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parTy boi Documentary Official Trailer
  • "parTy Boi” is a documentary that focuses on the effects of crystal meth addiction in relation to the LGBTQ community of color. The documentary features real stories of real people who are think.....
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    The sex party experience of Nubian dukes NYC
  • We're back and we are pissed at how we got treated by nubiandukesnyc! Actual email from Nubian dukes http://muscle--and-nerds.tumblr.com/post/148723060973/so-me-a-few-friends-went-to-nubianduke.....
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    Gay Crystal Power
  • This wannabe gay channel will toy with everybody from behind. Expect much discomfort from us, as we make fun of numerous assholes. The tinfoil hats will be crushed, and the buttplugs be damned. B.....
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    Meth for sex?
  • Man had ad on the internet.
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    This porn star woke up from an overdose to find men f**king him
  • This porn star woke up from an overdose to find men f**king him Warning, this video contains descriptions of sexual assaults, violence, and content that some viewers may find difficult to watch:.....
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    Video Shows Former Sheriff Giving Meth, Pushing Porn
  • 4/4 10 pm -- The day that former Arapaho County Sheriff Pat Sullivan woke up in the jail named after him, authorities release the undercover video of his dramatic arrest and the minutes leading u.....
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    Gay Rape, Meth, Addiction
  • A man details being sexually assaulted after a house party at the hands of 3 men who restrained him, while performing oral sex on him. He speaks on his drug curiosity and close friends addicted t.....
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    Control Freak: Underground Sex Culture
  • In this first edition of Control Freak our host Mike Catherwood immerses himself in the world of Underground Sex Culture. Approaching topics such as technology's influence on the gay community, g.....
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    Chemsex 2015- Full Movie
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    This is what the ‘Unholy Trinity’ of chemsex drugs do: Crystal meth, Mephedrone and G
  • These drugs are being used by some gay and bi men for sex. G, meph and crystal make you horny - but these are the risks of taking them. Gay men use drugs for a wide variety of reasons: peer pres.....
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    Bangkok Night Tour : Meth-Whore Alley
  • The Red Light Bandit hears that Brits, Germans, Belgians, Aussies and Kiwis are hunting underage meth muff near Khaosan road whilst others claimed that there was only an army of meth-crazed trann.....
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    Colin Black Talks About The Dark Side Of The Industry!
  • In a series of clips adult star Colin Black talks about mental illness, recovering from crystal meth, the dark side of the industry and appreciating life! [These clips was filmed approx. 8 month.....
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    Zoom Room 1
  • From the Photographic and Film series 'KEM-SEKZ'. https://godphotographyblog.wordpress.com/2017/08/07/featured-content/ Copyright G O D Photography/HouseOfGod 2017.
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    SEXSHOOTERS - Sexsessions One
  • ...taking you deep and dark into the early hours with our new Tech House and Techno SEXSESSION. Feel it inside.
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    Slamming drugs: The 'raw horny sex' and incredible risks
  • For some, the idea of injecting drugs is taboo. But there's a reason some gay and bi men do it. Users say slamming makes you feel sexual, horny and engaged with everyone around you. In 29-year-ol.....
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    Slamming New Video Idea 2K16 Gone Sexual 18+
  • The Men's friend Daniel comes up with an idea to discover the duo's chemistry. Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCasHWTtfl9b13nz10nMGqkw Credit to Power Play Show for the script: http.....
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    SexQ: BB, PnP, Orgy!
  • Are you being smart with your sex life? Do you ask questions before you fuck? Christian was not shy asking Stephen about his sexual preference. The questions made Stephen think about what he did .....
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    Porn Addiction: Gay Men, Meth & Pornography (Clip)
  • LIKE our Facebook page! http://www.facebook.com/CenterForHealthySex Center for Healthy Sex presents a lecture by Greg Woodhill, MFT, CSAT and Dan Lacovara, MA: "How to Treat Pornography Addicti.....
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