetes - Google I/O 2016
  • In the last decade, user demand for always-on applications have grown exponentially. Many developers choose application patterns to meet this need, but what about the infrastructure needed to sup.....
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    Kubernetes Deconstructed: Understanding Kubernetes by Breaking It Down - Carson Anderson, DOMO
  • Kubernetes Deconstructed: Understanding Kubernetes by Breaking It Down [I] - Carson Anderson, DOMO Understanding Kubernetes as a whole can be daunting. With so many different components working .....
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    Terraforming the Kubernetes Land
  • Radek Simko, Terraform Expert HashiCorp Modern infrastructure can sometimes look like a wedding cake with many different layers. It’s no surprise for seasoned users that Terraform was able to pr.....
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    The ins and outs of networking in Google Container Engine and Kubernetes (Google Cloud Next '17)
  • Smoothly handling Google Container Engine and networking can take some practice. In this video, Tim Hockin and Michael Rubin discuss migrating applications to Container Engine, networking in Cont.....
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    Kubernetes 101 Workshop: How to get a simple app up and running on Kubernetes
  • Sarah Zelechoski from ReactiveOps provides hands-on instructions for standing up clusters, deploying a simple web application, and scaling your app properly. https://www.reactiveops.com/ To foll.....
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    What's new in Kubernetes? - Tim Hockin
  • Container Camp SF 2016 - https://container.camp/ Tim Hockin is a Senior Staff Software Engineer at Google. Tim is one of the original Kubernetes developers. Prior to Kubernetes he was working on.....
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    Kubernetes Meetup #5
  • This is a live stream of the Kubernetes meetup happening at Ooyala in Santa Clara, CA, on the 2/11/16. Schedule: 6:30 to 7:00 :   Kubernetes: State of the ecosystem - 1.2 and beyond      Tim H.....
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    2017 Online Training: Using Kubernetes
  • http://rancher.com - In this free online training, we walkthrough basic Kubernetes concepts, before performing a simple Kubernetes deployment with Rancher. Join our community! Twitter: https://.....
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    Kubernetes in production - blue-green deployment, auto scaling and deployment automation
  • by Paul Bakker Kubernetes is a great tool to run (Docker) containers in a clustered production environment. There are also a few things that Kubernetes doesn't solve though. When deploying often.....
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    Kubernetes 101 Fundamentals
  • VMware Technical Product Manager Francis Guillier explains the core components in Kubernetes including the Masters, Clusters, Pods, Worker nodes, etcd and labels.
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    Microservices in the Cloud with Kubernetes and Istio (Google I/O '18)
  • Are you building or interested in building microservices? They are a powerful method to build a scalable and agile backend, but managing these services can feel daunting: building, deploying, ser.....
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    Docker Networking in Swarm, Mesos, Kubernetes - Docker Santa Clara Meetup - Fawad Khaliq
  • The Docker container ecosystem is growing very fast and networking has taken an interesting direction with different networking models being introduced and it becomes even more interesting when c.....
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    15 Kubernetes features in 15 minutes by Marc Sluiter
  • In July 2015 Google released Kubernetes version 1.0, a tool for orchestrating Docker containers in a cluster. A lot happened since then: Kubernetes gained a lot of attraction and was donated to t.....
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    Microservices and Kubernetes: New functionality to build and operate apps (Google Cloud Next '17)
  • In this video you will learn, through presentations and demos, about new technologies for building and running microservices on Kubernetes coming from Google and the open source community. This v.....
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    007. Микросервисная архитектура на базе CoreOS и Kubernetes — Денис Измайлов
  • Основная тенденция на международном рынке — переход к гибкой, устойчивой и в то же время эластичной микросервисной архитектуре. Денис поделится опытом использования в Startup Makers технологий Co.....
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    Get Pumped for Kubernetes 1.4
  • Aaron Levy, software engineer, CoreOS
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    INFRASTRUCTURE & OPERATIONS - Painless container management with GKE & Kubernetes
  • Recorded on Mar 24 2016 at GCP NEXT 2016 in San Francisco. Kubernetes is leading the charge into the next generation of cloud computing. With a vibrant community, this open project is defining t.....
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    Kubernetes the Easy Way
  • Welcome to our new series of videos on how we’re making the Canonical Distribution of Kubernetes easy for anyone to deploy on any cloud. All our code is open source and we love pull requests. Our.....
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    Getting Started with Kubernetes on DigitalOcean - Webinar by Cloud expert Janakiram MSV
  • In this video, Janakiram will walkthrough setting up and configuring Kubernetes on DigitalOcean and also explore the basic concepts of the most popular open source orchestration engine by deployi.....
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    Kubernetes and Google Container Engine (Google Cloud Next '17)
  • In this video, Aparna Sinha and Kelsey Hightower demonstrate how to set up your clusters for scale and availability across zones and regions. They will cover, storage provisioning, cluster federa.....
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    12 Factor Apps and Kubernetes - CodeConf 2016
  • Presented by Kelsey Hightower Five years ago the world was introduced to 12 Factor apps which provided the blueprint for building applications for the cloud. As we move beyond the cloud into uti.....
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    Kubernetes Webinar Series - Understanding Service Discovery
  • Services in Kubernetes act as the glue between various objects that communicate with each other. In this webinar, we will learn how to use Services to securely expose Pods to internal and externa.....
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    Introduction to Microservices, Docker, and Kubernetes
  • Learn the basics of Microservices, Docker, and Kubernetes. Code demo starts at 18:45. I mess up the terminal for the first few minutes, but I fix it by 21:50. Audio gets echoey a few times, but i.....
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    Kubernetes Webinar Series - Dealing with Storage and Persistence
  • Storage is a critical part of running containers, and Kubernetes offers some powerful primitives for managing it. This webinar discusses various strategies for adding persistence to the container.....
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    Kubernetes Webinar Series - A Closer Look at Pods and Replica Sets
  • Pods are the basic building blocks of Kubernetes. Replica Sets enable Pods to scale horizontally. This webinar will focus on the architecture of Pods and Replica Sets. We will walk you through th.....
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    Day 2, Kubernetes Dashboard Unleashed! KubeCon EU 2016
  • Presenters: Christoph Held, Cloud Architect at Fujitsu David O'Dwyer, Founder at LiveWyer As a cloud architect at Fujitsu, Christoph is passionate about OpenSource in the area of datacenter man.....
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    What's New in K8s 1 3
  • K8s 1.3 Big Release announcement: https://blog.kubernetes.io/2016/07/kubernetes-1.3-bridging-cloud-native-and-enterprise-workloads.html @kelseyhightower on Cluster Federation: https://www.youtub.....
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  • I continue working on my Kubernetes/IoT/Pomodoro project and the episode got RIDICULOUSLY long. Music: Jazzy Frenchy by Bensound http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music/track/jazzy-frenchy
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    Docker Swarm or Kubernetes or Mesos - pick your framework! by Arun Gupta
  • Docker Swarm, Kubernetes and Mesos are very competent, and one of the most heavily used, container orchestration frameworks. This code-driven session will compare and contrast Docker Swarm and Ku.....
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    Kubernetes Webinar Series - Kubernetes Architecture 101
  • Join us to learn the concepts and terminology of Kubernetes such as Nodes, Labels, Pods, Replication Controllers, Services. After taking a closer look at the Kubernetes master and the nodes, we w.....
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    The Container Management Debate: Kubernetes vs Rancher vs Docker Swarm vs Amazon ECS
  • Debate Hosts: Gerhard Schweinitz, Contino Stephen Wallace, MeetupMadness Debate Teams: Team Amazon ECS: Andrew Ong (Technical Operations Manager, Bauer), Steven Ringo (Enterprise Solutions Archi.....
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    GopherCon 2017: Kelsey Hightower - Self Deploying Kubernetes Applications
  • In this session we will take a look at the unique properties of Go binaries and Kubernetes that allow us to treat the world as one massive global-scale computer and how applications can begin dep.....
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    Kubernetes over Coffee with Kelsey Hightower
  • Links: GCP Container Engine: https://goo.gl/MMB9xH Kubernetes Blog: https://goo.gl/dsK74W Kubernetes/minikube GitHub: https://goo.gl/F1Xgka Learn about Kubernetes, Cloud and more in this episode.....
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    Create a 2-node Kubernetes cluster in 10 minutes
  • In this tutorial we walk-through my latest blog on Kubernetes - you'll need two VMs or machines running Ubuntu. Read more - https://blog.alexellis.io/kubernetes-in-10-minutes/
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    Organizing Kubernetes with Namespaces (Kubernetes Best Practices)
  • In this episode of Kubernetes Best Practices, Sandeep Dinesh shows how to work with Namespaces and how they can help you manage your Kubernetes resources. See the associated article here → https.....
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    Networking with Kubernetes
  • In this lightboard talk, Nathan Ness walks through the networking options in Kubernetes and explains the types of communications through Kubernetes services.
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    Kubernetes in 5 mins
  • In this lightboard talk, Steve Tegeler walks through Kubernetes fundamentals for beginners.
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    Docker and Kubernetes Recipes for Java Developers by Arun Gupta
  • Containers are enabling developers to package their applications in new ways that are portable and work consistently everywhere. Docker has become the de facto standard for those portable contain.....
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    Connecting Containers: Building a PaaS with Docker and Kubernetes
  • Katie Miller http://lca2015.linux.org.au/schedule/30080/view_talk co-presented with Steve Pousty Learn how Red Hat is using Docker and Google's Kubernetes project to redefine modern applicatio.....
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    Kubernetes in 5 minutes
  • Explain Kubernetes in just five minutes? Impossible, thought Jamie Duncan. But he did it anyway. In this video, Duncan says containers are "making us rethink how we deliver software." But they h.....
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    Weekend Kubernetes Shenanigans - FunFunFunction #19
  • This is a longer video where you you follow me on the first steps of a weekend hack of mine, using node.js, Docker, Kubernetes and a Photon Internet Button. Links to things mentioned in the video.....
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    [ LinuxTips ] - Descomplicando o KUBERNETES - parte1
  • Seja bem-vindo ao Canal LinuxTips e hoje vamos falar sobre o sensacional KUBERNETES! Sensacional ferramenta criada pelo Google para o gerenciamento de cluster de containers em sua infra, de for.....
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    Setting up and using a single node Kubernetes cluster.
  • Brendan Burns manually sets up the smallest possible Kubernetes cluster: a single node. He then shows how to quickly and easily deploy a load balanced set of web server processes on that node.
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    Developing and deploying Java-based microservices in Kubernetes by Ray Tsang
  • A quick overview on Docker containers, usages, and how to scale up from a single container to a fleet of containers working together with Kubernetes for real-life workloads, such as running java-.....
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    Istio and Kubernetes - Kelsey Hightower
  • Kubernetes changed how we deploy applications. Istio is going to change how we connect, manage, and secure them. Istio is an open platform that provides a uniform way to connect, manage, and sec.....
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    Dutch Docker Day 2015 - Docker Swarm on Kubernetes
  • Kelsey Hightower, Google during his talk "Docker Swarm on Kubernetes at Dutch Docker Day 2015.
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    Kubernetes on bare metal with CoreOS - Kelsey Hightower
  • Recorded on Feburary 25th, 2015 at the Kubernetes Gathering in San Francisco, CA, USA.
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    Intro to Container Management and Kubernetes
  • emccode.github.io This video covers an introduction to containers, container management and Kubernetes. Produced by Jonas Rosland and Matt Cowger.
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    Container clusters with Kubernetes -Tim Hockin
  • container.camp @containercamp Container Camp is the community conference about software containers. April 17, 2015, San Francisco.
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    Kubernetes: The Journey So Far - Greg DeMichillie
  • From the Kubernetes 1.0 Launch, presented by Google. Watch Eric Brewer, the next speaker from the event: https://goo.gl/RzuzAl Subscribe to O'Reilly on YouTube: http://goo.gl/n3QSYi About Greg D.....
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    Container Orchestration using CoreOS and Kubernetes, Part 1/3 workshop
  • CoreOS Workshop Pt. 1 This hands-on workshop led by CoreOS's Kelsey Hightower will teach modern practices for container orchestration, and show examples of how components work together to manag.....
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    Docker Containers and Kubernetes with Brian Dorsey
  • We've all written an application from scratch before. It’s manual, inefficient, and what’s worse, it’s completely unreproducible. So then you might turn to Docker, which solves the process-level.....
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    A Technical Overview of Kubernetes (CoreOS Fest 2015)
  • Brendan Burns, Software engineer and a founder of Kubernetes at Google gives a technical overview of Kubernetes.
  • #76746 youtube

    Kubernetes For Pythonistas
  • Watch this amazing talk by Kelsey Hightower on Kubernetes, a production-grade container orchestration technology, which enables automated container deployment, scaling and management! EVENT: PyC.....
  • #114959 youtube

    Kubernetes The Easy Way! (For Developers In 2018)
  • Watch Kelsey Hightower deliver an awesome presentation on Kubernetes via several demos during his keynote talk on the KubeCon 2017. EVENT: KubeCon 2017 SPEAKER: Kelsey Hightower PERMISSIONS:.....
  • #120581 youtube

    Introduction to Kubernetes
  • With this course, learn how to use Kubernetes to get your containers under control. To watch the entire course, please visit https://goo.gl/mi3J8i. You can also have access to the entire Cloud.....
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    Kubernetes: What you need to know ... and why - Kelsey Hightower (Google)
  • Kelsey Hightower offers a quick overview of Kubernetes—the community, the project, and the technology for managing containerized workloads. Subscribe to O'Reilly on YouTube: http://goo.gl/n3QSYi.....
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    Tutorial: Introduction to Stateful Applications on Kubernetes
  • An Introduction to Stateful Applications on Kubernetes with Saad Ali, Google, and Chris Duchesne, {code} In this video, Saad and Chris address how Kubernetes storage works in the context of supp.....
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    Demo of Kubernetes' new easy installation technique, kubeadm
  • With Weave Net, Scope and Cloud. See http://kubernetes.io/docs/getting-started-guides/kubeadm/ to try it yourself!
  • #91157 youtube

    AWS re:invent 2017: Mastering Kubernetes on AWS (CON308)
  • A lot of progress has been made on how to bootstrap a cluster since Kubernetes' first commit and is now only a matter of minutes to go from zero to a running cluster on Amazon Web Services. Howev.....
  • #118866 youtube

    Kubernetes Webinar Series - Getting Started with Kubernetes
  • Join us to learn how to deploy your first containerized application on the most popular orchestration engine. You will understand the basic concepts of Kubernetes along with the terminology and t.....
  • #90894 youtube

    The Origin Story of Kubernetes
  • At CoreOS Tectonic Summit 2016, the premier enterprise Kubernetes event, Brendan Burns a Founder of Kubernetes, tells us the origin story of Kubernetes.
  • #103432 youtube

    Kubernetes: Changing the Way That we Think and Talk About Computing • Brian Dorsey
  • This presentation was recorded at GOTO Berlin 2015 http://gotober.com Brian Dorsey - Developer Advocate at Google ABSTRACT We're looking at a major revolution in cloud computing, the likes of D.....
  • #78839 youtube

    GOTO 2017 • Kubernetes in Real Life • Ian Crosby
  • This presentation was recorded at GOTO Copenhagen 2017 http://gotocph.com Ian Crosby - Senior Engineer at Container Solutions ABSTRACT When developing Cloud Native applications, a robust orches.....
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    Kubernetes Secrets and Config Maps
  • A demonstration of Kubernetes v1.3 Secrets and Config Maps running on Fedora 24 visualized with Cockpit Part of the "Introduction to Kubernetes" playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P.....
  • #103175 youtube

    The Kubernetes Dashboard
  • A look at the upcoming Kubernetes Dashboard
  • #78361 youtube

    The Future of OpenStack + Kubernetes
  • At CoreOS Tectonic Summit, Donnie Berkholz, Research Director, Development, DevOps & IT Ops, led a discussion about the future of OpenStack + Kubernetes between Jonathan Bryce, executive director.....
  • #96140 youtube

    Docker Swarm or Kubernetes – Pick your framework! by Arun Gupta
  • Docker and Kubernetes are two very competent, and one of the most heavily used, container orchestration frameworks. This code-driven session will compare and contrast Docker Swarm and Kubernetes .....
  • #101691 youtube

    Google Cloud Next Milan '17- Mete Atamel : "Containers, Kubernetes and Google Cloud"
  • Creating a single microservice is a well understood problem. Creating a cluster of load-balanced microservices that are resilient and self-healing is not so easy. Managing that cluster with rollo.....
  • #114001 youtube

    Hands on Kubernetes (Part 1)
  • In this Part 1 webinar, Adam Hawkins presents the high level behind container orchestration and what differentiates Kubernetes between other tools. This is a hands-on session which covers deployi.....
  • #95945 youtube

    Azure Friday | Metaparticle - A standard library for cloud-native applications on Kubernetes
  • Metaparticle is an experimental, cloud-native development environment for democratizing and simplifying the development of reliable distributed applications. It uses a code-first approach, so dev.....
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