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ETL Is Dead, Long Live Streams: real-time streams w/ Apache Kafka
  • Neha Narkhede talks about the experience at LinkedIn moving from batch-oriented ETL to real-time streams using Apache Kafka and how the design and implementation of Kafka was driven by this goal .....
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    GOTO 2019 • Introduction to Stateful Stream Processing with Apache Flink • Robert Metzger
  • This presentation was recorded at GOTO Amsterdam 2019. #GOTOcon #GOTOams http://gotoams.nl Robert Metzger - PMC member of the Apache Flink project; Co-founder, Engineering Lead Ververica ABSTRA.....
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    How Netflix Handles Data Streams Up to 8M Events/sec
  • WANT TO EXPERIENCE A TALK LIKE THIS LIVE? Barcelona: https://www.datacouncil.ai/barcelona New York City: https://www.datacouncil.ai/new-york-city San Francisco: https://www.datacouncil.ai/san-fra.....
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    Using a sharded Akka distributed data cache as a Flink pipelines integration buffer - Andrew Torson
  • Flink Forward Berlin, September 2018 #flinkforward A common and reliable way to buffer streaming data in between Flink pipelines is a pair of Flink Kafka Source and Sink. However, in some low-la.....
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    Financial Transaction Processing with Apache Flink and Kubernetes
  • Deploy a financial transactions processing pipeline using Apache Flink and Kubernets on DC/OS. Try it out for yourself! Full demo instructions here: https://github.com/dcos/demos/tree/master/f.....
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    Flink Vs Spark | Difference between Flink & Spark - Apache Flink Tutorial
  • Link : https://www.udemy.com/apache-flink-a-real-time-hands-on-course-on-flink/?couponCode=TUBE10 FLINK vs SPARK - In this video we are going to learn the difference between Apache Flink and Spa.....
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    Webinar: Deep Dive on Apache Flink State - Seth Wiesman
  • Apache Flink is a world class stateful stream processor presents a huge variety of optional features and configuration choices to the user. Determining out the optimal choice for any production e.....
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    Installing and using Apache Flink
  • Full course: https://www.udemy.com/the-ultimate-hands-on-hadoop-tame-your-big-data This course follows on from my "Overview of Apache Flink" video, and illustrates installing Flink within an HDP.....
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    Build a Real-time Stream Processing Pipeline with Apache Flink on AWS - Steffen Hausmann
  • Flink Forward Berlin, September 2017 #flinkforward Steffen Hausmann, Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services The increasing number of available data sources in today's application stacks c.....
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    Taking Stateful Stream Processing to the Next Level with Kafka and Flink - Kafka Summit London 2018
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    Robust Stream Processing with Apache Flink
  • With: Jamie Grier Director of Applications Engineering, data Artisans In this hands on talk and demonstration I'll give a very short introduction to stream processing and then dive into writing .....
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    Apache Kafka + MQTT IoT Integration (via Kafka Connect / Confluent Proxy)
  • Processing Internet of Things (IoT) Data from End to End with MQTT and Apache Kafka. Live demos for my two projects on Github from Kafka Summit in San Francisco 2018 using Kafka Connect respecti.....
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    Introduction to Apache Flink | Edureka
  • This Apache Flink Tutorial for Beginners will introduce you to the concepts of Apache Flink, ecosystem, architecture, dashboard and real time processing on Flink. This Apache Flink tutorial is id.....
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    Flink Forward 2016: Ron Crocker - Evaluating Streaming Framework Performance for a Large-Scale...
  • http://flink-forward.org/kb_sessions/evaluating-streaming-framework-performance-for-a-large-scale-aggregation-pipeline/ In this talk I present the results of a set of experiments comparing the p.....
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    How does Druid differentiate from other tools (Flink, Storm, Kafka) - Robin.ly Entrepreneurship Talk
  • Fangjin Yang, co-founder and CEO of Imply, shared his perspective on how Druid is different from other tools (Flink, Storm, Kafka, etc.) and how they can work together. View full interview and mo.....
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    Akka, Spark or Kafka? Selecting The Right Streaming Engine For the Job
  • About This Webinar For many businesses, the batch-oriented architecture of Big Data–where data is captured in large, scalable stores, then processed later–is simply too slow: a new breed of “Fast.....
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    Apache Beam: Portable and Parallel Data Processing (Google Cloud Next '17)
  • Apache Beam provides a portable standard for expressing robust, out-of-order data processing pipelines in a variety of languages across a variety of platforms. In this video, you'll learn about t.....
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    Building a Data Streaming Application Leveraging Apache Flink - AWS Online Tech Talks
  • Today's businesses continuously generate massive quantities of streaming data from thousands of machines, devices, websites, and applications. AWS customers build applications to process streamin.....
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    Extending Apache Flink stream processing with Apache Samoa ML methods - Piotr Wawrzyniak
  • Flink Forward Berlin, September 2017 #flinkforward Piotr Wawrzyniak, Chief R&D Specialist at Orange Polska S.A. Many stream processing applications can benefit from or need to rely on the pre.....
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    Learn Apache Flink In 45 Minutes - Apache Flink Tutorial For Beginners
  • You will learn Apache Flink in this session which is new framework to process real time data and batch data . You will have understanding on multiple flink topics like what is apache flink, apach.....
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    Example of stream processing from Kafka to Kafka using Apache Beam and the Apache Flink Runner
  • See post at http://wtanaka.com/node/8210 for explanation and code
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    Kafka Streams vs Other Stream Processing Libraries (Spark Streaming, NiFi, Flink)
  • If you want to learn more, get the Kafka Streams for Data Processing course at a special price: https://www.udemy.com/kafka-streams/?couponCode=YOUTUBE10 Don’t forget to subscribe to get more co.....
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    Drivetribe’s Kappa Architecture With Apache Flink® - Aris Koliopoulos (Drivetribe)
  • Flink Forward Berlin, September 2017 #flinkforward Aris Kyriakos Koliopoulos, Scala Team Lead at Drivetribe Drivetribe is the world’s digital hub for motoring, as envisioned by Jeremy Clarkso.....
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    An elastic batch-and stream-processing stack with Pravega and Apache Flink
  • Stream processing is a popular paradigm that is becoming more relevant as many applications provide low-latency response time and new application domains emerge that naturally demand data to be p.....
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    #FlinkForward SF 2017: Dean Wampler - Streaming Deep Learning Scenarios with Flink
  • As a low-latency streaming tool, Flink offers the possibility of using machine learning, even "deep learning" (neural networks), with low latency. The growing FlinkML library provides some of the.....
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    Deep Dive on Flink & Spark on Amazon EMR - February 2017 AWS Online Tech Talks
  • Organizations are demanding increasingly faster tools to process and analyze data in real time. Apache Spark and Apache Flink have emerged as popular, open source frameworks to address these requ.....
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    Flink Forward 2016: Eron Wright - Flink Security Enhancements
  • http://flink-forward.org/kb_sessions/flink-security-enhancements/ Recent security enhancements to Flink make it easy to access secure data and to protect the associated credentials. In this talk.....
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    Design Streaming Fast Data Applications With Spark, Akka, Kafka and Cassandra on Mesos
  • In this webinar with Craig Pottinger, Senior Consultant at Lightbend, we examine the design choices around building streaming and Fast Data systems with technologies like Akka Streams, Apache Kaf.....
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    Building Streaming Microservices with Apache Kafka - Tim Berglund
  • Streaming is all the rage in the data space, but can stream processing be used to build business systems? Do Streaming and Microservices actually have anything in common? These are the questions .....
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    (Past), Present, and Future of Apache Flink
  • Aljoscha Krettek gives a quick overview of the capabilities of Flink before discussing the current state of Flink, the upcoming new release, and future developments. Aljoscha Krettek is a commit.....
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    PREVIEW: The Evolution of Kafka at ING Bank (Timor Timuri + Richard Bras) Kafka Summit 2018
  • NOTE: This is a preview. All Kafka Summit videos available in full at: http://cnfl.io/ksldn18 | At the New York Summit, Ferd Scheepers, Chief Information Architect for ING, took you on a journey .....
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    Scalable Real-time Complex Event Processing at Uber, WSO2Con USA 2017
  • Shuyi Chen, Senior Software Engineer at Uber, presented his talk on "Scalable Real-time Complex Event Processing at Uber" at WSO2Con USA 2017 on 21st of Feburary at San Francisco.
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    Apache Flink Tutorial | Flink vs Spark | Real Time Analytics Using Flink | Apache Flink Training
  • This Apache Flink Tutorial will bring out the strength of Flink for real-time streaming. This training video will give you an understanding on how Apache Flink stands out among the other real-tim.....
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    Event Time in Apache Flink Stream Processing | Whiteboard Walkthrough
  • In this week’s Whiteboard Walkthrough, Stephan Ewen, PMC member of Apache Flink and CTO of data Artisans, describes a valuable capability of Apache Flink stream processing: grouping events togeth.....
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    Apache® Ignite™ Meets Apache Flink
  • GridGain Systems technical evangelist Akmal Chaudhri delivers a powerful presentation at the second day of the first-annual In-Memory Computing Summit Europe 2017 in Amsterdam on June 21. The t.....
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    "EoS in Kafka: Listen up, I will only say this once!" by Jason Gustafson
  • Apache Kafka's rise in popularity as a streaming platform has demanded a revisit of its traditional at-least-once message delivery semantics. In this talk, we present the recent additions to Kafk.....
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    Kafka Tutorial for Beginners - Set up Kafka on Hortonworks and stream web logs - Frank Kane
  • Explore the full course on Udemy (special discount included in the link): https://www.udemy.com/the-ultimate-hands-on-hadoop-tame-your-big-data/?couponCode=HADOOPUYT Learn to stream big data wit.....
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    Spring Boot with Spring Kafka Producer Example | Tech Primers
  • This video covers Spring Boot with Spring kafka producer Example Github Code: https://github.com/TechPrimers/spring-boot-kafka-producer-example Website: http://techprimers.com Slack Community:.....
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    Flink Overview Workshop
  • Apache Flink Training Berlin 03.06.15 By Max Michels Slides and other training material: http://dataartisans.github.io/flink-training/devResources/trainingSlides.html https://flink.apache.org/.....
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    Hopsworks – Self Service Spark/Flink/Kafka/Hadoop
  • A presentation by Gautier Berthou, Co-founder of Logical Clocks. Recorded at #CloudBeerStockholm on 23 March, 2017.
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    Understanding Kafka
  • Full course: https://www.udemy.com/the-ultimate-hands-on-hadoop-tame-your-big-data/?couponCode=HADOOP19 In this lecture from "The Ultimate Hands-On Hadoop: Tame Your Big Data" on Udemy, we talk .....
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    #bbuzz 17: Michael Noll - Rethinking Stream Processing with Apache Kafka
  • Further information: https://berlinbuzzwords.de/17/session/rethinking-stream-processing-apache-kafka-applications-vs-clusters-streams-vs-databases Modern businesses have data at their core, and .....
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    #bbuzz 17: Fabian Hueske - Stream Analytics with SQL on Apache Flink
  • Further information: https://berlinbuzzwords.de/17/session/stream-analytics-sql-apache-flink SQL is undoubtedly the most widely used language for data analytics. It is declarative, many database.....
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    Fraud Detection with Apache Flink
  • During this demo we use Apache Flink and Apache Kafka to detect fraud in streams of financials transaction. Find the instructions for this demo at https://github.com/dcos/demos/tree/master/flink.....
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    Introduction to Apache Flink
  • Introduction to Apache Flink. Presented at Bangalore Apache Spark Meetup by Madhukara Phatak on 10/01/2016. http://www.meetup.com/Bangalore-Apache-Spark-Meetup/events/227472649/ For code, refer .....
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    Safer roads with Kafka & Python - Mariusz Strzelecki
  • Description During the presentation I will show and compare three ways of dealing with Kafka-based streams of events: Spark Streaming with pyspark, Winton Kafka Streams and low-level API from Con.....
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    Flink Forward 2016: Aljoscha Krettek - Connecting Apache Flink to the World...
  • Aljoscha Krettek stepped in for Robert Metzger. http://flink-forward.org/kb_sessions/connecting-apache-flink-with-the-world-reviewing-the-streaming-connectors/ Getting data in and out of Flink .....
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    #FlinkForward SF 2017: Ufuk Celebi - The Stream Processor as a Database
  • We present a new design pattern for data streaming applications, using Apache Flink and Apache Kafka: Building applications directly on top of the stream processor, rather than on top of key/valu.....
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    Apache Spark vs. Apache Flink
  • http://bit.ly/1ORsFBI In this week's whiteboard walkthrough, Balaji Narasimhalu, product manager at MapR, explains the difference between Apache Spark and Apache Flink and how to make a decision.....
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    Apache Flink - A Next-Generation Stream Processor
  • Speaker: Aljoscha Krettek - PMC Member bei Apache Flink sowie Co-Founder und Software Engineer bei Data Artisans In this talk we will first have a brief overview of the current state of the stre.....
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    Streaming Kafka + Apache Beam + Flink + TensorFlow : Advanced Spark TensorFlow Meetup SF, Mar 2016
  • Talk 1: Deep Dive into Apache Beam (Tyler Akidau and Reuven Lax, Google) In this talk, Tyler will describe the architecture of Apache Beam and Google Cloud Dataflow - a well-designed, high-perf.....
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    Introducing Exactly Once Semantics in Apache Kafka with Matthias J. Sax
  • ​Apache Kafka’s rise in popularity as a streaming platform has demanded a revisit of its traditional at least once message delivery semantics. In this talk, we present the recent additions to Apa.....
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    Flink Forward 2015: Mohammed Amine – Real time data integration with Flink & Kafka
  • Flink Forward Conference on Apache Flink, October 12 & 13 at Kulturbrauerei Berlin
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    Neha Narkhede | Kafka Summit 2018 Keynote (The Present and Future of the Streaming Platform) London
  • All Kafka Summit London videos available in full at: http://cnfl.io/ksldn18 | Neha Narkhede is co-founder and CTO at Confluent, a company backing the popular Apache Kafka messaging system. Prior .....
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    PREVIEW: Stateful Stream Processing with Kafka & Flink (S. Ewen, data Artisans) Kafka Summit 2018
  • NOTE: This is a preview. All Kafka Summit videos available in full at: http://cnfl.io/ksldn18 | Come learn how the combination of Apache Kafka and Apache Flink is making stateful stream processin.....
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    Powering Yelp’s Data Pipeline Infrastructure with Apache Flink - Enrico Canzonieri
  • Flink Forward San Francisco, April 2018 #flinkforward Powering Yelp’s Data Pipeline Infrastructure with Apache Flink - Enrico Canzonieri Last year, during the Flink Forward conference, a group .....
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    Real Time Streaming Analytics using NiFi, Kafka, Elasticsearch & Kibana
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    Savepoints in Apache Flink Stream Processing – Whiteboard Walkthrough
  • In this week’s Whiteboard Walkthrough, Stephan Ewen, co-founder of Apache Flink and CTO data Artisans, explains how to use savepoints, a unique feature in Apache Flink stream processing, to let y.....
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    Apache Flink part2 kafkaとfluentdのインストール
  • 今回はflink出てきませんー
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    Webinar: Real-Time Data Processing with Apache Flink
  • Extremely fast data processing is a requirement for any modern enterprise app. data Artisans’ Apache Flink provides efficient, fast, consistent, and robust handling of massive streams of events, .....
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    Kafka Tutorial - Kafka 1.0 Update
  • This Kafka Tutorial video is an important announcement. I am going to update this tutorial to make it relevant to the latest version of Apache Kafka 1.0.
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    School of BigData - Apache Spark,Scala Kafka, Flink
  • Stack Data Labs provides Immersive Training Program on Data engineering which Covers Hadoop ,Spark Administration and Hadoop Development includes Pig,hive,Hbase,cassandra and Apache Flink and Apa.....
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    Real Time Twitter Sentiment Analysis using Flink, Kafka, Zeppelin, Cassandra in scala.
  • In this video I have shown an End to End process for doing the sentiment analysis for twitter related data using Flink with Scala and also using kafka for real time streaming.
  • #115372 youtube

    Distributed Commit Logs with Apache Kafka by James Ward
  • Apache Kafka was created at LinkedIn as a resilient and scalable distributed commit log providing a traditional publish / subscribe interface. Now open source through Apache, Kafka is being used .....
  • #96914 youtube

    Flink Forward 2016: Jamie Grier - The Stream Processor as a Database
  • http://flink-forward.org/kb_sessions/the-stream-processor-as-a-database-building-online-applications-directly-on-streams/ We present a new design pattern for data streaming applications, using A.....
  • #115371 youtube

    #bbuzz 2016: Robert Metzger - A Data Streaming Architecture with Apache Flink
  • Find more infromation here: https://berlinbuzzwords.de/session/data-streaming-architecture-apache-flink Data Streaming is emerging as a new and increasingly popular architectural pattern for the.....
  • #115370 youtube

    How to access data in Apache Kafka using Apache Flink
  • This video presents how to use Apache Flink to produce and consume data from a Kafka topic. First, I present how to install Kafka, then I use the command line tools of Kafka to create a topic, co.....
  • #115369 youtube

    View from Apache Flink on Evolution & Outlooks for the Modern Stateful Stream Processor | DC-SG '19
  • Download Slides: https://www.datacouncil.ai/talks/a-view-from-apache-flink-on-evolution-and-outlooks-for-the-modern-stateful-stream-processor?hsLang=en WANT TO EXPERIENCE A TALK LIKE THIS LIVE? .....
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    1st Flink.tw Meetup: Understanding Flink & Hands-On Flink Streaming
  • 第一次的 Flink.tw Meetup 為大家準備了 Apache Flink 的整體介紹,內容包含上層應用與系統核心的講解。 當天會準備好 Data Source 來讓大家實際串接並且練習以 Flink Streaming API 撰寫即時串流運算程式, 另外也會示範 Flink 如何與其他如 Kafka 和 Elasticsearch 外部系統共同搭建成一個從資料收集到視覺化呈現的.....
  • #121527 youtube

    #FlinkForward SF 2017: E. K. Joseph & R. Yadav - Flink meet DC/OS – Deploying Flink at Scale
  • Since the 1.2. release Apache Flink supports Apache Mesos and therefore also DC/OS as Deployment platform. In this talk, we show details of that integration and discuss tradeoffs between differen.....
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    CS63 Big Data : Apache Flink CEP
  • Source code here : https://github.com/gsahbi/flinkicu - Complex Event Processing will match incoming events against a pattern and triggers actions/decisions/more complex events. - CEP is used i.....
  • #121525 youtube

    Scalable Stream Processing: A Survey of Storm, Samza, Spark and Flink by Felix Gessert
  • Batch-oriented systems have done the heavy lifting in data-intensive applications for decades, but they do not reflect the unbounded and continuous nature of data as it is produced in many real-w.....
  • #118744 youtube

    Integrating Flink and Kafka in the standard genomics pipeline - Francesco Versaci
  • Flink Forward Berlin, September 2017 #flinkforward Francesco Versaci, Researcher at CRS4, Sardinia, Italy High-throughput DNA sequencing is a key data acquisition technology which enables doze.....
  • #118743 youtube

    Flink Forward 2016: Mohamed ABDESSEMED & T. Lamirault - A brief history of time with Apache Flink
  • http://flink-forward.org/kb_sessions/a-brief-history-of-time-with-apache-flink-real-time-monitoring-and-analysis-with-flink-kafka-hb/ Many use cases in the telecommunication industry require pro.....
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    How Does Apache Kafka Work? [Diagram]
  • www.datameer.com It's clear how to represent a data file, but it's not necessarily clear how to represent a data stream. Jay Kreps, develoer of Kafka, diagrams how he solved this problem with Kafka.
  • #79234 youtube

    Kafka Streams vs other stream processing libraries (Spark Streaming, NiFI, Flink
  • http://ytwizard.com/r/g8M3Nh http://ytwizard.com/r/g8M3Nh Apache Kafka Series - Kafka Streams for Data Processing Learn the Kafka Streams API with Hands-On Examples, Learn Exactly Once, Build an.....
  • #120450 youtube

    MQTT, Kafka, InfluxDB. Orchestrate the IoT data flows | Lenses for Apache Kafka ®
  • Download Lenses: http://lenses.stream Read the blog at: https://goo.gl/nndvHv ---- Webcast from Stefan Bocutiu by Landoop. An end-to-end tutorial on your to create a typical IoT flow using MQT.....
  • #133740 youtube

    Stateful Streams to the Next Level with Apache Kafka & Apache Flink - Kafka Summit 2018
  • https://www.confluent.io/kafka-summit-london18/taking-stateful-stream-processing-to-the-next-level-with-kafka-and-flink Stephan Ewen, data Artisans View Description View Video and Slides Come le.....
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    Unified stream and batch processing with Apache Flink’s relational APIs - Fabian Hueske
  • Flink Forward Berlin, September 2017 #flinkforward Fabian Hueske, Software Engineer at data Artisans Apache Flink's DataStream API is very expressive and gives users precise control over time a.....
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