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InfoComm 2016: SONY Electronics Inc Demonstrates SRG 360 SHE
  • InfoComm 2016: SONY Electronics Inc Demonstrates SRG 360 SHE
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    Office Spaces Features Sony's Robotic PTZ Cameras
  • Sony's SRG-120DH and SRG-300H PTZ cameras were featured as part of an integrated technology systems segment which aired in the May 30th episode of Office Spaces on Lifetime Television. Sony’s ow.....
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    IBC2014: Sony 4K-Remote-Produktion via IP
  • Claus Pfeifer, Strategic Marketing Manager bei Sony, erklärt im Video eine Live-Demo zum Thema 4K-Remote-Produktion am IBC2014-Stand von Sony. Dabei zeigte der Hersteller, wie mithilfe des neuen .....
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    Sony NAB 2017: PTZ Cameras
  • An overview of Sony's PTZ cameras with Drew Buttress at NAB 2017.
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    Introducing Sony’s BRC Remote Control System
  • Sony launches the next generation of live event production. Now a single operator can run a broadcast quality, multi-cam production. Get carefully orchestrated camera moves, powerful paint and .....
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    SONY BRAVIA LCD LED TV - Remote Control - SONY - RM-ED052
  • SONY BRAVIA LCD LED TV - Remote Control - SONY - RM-ED052
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    New Serial VISCA PTZ Joystick - VLOG #014
  • Andy Chatfield reviews the latest serial VISCA joystick recommended for PTZ control over RS-232 cabling. In this video we discuss how to control not only the pan, tilt and zoom but other handy fe.....
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    Completely Wireless PTZ Camera w/ Battery & IP Joystick
  • Check out this completely wireless PTZ camera w/ a battery and IP joystick. This is a great way to control and get video from an IP camera using a joystick controller or a plethora of other optio.....
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    Sony RM GA002 TV Remote
  • Sony RM GA002 TV Remote a Closer look. This seems to be for Sony WEGA TV.
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    Integrated Pan/Tilt/Zoom Control with Wowza Streaming Engine™
  • The Wowza Streaming Engine version 4.2 software release adds the capability to control the pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) functionality of certain Sony and Axis IP (network) cameras using a new pan/tilt/zoo.....
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    SRG-300SE Streaming
  • An overview of the built-in streaming feature of the SRG-300SE with Drew Buttress
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    Sony PTZ SRG-300SE e SRG-300H
  • http://www.dealer.com.br - Câmera Sony PTZ em cores de mesa ou de teto para aplicações corporativas, educacionais e de telemedicina, com eficiente zoom óptico de 30x e alta taxa de quadro de 60fp.....
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    Sony SRG-300SE Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) Camera for Video Production
  • Overview and thoughts on the Sony SRG-300SE PTZ camera, as it is being used in a live video production environment.
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    Wireless PTZ Camera Setup
  • In this video, we will discuss how to setup a wireless PTZ Camera using a DHCP Router/Switch with a built-in WAP (Wireless Access Point). The beauty of this setup for small streaming systems is t.....
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    Rm IP
  • cambio de ip automatico
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    InfoComm 2015: Sony Shows Off the MCS-8M and RM-IP10 Switchers, Line of Cameras, and Anycast Touch
  • InfoComm 2015: Sony Shows Off the MCS-8M and RM-IP10 Switchers, Line of Cameras, and Anycast Touch
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    Vaddio PCC Premier IP Joystick - Comparison vs SONY, Panasonic and PTZOptics
  • In this video you will see a review of the Vaddio PCC Premier IP Joystick along with the PTZOptics IP-Joy, SONY RMIP10 and the Panasonic AW-RP120. The Vaddio PCC Premier IP Joystick has just been.....
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    Sony’s Product Manager for Visual Communications explains their latest solutions and strategy
  • Talking at Imago's Business Breakthrough event, Alessandro Marcello, Product Manager for Visual Communications at Sony Professional Solutions Europe, describes Sony’s new solutions and how they a.....
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  • Nouveau pupitre IP Le RM-IP10 compatible avec les BRC-H900, BRC-Z330, BRC-Z700 inclut la gestion Visca, RS-422 et IP Ce pupitre permet de gérer les caméras dans toutes les configurations Nouv.....
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    Sony BRC-H900 PTZ Camera & Sony ip-10 how to work presets
  • 16 пресетов в каждом из которых настраивается индивидуальный баланс белого, резкость, освещенность и позиция Пульт IP-10 позволяет подлючить до 127 камер и управлять ими при помощи групп! на кажд.....
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    Sony's RM-IP10 Network Setup For Use With BRC & SRG PTZ Cameras
  • Learn about Sony's Network Setup for our RM-IP10 Remote Camera Controller and our PTZ Cameras' remote control panel. 1. Setup Enable Switch - 0:21 2. RM-IP10 Setup Tool download instructions - .....
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    SONY RM-BR300 PTZ Joystick Review vs HuddleCamHD
  • In this video, we review the SONY RM-BR300 Serial PTZ Joystick shown with the PTZOptics cameras in a daisy-chain multi-camera configuration. This joystick has a bunch of great features including .....
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