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Male twearker matt! (;
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    What Gay Porn Stars Eat In A Day
  • In our latest Q&A session, our Squirt.org models discuss what their typical diet is made up of. Some of their favorite meals include steamed veggies, chicken, cereal, and… oral sex. We can get be.....
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    J. does Meth from the film, Rock Bottom
  • J. tries meth for the third time. He is dating Terrell. Terrell didn't know J. uses meth. The scene is from a documentary film, Rock Bottom, a film about meth that opened in New York City and .....
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    Drugs And Sex Crystal Methamphetamine Documentary Documentary Films Hd
  • Documentary 2015
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    Gay Men in Prison - Will shock you (prison documentary)
  • .
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    Tweakin hard pt 2
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    Colin Black Talks About The Dark Side Of The Industry!
  • In a series of clips adult star Colin Black talks about mental illness, recovering from crystal meth, the dark side of the industry and appreciating life! [These clips was filmed approx. 8 month.....
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    Meth Party - Traphouse Fuckfest
  • 1. Permanently Disfigured 2. Dude Party 3. Consumerist Nightmare 4. Bloated Cadavers 5. Pillbinder 6. Shitbeast 7. Late Stages of Decomposition 8. Bullshit Copout 9. Traphouse Fuckfest 10. Unwarr.....
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    A gay boy does drugs
  • Zac and Chaz have cause to visit the Tampa house on a not so good note. members have seem one of the boys were doing something illigal in the bathroom. It all comes out when i drug test shows a p.....
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    Straight guys go gay: Lifelong buddies from Kentucky
  • Evan and Michael are lifelong buddies. This is a four part documentary of their first experiences going 'gay'. The documentary is called 'Sandbox Buddies' by Caruso at BaitBuddies.com. Enjoy!
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    Porn Addiction: Gay Men, Meth & Pornography (Clip)
  • LIKE our Facebook page! http://www.facebook.com/CenterForHealthySex Center for Healthy Sex presents a lecture by Greg Woodhill, MFT, CSAT and Dan Lacovara, MA: "How to Treat Pornography Addicti.....
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    HOMEWERQ: Boys on Film!
  • Mike and Matinga welcome guest host Christopher Daniels to school the kids on the ins and outs of gay porn. Learn it! Part one of two. www.facebook.com/Homewerq twitter.com/HOMEWERQ twitter.com.....
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    Part II: Inside the Gay Bathhouse!
  • Here's what happened when Leland and I went to the bathhouse. If you missed part I, watch it on my second channel: http://youtu.be/03SaaVHr_K4 Davey's Website: http://www.daveywavey.tv Davey Wa.....
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    It's OK to Check-In
  • You might have been in this position before... Filming & Editing: M.Y. Digital Production ________________________________________­_______ For more information on sexual health, healthy sexualit.....
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    pnp Gear Fetish | Gay | Cloudy
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    Brandon meth's party 2012 :D (Extras)
  • This video is like bloopers and random and being our selves and even though this is funny or not but hey this is the memories of good times with our best friends :D
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    Just Another Day
  • www.sowhatstheplan.webs.com
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    WeHo parTy boys -- Don't PnP with Tina
  • West Hollywood based Entertainment Ventures International and E V I Records, the company which produced the Jeff Stryker Action Figure and the porn star's novelty hit "Pop You in the Pooper" --.....
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    Slamming New Video Idea 2K16 Gone Sexual 18+
  • The Men's friend Daniel comes up with an idea to discover the duo's chemistry. Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCasHWTtfl9b13nz10nMGqkw Credit to Power Play Show for the script: http.....
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    AndyP's Short Films P s Drugs are Gay Get High On Your Own Supply
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    The Gay Life: Tina aka Meth
  • This is a video about something i really wanted to get off my chest., Its deals with being gay using Tina aka Methamphetamine. Enjoy :)
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    Barebacking in gay porn: part 2
  • In the conclusion of our 2-part series, Barebacking in Porn: Behind the Scenes, we interview porn actors Sage Daniels, Rusty Stevens and producers Chi Chi LaRue and Tim Valenti. More here: http:.....
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    Slamming drugs: The 'raw horny sex' and incredible risks
  • For some, the idea of injecting drugs is taboo. But there's a reason some gay and bi men do it. Users say slamming makes you feel sexual, horny and engaged with everyone around you. In 29-year-ol.....
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    "Falling" - Meth and the PNP Culture
  • Directed by John Saint-Denis, "Falling" is an artistic and educational short in a terrific awareness video created by Impulse Group (www.impulsegrp.org) and The Advisorie (www.advisorie.com), dep.....
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    SEXSHOOTERS - Sexsessions One
  • ...taking you deep and dark into the early hours with our new Tech House and Techno SEXSESSION. Feel it inside.
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    Pnp party 2
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