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Foreman 1.14 release highlight - EUI-64 compute resource support
  • When setting up an IPv6 subnet in Foreman, the IPAM or addressing mode can be set to EUI-64. This allocates IP addresses based on the MAC address of the host being created. When creating a host,.....
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    Foreman Community Demo - 29th March
  • This demo had improvements to audits, custom notifications, templates in the API, multiple queues in Dynflow, changes in logging and "out of sync" changes. Sections in today's demo: * Intro & Ge.....
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    Katapult Reviews O-Calc, PoleForeman, SpidaCalc
  • Today we review O-Calc, PoleForeman and SpidaCalc. Which pole loading analysis software will come out on top? View article here: http://katapultengineering.com/2017/01/11/pole-loading-platform.....
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    Foreman Usability - Red Hat Repositories page
  • This demo will provide a depth look at the new Red Hat Repositories page. A page that has been rewritten using react. It adds search and filtering capabilities and brings that page inline with .....
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    Foreman installation and Puppet management
  • IT-HelpStream
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    Foreman Tasks engine introduction
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    Feed Foreman PC Set-Up Quick Start Guide: Dairy and Beef Ration Management Software
  • Ration Management Key Benefits Effective ration management has a direct impact on your bottom line. Achieve operational efficiency by reducing feed waste, verifying feeding accuracy, tracking co.....
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    Contractor Foreman App: What is it?
  • Free Account: http://www.ContractorForeman.com Are you tired of spending time and money on overpriced construction management software or using a dozen different apps just to run your business??.....
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    Contractor Foreman (Quick Start Guide)
  • In this training session we'll show you how to quickly get started with Contractor Foreman. For more training sessions or to schedule your own one-on-one free demo, go to http://www.ContractorF.....
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    Foreman 1.10 Highlight - Detailed Host Statuses
  • Release Highlight for Foreman 1.10 - Foreman now shows you multiple status indicators for various parts of your host's health.
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    Foreman discovery plugin demo
  • * How to enable metal-as-a-service within Foreman * Greg Sutcliffe demos the hardware discovery plugin that enables MaaS style booting and provisioning of new hosts entirely through Foreman. Pl.....
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    Foreman Deployments Demo
  • The Foreman deployments team continues working towards the first development preview release. We would like to show what's been implemented so far and hear early feedback. In this session we'll .....
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    Foreman deep dive: Salt integration
  • +Stephen Benjamin and +Michael Moll will show new integration between the Salt configuration management tool and Foreman. A pair of new plugins, foreman_salt and smart_proxy_salt provide some of.....
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    Foreman Community Demo - 7th July 2016
  • On this edition of the community demo, we look at the upcoming 7th birthday events, hear about our community booth at Red Hat Summit, and look at IPv6, Ansible, Azure, and more! Sections in toda.....
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    Foreman Community Demo - 13th Oct 2016
  • Another month, another community demo! This time around we talked upcoming events, 1.13.0 and Katello 3.2 RC2, Content Views, Package Applicability, OpenSCAP, and Javascript chart updates. Secti.....
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    Foreman Deep Dives - The Smart Proxy with Dmitri Dolguikh
  • Join us for the next in the Deep Dive series. This time, Dmitri (IRC: witlessb) will be taking us under the covers of the smart proxy: * Introduction https://youtu.be/fEMB1EqzQG4#t=0 * Writing P.....
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    Foreman Community Demo - 3rd Nov 2016
  • The community demo series rolls on. In this episode, we cover an awesome tool for tracing Foreman processes, when looking for problems around bottlenecks and so on, as well as content, plugin and.....
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    Easy Way To Install Foreman
  • Installing Foreman using the quickstart guide, in just 5 minutes.
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    Foreman installation on Centos 7 - Step by step for beginners (Part 1)
  • This session helps you to understand the basics of foreman, Architecture, Installation on Centos 7. I am expecting the audience with zero knowledge on foreman and want me to walk through him/her .....
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    Foreman Community Demo - 9th June 2016
  • On this episode of the Foreman Community Demo, we had a look at upcoming tools for flexible data exports, a new admin plugin for Hammer, some email styling help, new collections for Settings, and.....
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    Foreman Discovery Plugin Walkthrough
  • A guided tour of installing, configuring, and using the new Metal-as-a-Service plugin for Foreman. Best viewed fullscreen :)
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    Foreman Community Demo #50
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    How to install Foreman in CentOS
  • This video explains about Foreman - An application to configure, manage and monitor servers to perform tasks using the tools like puppet, chef etc., For more explanation on this video: https://ww.....
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    Foreman Community Demo - 8th March
  • Time again for the latest roundup of action from the community, covering core, proxies, plugins, and more. As always, you're welcome to participate in the show, either via YouTube Live chat, or .....
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    [Deep Dive] - Foreman-Probing (with Adam Ruzicka)
  • In this deep dive we met a new plugin, foreman-probing. This plugin allows scanning networks and creating Hosts in Foreman for the detected machines. Adam described the plugin's features, inner w.....
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    Foreman Deep Dives - Monitoring with Foreman (with Dirk Goetz and Timo Goebel)
  • Foreman already manages most of the lifecycle of your servers. To really put a server into production, it's considered good practice to use automated monitoring to alert you whenever something do.....
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    Contractor Foreman - Panel Demo (Construction Software All-in-One)
  • In this training session we'll show you how to quickly get started with Contractor Foreman. For more training sessions or to schedule your own one-on-one free demo, go to http://www.ContractorFor.....
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    Automated VM provisioning using Foreman and Puppet
  • Check out my automated provisioning and deployment of VM with basic node configuration - (bash_profile, authorized_keys) Using Foreman and Puppet. music: https://soundcloud.com/jeff-kaale
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    Foreman Community Demo #47
  • Every few weeks we host a Community Demo to showcase new & interesting developments from the Foreman community. We encourage participation from any member of the community (although you do need a.....
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    What You Need to Demand as a Foreman
  • Contractor Business Tips: Are You Ready to Accelerate www.tomreber.com/accelerate We're relaunching our Accelerate Program with more interaction, more content and more relevant topics to help yo.....
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    Foreman Community Demo - 9th March 2017
  • In this community demo, we covered sync and repo improvements, new notifications options for plugin maintainers, a new catalog diffing plugin, and updates to foreman-maintenance. Sections in tod.....
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    Foreman Community Demo - 16th November
  • In this community demo, we covered ui changes, updates in the installer, an intro to discourse, updates to foreman-maintenance and more. Sections in today's demo: * Intro (orabin) - https://yout.....
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    Foreman Deep Dives - Windows Imaging with Daniel Helgenberger
  • In this Deep Dive, we take a close look at how to use Dmitry Kireevco & Daniel Helgenberger's (helge000) Windows Imaging repository. We go over the setup needed when cloning the base wimaging-ng .....
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    Provision a KVM VM via Foreman
  • Thanks to: http://emeraldreverie.org/blog/2012/10/26/creating-development-environment-with/ http://theforeman.org/ http://www.linux-kvm.org/page/Main_Page http://puppetlabs.com/ http://www.cent.....
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    Foreman Community Demo - 15th Sep 2016
  • The Foreman Community Demo is here again! A packed hour of content for you this time: Community updates/stats - gwmngilfen - https://youtu.be/GFNPHypFhl4?t=0 Roles for Orgs and Locs, on behalf .....
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    Foreman Installer - under the hood
  • Take a deep dive with Ewoud (one of our installer team) into how the Foreman Installer works under the hood, the differences with the Katello Installer, and discuss what work still needs to be do.....
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    Getting Started with Puppet - PuppetConf 2013
  • When beginning a Puppet deployment are many decisions and trade-offs to make around code promotion, source code control, workflows, and resource modeling. Th...
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    Comparison of Puppet Web Interfaces: Puppet Enterprise, The Foreman, Puppet Explorer and PuppetBoard
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    Foreman case studies: Lark IT
  • We will kick off our case studies series with an interview, where we plan to discuss what led Lark IT (Denver-based Linux and Windows consulting firm) to choose Foreman to provision their servers.....
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    Foreman Community Demo - 16th February 2017
  • In this community demo, we covered a wide range of topics from new tools & plugin releases, to UI changes and API updates, along with the usual roundup of news. Sections in today's demo: * Intro.....
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    Parameterized Class Support in Foreman
  • A quick demo of the new parameterized class support coming in the next release of Foreman
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    Host provisioning using Foreman
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    Foreman deep dive: Rewriting orchestration to Dynflow
  • +Ivan Necas will guide us through an example orchestration operation, and step-by-step, converting it to use Dynflow. The talk will be streamed live on YouTube (Hangouts on air), then recorded a.....
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    [Deep Dive] Running the Foreman Stack in Kubernetes and OpenShift (with Eric Helms)
  • Running Foreman in a container is a question that comes up from time to time in the Foreman community. Eric Helms has been experimenting with running the whole Foreman stack (core, proxies, plugi.....
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    Foreman Demo
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    Foreman/Katello/Satellite Server
  • Continuing the discussion about Foreman, Katello, and Satellite. Next we will introduce Zabbix and Promethus.
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    Automated OpenStack Deployments with Foreman/Puppet
  • Reprovisioning a 70-node bare-metal OpenStack deployment automatically with Foreman, Puppet and IPMI and some basic tooling to tie everything together. Addit...
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    Foreman Community Demo #52
  • Every few weeks we host a Community Demo to showcase new & interesting developments from the Foreman community. We encourage participation from any member of the community (although you do need a.....
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    How to keep track of puppet with Foreman (20 mins) - Glen Ogilvie
  • http://lca2014.linux.org.au - http://www.linux.org.au CC BY-SA - http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/legalcode.txt
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    Provisioning of RHVH with Foreman
  • Also works with Satellite 6 (any version) and Foreman (any version). Templates will be part of Foreman 1.18, for older versions copy and paste from: https://github.com/theforeman/community-templ.....
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    Foreman Community Demo 8th Oct 2015
  • The latest Foreman Community Demo showcases what's new in Foreman over the last few weeks. This time we covered: * PXE-less unattended provisioning - lzap - https://youtu.be/afOWk6V8neU?t=0 * fo.....
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    Ansible call back with Foreman
  • Foreman Ansible allows you to import hosts via Ansible, along with facts about these hosts and reports of their playbook runs. This video demonstrate , how to configure callback using foreman p.....
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    Foreman Community Demo - 24th Nov 2016
  • The community demo series rolls on. In this episode, we have templating updates, a new Azure plugin release, improvements to background tasks, power information, and permissions systems There's a.....
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    Foreman Quickstart: unattended installation
  • How to set up Foreman to provision hosts over the network using PXE, with a fully automated, unattended install. Previous screencast: Foreman installation (http://youtu.be/2dwyzPpFJYQ) Next scre.....
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    Foreman deep dive: Next-gen software collections
  • +Dominic Cleal will talk about the next steps for Foreman's RPM packaging based on software collections, in preparation for Foreman 1.9. The aim is to create a new Foreman software collection to.....
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    Foreman Quickstart: installation and Puppet management
  • Screencast of installing Foreman 1.1 using the quickstart guide, then deploying a Puppet module, in just 10 minutes! Next screencast: unattended installation (http://youtu.be/eHjpZr3GB6s) The F.....
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    Foreman & Katello UI review and deep dive
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