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Robust Stream Processing with Apache Flink
  • With: Jamie Grier Director of Applications Engineering, data Artisans In this hands on talk and demonstration I'll give a very short introduction to stream processing and then dive into writing .....
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    Flink Forward 2016: Ron Crocker - Evaluating Streaming Framework Performance for a Large-Scale...
  • http://flink-forward.org/kb_sessions/evaluating-streaming-framework-performance-for-a-large-scale-aggregation-pipeline/ In this talk I present the results of a set of experiments comparing the p.....
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    Akka, Spark or Kafka? Selecting The Right Streaming Engine For the Job
  • About This Webinar For many businesses, the batch-oriented architecture of Big Data–where data is captured in large, scalable stores, then processed later–is simply too slow: a new breed of “Fast.....
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    Apache Beam: Portable and Parallel Data Processing (Google Cloud Next '17)
  • Apache Beam provides a portable standard for expressing robust, out-of-order data processing pipelines in a variety of languages across a variety of platforms. In this video, you'll learn about t.....
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    Extending Apache Flink stream processing with Apache Samoa ML methods - Piotr Wawrzyniak
  • Flink Forward Berlin, September 2017 #flinkforward Piotr Wawrzyniak, Chief R&D Specialist at Orange Polska S.A. Many stream processing applications can benefit from or need to rely on the pre.....
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    Example of stream processing from Kafka to Kafka using Apache Beam and the Apache Flink Runner
  • See post at http://wtanaka.com/node/8210 for explanation and code
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    Drivetribe’s Kappa Architecture With Apache Flink® - Aris Koliopoulos (Drivetribe)
  • Flink Forward Berlin, September 2017 #flinkforward Aris Kyriakos Koliopoulos, Scala Team Lead at Drivetribe Drivetribe is the world’s digital hub for motoring, as envisioned by Jeremy Clarkso.....
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    #FlinkForward SF 2017: Dean Wampler - Streaming Deep Learning Scenarios with Flink
  • As a low-latency streaming tool, Flink offers the possibility of using machine learning, even "deep learning" (neural networks), with low latency. The growing FlinkML library provides some of the.....
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    Deep Dive on Flink & Spark on Amazon EMR - February 2017 AWS Online Tech Talks
  • Organizations are demanding increasingly faster tools to process and analyze data in real time. Apache Spark and Apache Flink have emerged as popular, open source frameworks to address these requ.....
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    Flink Forward 2016: Eron Wright - Flink Security Enhancements
  • http://flink-forward.org/kb_sessions/flink-security-enhancements/ Recent security enhancements to Flink make it easy to access secure data and to protect the associated credentials. In this talk.....
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    Design Streaming Fast Data Applications With Spark, Akka, Kafka and Cassandra on Mesos
  • In this webinar with Craig Pottinger, Senior Consultant at Lightbend, we examine the design choices around building streaming and Fast Data systems with technologies like Akka Streams, Apache Kaf.....
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    Event Time in Apache Flink Stream Processing | Whiteboard Walkthrough
  • In this week’s Whiteboard Walkthrough, Stephan Ewen, PMC member of Apache Flink and CTO of data Artisans, describes a valuable capability of Apache Flink stream processing: grouping events togeth.....
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    Hopsworks – Self Service Spark/Flink/Kafka/Hadoop
  • A presentation by Gautier Berthou, Co-founder of Logical Clocks. Recorded at #CloudBeerStockholm on 23 March, 2017.
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    Understanding Kafka
  • Full course: https://www.udemy.com/the-ultimate-hands-on-hadoop-tame-your-big-data/?couponCode=HADOOP19 In this lecture from "The Ultimate Hands-On Hadoop: Tame Your Big Data" on Udemy, we talk .....
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    #bbuzz 17: Michael Noll - Rethinking Stream Processing with Apache Kafka
  • Further information: https://berlinbuzzwords.de/17/session/rethinking-stream-processing-apache-kafka-applications-vs-clusters-streams-vs-databases Modern businesses have data at their core, and .....
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    #bbuzz 17: Fabian Hueske - Stream Analytics with SQL on Apache Flink
  • Further information: https://berlinbuzzwords.de/17/session/stream-analytics-sql-apache-flink SQL is undoubtedly the most widely used language for data analytics. It is declarative, many database.....
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    Fraud Detection with Apache Flink
  • During this demo we use Apache Flink and Apache Kafka to detect fraud in streams of financials transaction. Find the instructions for this demo at https://github.com/dcos/demos/tree/master/flink.....
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    Flink Forward 2016: Aljoscha Krettek - Connecting Apache Flink to the World...
  • Aljoscha Krettek stepped in for Robert Metzger. http://flink-forward.org/kb_sessions/connecting-apache-flink-with-the-world-reviewing-the-streaming-connectors/ Getting data in and out of Flink .....
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    #FlinkForward SF 2017: Ufuk Celebi - The Stream Processor as a Database
  • We present a new design pattern for data streaming applications, using Apache Flink and Apache Kafka: Building applications directly on top of the stream processor, rather than on top of key/valu.....
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    Apache Spark vs. Apache Flink
  • http://bit.ly/1ORsFBI In this week's whiteboard walkthrough, Balaji Narasimhalu, product manager at MapR, explains the difference between Apache Spark and Apache Flink and how to make a decision.....
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    Apache Flink - A Next-Generation Stream Processor
  • Speaker: Aljoscha Krettek - PMC Member bei Apache Flink sowie Co-Founder und Software Engineer bei Data Artisans In this talk we will first have a brief overview of the current state of the stre.....
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    Streaming Kafka + Apache Beam + Flink + TensorFlow : Advanced Spark TensorFlow Meetup SF, Mar 2016
  • Talk 1: Deep Dive into Apache Beam (Tyler Akidau and Reuven Lax, Google) In this talk, Tyler will describe the architecture of Apache Beam and Google Cloud Dataflow - a well-designed, high-perf.....
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    Introducing Exactly Once Semantics in Apache Kafka with Matthias J. Sax
  • ​Apache Kafka’s rise in popularity as a streaming platform has demanded a revisit of its traditional at least once message delivery semantics. In this talk, we present the recent additions to Apa.....
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    Flink Forward 2015: Mohammed Amine – Real time data integration with Flink & Kafka
  • Flink Forward Conference on Apache Flink, October 12 & 13 at Kulturbrauerei Berlin
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    Neha Narkhede | Kafka Summit 2018 Keynote (The Present and Future of the Streaming Platform) London
  • All Kafka Summit London videos available in full at: http://cnfl.io/ksldn18 | Neha Narkhede is co-founder and CTO at Confluent, a company backing the popular Apache Kafka messaging system. Prior .....
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    PREVIEW: Stateful Stream Processing with Kafka & Flink (S. Ewen, data Artisans) Kafka Summit 2018
  • NOTE: This is a preview. All Kafka Summit videos available in full at: http://cnfl.io/ksldn18 | Come learn how the combination of Apache Kafka and Apache Flink is making stateful stream processin.....
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    Savepoints in Apache Flink Stream Processing – Whiteboard Walkthrough
  • In this week’s Whiteboard Walkthrough, Stephan Ewen, co-founder of Apache Flink and CTO data Artisans, explains how to use savepoints, a unique feature in Apache Flink stream processing, to let y.....
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    Apache Flink part2 kafkaとfluentdのインストール
  • 今回はflink出てきませんー
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    Webinar: Real-Time Data Processing with Apache Flink
  • Extremely fast data processing is a requirement for any modern enterprise app. data Artisans’ Apache Flink provides efficient, fast, consistent, and robust handling of massive streams of events, .....
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    Kafka Tutorial - Kafka 1.0 Update
  • This Kafka Tutorial video is an important announcement. I am going to update this tutorial to make it relevant to the latest version of Apache Kafka 1.0.
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    School of BigData - Apache Spark,Scala Kafka, Flink
  • Stack Data Labs provides Immersive Training Program on Data engineering which Covers Hadoop ,Spark Administration and Hadoop Development includes Pig,hive,Hbase,cassandra and Apache Flink and Apa.....
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    Real Time Twitter Sentiment Analysis using Flink, Kafka, Zeppelin, Cassandra in scala.
  • In this video I have shown an End to End process for doing the sentiment analysis for twitter related data using Flink with Scala and also using kafka for real time streaming.
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    Distributed Commit Logs with Apache Kafka by James Ward
  • Apache Kafka was created at LinkedIn as a resilient and scalable distributed commit log providing a traditional publish / subscribe interface. Now open source through Apache, Kafka is being used .....
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    Flink Forward 2016: Jamie Grier - The Stream Processor as a Database
  • http://flink-forward.org/kb_sessions/the-stream-processor-as-a-database-building-online-applications-directly-on-streams/ We present a new design pattern for data streaming applications, using A.....
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    #bbuzz 2016: Robert Metzger - A Data Streaming Architecture with Apache Flink
  • Find more infromation here: https://berlinbuzzwords.de/session/data-streaming-architecture-apache-flink Data Streaming is emerging as a new and increasingly popular architectural pattern for the.....
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    How to access data in Apache Kafka using Apache Flink
  • This video presents how to use Apache Flink to produce and consume data from a Kafka topic. First, I present how to install Kafka, then I use the command line tools of Kafka to create a topic, co.....
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    1st Flink.tw Meetup: Understanding Flink & Hands-On Flink Streaming
  • 第一次的 Flink.tw Meetup 為大家準備了 Apache Flink 的整體介紹,內容包含上層應用與系統核心的講解。 當天會準備好 Data Source 來讓大家實際串接並且練習以 Flink Streaming API 撰寫即時串流運算程式, 另外也會示範 Flink 如何與其他如 Kafka 和 Elasticsearch 外部系統共同搭建成一個從資料收集到視覺化呈現的.....
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    #FlinkForward SF 2017: E. K. Joseph & R. Yadav - Flink meet DC/OS – Deploying Flink at Scale
  • Since the 1.2. release Apache Flink supports Apache Mesos and therefore also DC/OS as Deployment platform. In this talk, we show details of that integration and discuss tradeoffs between differen.....
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    CS63 Big Data : Apache Flink CEP
  • Source code here : https://github.com/gsahbi/flinkicu - Complex Event Processing will match incoming events against a pattern and triggers actions/decisions/more complex events. - CEP is used i.....
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    Scalable Stream Processing: A Survey of Storm, Samza, Spark and Flink by Felix Gessert
  • Batch-oriented systems have done the heavy lifting in data-intensive applications for decades, but they do not reflect the unbounded and continuous nature of data as it is produced in many real-w.....
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    Integrating Flink and Kafka in the standard genomics pipeline - Francesco Versaci
  • Flink Forward Berlin, September 2017 #flinkforward Francesco Versaci, Researcher at CRS4, Sardinia, Italy High-throughput DNA sequencing is a key data acquisition technology which enables doze.....
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    Kafka Streams vs other stream processing libraries (Spark Streaming, NiFI, Flink
  • http://ytwizard.com/r/g8M3Nh http://ytwizard.com/r/g8M3Nh Apache Kafka Series - Kafka Streams for Data Processing Learn the Kafka Streams API with Hands-On Examples, Learn Exactly Once, Build an.....
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    Unified stream and batch processing with Apache Flink’s relational APIs - Fabian Hueske
  • Flink Forward Berlin, September 2017 #flinkforward Fabian Hueske, Software Engineer at data Artisans Apache Flink's DataStream API is very expressive and gives users precise control over time a.....
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