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Boys Grammar - Full Version
  • Like this? Check out the new feature film from Dean Francis DROWN (2015) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpW6GLECSzU BOYS GRAMMAR is the controversial short film from acclaimed director Dean F.....
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    Straight guys go gay: Lifelong buddies from Kentucky
  • Evan and Michael are lifelong buddies. This is a four part documentary of their first experiences going 'gay'. The documentary is called 'Sandbox Buddies' by Caruso at BaitBuddies.com. Enjoy!
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    Meth Party - Chemical Outbreak
  • Chuck - strings, skins Alex - noise, throat
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    Zoom Room 1
  • From the Photographic and Film series 'KEM-SEKZ'. https://godphotographyblog.wordpress.com/2017/08/07/featured-content/ Copyright G O D Photography/HouseOfGod 2017.
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    More random clouds (Ethans gay)
  • Ethan is gay, as you can tell.
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    Fanáticos llevan a PNP de la pantalla chica a sitio porno
  • Fanáticos llevan a PNP de la pantalla chica a sitio porno Compilaron varios escenas.  Perdona Nuestro Pecados ha tenido gran éxito en la televisión y eso se ve reflejado en el rating que ha teni.....
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    Gays on Crystal
  • These girls are trying to get ready for Seattle Gay Pride. Ross Dress for Less is open until 7 pm. I'm just sayin'. Kelly O films.
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    Pnp horny gay
  • Horny dude getting high In the woods
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    S.W.T.D. / meth
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    Gay Satanic Zoom Party
  • A Gay Satanic Zoom party hosted by GaySatanicBrotherhood.com/zoom ... guests welcome. RSVP: https://www.gaysatanicbrotherhood.com/zoom/
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    GaNg BaNG
  • ahhhhhhhhhhhh
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    My brother being gay ep. 2
  • Meth
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    Crystal Meth Boys video 1
  • funny
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    SEXSHOOTERS - Sexsessions One
  • ...taking you deep and dark into the early hours with our new Tech House and Techno SEXSESSION. Feel it inside.
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    J. does Meth from the film, Rock Bottom
  • J. tries meth for the third time. He is dating Terrell. Terrell didn't know J. uses meth. The scene is from a documentary film, Rock Bottom, a film about meth that opened in New York City and .....
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    Ivan and mortemier on crystal meth
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    You do meth?
  • Comment for more vids and ideas
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    Meth Chronicles 3 (caught sucking dick at the sex party)
  • baybe i was soooo embarrassed and pissed my friend set me up..... well get into the video
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    Eldon Cloud - Smoke Naked
  • Eldon Cloud - Smoke Naked (2012) Original song produced, written, and performed by Eldon Cloud. Instrumental produced by Eldon Cloud. -UNLIMITED EVOLUTION- http://www.facebook.com/officialeldoncl.....
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    Scandal father and son
  • This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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    A Tour of an (HIV Positive) Gay Sex Club
  • Mark S. King ("My Fabulous Disease") updates a video from last year in which he tours a gay sex club and chats with the host of an HIV+ sex party ("Poz4Play") for a conversation about HIV/STD ris.....
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    Barbara y Mechita (La escena más romántica)
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    So High.flv
  • Funny/Reality/Smoked out/Meth Head/cool
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    Slamming drugs: The 'raw horny sex' and incredible risks
  • For some, the idea of injecting drugs is taboo. But there's a reason some gay and bi men do it. Users say slamming makes you feel sexual, horny and engaged with everyone around you. In 29-year-ol.....
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    The meth epidemic in the gay male community
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    Chemsex: What happens after the drugs and sex party?
  • 'Tim' used to be part of London's booming Chemsex scene. He was looking for connection and love but what he found was something a lot more cynical.
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    Meth Made Love
  • True Love Starts With Drugs
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    Rise of the spornosexuals | Brigada
  • Move over metrosexuals! Spornosexuals, an extreme breed of men who are "obsessed" in developing porn-worthy bodies, are now on the rise. Brigada airs every Tuesday, 8 PM on GMA News TV-11! GMA .....
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  • if you are messed up, very drunk or just really gay...you are gonna get slammed!!!
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    This play explores five gay men's chemsex stories
  • As the Gay Star News two-week focus on chemsex draws to a close, we sat down with the playwright of 5 Guys Chillin' Peter Darney. Now years later it has international critical acclaim and a movie.....
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    AndyP's Short Films P s Drugs are Gay Get High On Your Own Supply
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    Methguys 3
  • The methguys are at it again, again.
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    It's OK to Check-In
  • You might have been in this position before... Filming & Editing: M.Y. Digital Production ________________________________________­_______ For more information on sexual health, healthy sexualit.....
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    What Gay Porn Stars Eat In A Day
  • In our latest Q&A session, our Squirt.org models discuss what their typical diet is made up of. Some of their favorite meals include steamed veggies, chicken, cereal, and… oral sex. We can get be.....
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    Drugs And Sex Crystal Methamphetamine Documentary Documentary Films Hd
  • Documentary 2015
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    gay orgy men 1
  • bored hellaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzz
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    Chemsex clip
  • Chemsex
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    PNP (Party 'n' Play) (Jose Jimenez Radio Mix)
  • Provided to YouTube by CDBaby PNP (Party 'n' Play) (Jose Jimenez Radio Mix) · Aaron Paul PNP: Party 'n' Play (The Freak Remixes) ℗ 2015 Aaron Paul Released on: 2015-07-07 Auto-generated by Y.....
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    Gay Sex PNP - WTF are you thinking?
  • Why do so many gay guys do the whole "PNP" thing? Everyone I talk to is into "Gina" or "Tine" or Ice Cream" or whatever they call it. Crystal Meth is like destroying the gay community and it is.....
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    PARTY- gay?
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    TWiZZLE WORLD 1 - Gay For a Day
  • Masturbating Russian speaks out against an atrocity that is Schwarzenegger's new law outlawing necrophilia. It is now officially illegal to have sex with a dead body in California and the outrage.....
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    pnp & bad side
  • #118345 youtube

    Gay party boy
  • Gay man getting ready to hit the town in Salt Lake. For all the fellas curious about this hunks name, it rhymes with flat...which he is not ; )
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    Mayor Arrested In Gay Meth Orgy Sting
  • A Virginia Mayor was recently arrested in a drugs-for-sex police sting. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, and Kenny Hamilton, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comme.....
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    Male twearker matt! (;
  • This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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    October 6, 2017
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    The Stillest Hour | Behind the Scenes Featurette
  • From award-winning director Jake Jaxson comes The Stillest Hour, a twisted new take on the psycho-sexual thriller genre featuring the star power of Colby Keller, Levi Karter, and pop culture icon.....
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    Stroke it. By gay Kyle
  • He wants to smoke his boyfriends pole.
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    MSS - The Drug World In Gay Sex
  • I'm sick of losing friends and people I know, watch and I hope you make the right chose or stay away from a life I've been in and got out of
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    Diary of a meth addict
  • What I feel, what I know. I'm young but I'm wise. I'll make this my story. I hope you listen. It might sound random but its not if u got any ?s e-mail me.
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    Pnp party 2
  • #113341 youtube

    So hot P N P
  • #113025 youtube

    AR3 part two Skip's Meth Addiction
  • Skippy Baxter came public about his meth addiction via social media about a month ago.I only became aware of it this year when it spun completely out of control. For a lot of my followers, it wa.....
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    Check out our first gay sex party
  • Click link for full video: http://www.hisfirstgaysexparty.info
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    Just Another Day
  • www.sowhatstheplan.webs.com
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    Part II: Inside the Gay Bathhouse!
  • Here's what happened when Leland and I went to the bathhouse. If you missed part I, watch it on my second channel: http://youtu.be/03SaaVHr_K4 Davey's Website: http://www.daveywavey.tv Davey Wa.....
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    Tweakin hard pt 2
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    pnp Gear Fetish | Gay | Cloudy
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    Live injection
  • Live injection from anonymous.
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    "Falling" - Meth and the PNP Culture
  • Directed by John Saint-Denis, "Falling" is an artistic and educational short in a terrific awareness video created by Impulse Group (www.impulsegrp.org) and The Advisorie (www.advisorie.com), dep.....
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    DOM TOPS seeking NSA PNP
  • 239 DOM TOPS
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    porno on meth
  • why dont you do meth then try to find porn to watch.. then come and judge us!
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    HOMEWERQ: Boys on Film!
  • Mike and Matinga welcome guest host Christopher Daniels to school the kids on the ins and outs of gay porn. Learn it! Part one of two. www.facebook.com/Homewerq twitter.com/HOMEWERQ twitter.com.....
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    Adam Russo, Cutler X and other porn stars perform at Squirt.org's party
  • Squirt.org celebrated its 15th anniversary serving the gay cruising and hook-up community with an outrageous, unabashedly sexual party at Fly Nightclub in Toronto on June 19th, 2014. The event wa.....
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    HMS + BEH + PNP + MR! Porno Trailer
  • HMS
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    Gay porn star Hugh Hunter talks about dating - watch till the end
  • In an hour long Skype interview with Hugh Hunter, he talks fondly about his relationship with Dolf Dietrich among many other things - his first gay porn experience, public cruising, porn diet and.....
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    Interview with TitanMen exclusive David Benjamin
  • TitanMen's latest exclusive model David Benjamin answers some questions about his new porn family and personal life.
  • #101391 youtube

    Nick North talks about his gay porn experience, sex life and gay cruising
  • We interviewed kinky gay porn star Nick North on Skype where he talks about his fist experience and his public cruising safety tips. Nick North performs for big studios like UK Hotjocks, Men.com,.....
  • #101085 youtube

    Behind the Scenes at Squirt.Org's Non-Stop Photoshoot: Cruising with Gay Porn Stars.
  • Check out our hot 'n horny photo shoot with gay porn stars Cutler X, Adam Russo and Draven Torres. This controversial ad was taken down by YouTube for being too steamy, so here's a more wholesome.....
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    Straight Boys Are Hot?
  • Just in case you want to add Igor on Instagram for some reason: http://instagram.com/igorkolomiyets - bookings for Igor: kolomiyetsigor@yahoo.com Add Davey Wavey on Instagram: http://www.instagra.....
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    WeHo parTy boys -- Don't PnP with Tina
  • West Hollywood based Entertainment Ventures International and E V I Records, the company which produced the Jeff Stryker Action Figure and the porn star's novelty hit "Pop You in the Pooper" --.....
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    Ethan Video
  • Hello guys! I am Ethan, a 25 year old college graduate, gone porn star who is intelligent, witty, and raw. I will bring your fantasies to life every single visit. Nothing is out of bounds and not.....
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  • Algunos oficiales de la fuerza pública se empeñan en continuar en medio del ojo del huracán, ahora salio a la luz el video de un oficial en Alajuela que se manosea mientras ve pornografía dentro .....
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    Daniela Blume: "Me Pone Cachonda en Porno Gay" . Ponte A Prueba
  • Daniela Blume: "Me Pone Cachonda en Porno Gay" http://cuestionesqueer.blogspot.com/ . Ponte A Prueba ______________________ "ponte a prueba" "daniela blume" porno gay sexualidad homosexualidad .....
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    Slamming New Video Idea 2K16 Gone Sexual 18+
  • The Men's friend Daniel comes up with an idea to discover the duo's chemistry. Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCasHWTtfl9b13nz10nMGqkw Credit to Power Play Show for the script: http.....
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    Chemsex / PNP Study of the Gay Community from Squirt.org
  • Squirt.org has found chemsex, also known as Party and Play (PNP), or drug-fueled sex is prevalent with 30% of survey respondents admitting that they have engaged in the activity. The study, whic.....
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    Gay porn actor's advice on gay cruising
  • Gay porn star Hugh Hunter has some sound advice to people who are into gay cruising.
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    And another sneak hit
  • Fuck it right?
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    Sex, Drug & Techno Vol.2 - Mixed by Demmyboy
  • Tracklist & Download: http://www.mixcloud.com/demmyboy/sex-drug-techno-vol2-mixed-by-demmyboy Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/djdemmy
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    dos gay PNP
  • dos gay
  • #94033 youtube

  • slam video project
  • #94032 youtube

    crystal slam
  • crystal
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    False Realities: Gay Men, Sex, & Party Drugs
  • Hear the perspective from three men and three subject matter experts on some of the issues that affect the gay community around San Jose, CA. This film made possible with grant funds from Santa .....
  • #93867 youtube

    A gay boy does drugs
  • Zac and Chaz have cause to visit the Tampa house on a not so good note. members have seem one of the boys were doing something illigal in the bathroom. It all comes out when i drug test shows a p.....
  • #93866 youtube

  • Falling, the third artistic and educational short in this series, created by Impulse Group (www.impulsegrp.org) and The Advisorie (www.advisorie.com), depicts how, in the gay community, we can bo.....
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    Dancing With The Devil - Gay Men & Meth Part I - HIV
  • CLIP #1 of a series Created by Documentarian Michel Horvat, about several Gay men and their experiences with Crystal Meth Based on Michael Kearn's Play "The Tina Dance" in which In MacKinnon play.....
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    Don't PnP with Tina -- WeHo parTy boys
  • West Hollywood based Entertainment Ventures International and E V I Records, the company which produced the Jeff Stryker Action Figure and the porn star's novelty hit "Pop You in the Pooper" --.....
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    PNP-Fuck This World (PNP Version-Take 2.Prod By Wizzy-M)
  • On espere que la rentré cest bien passé mais nous on galere a sortir nos morceaux donc voila pour la rentré (2 mois de retard ^^)
  • #93548 youtube

    Meth Before Porn | Drugs, Inc.
  • For porn actress Amanda Blow, smoking meth and marijuana is a necessary evil so she can do her best work on the job. ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoSubscribe About National Geographic: Nationa.....
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  • "Why did you strip, pimp, rob?" Many people are attacking Kali because of his past. Instead of absorbing the life lessons of Kali's past, and understanding that the consequences of a criminal l.....
  • #93546 youtube

    Interview with gay porn star Damien Crosse
  • Damien Crosse is one of the biggets gay porn stars. He has been making movies since 2006, and wokred for the biggest studios like TitanMen, Raging Stallion, Lucas Entertainment, Men At Play, Men......
  • #93545 youtube

    Guy Shooting Up Meth
  • I found this not on the deep web but on a porn site and was dismayed that it had no homosexual activity. I did, however, find it kind of disturbing and slightly arousing.
  • #93386 youtube

    SexQ: BB, PnP, Orgy!
  • Are you being smart with your sex life? Do you ask questions before you fuck? Christian was not shy asking Stephen about his sexual preference. The questions made Stephen think about what he did .....
  • #93385 youtube

    Porn Addiction: Gay Men, Meth & Pornography (Clip)
  • LIKE our Facebook page! http://www.facebook.com/CenterForHealthySex Center for Healthy Sex presents a lecture by Greg Woodhill, MFT, CSAT and Dan Lacovara, MA: "How to Treat Pornography Addicti.....
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    GAY CODE EP5 (Crystal Meth, Gay Film Classics, Stereotypes, & Bisexuality)
  • On this episode: Do you know about TINA? Well guess what, we aint talking about Tina Turner. We are talking about Crystal Meth!!! Whats your favorite Gay Film Classic? Bisexuality, Does it real.....
  • #93383 youtube

    Barebacking in gay porn: part 2
  • In the conclusion of our 2-part series, Barebacking in Porn: Behind the Scenes, we interview porn actors Sage Daniels, Rusty Stevens and producers Chi Chi LaRue and Tim Valenti. More here: http:.....
  • #93382 youtube

    Don't PnP with Tina -- WeHo parTy boys
  • West Hollywood based Entertainment Ventures International and E V I Records, the company which produced the Jeff Stryker Action Figure and the porn star's novelty hit "Pop You in the Pooper" --.....
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